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Second Contact

Again, really quick followup to First contact. any suggestions on what might happen next are welcome. I am writing these as first drafts with minimal editing so it is readable, so the quality will never be better than this. sorry.


It seemed that all specie had a near universal belief that there were monsters where no one had been to before. When they were planetary beings, species generally believed the monsters to be in the distant regions on their home, but when their planet was explored, they pictured the monsters to be above them, beyond the sky. But when they left their planet, the monsters moved to other planets. And so on and so on. It was never anything anyone took seriously, more like children’s fairy tales than anything, but the fear of the unknown was difficult to overcome, even for the most intelligent and rational beings.

But  a year ago, Admiral Hot’ath and his crew seemed to find the monsters. The Dareth Were an ancient species that had once conquered hundreds of galaxies. Though it was so long ago, no one knew anything about them other than that they had existed and were a supreme military force that only were stopped through the combined efforts of every known intelligent species in the universe. Most people had even forgotten about them entirely as they had drifted into legend, then obscurity. And now, Admiral Hot’ath was bringing them back into the intergalactic community. As of yet, no one knew whether this was a good or bad thing, and the Torgians were being pressured by other species to leave them alone and never go back. The problem was that the New Dareths, or humans as they referred to themselves, had already mastered FTL communication, and had colonized all hospitable planets in their solar system, and even a few inhospitable ones. It was only a matter of time before they spread throughout the galaxy, and eventually move beyond. It would be roughly a million years until they reached the known Intergalactic community, but it would happen. It would be better to establish a relationship with them now and perhaps befriend them instead of leaving them to their own devices.

Of course there were other Species that wanted to kill them all now, and even more that wanted to participate in making contact. But as it was a Torgian expeditionary force that found them, it was ultimately the decision of the Torgian King, Gil-tetch. He had since made the decision to send the same fleet back along with a military escort and a diplomatic unit.

Thankfully, they were not going in blind. The Humans were eager to make contact with a foreign intelligence, and gave a mass of information about their home planet and themselves to Hot’ath as a good will gesture.  Though the information was incredibly valuable and provided much insight, it was so bizarre, that half the people who looked at it didn’t believe it was real. But King Gil-tetch did, and that was all that mattered.

Their home planet was a bit of an oddity, its biomes ranging wildly from below freezing to above boiling, and its weather patterns being oddly unpredictable. But it’s most astonishing feature was the level of biodiversity it supported. There were thousands of animal species, and just as many subspecies. Plants were strange as well, few being edible unless the consumer had multiple stomachs. Many were also carnivorous, and a few even seemed to be malicious for non-sentient beings, and the intelligence and capabilities of the fungi would be frightening if it was self aware.

But the humans stood out above all else. They did not remain where they were comfortable, they went EVERYWHERE, even  living in hostile areas for no discernable reason. They seemed to enjoy dangerous environments more than safe ones as shown by finding a way to colonize one of the Gas Giants in their solar system. It was like their very existence was a declaration that they would refuse to die and would prove that nothing would kill them. They ate foods that were inedible, they owned dangerous animals as pets, they fought each other for recreation, they would perform horrifying medical procedures that most other species were incapable of doing, just to keep from dying. And it was Admiral Hot’ath’s job to ensure that they would not kill anyone.

He stood on the bridge staring at the screen showing Prison 1. Or as the Humans called it, Earth. The humans seemed glad that his fleet had returned, and had invited them to come straight to the home world. They had already established a connection with the Information network the humans established and was cross-referencing they information they already had with the human’s open sources. They were traveling at .1 light speed and were now entering orbit of the planet. It would be several days until physical contact was made with any humans, they needed to gather samples to synthesize immunizations so no one died from anything humans were carrying, and they needed to distribute their own immunizations to the humans. This was a lengthy process, and it was possible that it wouldn’t work, and the immunizations would kill people. Hot’ath had a feeling that the humans would take to the immunizations just fine. They were incredibly resilient.  

But even after they overcame that hurdle, the Torgians would never be able to set foot on Earth, or even enter the atmosphere. Earth had a much higher gravity  than what they were used to, approximately five times more in fact. None of them would even be able to stand without exo-suits, but even so, they would probably be crushed against the inside of the suit. Most likely, the humans would come up to their ship, or the Torgians would go to the Earth moon or the planet they named Mars. Until then, they would use holographic conferences.

