odd smell

  • 800 yr old entity after being called upon: so, you're the one who- shit, how much blood is that? how deeply did you cut yourself?
  • me: uh... pretty deep, i guess? the book said summoning you would require.. a significant amount of blood.. so..
  • entity: well, you could've gone a little smaller and shallower, couldn't you? and you were planning on, what, just.. bleeding freely during the entirety of our conversation? after slicing your hand open with a knife that's older than you are? how foolish can you be? christ. you need to clean and cover that. like, right now. here. let me see.
  • me: it's not THAT bad plus i disinfected the knife beforeha-
  • entity: no. be quiet. we'll talk afterwards. or even.. while i'm helping you with your mess. but it needs to be taken care of, right now, and i truly don't feel like going to a hospital at this hour. they smell.. odd. uncomfortable places. anyway. c'mon. lead me to the antiseptics and bandages.
  • me: fine. i guess. Whatever
  • entity: i can't believe this... i can't even enjoy the fruit you left for me yet because i have to take care of YOUR irresponsibility.. actually wait let me grab a grapefruit then we can go.. oh, wait, are those peaches? i haven't had one in DECADES.. the pits are so neat-looking, aren't they? i used to save them because they really are just so funny-
  • me: clears throat and holds up hand
  • entity: ah. yes. right. i apologize. grabbing the fruit. coming. following.. you leading
Fugos ranked

#1 Green Fugo

A very Good and Handsome Fugo. The colors jive well and are easy on the eyes. A top tier Fugo indeed. 

#2 Albino Fugo

The color palette is a bit extreme, but the bold look fits his character, making this Fugo a certified good Fugo. Albino Fugo also scores points for his partially Abbachio-matching color scheme. The young goth imitates its mother. 

#3 Haze Fugo

It’s nice that he matches his stand, and purple does suit our boy well, but his hair is a bit off-putting with the purple. A white haired Fugo would work much better in this get up.

#4 Craft Single

Jesus christ this is a discarded piece of cheese you find in the bottom of the crisper weeks after noticing an odd smell wafting from your fridge. Full body pictures of this monstrosity are outlawed in at least 4 countries and 13 states. Araki saw this color palette and immediately dropped Fugo from the story. This fucker unleashed the power of the sun and then forgot to releash it. Everything about this color scheme is a crime against mother nature. 

squint at where you’re from

oops sometimes you gotta

spoilers for 413, bellamy/clarke, 1600 words, gen. AO3!

Even though it’s not really the same as coming down in the first time, Bellamy still has this strange sense of deja vu as he looks at the door. The ship is smaller, he has fewer people with him, he feels both more and less sure of what he’ll find. They tried to hit the only spot of green they could see, but the controls are a mess, so he’s not sure they got to it. The whole fucking ship is a mess, built out of whatever scrap they could salvage. Even with six years to perfect it, the thing is still held together with spit and prayer, according to Raven.

But it got them to the ground. They’re back.

“Just open the fucking door!” says Raven, and Bellamy lets out a long breath and finally hits the release.

He knows what he’s hoping for: clean air, plants, blue sky. And he gets all of those.

He just also gets a girl, maybe ten or eleven, with brown hair in braids, pointing a gun at him. Which is honestly fairly encouraging; someone survived, and they have firearms. So she probably came out of the bunker.

He puts his hands up on reflex.

“Hey, uh–we come in peace,” he tries, and then says it again in Trig, for good measure. He doesn’t recognize her, but that doesn’t mean anything. She could be from another clan; there are plenty of them he doesn’t know. Or–his heart trips on the thought–she could be a nightblood. She could have survived because of that, and if she survived–

The girl pulls her gun back and looks at him critically. “Are you Bellamy Blake?”

He blinks a few times. “Um, yeah. I’m Bellamy Blake.”


She sounds skeptical, which doesn’t make any fucking sense. She’s the one who brought it up. There’s no reason for her not to believe him.

“Yeah, really. Did you come out of the bunker? Is my sister with you? Octavia?”

You’re Bellamy?” she says, like she didn’t hear him. She’s making a face like something smells odd. “I thought you’d be taller.”

Taller?” he asks.

Raven pokes her head out. “It’s been five minutes and you’re already being held at gunpoint? You sure have a way with people, Bellamy.”

“Look, we don’t want to hurt you,” he tells the girl. “Just–”

“I know,” she says. “You just want to see Clarke.”

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I commissioned @clionadraws (again) to draw a scene from my VLD Allurance fic, and here is the beautiful finished product!

Title: searching for sparkles
Series: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Allura/Lance
Word count: 4004
Summary: Allura just wants something sparkly. It’s not a date, Lance—but it’s exactly what she needed.
Notes: AO3 link. Also, I listened to a lot of Ellie Goulding while I wrote this, haha. 

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Ho Bath Routine Tips

Once A Week
- Take an apple cider vinegar bath. Mix two cups apple cider vinegar with a tub of warm water and take a 20 minute bath. This helps restore natural vaginal flora and balance vaginal PH. This is especially helpful if you have multiple partners. **If you feel like your vagina has an odd smell/itches/unusual discharge do this every other day. Unless you have pain associated with your symptoms. At that point just see a doctor.**
One-Three Times A Week
- Exfoliate your face. Exfoliating the face unclogs pores, prevents blackheads, and removes dead skin cells. However, over exfoliating can cause irritation, inflammation, and worsen acne. If you have sensitive skin, once a week may be the best option for you. If you live in a warm climate and have naturally oily skin, three times a week may be best. 
Two-Four Times A Week
- Exfoliate your body. Exfoliating your body helps smooth the skin, prevent break puts, minimize brown spots and pores, moisturize, and remove dead skin cells. Over exfoliating can cause dryness, redness, and skin sensitivity. Again, if you have sensitive skin twice a week may work better for you. And if you live in a warm climate and have oily skin four times may be best. **If you tan: ALWAYS exfoliate the day before and make sure to get your hands, neck, armpits, and the skin opposite your knees. This will help your tan stick and give an overall more natural and even look.**
Every Day
- Always moisturize after your shower/bathe. Your pores are the most open at this time which allows moisturizer to penetrate deeper.
- For dry/cracked feet, rub coco butter or vaseline (or vaseline with coco butter) on feet and put on socks before bed.
- Moisturize lips. Morning, noon, and night, as well as in between. No one wants to be kissing dry cracked lips. I use hurts bees plus spf during the day and coco butter vaseline at night.
- For legs I’ve seen people recommend coconut oil and Johnson’s baby oil. Personally, I’ve tried both and prefer Venus With a Touch of Olay Sugarberry Bliss. But I’ve seen a lot of girls swear by these other two so whatever works best for you is what matters.
- For vagina, NEVER use coconut oil. It can clog your pores and the consistency isn’t the best fit for vaginal shaving. Again, I like the Sugarberry Bliss but I’ve seen girls swear by Johnson’s baby oil.
- Use a mens razor for shaving your vagina. They’re cheaper, last longer, and give you a closer shave than women’s razors. 
- I hate showering in cold water, but cooler water actually helps prevent razor burn. Post shower, you can pat vagina with a cold damp towel to help calm redness and irritation.
- Pat dry your vagina, pat on unscented deodorant to soothe razor burn, and never wear cotton underwear after shaving. 
Yoni Oil
- I have personally never tried this, but I am seriously going to soon. I’ve seen so many girls talking about this. I’ve seen claims that it gives you the smoothest vaginal shave, balances PH, that it’s an antimicrobial, strengthens vaginal muscles, prevents excess bacteria, clears infections, regulates menstrual cycle, and increases natural lubrication. I’ve also seen that it smells, and even tastes, delicious. One bottle costs 20 dollars so why not?

~Swimming with the Pheromones~ (M)

Your hybrids smell something odd and things get a little heated to say the least. 

Rated M for Mature: Smut with a hint of cursing


Word Count: 11,421

Explain the point of…blah blah blah.

Yeah, no, not today.

We’re not doing this right now.  Why did teachers think it was a good idea to give extra homework on the long weekends?  Yes, everyone earned an additional two days off, but of course the professor who taught your most hated course of the semester would throw in a few more questions.

This was the small bit of work you had left and there were only five questions remaining.  You wanted to get it done, right here in this library, before you went home to enjoy your long needed vacation.  You stretch your limbs high into the air, shoulder joints cracking at the movement.

