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The Zodiac Signs Trying to Make Somebody Uncomfortable/Intimidate Somone

Stands very close and doesn’t break eye contact while blinking rarely: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Is very loud and attracts attention, very ‘touchy-feely’/is weird and asks strange questions: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces

Combines the two or uses a different method: Virgo, Sagittarius

The Signs as 2000's Era Shows

Aries- iCarly
Taurus- Zoey 101
Gemini- The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Cancer- Wizards of Waverly Place
Leo- Totally Spies
Virgo- The Amanda Show
Libra- Phil of the Future
Scorpio- Drake and Josh
Sagittarius- That’s So Raven
Capricorn- Avatar: the Last Airbender
Aquarius- Fairly Odd Parents
Pisces- Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

The Signs’ Typical Weirdnesses

ARIES: doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion even if what they do is socially unacceptable

TAURUS: brutally honest, will tell you anything right to your face, even if it’s hurtful

GEMINI: emotional but extremely insensitive

CANCER: oddly sensitive, can start crying without any apparent reason

LEO: likes to expose their feelings way too much, even if they have to make it more dramatic than it actually is

VIRGO: exceptionally addicted to cleaning, afraid of bacteria

LIBRA: weirdly passive 

SCORPIO: a weird look, eyes that often scare people off

SAGITTARIUS: lives every day like it’s their last one, doesn’t think about the future 

CAPRICORN: mood swings, can go from a gloomy silence to hyperactivity from one moment to another 

AQUARIUS: inappropriately dictatorial, doesn’t accept others’ opinions 

Pisces: consider themselves as such good people that they don’t even realise when they’re being assholes

If someone called CPS...

If someone suspects the Fentons are abusing Danny (probably the teachers cuz of all the bruises and injuries), and called the CPS, I don’t think that Danny can get himself out of it.

I mean, think about it. The Fentons are known throughout Amity Park as trigger happy and shove dangerous weapons towards anybody, heck, they even fire towards kids without a second thought. Some of Danny’s injuries are ectoplasmic burns, that could easily be done by the weapons they made. And without exposing his secret, I don’t think that “I’m clumsy” is a good excuse, cuz it’ll just backfire on him.

Their household is filled to the brim with weapons. Guns lying everywhere, chemicals stored in the food fridge, lab in easy access for any of the kids, and the complete lack of any safety protocols in the house. It’s unacceptable for the parents to disregard their children’s safety this much. Their “clumsy” child shouldn’t have that many injuries if the parents actually care to safeproof their house in the first place!

The first sign of mental illness on their kids, and their first response was strapping him and spun him around. Any signs of odd behaviour and their immediate thought was that their daughter is a ghost and unleashed an experimental weapon on her.

And the food, the FOOD. When the CPS opened the fridge for inspection, mutant killer hot dogs attacked them, and most of the other things in there are too contaminated or safe for consumption anymore. When asked, Danny would probably make an offhanded comment about “at least the cereal is okay” or “I eat at school or the Nasty Burger anyways” and that would just make it worse! Cuz parents are supposed to provide healthy meals and made sure that their kids are fed enough, not letting them survive on disgusting cafeteria food or greasy fast food, and Danny and Jazz’s skinny figure didn’t help in their case.

I’m just saying, that if CPS are called on the Fentons, Danny can’t really convince anyone that they are good parents, cuz realistically, they’re not. Even he did prove that his parents didn’t abuse him or injure him in any way, he would still be taken away from the dangerous household, and there’s nothing he can really do about it.

The signs as TV shows

Aries: Orange Is The New Black

Taurus: Fairly Odd Parents

Gemini: The Simpsons

Cancer: Spongebob Squarepants

Leo: Doc McStuffins

Virgo: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Libra: Say Yes to the Dress

Scorpio: Game of Thrones

Sagittarius: Honey Boo Boo

Capricorn: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Aquarius: Shark Tank

Pisces: iCarly

anonymous asked:

whoops it's ya boi minyardjostenrivalry again but I just thought about how odd andrew's signing would be given how expressionless he is? it'd probably be fine with neil, he's used to it given that they kinda learned together, but I feel like it could be an issue if he had to use asl with someone else (for some reason idk I haven't thought that far)

ay yo wassup! sorry this was so magnificiently late- exam season is here and I am dead inside. (I’m almost out for the year tho thank god) ((another post in what I guess I’m calling my asl!andreil headcanons))

ok but this though

  • andrew has like two facial expressions
  • disinterested
  • bored
  • and not everyone is fluent in the subtleties of andrew minyard like neil is
  • and in asl (or any signing) you kind of have to show emotion
  • it’s kind of a big thing
  • not like andrew cares
  • HOH recruit is learning just to take andrew literally most of the time
  • bc trying to read into andrew’s emotions is Impossible unless your initials are N.A.J
  • but imagine sports reporters having footage of neil and andrew signing on the court
  • they’re constantly trying to decipher what they’re saying
  • bc exy Drama™
  • so they get an asl interpreter on their post-game wrapup show
  • an interpreter who specializes in etertainment and sports i guess
  • and the interpreter does fairly well discussing what neil is saying
  • let’s be real neil can’t hide any emotion while playing exy
  • but then they get to andrew
  • and???
  • they’re lost 
  • “he’s signing about killing josten if he keeps playing risky…”
  • “I can’t tell if he’s serious. he might be sarcastic?”
  • “Shit I think neil josten might get murdered tonight”
  • “so right there he just signed ‘I hate you
  • “I’m getting worried for Josten here. Are you sure those two are friends?”
  • I’m not sure if this would be during the minyard-josten rivalry or if the press knows they’re together
  • that’s why I’m being vague
  • oops

holy heck! one hundo followers! what a beautiful day for this dumb little blog.

i’m sure you don’t want to see the proprietor of weirdzootopiaframes dot tumblr dot com get too mushy or anything, so i’ll be brief. this truly excellent film has, over the course of a little over a year, cultivated a truly excellent fandom. and i don’t say that lightly. fandoms are often garbage fires! fandoms are usually garbage fires! but this one is amazing, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity and just lovely people. maybe it’s because the message of the film is so great, stressing inclusion and communication. or maybe it’s because we all rally around one really solid ship instead of getting into slapfights over who judy should marry. (”what ship?” “wildehopps!”) whatevs.

point being; running this blog has been a lot of fun, and most of that is reading people’s comments and riffs on the posts i make. keep being great, zootopia fandom. you’re the best.

Cartoons the signs might like

ARIES: Bob’s Burgers
TAURUS: Peanuts
GEMINI: Adventure Time
CANCER: Gravity Falls
LEO: The Land Before Time
VIRGO: Steven Universe
LIBRA: Kim Possible
SCORPIO: Spongebob
SAGITTARIUS: Fairly Odd Parents
CAPRICORN: Lilo & Stitch
AQUARIUS: Over The Garden Wall
PISCES: Bee And Puppycat