Once they were settled in orbit, Hot’ath sent a hail signal to the planet. He had diplomats with him, but the King had placed him in charge, so their first real conversation was his responsibility. An image of a man sitting on a large, uncomfortable looking throne made of a dark red wood and ornate silver inlay. “Greetings, I am Emperor Guanwudi, Ruler of the Terran Empire.” The man announced, his lips not matching the audio as it was translated to Standard Intergalactic. Hot’ath recognized him from the Current Events file in the Human’s Information transfer.

Hot’ath bowed as he learned to do in the files, and replied. “I am Admiral Hot’ath. With me are Lady Fer-gin and Sir Hot’gun. We hail from the Torgian Kingdom.”

“May I ask how you found us and what your intentions are?”

“We were an expeditionary force exploring this galaxy, it was believed to be mostly uninhabited until our long range sensors picked up an artificial radiowave. We followed it here and found your system. We have no specific intentions beyond offering friendship.”

The emperor  nodded and moved on to his next question without hesitation, revealing nothing in his face or voice. “Why did you stop at Pluto on your first visit?”

“There was an outpost there that was the gateway to the blackzone. Have you not found it?”

The emperor’s face faintly flinched. “No. Over five hundred years ago, it was decreed that Pluto was to be left alone as the only untouched planet. Have you learned why this was a blackzone since your last visit?”

This threw Hot’ath for a few moments before he remembered that he had told them before that he did not know why the blackzone was in place. “Yes, it seemed that a few hundred million years ago a dangerous species was sent here as a quarantine exile. The outpost was abandoned when it was determined that the species was no longer a threat. It was so long ago, that the records were lost and the entire event was forgotten. But our King has suspended the blackzone until further notice upon learning of your discovery.”

“How far away do you hail from?” he asked, as though the previous question was not asked.

“Approximately 200 billion of what you call lightyears.”

The king gave a faint smile, the change in tone threw off the admiral, who had thought that the human was ready to wage war at any moment. “So even in space, there are explorers.”

“Before we came, were you content to stop where you are now? Or did you look to the stars and find other planets you could go see?” Hot’ath replied with a smile of his own.

“True.” The man conceded. “But we do not know how different our species are. How do you think it would work out if we were to treat you as humans, or you to treat us as Torgian?”

“I am glad to see that you act with forethought. I have made many first contacts, and not all species are so intelligent.”

The emperor laughed, the noise harsh and halting. If Hot’ath had not been thoroughly briefed on Human expression during the several month journey here, then he would have been confused. Of course, all species had odd expressions, but this being the most sensitive and dangerous interaction he had ever had, it paid to be prepared. “I thank you for the compliment.” The man got out as his laughter died down. “So, Admiral, how should we proceed? What are your plans?”

Hot’ath gave a brief overview of the vaccination plan, then went on to explain that they would not be able to set foot on any planet greater than .3 of earth’s mass due to their bodies. They will then survey the system’s resources and see if there is anything of value to the Hot’ath. There were other legal questions involved such as how far theTerran Empires borders stretched past the solar system, and how many other systems they could claim, but that was the job of the Ambassadors. For now, he only requested permission to gather physical samples of earth, plant, and animal tissue from each planet.

“That sounds reasonable.” The Emperor agreed. “I would greatly like to establish trade between our people. If this can be a mutually beneficial relationship all the better. I hope to speak to you again soon, admiral.” He pressed a button that wasn’t visible on the arm of his chair, cutting the communication.

Hot’ath nearly collapsed in relief. They were friendly. They wanted to trade. They were giving him everything he asked for.  He had not expected it to go anywhere close to this well.  “Admiral?” Lady Fir-gin placed a six fingered hand on his back.

“I’m O.K.” he assured everyone. The inhabitants of the bridge were al looking to him. They were just as scared and relieved as he was. “Prepare for Stage 1.” He straightened up, giving out orders. “Have Dr Mon-fit’tch coordinate with the human delegates where the survey droids are to gather their tissue samples, and Dr. Brath’thn send excavation droids out to gather soil samples.

After a moment of silence the bridge started to bustle in activity. Everyone had jobs to do and no time to wait. They had made friends with the monsters.