Okay.  You can do this.  The sooner you finish, the sooner you can go home and cuddle with the boys without any worry.  With the little voice cheering you on inside your head, you pick up your pencil and begin writing, determination reenergizing you.


Humming to yourself as you suck on the delicious strawberry lollipop the library was giving out, you giddily skip to your doorstep, ecstatic that you were able to complete all of your assignments.  Unlocking the door to your apartment, you hear the suspenseful music before anything else.

Creeping in quietly as you gently shut the door, you are met with two figures huddling under a blanket on the couch as they cling to one another for dear life.  They haven’t seen you yet and a quick glance at the TV depicts a gruesome-filled scene which explains the eerie music.  It seems like your hybrids have stumbled across their first horror movie.  One that will more than likely lead to nightmares if the invisible ghost that dragged a girl across the floor had any say.

“Hello there.”  You call out, hoping that they will recognize your voice and that it won’t scare them to pieces.

It doesn’t work.  In fact, it has the opposite effect.

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Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The doctor said you have far too long to live.

Taurus: You are guarded by a quartet of angels who play chill electronic jazzhop.

Gemini: Gold runs through your veins, odd lost things can smell it on your breath.

Cancer: The veil is thin around bus stops, carry iron.

Leo: Learn to appreciate yourself, butter churning is a rare skill.

Virgo: Disrupt the natural order of reality by learning to play the flamenco gitaur.

Libra: Whatever you do, dont follow the flute music.

Scorpio: The old woman who runs the donut shop down the street is a strega, and a lonley one at that. Tip well.

Saggatarius: Your new boss is made entirely of snakes.

Capricorn: Playing dominoes in the next 48 hours will result in a fiery death.

Aquarius: No, cunnilingus is not a form of disenchantment.

Picses: An ancient and rare magic courses from your fingertips, use it to make sauces from scratch and dominate at Overwatch.

Small, stupid things that probably happen to us during the zombie apocalypse nobody talks about

I can’t be the only one asking these questions while watching my favorite shows… how does everyone always look so perfect? How do they organize their everyday life? Here’s a short list of unfortunate things that would certainly happen to somebody during a zombie apocalypse:

- coughing/ sneezing/ hiccups which will attract zombies
- periods
- not finding Tampons
- slipping/ tripping/ stumbling
- yeast infections
- other infections
- growth of hair in odd places
- smelling bad
- toothaches
- only finding bad CDs
- bad hair days
- no fitting bra
- getting the tiniest scratch from a zombie
- yellow teeth
- knowing what you want to eat but not finding it, ever
- trying to remember song lyrics but never hearing them again
- lacking privacy
- toilet paper

Feel free to add what comes to your mind


The Great Stink - Victorian Plague

By the mid-1800s, the River Thames had been used as a dumping ground for human excrement for centuries. 

The crisis came to a peak in the ‘Great Stink’ of London in 1858. Such was the overpowering smell from the Thames, that the curtains of the Commons were soaked in chloride of lime. For centuries, the “royal river” of pomp and pageantry, the city’s main thoroughfare, had doubled as a dumping ground for human, animal and industrial waste. As London’s population grew – and it more than doubled between 1800 and 1850, making it by far the largest in the world – the build-up of waste itself became a spectacle no one wanted to see, or smell.

The apparent progress of flushing toilets (marketed to the masses at the Great Exhibition in 1851) only made things worse, overwhelming old cesspools and forcing ever more effluent into the river, which belched it back into the city at each high water. The result was successive waves of waterborne diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and, most feared of all by mid-century, cholera. For this “Victorian plague” there was no known cure. 

London had lacked a unified authority with the money required to address such an extensive problem of sanitation on an effective scale. Now the recently formed Metropolitan Board of Works was empowered to raise £3m and instructed to start work without further delay. The board’s chief engineer, Joseph Bazalgette, who had already spent several exasperating years drawing up plans for an ambitious new sanitation system, only for each one to be swiftly shelved, at last got the go-ahead to begin construction. 

“What was extraordinary about Bazalgette’s scheme was both its simplicity and level of foresight,” writes Paul Dobraszczyk in London’s Sewers. A classic piece of Victorian over-engineering, the infrastructure was planned to accommodate a population growth of 50%, from 3 million to 4.5 million. Within 30 years of its completion, the city’s population had in fact doubled again, reaching 6 million. It is testament to the quality of design and construction that, with improvements and additions, the 19th-century system remains the backbone of London’s sewers in the 21st century.

painting above: The hard work of thousands of labourers overseen by Bazalgette inspired the artist Ford Madox Brown as he painted Work, a large canvas completed in 1865, the same year that the main drainage works were opened at Crossness by the Prince of Wales 

legit all i can think about right now is ronan and gansey shotgunning but more like its ronan smoking on the couch at monmouth and gansey coming out of his room to scold ronan, tell him he was sleeping but he smelled something odd. and its ronan saying “you weren’t asleep” because he’s right and gansey can’t argue it. and its gansey, a perfect politician’s son, with a glint of curiosity in his eyes. it’s gansey sitting down at the other end of the couch and ronan holding out the joint. it’s gansey putting a hand up and shaking his head and them sitting in silence for five minutes. and then gansey speaks: “i’ve never done uhm. it before.” and ronan saying “do you want to” and gansey being too nervous to say yes. he wants to. gansey lives a life of exploration, relentlessly searching for answers. he doesn’t say yes, but he nods when ronan looks at him and says “i can start you off slow” and then moving to the middle of the couch. and then it’s gansey meeting him halfway. ronan puts his hand at the back of gansey’s head and turns his face so they’re making eye contact. and something about the smoke in the air, and ronan’s piercing and honest and bloodshot stare, that makes gansey feel high already. and it’s ronan flicking his gaze down to gansey’s lips and up. gansey licks his lips. and then ronan is bringing the joint to his lips, not breaking eye contact, and pulling. and when he finally releases, it’s with his lips pursed and gansey is struck with how soft those lips are on such a rigid sharp boy, before he’s breathing in smoke, his own lips mere inches away from ronan’s. and it’s ronan not pulling back. and it’s gansey meeting him more than halfway.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you know any fics like LeeBlack's "When a Born Wolf Howls" series where Stiles has contacts with the not-so-legal side of BH or where he knows how to pick locks, hot wire a car or stuff like that? Not a criminal or mafia AU, more like canon Stiles with a little extra. Thanks :)

So, I went with morally ambigous!Stiles. - Anastasia

Originally posted by unable2find

A Sliver of Sunlight by LeeBlack

(17/17 I 37,331 I Mature I Steter)

The last thing that Stiles expected to see after coming into his room was Peter Hale, back from the dead and apparently sane. Well, relatively sane, all things considered.

And with everything that had happened in Beacon Hills recently, was it really so impossible to believe that, without the Alpha power trip, Peter was the sort of person who couldn’t be trusted but was too interesting to be ignored?


Law and Disorderly Conduct by Delightful_I_Am

(1/1 I 2,514 I Teen I Sterek)

“Are you sure this is legal?”

Stiles looked up at Scott in disbelief, a diamond pick between his teeth and his torsion wrench still wedged tight in the lock in front of him. He flicked his eyes back and forth from Scott to the lock a few times before raising an eyebrow at his friend.

“Scotty, bud, pal, my dude. I am literally in the middle of breaking into a lawyer’s office as we speak. In what universe is that not illegal?”

Science, Bitches! by eeyore9990

(1/1 I 2,688 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles is aware that it’s wrong. He’s a rational, intellectual person who really does understand that some things are right and some are… not. He just can’t really be bothered to care.


How to get a werewolf boyfriend in three easy steps.

Take a bite out of life by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I 3,274 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles gets infected by vampire blood. According to a really old Russian text, he could become a blood-sucking monster like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, an incubus-like blood-sucker who needs blood and sex to survive, or he could literally drain people’s souls.

The hour of truth is approaching, as is the full moon. As such, Derek’s the only one available to be stuck on Stiles-sitting duty, and is the only one there when Stiles finds out exactly what new piece he’s becoming on the chessboard.

For Us by day

(1/1 I 7,328 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Parole.” Stiles nods, standing up and stretching once again, revealing a naked and tattooed strip of skin above his belt. “I lied and I haven’t been traveling. I’ve actually been in lock up for five years on charges of attempted manslaughter, harboring a fugitive, and a few other broken laws.”

Scott laughs loudly before he catches onto the tense atmosphere in the room. “You can’t be serious.”

“Well, shit, Scott. I can’t undo the past, so I guess I am.” Stiles shrugs. “Listen to my heartbeat, young werewolves, you will find that I do not misguide you. Officer Hale here took it upon himself to become my new parole officer. How sweet is he?”

Stiles falls off the grid for 8 years. When Derek finally meets him again, it’s as a detective and main suspect in a murder investigation.

The War is Won (Surrender, Love) by Ceris_Malfoy

(1/1 I 8,122 I Teen I Stiles/Deucalion I Girl!Stiles)

It is in the dark of the night, when her brain won’t shut off and she is pacing, relentless with the need to do something, that she realizes that saying no was probably a very, very good thing. She is dangerous enough without adding ‘werewolf’ into that category.

It doesn’t stop her from thinking about it though, nor from dreaming.

This Could Be So Dirty That it Just Ain’t Right by taylorpotato

(1/1 I 10,380 I Explicit I Steter)

Ever since Stiles presented as an Omega, he hasn’t been feeling the same urges as his peers. When he’s around an Alpha that’s not Scott (who is pretty much his brother at this point), his first reaction is to shrink away, not try to press closer. Until he meets Peter Hale. Who acts like the most annoying, entitled kind of Alpha on the planet. Except he’s not one. He’s an Omega. Of course, Stiles would turn out to be every type of gay possible.

The Dragon’s Wolf by DenaCeleste

(1/1 I 14,767 I Explicit I Steter)

Stiles is a vengeful dragon, and Peter is his mate. Stiles just has to convince Peter of that while they deal with the attempted murder of the Hale pack.

“Where–what the hell are you?!” His mate didn’t back away, instead he held his ground with claws bared, and his eyes flared a bright yellow. “Where is my pack?”

Stiles snuffed at him and tucked his tail around his hindclaws. Wolf. Well, that explained the odd smelling humans. He leaned forward, just a bit, and flicked his tongue out at the man, who lashed out with his sharp-tipped fingers. Pleased with his headstrong mate, he trilled again before shifting to his bipedal form with a suddenness that made the other man jerk back into a defensive stance.

“I’m a dragon, just in case the wings and scales didn’t give it away. I’d breathe fire too, but I think that would be just a bit insensitive, all things considered.” Stiles quirked a brow. “What is your name, wolf?”

“Peter Hale. Where is my family?” He darted at Stiles and grasped his throat.

it feels better biting down by Aminias (SeeingRed)

(6/15 I 17,026 I Mature I Steter)

Sometimes we forget that not every villain is a coupon waiting to be redeemed. Good thing Peter has always been a smart shopper.

Hey There, Stranger by annie_reckson

(6/7 I 23,062 I Explicit I Sciles)

Scott’s been going to a specific spot on the beach for a few years now and now that he’s on summer break from college, he’s looking forward to spending most of his summer months there.

He’s not sure whether he should be excited or terrified when he gets much more than he could have ever expected.

ce qu'elle a dit by dogearedpage

(14/? I 44,281 I Explicit I Steter I Girl!Stiles)

“The last thing Stiles thought she wanted to hear was Derek Hale telling her she smelled ‘weird’. Except, a few moments later, he outclassed himself and turned Stiles’ entire world on its head by telling her something even worse.

“She didn’t smell ‘weird’. She smelled pregnant.”

Sometimes Peter looks at Stiles like he yearns to sink his fangs into her all over again. She thinks he’ll devour her if she isn’t careful.

Stiles is rarely careful.

What Are You Waiting For?

Prompt: My heart belongs to you, if you want it.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2541

Warnings: swearing, angst, sorry y’all it’s another wedding fic because i don’t know how to stop.

A/N: is is for @just-some-drabbles writing challenge, congrats love. ir’s another au, real surprising i know

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Best Friends | 05


Warnings: Smut, Mentions of weed 

Genre: Best Friends AU, College AU

Word Count: 5298

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

“So he asked for your number?”

I nod at Bridgette who’s sitting across from me, at our kitchen table. I sip on my coffee. As soon as I got home, I took a shower then changed into comfortable clothes, then for once Bridgette was up before noon. We sat down and I explained the story to her.

After I had sex with Harry, his name I found out after, we laid in his bed for a while. We had some conversation then I decided to get up and get dressed. It was around two in the morning. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was getting out of his way. He told me I was never in his way and to get back into bed. I put on his shirt then laid next to him again. We went to bed and woke up around nine. I got re-dressed and he walked me out of his apartment, luckily he lived alone. He told me he wasn’t really that into one night stands with girls he doesn’t find annoying, so he asked for my number. And I gave it to him.

“Wow. So he actually doesn’t just want sex? Maybe you should go with him and dump that dumb-ass deal with Jungkook.” Bridgette states with a shrug as she starts to drink her coffee.

I roll my eyes and down the rest of my coffee. “Well, I’m going to go sleep now.” I say getting up and putting my cup in the sink.

I go into my room and lay down in my bed. I cuddle up into the pillows and blankets and close my eyes.


I wake up when I feel someone wrap their arms around my waist. I feel them kiss my shoulder and lay their head back into the pillow and breath out, their breath fanning the back of my neck. I squirm a bit but cuddle back into the broad chest and get comfortable. 

As soon as I start to fall asleep again, I realize. 

Who the fuck is behind me?

I quickly sit up and turn around to see Jungkook laying down, looking up at me with wide eyes. 

“What?” He asks as he rubs his eyes and leans onto his elbow. He’s dressed in the clothes he was in last night. The same black shirt and black jeans and black boots, now adorned with a black bomber jacket. 

“When did you get here?” I fix my position so i’m facing him.

He leans back into the bed as he replies. “ About ten minutes ago. Surprised it took you so long to wake up. You’re usually a light sleeper.”

“I’m just really tired.” I mumble and fix the pillow I was laying on.

He grabs that arm and pulls me towards him. My head lays on his chest and his arm circles around my back, his fingers slowly working up and down my back. “So let’s cuddle and sleep.” 

Something we used to do was cuddle, but now it just feels different. 

I snicker at his response, but nevertheless get comfortable anyway. I lay my hand on his stomach and he brings his other hand to lay under his head. I breathe in and am immediately filled with the scent of odd smell of perfume. Obviously from one of the girls he hooked up with last night. It smells like the ‘old lady’ perfume.

“Oh my god.” I sit up and look down at him, leaning on my right arm. “You couldn’t at least change your shirt?” 

He furrows his eyebrows then looks down at his shirt. He pulls his shirt up a bit and sniffs it then tilts his head back in a fit of laughter. He sits up on his elbow and leans his forehead against my shoulder. “The girl I hooked up with last night smelt like a grandma, but she was a pretty good fuc-” 

I shove his head off my shoulder roll my eyes and he falls back onto the bed and laughs again. I shake my head and pull the blanket off of me. “Okay, I’m up.” 

“No no no.” He pulls my arm so I’m laying flat on the bed then moves his body to hover over mine. His arms by my head and his legs on either side of my hips. “Aw is someone jealous?” He mumbles mockingly into my neck. He lays soft kisses on my neck and my collar bones as one of his hands lays down my stomach and moves his hand under my shirt.

His soft fingers run up and down my stomach and he moves his lips to my jaw, open mouth kisses until he reaches my mouth. My hands find their way to his hair and he groans into my mouth. I pull his head back by his hair and look at his face. His lips slightly swollen and eyes staring into mine. 

“And why would I be jealous? Did you see the guy I left with last night?”  I tilt my head to the side in mock confusion and smile. 

He leans back and rest his weight on his elbows and furrows his eyebrows at me. “Yeah I saw him. And why did you leave with him?” 

“And why wouldn’t I?” 

He tilts his head to the side and leans on one arm. “Well, because last time I checked, you weren’t into the whole one night stand type of thing.”        

I shrug and smile tightly. “He was cute. Is cute. And I saw him and he saw me and I don’t know. He’s cute and wanted to bang, so I let him.” I shrug again. 

He scrunches his face up and shakes his head. He leans down a bit and kisses my collar bones then looks back at me through is hair. “Don’t ever say it like that again, babygirl.” 