Love You More | Joshua


Pairing: Joshua x Reader

Word Count: 2062

Based off of this prompt: Person 1 and 2 are trying to get the attention of Person 3 by doing extravagant things but they end up falling in love with each other instead

A/N: Joshua is a gentleman but we all know what’s under that bible: A fREAK ;)))))  (I wrote this for my friend and I kid you not, this is exactly what I wrote as the a/n) I HOPE THIS COMPENSATES FOR ALL THE ANGST I WROTE TODAY!!! HAPPY HAPPY VERY HAPPY READING MY CHILDREN!!!

“Ugh!” you screamed out loud in frustration, holding your head with two hands. “I can’t believe this boy,” you muttered, shaking your head while your fingers flew across the keys.

I’ll be the first to text him happy birthday, the message blinked across your screen.

As if! I’ll beat you to it, you replied with the same aggression.

You glanced at the time. 11:59, your alarm clock blinked. Your finger hovered over the Send button until midnight struck. You immediately tapped on your screen and mentally attempted to hurry the blue bar slowly making its way across the screen. Come on, send! You urged the message to deliver before the next text you could receive was that of a gloating one.

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Humans are space orcs

I’ve seen a bunch of those ‘humans are space orcs’ and ‘earth is space Australia’
One of them involved humans adopting aliens. What if these aliens raised by humans adopted some of the human’s strange habits?
Like what if an alien who has been raised by humans gets on a ship and the other aliens are weirded out because they have odd behavior for their species.
Imagine aliens who grew up with humans chewing bubble gum, bonding with anything, being overly curious.


“You know when I went to space, I expected to James Kirk the place up and sleep with a bunch of aliens. I was even prepared for accidental marriages, but this! This I was not expecting.” Tony gestured to himself. He was decked out in a red and gold and gold battle suit made from a material that Tony couldn’t wait to analyze and recreate in his lab. The material was light and felt like spandex, but it could hold up against blades and quite a few other types of attacks. It was also the traditional wedding garb on the planet where Quill and him were.

Peter scrunched his face as he tugged on the collar of the blue and gold suit he’d been forced to don. “You’re tone says this is my fault.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t. I said your tone did, and I don’t like it—your tone that is. And at least you get to wear your favorite colors. I’m stuck in this.” Peter paused as he fiddled with the wrist of his suit. “Do you think they’d let me wear my coat to the ceremony?”

“Oh god, don’t.” Tony clutched his head with one hand and grasped the edge of the bureau with the other. “We got into this mess because you started dancing around me in front of them. With our luck, wearing the coat will be a sign of war.”

“Oh, come on! What are the chances of that happening?”

“What were the chances of your dance being an alien species’s mating dance? Also what were the additional odds of that species being against mating dances and mating in general before marriage or whatever the heck they call this ceremony?”

Peter opened his mouth to quip then shut it. He frowned as he mulled over the odds.

Tony sighed. “Whatever. We get married, stay a few more days while we refuel and fix up the ship, and then we hightail it out of here.”

“Speaking of tails and backsides…” Peter’s eyes roved over Tony. The corner of his mouth quirked up. “May I just say that you look amazing.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “How about we break a few laws and make sure we’re sexually compatible before we get married?”

Tony scoffed, but was unable to fight his smile. “I love sex, but even I’m not willing to risk ending up in jail or being killed for it. Besides,” Tony smirked, “we already know we’re sexually compatible.”

Peter strolled up to Tony and put his hands on either side of the genius, pinning Tony against the wall. “Yeah, but I preformed a mating dance for you. Shouldn’t we mate?”

“First, you didn’t know it was a mating dance. Second, you can mate with me after we’re married.”

Peter quirked an eyebrow. “Oh, I knew it was a mating dance. I just didn’t know it was this species’s mating dance.”

Tony frowned, confused.

Peter’s grin grew. He leaned in close so his warm breath ghosted Tony’s ear. “It was my personal mating dance for you. I don’t shake my ass that much for just anyone.”

Tony shuddered, pleasure bubbling low and warmth spreading through his body. He hummed thoughtfully as he turned and pecked Peter on the cheek. “Sorry, hon, you have to wait for our marriage bed.”

Tony slipped out from Peter’s arms.

Peter huffed. “So what are the odds that we can get our new friends to speed up the ceremony so we can get to the mating part already?”

“I’m starting think you want me only for sex,” Tony feigned hurt.

“Listen, as a man who has traveled through several galaxies, I can safely say there a very few people out there with an ass as nice as yours. It’s my duty to worship and love that ass every chance I get.”