“And why not?” I let out a breathy laugh. I move my legs so they’re bent at the knee and his hips push down into mine. He groans and his head falls into my neck. I let out a sigh when he kisses me neck, leaning my head to the side to give him more access. I grind up into him again, feeling his bulge against my heat, through my sweats and his jeans. He moans and I lay my head back onto the pillow.  

“Because it sounds weird and I don’t want to think about someone ‘banging’ my best friend.” 

“Fine, he wanted to fuck; and boy did I let him.” 

I let out a gasp when he bites down onto my collar bone and licks and sucks. “No more talking.” He sits up between my legs and grabs my waist. He lifts me up so we’re chest to chest, he proceeds to lift my shirt over my head then dives into my chest, pushing me back into the bed by the force he uses to kiss down the valley of my breasts. I let out a gasp as he take my left breast out and swirls his tongue around my nipple. He sucks and kisses then continues to the next breast. I lift his shirt so his stomach is exposed and run my hands around his torso before he unclips my bra and throws it across the room. I sit up and take off his shirt before I start to kiss his neck and collar bones. He sighs contently as I suck on his skin, sure to leave a few bruises. 

He pushes me softly so I lay down. He leaves open mouth kisses against my stomach before he reaches the hem of my sweatpants. He begins to pull them down but pauses when he notices the large hickey on my hip bone. “Really?” 

“At least he doesn’t smell like a grandpa.” I shrug and bite my lip to hide my laugh when he rolls his eyes. 

He continues to pull my pants down my legs. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?” He throws my sweats on the ground. 

“Probably not.” 

He sighs and leans up to kiss me on the lips quickly. “You’re unbelievable.” 

“Hey you’re the one who wanted to start this whole shenanigan.” I flip us over so I’m straddling his hips. His hands resting on my waist.

“Yup, and I don’t regret it. Best Friend.” 

“With Benefits.” I state with a shrug. 

He smirks and pulls me down so our bare chests are together. He kisses me slowly but sloppily and runs his hands down my bare back to my backside and squeezes. His bulge is against my stomach to which I slide my hand in between us. I stroke his member through his jeans, he moans into my mouth. I part from him to straddle his thighs. He breaths heavily as I start to undo his belt and pants and slowly pull down the tight pants. He sighs when I palm him through his boxers. “Stop teasing, babygirl.” 

I giggle as he smiles lightly. I pull down his boxers and he hisses has his manhood slaps against his stomach. He moans as I take him into my hands and lick a stripe from the base to the tip. I take him into my mouth swirling my tongue around and hum at the salty taste. 

His hand finds my hair to get it out of my face, as I bob my head. I swallow around him and swirl my tongue. He moans and holds onto my head tighter. He touches the back of my throat which causes him to moan and his hips buck up, causing me to gag a bit. 

I pull back a bit but don’t take my mouth off of him, still sucking around him. “Fuck, I’m sorry babygirl. I forgot how good your mouth is.” He whispers the last part. “Fuck, I’m so close Y/N.”

I hollow my cheeks and bob my head faster. He twitches in my mouth and a few seconds later, he spurts his load into my mouth. I lick my lips as I sit up and watch as he breathes heavily with his arm over his eyes. I laugh lightly and start to kiss up his stomach and chest. I suck on his pec making sure I leave a bruise and he moves his arm from his face. He cups my face and leads my mouth to his. His other hand grabs the back of my left thigh and moves is so I’m straddling his waist. His hands roam my back side then to the hem of my underwear. He snaps them against my skin causing me to jump. He smirks against my lips and pulls away. “These need to come off” 

I squeal as he quickly flips us over. He takes my nipple into his mouth and plays with the other then quickly switches. He kisses down my stomach then skips to my thighs. I groan when he takes his time kissing down my thighs. He laughs and kisses my womanhood through my underwear. He hums and presses his finger against my clit. “So wet babygirl. Jesus.” 

I moan and grab at his hair. “Jungkookie.” 

He pulls my underwear down my legs and blows against me. My hips buck up but he pushes them down. He puts my legs over his shoulder and lays flat on his stomach against the bed. He wraps his arms around my hips and locks his hands together over my stomach. He licks a stripe on my folds and I grab onto his forearms. His tongue dives into my folds and starts to swirl around my clit. I moan and my nails dig into his arms but he doesn’t mind.

“Kookie.” I moan out as he sucks on my clit. He hums in acknowledgement sending a wave of heat through my body, adding to the pleasure. He licks from my clit to my entrance, swirling his tongue before pushing it in. “Fuck.” I arch my back and grind upward but he pushes me back down  to the bed, fucking me with his tongue. He lays a hand flat on my stomach, pushing my back onto the bed then reaches up to pinch my nipple. My hand runs down the arm that’s tweaking my nipple and hold onto it. I pull him closer to my center by my legs and the vibration of his chuckle has me moaning louder.He starts to suck on my clit again and i arch my back. “I’m so close.”  He squeezes my breast tightly then runs his hand down my stomach, he locks our hands together as my legs start to shake.

“Come for me babygirl.” He mumbles then sucks my fold into his mouth. I moan loudly as I come into his mouth. I breath heavily and squeeze his hand in mine . He laps up my juices then sits up between my legs. He licks his lips, his eyes dark and lips plump. I sit up and rub his chest up until i reach the back of his neck. The way he stares at me makes me nervous and aroused at the same time. He stares down at me with such lust and fondness it scares me, but nonetheless I pull him down for a kiss. He moans into the kiss as our tongues move together.I get onto my knees without breaking the kiss and push him so I’m straddling him once again. I grab a condom from his wallet and roll it onto him. He hisses as I grab his member and align him with my entrance. He grabs my hips and I slowly sink down into him. 

He groans and I roll my head back taking in the feeling. Once I’ve adjusted I begin to bounce my hips. His head falls back onto the pillows and my hands use his chest for support. I move my hips fast his hands helping the motion. 

“Fuck babygirl, always so damn tight.” He moans out as he squeezes my hips. I lean forward and suck on the spot below the hickey he had gotten from the grandma last night. My hips continue their movement when he cups my cheek and leads my mouth to his. He immediately inserts his tongue into my mouth then grabs my ass. He squeezes tightly and sits up, not breaking the kiss. He wraps his arms around my waist, our chests pressed together. “Fuck Y/N, I’m so damn close. Fuck fuck fuck.” 

I feel him twitch inside me and I move faster, clenching around him. His hand leaves my ass and moves to my clit, his fingers circling the nub quickly. I break the kiss to moan, my head falling to his shoulder. He kisses my shoulder before biting and sucking. 

“Ah! Fuck!” He shouts out as he comes undone. I come shortly behind him with a soft “Fuck” and a squeeze of his bicep. My hips move slowly as we ride out our highs, his fingers still moving against my over sensitive nub. 

“Mm, stop.” I whine and push his hand away. He chuckles and moves his hand to wrap around my hip, his other still around my waist. I move my head to look at him. His face sweaty and hair fucked out and messy. His eyes looking at me the same way I’m probably looking at him. He’s studying my fucked out persona. 

He pushes a strand of hair behind my ear then flips us over so he’s on top of me. He pulls out causing me to whine at the sense of loss. He pecks my lips before standing up and putting on his boxers. I stand up and grab my t-shirt and put it on, glad it falls against my thighs then put on my underwear. He puts on his jeans then looks at his phone. “Guess we’re having another party tonight.” He turns around and walks towards me. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer and kisses my forehead. “You’re coming.” He demands then picks up his shirt.

“So demanding.” I roll my eyes. “Who said I even wanted to go to another party?” The thought of watching another girl walk down the stairs behind Jungkook after having sex with him, hickeys all over both of them, aches my heart. 

“I want you to go. You can bring Bridgette if you want, I’m sure she’d love to party.” 

“Why do you even want me to go? I’d probably be a bore anyway.” 

“I want to hang out with you at a party, is that so bad?” 

“Jungkook when was the last time we hung out at a party for more than five minutes?” I sit on the foot of my bed and watch as he puts on the shirt he had been holding.

“We could have last night but you were with Mr. Bang so we couldn’t.” He shrugs and sits down on my desk chair. 

I scoff. “Um no, we could have but you were too busy with blondie and grandma.” I cross my arms over my chest and raise an eyebrow playfully.

He smirks and shakes his head. “Touche.” He stands up after tying his boots. “But I’m serious, can’t a guy just want to hang out with his best friend?” 

“Hanging out at a party with you is just going to lead to sex.” I say and lean back onto my hands as he shrugs on his jacket. 

“Well don’t you want to have sex with me at a party? The exhilaration of someone possibly walking in, the blasting music, come on babygirl.” He smiles widely and sits next to me. 

“Yeah no thanks. I’m not having sex with you after you have sex with like five other girls.” I roll my eyes as smile innocently.

“Okay woah. I do not fuck five girls a night.” He sticks his hand out in a ‘pause’ motion. “And I wouldn’t have sex with other girls when I have had sex with you.” He says sincerely. 

“Were you expecting sex from me last night?” I ask and look at him, my playfulness gone. 

“No.” He states sternly. “At first I didn’t even know you were coming until I walk down the stairs and I saw you head for the kitchen.” He scratches the back of his neck. “I was gonna go say hi but you were busy so I didn’t. But I respect you Y/N. I might have started this ‘deal’ because I’m a horny motherfucker but I wouldn’t disrespect you like that by having sex with other girls the same day as you.” 

“Jungkook it’s fine. We agreed that we can have sex with other people.” I shrug and stand up to pull on my sweats. 

He sighs and stands up. He grabs my arm to turn my around after I pull them on. “Just come tonight? We can hang out outside for all I care and I wont be hooking up with anyone. I just miss hanging out with you, I feel like we haven’t done anything together since Hawaii.” 

I nod with a sigh. “I’ll go.” 

He smiles then kisses my forehead. “I’ll see you later.” 


After a shower I put on some pajama shorts and a t-shirt to lounge in the living room. I made myself some tea then sat on the couch, watching Friends. 

I feel bad about this party. But that’s how I felt for every party I’ve gone to. I’m not the type to go to a party every day of the weekend, every weekend of the month. I’d rather stay home than go to a party, and I could easily come up with an excuse to give Jungkook but I already texted Bridgette telling her we’re going. I sigh out and lay down onto the couch, my head resting on the throw pillow. 

 I hear the door start to unlock and turn onto my back just in time to see Bridgette walking in with her purse on her shoulder. 

“Hey.” I mumble. 

“Why so glum chum?” She asks and plops down onto the couch by my feet. She moves my legs so they’re on top of her legs and her arms over. 

“Don’t think I want to go to this party tonight.” I mumble and put my arm on top of my forehead. 

“Jungkook must’ve done a number on you.” She laughs when I glare at her and pats my leg. “ Is that why you don’t want to go? Because of him?”

I sigh and look up at the ceiling. “ I think it’s just best for me not to go to these parties that Jungkook is going to be at. Watching his aftermath as he walks down the stairs with blonde bimbos isn’t good for my head.” I roll back onto my side to dodge her facial expressions. “I think I’m just going to stay home.” 

Bridgette sighs and pats my leg again. “Come on. You’re going, Y/N. You should invite Harry, I’m sure he’d like to hang out again.” 

I sit up and look at her with a raised eyebrow. “Wouldn’t that be too soon.” 

“No. He said himself he’s not usually the one night stand type of guy, and if he didn’t want to hang out, he probably wouldn’t have given you his number or said that.” She shrugs and I sigh. 

I end up texting Harry, telling him there’s a party at the same place. He replies telling me he’ll see me there. Bridgette jumps up from the couch in excitement and pulls me along with her, telling me it’s time to get ready. 

She runs the straightener through my hair, making sure it looks good to her liking. Then I get dressed. I get dressed in a black off shoulder crop top with ripped jeans and black boots. I do minimal makeup and get out of my room. 

Bridgette gets out of her room a few minuted later in a maroon t-shirt dress with her Adidas,  with her everyday makeup as well. Her hair down in it’s natural waves. 

We drive there ourselves this time and by the time we get there, the party is in full swing. Everyone is dancing in the space in front of the door. Bridgette grabs my arm and weaves us through the crowd and to the kitchen. When we enter the kitchen there’s no one really in here that we know, except for Jimin who is chatting up some girl in the corner. We walk to the counter and pour ourselves some drinks. 

I sip on my drink as I walk to the doorway of the kitchen looking over the crowd. The crowd big and wild as people grind on each other and make out in the middle of the dance floor. I look around and pause when I see a familiar brown headed tall muscle pig leaning down to whisper into another blonde headed girl, dressed in a tight strapless dress that falls in the middle of her thighs, tight to show all of her curves, her heels making her up to Jungkook’s nose and her hair falling to her waist. Her makeup slightly on the heavier side.  His arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer and her hand on his broad chest. The chest I left hickies on just a few hours ago.   

“Ladies! My favorite girls! I miss you!” 

An arm wraps around my shoulders and I snap my head away from the scene I wish I didn’t see and look to Jimin who has a bright smile on his face. I smile back and lean into his side, his other occupied by Bridgette. I look around the room again, my eyes subconsciously going to the scene, just in time to see her whisper into his ear, to which he smirks at. She smiles widely then grabs his hand, leading him to a place unknown to me. So much for not sleeping with someone the same day as me or not hooking up with anyone to hang out with me. 

Jimin nudges me and I snap out of my trance, staring at the corner where no one occupies anymore. “You alright?” 

“What? Yeah, I’m fine.” I nod with a smile. He returns it with a knowing look and sympathetic smile. Bridgette doing the same. “Guys, stop.” I roll my eyes and take a gulp out of my drink, ignoring the sting. 

“Do you really think this is safe for you Y/N? I mean for your sanity and heart?” Jimin asks. He doesn’t ask to be rude, he’s genuinely concerned. 

I sigh and look away. “Guys I’m fine, really.” 

“But you like him. Who knows if he returns the same feelings, because he’s so damn private. But my point is, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in this predicament if-” 

“I don’t like him anymore.” I interrupt with a shrug of my shoulders.

Jimin narrows his eyes at me and purses his lips, and Bridgette gives me that “shut the fuck up” look. “Guys, seriously. I’m fine. Just please stop talking about it.” I whine. 

“Fine. But if I see you becoming depre-”


We all snap our heads to the direction of my name being called. Harry comes into view, his freshly cut hair bouncing. His white shirt showing his muscular form and jeans and boots. His green eyes staring at me and a smile on his face, 

 I smile back and once he’s a few feet away I exit from Jimin’s side and hug Harry. He hugs me tightly around my shoulders and I around his waist. I turn in his grip and introduce him to Jimin and Bridgette. Harry politely shakes hands with both of them to which Bridgette happily shakes his hand with a chipper greeting. Jimin on the other hand looks confused but nonetheless greets him with his bright smile and shakes his hand. We all talk for a while, Harry telling them about the college he goes to and the major he’s pursuing, until Harry leans into my ear and asks if we can hang outside in the back away from the loud noise. 

I nod and lead him to the door that leads to the backyard. Surprisingly the back is empty, including the pool. He then takes the lead, bringing us to the pool. We take off our shoes then roll up our jeans. We sit at the edge of the pool, our feet inside the warm water. We talk for what feels like hours but we know it’s only been at most 45 minutes. His attempts at jokes that aren’t all that hilarious but I laugh because he’s cute and his laugh is adorable. We talk about ourselves, genuinely interested in what the other has to say. After he says a ridiculous joke and our laughter dies down, we’re silent. Not an awkward uncomfortable silence, but a comfortable one. 

I can see from the corner of my eye that he looks at me, I look at him and a slightly blush and smile creep onto his face. “What?” I ask gently and smile. 

“Nothing.” He shrugs and looks down at the water, a smile still evident on his face. He looks back at me and the smile fades a bit as he looks down at my lips, which causes me to subconsciously lick them. 

His hand gently cups my face and he leans in. Out lips brushing at first but then he leans into a full kiss. His hand that cupped my cheek moves to lean onto the floor behind me, leaning into me more. His other hand resting on my thigh, my right hand cupping his face. Our lips move in sync, only pulling away when needed to, then diving back in. He licks my bottom lip and I open my mouth, letting his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues move together, my hand moving to grip his bicep as his hand squeezes my thigh, causing me to whine into his mouth. He pulls away for a second to kiss up my jaw and nibble at my ear before he comes back to my mouth and kisses me again. We pull apart when someone clears their throat from a few feet away. 