“You’re still not getting any sex until we’re married.”

“Damn. Had to try.”  

Okay, But Don’t You Hate it When.....

A show you like, Voltron is the source of my rant here, has some REALLY good opportunities for some G/T but doesn’t exploit these opportunities. Like seriously, what are the odds that practically EVERY SPECIES of alien they come across is practically Human sized? 

I want Voltron to land on a planet where the native population is small enough that the paladins can scoop them up in one hand. I want someone to end up on a planet where the natives are huge, and for once its the paladins who freak out initially and they have to tell them that they’re not there to cause trouble. I want them to go out after a distress beacon and find a ship either WAY too large or WAY too small with a stranded crew who fits the size of said ship. 

(I might do a fic about this at some point in the future)

Zootopia /Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND ch.28 Threads of Fate

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this fic has reached over 925 reviews within 27 chapters! Thank you to everyone who reblogged, liked, fave, followed and reviewed this dumb fic, it really means a lot. Hopefully this fic can reach a 1000 reviews at the chapter 30 mark, that would be amazing! Ok so for those of you who follow my Tumbler; Crewefox you’ll know I’ve been through a rubbish situation lately but I didn’t want to disappoint the readers so here’s the chapter, I really hope you enjoy it. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter..)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/28/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 28- Threads of fate

“You? So selfish thinking of yourself,” Dawn mock chastised, taking the ice cream cones for the bear and placing them in Judy’s paws “I’m not going to hurt you directly, maybe you should turn around.”

Judy turned around and could clearly see Nick and Luna sitting on the bench, but something was off…there was a red laser dot on the oblivious and innocent Luna’s head who was playing with her toy dragon “Luna…” Judy uttered with sheer fear.

“I know you don’t fear me,” Dawn grinned devilishly putting a paw on Judy’s shoulder “but by the end of this conversation I promise you I’ll be your worst nightmare.”

Judy knew she couldn’t strike Dawn, she was terrified but she was also overcome by rage and that fury came from her mouth in a daunting voice “If you do anything to my kit I swear I’ll end you.”

“There she is, there’s the bunny who just wouldn’t quit.” Dawn replied with a snigger “I’ve always liked that tenacity in you but then there is a lot of things I despise about you.”

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This weird fly was extremely difficult to photograph. First of all it was very small… Also, it’s body was so dark that my camera didn’t want to pick up much detail. I have seen one fly like this before, but I was unsure if it was half-eaten or something. I am going to submit it to Bug guide.net
If you have any clue as to what this guy is, please share! Wings and legs very transparent. It gives the illusion as if it’s a little body is floating. Very odd species!!! Found in Texas.

Update: Chrysopilus basilaris, Snipe fly family. Thank you to @britsnana2
seashells and ocean smells

pairing:dowoon x reader

genre: fantasy, ponyo au

word count: 1,981

note: a second piece written for dowoon’s birthday, this short fic is also inspired by the studio ghibli/disney film ponyo. if you’ve seen the film you might understand if you haven’t i hope it’s not too odd. part of the day6 x studio ghibli series i’m doing pls look forward to the others! happy reading!

He adored the ocean and if it were possible to live there he would.

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Mer!Sterek AU

Stiles and Derek are mermen from different tribes, and each decide to visit a human village at the edge of their territories. Stiles is on a rite of passage, maybe, or just curious, while Derek’s checking in for safety purposes – making sure the humans don’t know anything about his kind after a recent close call when Erica’s curiosity ran away from her and she swam too close to a ship.

They meet and fall in love, but are, of course, forbidden to reveal their true natures while they’re in human form. Cue tension and flirting and each of them trying to fake their way through being human while the other fakes his way through recognizing all the human items and rituals. (Picture Stiles combing his hair with a fork while Derek nods along seriously, and the waiter just stares on, baffled).

And of course tons of pointless angsting about having to choose between worlds, and can they leave their families and the ocean and everything they know to be with each other… until something happens – maybe the boat they’re in topples (because face it, neither of them knows how to use a boat anyway) in deep water, and they’re each terrified of the other drowning because humans can’t survive in water so they transform to swim the other to the surface, and they’re each trying to save each other for a full five seconds before they realize each other have tails.