I breath heavily, my hand still on Harry’s face as I look to my left. Jungkook stands on the porch of the house, not too far away from the pool. Bridgette and Jimin stand in the doorway, shocked or annoyed written in their faces. I furrow my eyebrows and look back to Jungkook who has his arms by his side, his face blank. 

“Yes?” I breath out, removing my hand from Harry’s face. Harry stares at Jungkook for a few seconds before looking the opposite way to the pool. 

“Can I talk to you? Now.” Jungkook says not moving his eyes from me. 

I furrow my eyebrows and look him up and down. I sigh and nod before looking at Harry who looks at me at the same time. “I’ll be back.” I mumble and kiss his cheek, to which he smiles and nods. I get up and dry my feet with a towel that was hanging on the chair then but my boots back on and fix my jeans. 

When I get onto the porch Jungkook turns and walks away, expecting me to follow him. As I walk into the house I give the other two a questioning look to what they return with a shrug of the shoulders. I sigh and follow Jungkook through the crowd and up the stairs. When we get to the door of his room he opens it to reveal the blonde girl from earlier laying on the bed. Her bra and underwear on, her dress and shoes laying messily on the ground as she inhales from the blunt in her fingertips. Jungkook mumbles a quiet ‘fuck’ before he tells her to get out. 

“No it’s fine. I don’t really want to talk to you anyway.” I say before I turn around to leave. Jungkook grabs my wrist lazily causing me to turn to him. His hair messed up due to her fingers, his collar bones red due to friction, but what catches my attention is his eyes. Blood shot and hooded. His eyes barely even open. 

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“Jungkook are you high?” I ask and cross my arms over my chest. 

“Oh lighten up sweetheart. He’s just having a little fun.” The girl who still lays on the bed half naked chuckles before taking another hit. 

The man who always said he was against drugs, including marijuana.

“Get the fuck out.” Jungkook says looking at the girl, who rolls her eyes before getting up and slipping on her dress.

 “No she can stay. I have somewhere to be anyway.” I state and walk to the door. 

“Going somewhere with Mr. Bang huh? Thought we were hanging out.” He says, attitude evident as he crosses his arms over his chest. 

I quickly turn around to face him. My blood boiling. “Oh I’m sorry. Is this grandma or one of the other many girls you said you weren’t going to hook up with tonight?” I say pointing at the girl who’s now standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, looking between an angry Y/N and a stern Jungkook. 

“Um, I’m gonna-”

“Yeah. Go.” Jungkook says sternly, not breaking the eye contact between he and I. The girl awkwardly walked past you quickly, closing the door behind her. “Y/N-” 

I shake my head and open the door, look back at him. 

“No. Fuck you. Talk to me when you’re sober and not being an asshole.” 


Okay so like here’s this @raccoonsinqueen-taxes  

This is Tart, my maid for the MafiaSwap(?) Bros!!

 She’s pretty sweet by default, but the second you’re creepy/rude to her, it’s like she becomes a completely different, salty being. She does have a little trouble owning up to being the issue in certain situations, though.

 She’s really kind and motherly to MS!Sans, she actually likes it when he rambles on and on while she cleans up, it’s sort of soothing… At the same time, though, she also enjoys cleaning a silent room with MS!Paps sleeping in it, it makes her feel like she has a little power?

I guess you could say she’s on okay terms with both of them, but she’s a little timid around MS!Paps.

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*slides garu and doggie kruger roasted marshmallows*

roasted marshmallows are a trap

a weird, gooey trap

Piece of cake to bake

μ’s takes out Nico to celebrate for her birthday. Unfortunately, Maki couldn’t make it, but she had her own good reasons. NicoMaki.

Word count: 1581

A/N: This is a collab with @myonmukyuu!!! sfuibfuiweb I was so excited when she asked me if I wanted to do something with her but don’t tell her that mkay??? thanks

[Ao3] [FF.net]

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Faceless (Jerome Valeska x Reader)

Tags : @queencobblefreezestuff  @awordwhichmeans  @aya-fay  @multi-villain-imagines @tia-tia @alphapriscilla @moaningvaleska  (hopefully I didn’t forget anyone)

*This is part two of a short thingy I wanted to write. I was thinking it will be in three parts. part one is Stolen Face

Contains : some groping, naughty words, (sigh) Daddy kink (it’s Jerome so it makes sense), giving oral while a vehicle is in motion, kissing a faceless Jerome, also implied vehicular manslaughter let me know if I forgot something

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Isn’t it odd how much fatter a book gets when you’ve read it several times? As if something were left between the pages every time you read it. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells, and then, when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there, too, a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you like a pressed flower, both strange and familiar.
—  Cornelia Funke
Rough Hands

Paring: Chanyeol/Baekhyun

Author: Luci

Notice: Gangster AU
Chanyeol was out one day getting coffee from his usual spot when he saw a young man dressed up as maid, his white thigh highs held up one by the clip of his garter the other adorned with a thigh choker. His interest was instantly peaked at the sight. He decided to take his coffee at one of the small tables in the corner today instead of back to his office. He was writing in his address book, people whom owe him money and have yet to pay up, when he hears a soft giggle coming from behind him. He turns and throws a glare past his left shoulder but was quickly sobered but the Smokey smudged eye makeup causing his blue contacts stand out along his pale skin. Chanyeols expression softened when he noticed the pink tint to his cheeks, the natural hue giving him an innocent oura.

“What ya got there?” His voice was smooth like liquid gold.

“Well it’s strictly business doll,” Chanyoel turned his body so he was facing the smaller boy, “do you usually dress in such a manner?”

“Its strictly buissnes doll,” The older, but much cuter one echoed back, clearly mocking him, “do you always flirt this terribly?” He took a seat in the chair across from Chanyeol after placing his order in front of him.

A deep chuckle emitted the taller boys chest, his black hair reflective in the bright light of the morning sun, Baekyhun had to admit his interest was peaked by this stranger. He’d never admit it, but he had heard rumors of the man in front of him. That he was dangerous, and that he had a thing for girls in costume. He hoped that he also had an eye for the same sex, and from the fact he stayed for his coffee was any indication, the way his eyes lingered on the exposed skin of his bare thigh was truly one.

“Hmm no one has ever fought me on it before, whats your name?” Baekyhun thought for a moment nibbling at his lower lip giggling. The sleeve of his silk button up rising slightly exposing tattooed flesh of his lower arm.

“Isn’t it common courtesy to introduce yourself first?” He bit back leaning on his hand tilting his head.

“Chanyeol,” Baekyhun couldn’t hide the shiver that coursed through his body, his voice was huskey and unforgiving. The corners of his lips quirking upwards as he noticed the pink of his cheeks become darker.

“Baekyhun, and i have to get back to work.” He took the pen out of Chanyeold hands and a napkin off the counter, “I’m free tomorrow.” And with a clever wink he passed the note with his name and number on it, but kept the pen. Chanyeol was more concerned with how cute his little giggle was and how his hips swayed as he walked away to care about his writing utensil.

The next day Baekyhun sat at his computer desk twirling the pen staring at his phone, he sighed letting his head hit the desk feeling stupid. “Of course he’s not going to text you, he’s straight Baek,” he complains at himself feeling lonely. He gets up to grab a snack when his phone goes off, someone calling him. He rushs back almost tripping over himself to get to his desk, he picks up trying to calm himself.


“Is this Baekyhun?”

“Maybe, depends on who’s asking.” A chuckle could be heard from the other end sending Baekyhun into a cold sweat, every instinct screamed at him to just hang up, that he was no good but he had a bad habit of not listening.

“Chanyeol is asking kitten,” Chanyeol sat back in his chair a smile overtaking his face as he heard Baekyhun’s breath quicken at his pet names. “Tonight I’m coming to pick you up, we are going clubing so dress acrodingly.”

“Oh a man who can take charge, how attractive” Baekyhun leans forward playing with the pen, “but I’m not sure I like that you think you can do as you please already, sir.” A smirk played at his lips as the line was quiet, a small triumphant feeling rising in his chest.

“Would you like to come out with me tonight?” His voice was light, a small hint of laughter.

“What time?”


“Until then,” Baekyhun hung up afraid that his voice would give him away as he rubbed the front of his pants, it had been much to long since he last had sex. Little did he know his voice was having the same affect on the other.