Someone: *makes post about Keith’s heritage and how human he looks and how we see his skintone change to galra purple when exposed to quintessence and how weird this is*

Me: “He clearly has Ossy blood.”

People: “Achi you can’t make everybody with weird interspecies heritage stuff Osmosian.”

Me: *drawing up a list of potential Ossy hybrids* “Watch me bitch.”

The asari...

It sucks that the main reason for the asari was “sexy blue aliens.” Because they do have an interesting lore despite that. 

Like the bachelor party in me2 where the guys started discussing what an asari actually looks like. The salarian thought that they looked like salarians, the turian thought that they looked like turians and the human thought they looked like humans. Which presented an interesting idea - that the asari are kind of parasitic in nature. Though not in an evil way! 

The theory that asari has some ability to make themselves more appealing to other races is not new. Mordin will state that he finds the asari offers intriguing, which he finds odd since “cross species pheromones” are unlikely to work on him as a salarian. But it does work on some salarians, like the guy we see on Illium. 

It also seems to work on the angara since Jaal immediately takes an interest in them. And there’s an angara on Aya that states she wouldn’t mind seeing more asari there. 

Small side-note: There is a quest in MEA that does hint at humans and asari actually being similiar. That what we are seeing is actually accurate. Basically in the quest, you follow some tracks to find a culprit. The search gets narrowed down to a human and an asari simply because of how similiar their footprints are. SAM even points out how salarian and angaran feet are very different from asari or human.

In Andromeda, after the Kett reveal,  this is actually brought up. Vetra will say that the Kett method of reproduction is similar to that of the asari. A point that both Peebee and Lexi kind of agree with 

Jaal will also kind of accuse the asari of this in a banter with Peebee. Though he later apologizes when he realizes that he might’ve hurt her feelings. 

The scientists in the tech lab also have a conversation about exaltation, how awful it is and what it means. I can’t remember the exact details, but it ends with the asari scientist saying that “only a primitive race would take it by force” meaning the DNA that the Kett are stealing from other races. So the similiarities between Kett exaltation and Asari mind-meld-DNA-mapping is adressed in the game. 

And that actually makes me very happy. 

Star Trek Into Darkness Rewrite: Oh boy I changed so much

-Expanded scene on Nibiru

-Spock is the one who insisted on saving the endangered species from the Volcano, Jim was reluctant to risk someone’s life and offered to go into the volcano himself but Spock convinced Jim to distract the indigenous lifeforms instead

-Including how they got the enterprise into the water without being seen

-Showing the entire mission on Nibiru, which includes the process of Bones getting that animal ride, grumbling about how idiotic Jim is the entire time

-Jim does not sleep with anyone in this movie

-Jim does not lie in his report of the mission on Nibiru

-When being reprimanded by Pike, Jim tells him there is a chance the indigenous species did no see their ship

-Spock then calculates the odds of the species not seeing them at 2.34%, Jim tells Spock he is not helping 

-Spock defends Jim, claiming that he was entirely responsible for the mission going wrong, while Jim interrupts trying to take responsibility so Spock doesn’t get in trouble; Pike gets fed up with their nonsense 


-Instead John Harrison was a loyal agent of Section 31 who disapproved of Admiral Marcus’ attempts to provoke a war with the Klingons

-Harrison warned Marcus that if he didn’t stop his plans he would leak it to the public and inform the other Starfleet Admirals

-Marcus kidnaps and hides Harrison’s family to silence him

-Harrison snaps and assumed Marcus killed his family so he vows revenge against Marcus and Starfleet for this betrayal

-Pike lives but is injured and in a coma

-Admiral Marcus orders Jim to go apprehend the dangerous terrorist John Harrison and Jim is suspicious as fuck but goes for Pike

-Carol Marcus plays a vital role in defeating her father and is not just there to take off her clothes

-Carol Marcus is introduced to the crew by her father

-NO undressing of Carol Marcus

-NO Torpedoes

-Scotty is NOT fired 

-Chekov remains at his post instead of being transferred to engineering

-It’s Bones, Jim and Uhura in the ship on Kronos

-Bones is expressing his concern about Jim’s vitals being way off again when in the ship on Kronos 

-Uhura is in the middle of Bones and Jim’s squabble 

-Admiral Marcus tries to destroy the enterprise when Harrison tells Jim about Marcus’s plot and corruptness 

-Instead of Scotty, it’s Carol Marcus who sneaks onto her father’s ship because she is suspicious and saves the enterprise from being destroyed, she also finds out where her dad hid Harrison’s family

-Harrison still kills Marcus, injuries Jim and knocks out Carol

-Harrison threatens Mr.Spock for earth’s defense codes, or he will kill Jim, Spock gives him the codes proving Bones wrong when he said Spock would let Jim die

-Harrison tells Jim that he is going to destroy his ship, when Jim begs Harrison to spare his crew

-Harrison asks Jim what he is willing to give for his crew, Jim tells him “my life”

-Harrison then tells Jim he will kill him in a live feed broad cast, using him to symbolize the end of the federation

-In the chaos of going back to Earth, Carol escapes the ship to go rescue Harrison’s family 

-Spock and Jim fight Harrison together, Harrison gets the upper hand and looks like he will win the fight, Carol stops the fight by showing Harrison his family is alive and well

-Harrison unhinged surrenders after seeing his family alive

-After every antagonist is dealt with, Jim collapses from his injury and because of his weak vitals 

-We hear Spock and Bones shout out “Jim” when he blacks out

-Pike and Jim are in the same medical room, Pike awake, says “I can’t leave you alone for one second” 

-Pike tells Jim he is proud of him

-We see Harrison in prison, his family (wife, son and daughter), visiting him

-The enterprise starts it’s 5 year mission with Jim telling Spock “I told we’d get it” and Spock saying sarcastically “how could I ever doubt you”

-This pretty much turned into a space spy story 

Out of this world

As soon as Duncan realized he could leave his planet, it was his dream. His planet was harsh, violent, and dangerous. Nobody New ever came to visit the small pebble of molten rock and desserts with blood red seas that in some places boiled because of the multitude of volcanos.

Among his people, he stood out like a sore thumb. Head in the clouds and a taste for new information to flood his mind. He was far less violent and far more calm– the fact that he looked different didn’t help him much either. A mutant among odd, humanoid aliens. His species were suppose to be a dark grey, black birthmarks and orange eyes. They had four eyes (a main set with Two smaller ones under the first set) and two antennas on top of their heads– usually mostly masked by their hair, and with a total of four arms instead of most species only having two. He, on the other hand, was a soft, blue-grey with vibrant golden eyes. That was the most different thing about him and it didn’t help his status on his planet, which was pretty low.

But lucky for him, he was as bright as the stars in the sky. He had built his own ship and after years of trying his damnedest, he made it off his planet and explored the galaxy for all it was worth.

In a more recent time, now fully matured and standing a solid 6’8 in height. He was energetic and happy most of the time which had people staring. Why was a Teronian off their planet and happy? They were known for staying in one place and being mean, backwards, and violent people. It got him attention– which he honestly liked. He was a sucker for affection and having people paying attention to him. It probably stemmed back to the lack of attention he had in his early developmental years.

He was sitting in a bar that night, listening to the loud, catchy music that was announced to be from earth.

Earth. That was a planet he had yet to visit. Though he had seen and even met some of its people before. They were quiet kind and offered to give him some earth things if they could ask questions– since he was only teronian that they had ever seen be approachable. He got a game boy and a hat out of it and he treasured the items.

He was dressed in some black pants that curved with the muscles of his legs, along with a loose shirt that had no sleeves what so ever– just covering his chest and back and being connected at the collar and at the last three inches of the shirt. It let his arms move freely. He was sipping a drink casually when he noticed something standing out in the distance of the room– a blue alien with some human that caught his eye. He smiled brightly and winked before sitting back and sipping his drink slowly. Split tongue flicking out to lick over his lips.


Response to anti-otherkin posts.

I’m getting really fed up with the anti-kin hate on Tumblr. What bothers me the most is that 99% of people who are anti-otherkin or who don’t believe we exist or who believe we suffer from “special snowflake syndrome” are people who are really misinformed about what otherkin are, OR who are basing their understanding off of a few extreme examples who are likely trolls anyway.