It was almost nine as Baekyhun finsihed tousling his hair, he stood back and checked himself out, his tight leather shorts hugged his slim hips, and accentuating his ass. He wore a sheer black long sleeve button up tucked in to the front, his makeup the usual smokey and smuged. He didn’t put in contacts because they were a pain during sex. He heard his doorbell ring making him jump before taking the stairs two at a time. Taking a deep breath he reached for the doorknob losing all air in his lungs at the sight.

“Holy fuck,” was muttered by both men as they drank in the apperance of the other. Baekhyun chewed on his lips unconsciously squeezing his thighs together, Chanyeol wore a black shirt that was torn up, the collar stretched out and exposing his his collar bones along with the tattoos that laid there. The face of a dragon poking out. While his black jeans cling to his thin legs.

Chanyeol recovered first leaning down to place a light kiss on Baekyhuns cheek, before guiding him to his motor bike. Baekyhun was still speechless as the younger boy helped put his helmet on before fastening his own. “No thigh highs?” Baekhyun blinked a few times before blushing and shaking his head, “shame, but then again I get to see more of your skin.” Chanyeol rubbed his upper thigh before gripping it tightly. Baek wrapped his arms around Chanyeols middle leaning forward.

“How about we skip the club and get to the part we both are waiting for?” A chill fell through Chanyeols body as Baekyhun’s hand started to wander lower on his stomach just grazing the head of his cock through his jeans. Chanyeol said nothing as he started his bike heading in the opposite direction of the night district.

Baekyhun would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous, his heart was ready to jump out of his throat by the time they pulled into what he assumed to be Chanyeol’s driveway. Chanyeol hellped him off the bike before taking off both helmets and storing them in the side pouch. Lacing their fingers together he led them through the front door and up two flights of stairs. Baekyhun thought it was an odd smell in the house, a cross between berrys and ciminon, pleasnt, but still diffent. The reached a door at the end of the hall a smirk played at his lips as Chanyeol pushed open the door, Baek didn’t know what he was expecting but the room seemed plain. Shrugging he walks in glancing at the niknaks on shelves be sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Hey doll I have something to say before anything happens,” Baekyhun chooses to stay quiet and just nods. “Well you see, getting involved with me can be, dangerous, and I’ve never been attracted to a man so that means your special.” He pauses thinking about his next words when Baekyhun spoke up.

“This is turning into a shitty knockoff of Fifty Shades of Gray, look I know your a gangster, I came here despite, and if you think I’m special and your not just trying to flatter me then how about you take me to dinner tomorrow,” Chanyeol stood speachless but soon got his bearings back and smiled down at him.

“I like that your so fiesty, how about I give you something to keep that pretty little mouth of yours occupied, hmm?” Chanyeol took three long steps and now stood in front of Baekyhun, his crotch level with the smaller boys face, “Now be a good kitten and please daddy.” Baekyhun’s eyes went wide at the name but he could feel it affecting him elsewhere.

He palmed the front of Chanyeol’s jeans before pulling them down, eager to get to the good part. Leaning forward he placed a soft kiss on the tip of his hardening length. Glancing up through thick lashes Chanyeol couldn’t help but think how beautiful he looked, Baekhyun giggled as he felt Chanyeols cock twitch under his touch, he frowned as he tugged at the hem of his shirt still looking up at him pouting the ink on his skin teasing him and he wanted to see his body in all its glory. The younger chuckles before pulling the fabric up and over his head tossing it aside. Smiling Baek shifts so he’s sitting on his knee’s he presses wet open mouthed kisses to his hips, flowers blossoming are what lie there. Rubbing him through the thin fabric of his breifs, he felt a hand card through his messy locks before grabbing it, he whinned as his head was pulled back.

“I don’t enjoy being teased like this kitten,” Baekhyun let a shit eating grin form over his features.

“I don’t recall asking what you enjoyed, I came here to get myself off,” he let out another whine his breath becoming bettered as the hand in his hair pulled him up, he held onto the tallers shoulders digging his nails in. Their lips brushed, “Daddy,” Chanyeol let out a dark growl before smashing their lips together, Baekyhun let his hands wander one went back to the youngers cock, while the other gripped at the ends of his hair. Soft whimpers fell from his lips being swallowed by the others mouth as his tongue explore his mouth. The hand in Baekhyun’s hair pulled him back, shoving him on the bed.

“Well if you need to get off that bad let’s see how many times you can cum,” Baekyhun gulped knowing he said something he was going to regret, maybe.

His shirt was torn off his body before his hands were bound the the headboard with it. “Hey I liked that shirt!” Baekhyun snapped tugging at his makeshift restraints, he went to protest but all that came out was a broken moan as Chanyeol pressed his hand against his aching length, Baekhyun hadn’t realised how hard he was.

“If your a good boy for me I’ll buy you ten new ones,” shivers ran through his body as Chanyeol’s hot tongue laved over his sensitive neck.

“Fuck Chanyeol,” he panted as his hand never let up on his cock, the touch wasn’t direct yet he was already ready to cum, “hhnnn I don’t need you to buy me ten, one is just fine, I don’t give a shit about your money.” Chanyeol chuckled sitting up between Baekhyun’s thighs, his hard on pressing into the smaller ones bum.

“Oh really? You dont care about money?” His hands rested on his thighs, Baekhyun loved the size of them.

“No I don’t,” he huffed annoyed, “look money is great and all, but if that’s all someone has then they’ll never be happy, they will always look for the next best thing, and i don’t think that’s really living.” Chanyeol had a face of pure shock eyes wide as he his mouth did the like a fish. After a few more moments Baekhyun started to get antsy so he moved his hips against Chanyeol effectively ripping him out of his shock. Leaning forward he placed a soft kiss against Baekhyun’s temple.

“Your so cute when you get riled up like this,” Chanyeol felt something akin to pride as his words rang through his head, “I guess I really did make a right choice with you.” He breathed against the younger lips before connecting them. Soft whines left Baekhyun’s throat as Chanyeol abused his lower lip with his teeth before invading his mouth with his tongue. Baekhyun starind against his binds wanting nothing more then to touch Chanyeol.

Breaking the kiss he takes in a gasp of air before he spoke “please untie me, I wanna touch you please Daddy,” Baekhyun’s voice was strained and came out as a whine send shock waves straight to Chanyeols cock, moving he undid the knot easily but was stunned when Baekhyun had pushed him to the bed. Soft groans left his mouth as Baekhyun kissed, nipped and licked his way down his body. He wasted no time in teasing as he pulled his cock free from its confines taking his tip in his mouth letting his tongue work over his tip. Chanyeol threaded his hand through his hair pushing his head further down. Getting the hint Baekhyun places his hands on bis thighs and worked his way down till his nose touched his pelvis, he coughed around it trying his best to take it, but there was to much. Pulling off he let him fall from his mouth a trail of saliva connecting his swollen lips to the tip. “I’m sorry,” he said moving to lick from the base to the tip letting his thumb move over his slit, “Yours is so big.” A dark groan left the younger man’s chest as he watched the younger work him up with his pink swollen lips, his cheeks a deep hue of red as his hair started to stick to his forehead from the sweat forming there.

“Fuck princess your doing so good,” the soft encougment egging Baekhyun on more as he tried to take all of him once again, he jutted his hips against the mattress desperate to feel some sort of contact, the tightness of his shorts making him moan around the length in his mouth. He felt the hand in his hair pull him up and he let Chanyeol fall from his mouth with a loud pop. Next thing he knew he was being dragged upward feeling dry lips press against his wet, and bruised ones. A large hand gripped his bum pulling him closer, “Do i taste so good that you had to find a way to touch yourself?”

Panting Baekhyun digs his blunt nails into Chanyeol’s ribs moving his lips closer to his ear, “Yes Daddy, I could suck you all day.” The breath left Chanyeol’s lungs he had expected some snarky comment back.

“Fuck you being so good kitten,” Baekhyun let the shiver of pure want run through his veins, the pet names driving him crazy. Chanyeol shifted their positions so that he was now on top his hand working on the buttons of his shorts. “As good as these look on you it’s time for them to come off,” he started to pull them down but stopped when he saw bits of pink lace, his eyes flickered to the smaller man’s face seeing that grin he knew exactly what he was seeing and he wanted to see it all. “Will you strip these off for me kitten?” Baekhyun nodded crawling to the end of the bed hopping off. He turned so his bum was facing Chanyeol as he swayed his hips, his thumbs hooked into the loops dragging them down his thighs. Chanyeol sat at the edge of the bed lazily stroking himself, letting out a groan at the cheeky panties he wore. He reached out and pulled him into his lap by his hip. “Do you even know how good your ass looks in these,” he emphasised his words by pulling the hem of them letting them snap against his skin.