  1. “Otherkin are taking away from a REAL community (trans people).” – No and no. First off, the otherkin community is a real community however messed up it may be. Second, there is NO inherent relation between being otherkin and being trans. Being otherkin does not make a person trans, and most people who are otherkin do not claim to be trans unless they are also trans on top of being otherkin (example: a DFAB person who identifies as male and happens to be a wolf-kin). If you are trans and have come across otherkin trying to say that being otherkin and being trans are one and the same, I am sorry to hear that. Please note that the majority of us are NOT out to steal your identity or to claim your label as our own.
  2. “Otherkin GLORIFY mental illness!” – Being otherkin is NOT a mental disorder. Clinical lycanthropy is a disorder in which a person believes that they have physically transformed into a wolf or some other animal, or that they are physically an animal. 99% of otherkin do NOT believe that they are physically non-human, and on most otherkin forums, you will be laughed off the board if you claim that your kin-type has a physical component. I’ve even seen admins/mods write very specific, detailed warnings that alert otherkin to the true fact that few people are going to believe that you physically shift into your kin type. Species dysphoria is when a person knows they are physically human, but feels like this is incorrect or like they should be something else. Not all otherkin experience dysphoria, and those who do are no more “mentally disordered” than anyone who feels like who they are is not quite who they want to be.
  3. “Buddhism says that lots of people reincarnate and your past lives don’t matter, so being otherkin is bullshit.” – The Buddhist concept of reincarnation is based on a very specific goal, the goal of reaching nirvana. With that goal, individual lifetimes do not matter as much as your personal path to enlightenment. Not everyone who believes in reincarnation is Buddhist. Not everyone who identifies as otherkin believes in reincarnation. Cope.
  4. “Otherkin suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome!” – First of all, there is no disorder known as “Special Snowflake Syndrome” that can be found anywhere in psychiatric literature. Second of all, this idea where anyone who identifies as anything other than cishet/neurotypical/traditionally sexual/spiritually and mentally human/etc is “attention-seeking” seems like a bunch of pointlessly unkind and whiny stuff to say about people. Unless otherkin are reblogging literally everything you write with, “yeah but I’m otherkin so I’m more special than you!” I don’t exactly see how being otherkin is “special snowflake-ing.”
  5. “If you talked to a psychiatrist, you’d be locked up.” – Um, no. Unless you’re a danger to yourself or others, you won’t be locked up. If someone goes to a psychiatrist and says “I’m a wolf and therefore need to eat humans,” they might get locked up. However, a human-identified person who wanted to eat humans would likely also be locked up.
  6. You guys think you’re oppressed!” – I’m not entirely sure who is saying this, or who is actively trying to detract from the focus being placed on other marginalized communities by insisting that otherkin win the oppression Olympics. If someone is doing that, I am sorry to hear that you’ve had that experience, but their voice is not representative of the whole otherkin population. Otherkin do face some unique challenges, like being a different species than everyone around them and like dealing with being called liars/role-players/etc. Some of us face bullying for being who we are, or face some discrimination in terms of seeking mental health care – if our trauma comes from a past life or from being at-odds with our current species, there’s no help for us. If we’ve been stalked across several lifetimes by someone from our old kin world, no help is available. When our gender identities match societies we come from that are vastly different from those on Earth, trans support groups will not likely welcome us. That being said, I for one am aware that I benefit from white privilege and from looking like the gender my driver’s license says that I am. I also benefit from being able-bodied enough to walk and from having strong financial support in my life, and from having a college degree.
  7. “Otherkin don’t exist outside of Tumblr.” – Actually, my first encounter with otherkin happened at my high school, and I’m pretty sure no one used Tumblr when I was in school.
  8. “Otherkin are the same as trans-ethnic people and those are bad!” – Can you explain to me how, exactly, we are similar to trans-ethnic people?

So yeah, that should cover many of the anti-otherkin things I’ve read in the tags lately.


Especially any new RAPHRIL fans who may have joined us! XD

I’ve been avoiding tumblr since I haven’t seen the movie yet!! (Seeing it Friday with @gladrial, then we’ll be rendezvousing on skype with @winnyverse to dish about it!)

But since a couple of years ago I burst back into this fandom after a seven year absence with a fucktonne of steamy, sexy, hella romantic 2k14 Raphael/April fanfics, I figured why not share them anew with the hopefully many new shippers of this pairing who’ve been enticed by the new movie!

So, if you’re into enormous anthropomorphic beast guys and tough, spirited, petite human women falling in love and doing the wild thing despite the odds of species, lifestyles and *ahem* relative size, then you might just enjoy my Raphril fanfic!


There’s 23 stories of romance, angst, humour, passion, longing and sex! Enjoy ‘em! ;)