“That’s why I wore them, just for you,” he stood up so he could straddle his lap, kissing and sucking on Chanyeols neck, wiggling his bum in the air to tease the younger. He let out a hum him of appreciation as his hand came down hard on the supple flesh before grabbing onto it earning a yelp. “Fuck please just hurry up and get inside me!” A growl is what fell from Chanyeols lips as he threw the smaller one on the bed tearing the panties down his legs throwing them somewhere in the room. Chanyeol reached to his bedside table grabbing a bottle of lube.

“That mouth of yours is going tk get you into trouble,” he sucked black and blue bruises down his neck, across his chest and along his stomach before taking his leaking cock into his hand. “Your such a pretty color down here, so pink and pure looking.” He let his tongue clean up the precum oozing out before taking him in his mouth letting letting his tongue work along his shaft. Screams ripped from Baekhyuns throat, his cock was so sensitive from being neglected this long, no one has ever sucked him off so good.

“Fuck I’m so close,” Chanyeol let out a soft moan adding to the pleasure, Baekhyun let out pathetic whimpers as he thrust his hips up trying to fuck into his mouth. His toes curled and his whole body shook as he released inside his mouth, his voice was just as wrecked as he was. Huffs and whines left his mouth as his body trembled under Chanyeols relentless mouth. “Its too much daddy please,” Baekhyun pushed at Chanyeol begging him to stop, compiling let him slip from his mouth, placing open mouth kisses along his inner thigh trying to bring to older boy back to reality.

“C'mon princess breath, we haven’t even gotten to the best part,” he pushes his legs together and up so he knees touched his chest, “hold your legs for me baby.” Baekhyun pulled his legs up with shaky hands cocking his head tk the side so he can get a better veiw of Chanyeol, tattoos littered both his arms his right spilling over to his chest and shoulder. He reached out a shaky hand and grabbed onto one of Chanyeols wrist tugging it slightly.

“I really like your eyes, the shape is so pretty,” Chanyeol tilted his head a smile playing at his lips at the random outburst, “a person’s eyes can tell you a lot, yours are so expressive.” He let the smile take over his face as he moved to press sweet kisses on his lips, “that’s why I feel like I can trust you, your easy to read in these moments.” Baekhyun brushed his fingers through Chanyeol’s hair brushing it out of his face before leaning up kissing him again. He gasped when he felt two wet fingers at his entrance. “Please Chanyeol hurry, I need you.” His strung out voice and fucked out expression was causing his cock a lot of strain. He pressed his fingers further in, he sat back on his heels watching the way the pink ring of muscle sucked his fingers in, soft mewls escaped Baekhyuns lips as he wiggled his hips down on the fingers. Chanyeol decided this was taking to long as he scissored the fingers opting for stretching more then pleasing at this point. He added a third causing the older to whimper and clench around him.

“Deeper please,” Baekhyun was trembling, giving in he pushes his fingers in deeper curling them upwards, “fuck please there, oh god, fuck,” Chanyeol angled his fingers there as he fucked him with them. After a few minutes the whines and moans flilling the room and the sight of his pink hole taking his appendages so well was becoming to much for him. A shiver ran down his spine as he watched the puckered hole clench around nothing.

He spread Baekhyun’s legs so one was to his side the other over his shoulder, “you’ve been so good, aside from a few snide remarks, next time I’ll be sure to taste your pretty little hole .” Baekhyun let out a long whine his cock twitching at the thought. He let one hand rest on the taller ones shoulder the other lacing in the ends of his hair tugging at the soft strands. “Fuck you are so beautiful.” A blush creeped onto Baekhyun’s face as he tried to hide behind his own hands. “I think not kitten, let me see your beautiful face, I want to know what you look like as I stretch you like no other could.” A meek whimper left Baekhyun’s mouth as he dug his nails into his back begging with his eyes for Chanyeol to hurry on his words. His breath became ragged as he felt his tip rubbing along his entrance, he started to feel anxious about his size. Chanyeol could feel Baekhyun’s hands shake against his back, he let a soft smile come over his face as he peppered the small boys face with kisses to try and ease him. Sitting up he guided his cock to his entrance he let on hand rest on his hip, using his thumb to rub his skin there and a kind gesture. Chanyeol swallowed hard before he pushes in cursing at how tight it was inside. Baekhyuns nails clawed at his back, his head was pushed back tears burning at his eyes. Chanyeols hips pressed against the olders bum and he sighed loving the feeling of how hot he was the slickness allowed him to move with ease. He ran his fingers through Baekhyun’s hair, pushing it so his forehead was exposed as he leaned to press gentle kisses there.

“Your doing amazing princess, you take my cock so well I feel like I’m already about to burst.” Baekhyun let out a soft hum as Chanyeol rested his face in the crook of his neck, his arms wrapping around him. He didn’t want things to get this intimate, he never believed in soul mates but he did know how amazing it felt to have this person in his arms. Chanyeol felt soft and delicate kisses being pressed to his shoulder. “Can I move?” He looked right into Baekhyun’s eyes searching. He just nodded in return, Chanyeol brought himself almost all the way out before thrusting back in. Soft and satisfied mewls left Baekhyun’s lips as Chanyeol set a soft pace. The older male let his hands wander up and down the others arm, the taught muscle feeling like a piece of heaven. His fingers brushed Chanyeol’s lips before pushing past the plush and bruised flesh, the younger male let a smirk pull at his lips as he sucked the two digits into his mouth. He picked up his pace as his tongue swirled around the fingers, Baekhyun started to grind his hips. Bitting down on the fingers in his mouth, Chanyeol gripped the older males hips as he doubled his pace.

Baekhyun didn’t bother holding back his voice, his pathetic whimpers and high pitched moans echoed along with the sound of skin on skin. Baekyun removed his fingers from the others mouth sucking them into his own letting the lewd sucking sounds accompany his symphony of moans. That was until Chanyeol’s thick length struck his prostate. “Oh fuck daddy there, again please.” He gripped at the sheets by his head tears dripping down his face as Chanyeol shifted so he could hit it with every thrust. Curses where the only thing left in Baekhyun’s vocabualry the force of his thrust making his skin become reddened, his voice wavered as his orgasm came for him. He reached both hands out to cup the younger males face pulling him down for a sloppy kiss. His body arched off the bed as he clung desperately to the man bringing him to cloud nine. His scream was swallowed by the others mouth as his sticky liqued covered both their stomachs. Baekhyun was trembling with over stimulation as Chanyeol didn’t let up his impossibly fast pace, still hitting his sweet spot, his screams of pleasure coming out more strained and hoars as his hole clenched around his twitching cock.

“Fuck i wanted to last longer then this,” he buried his face in the crook of Baekhyuns neck, kissing at the dark marks he left there. “God you feel so amazing inside, so wet and tight.” A huskey moan from his chest as he coated Baekhyuns walls with his cum. He fucked out his orgasm loving the weak noises coming from the others mouth as he filled him up.

Panting Chanyeol pulled out the fucked out expression on his face deepening as he watched his cum drip out Baekhyuns gaping hole. “God everything about you is so beautiful, why did it take so long to find you.” He crawled off the bed pulling on a pair of breifs on his way to the bathroom. He started the bath letting the tub fill he moved back into the other room, scooping Baekhyun up he brought him into the bathroom setting him down. “Bend over the counter for me kitten,” Baekhyun did as asked whimpering as he felt the sticky fluid run down his thighs. Chanyeol grabbed a wash cloth getting it wet to clean him off. After all the cum was cleaned off both their bodies he helped Baekhyun into the warm water of the tub. Baek let out a whine as he pouted at Chanyeol, whl raised his eyebrows at him.

“Your not gonna take a bath with me?” A blush covered his cheeks as the words left his mouth. Chanyeol let out a soft laugh as he pressed a kiss to the top of his head.

“Of course doll, but let me change thr sheets so we can go to sleep when we are done, you need rest since your coming to my dinner meeting with me tomorrow. ”