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You Look Good on Me

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1627

A/N: One-shot written for @casbabydontgoineedyou / Katie’s 1K Writing Challenge / prompt #18 - The last time you made dinner, you caught the kitchen on fire. NSFW/18+ readers/adult content – oral sex, female receiving (come on, who doesn’t fantasize about this angel between their thighs?).

Summary: Fluffy, adorable, eager-to-please-you Castiel likes the way you look in his white button down shirt the morning after a night of incredible sex. So much so, he wants to make you breakfast.

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Lebanon Times daily newspaper tucked under one arm, paperboard Gas ‘N Sip coffee cup clasped in hand, whistling low to the classic rock tune of Smoke on the Water, Dean Winchester leisurely rambled by the bunker’s kitchen threshold. Several paces beyond the door, he stopped up short, coffee sloshing from the ill-fitting plastic lid to splatter his leather shoes, brow furrowing, brain incrementally registering the odd sight presented to his peripheral vision. Gravitating backward, he craned his neck, peering into the kitchen, calmly confirming with a bob of his head that Castiel was indeed situated at the counter attempting to assuage an angrily beeping coffee maker into producing a fresh pot while wearing nothing but crinkled white boxer shorts. Dean scanned up and down the empty hall and around the otherwise unoccupied room before clearing his throat to announce his presence.

Cas snapped shut the top of the ornery contraption, effectively silencing it. Angling to regard his friend, he cordially nodded in greeting, “Good morning, Dean.”

Dean stepped through the door, an amused smirk overtaking his features, “Uh, Cas, look man, it’s great to see you finally making yourself at home, but where the hell are your clothes?”

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It all points to you - pt.1

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Soulmate AU requested by anon.
One shot(x) or Chapter (x) pt.½ || (next part)
Word count:
Warnings: none
Fluff? Maybe a Tiny Speck of angst?
A/N: I’m tremendously sorry for all the tardiness!! University has started so it’s all gotten pretty hectic.. to make it to to you, I’ve decided this is gonna be a two chapter fic! The next chapter will be probably uploaded next week tho, as I have yet to finish it. Also, this isn’t some of my best work.. it really isn’t…so please bear with me. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors!

The world seemed to work in odd, surprising ways. For every person existed another, tied together by an inconspicuous red string of fate. Those, no one could see, though they had no reason to. On each person’s wrist lay imprinted a compass, working restlessly all hour of every day of every year, hoping for the bearers’ attention to glance their way just at the right moment, just at the right second the string’s ends could intertwine.

At least half of the population was a result of this, of having been aware at the time their half crossed their path. They were, mostly, the married and the bearers of children.

Some say it destiny proven to be true. Yet in the back of most people’s minds flashed a thought very possible. That is, while they say that, one way or another, pairs will have more than one chance to meet, there are those who never stop wondering.

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I keep seeing this photo pop up on my feed. One of my favorite photos, and was always curious about the location. So i googled the inscription.. and what i found.. was amazing and spooky! I want to visit. This is what i found.. Grant Park (Seven bridges) in Milwaukee: Grant Park, located along the shores of Lake Michigan, contains 381 acres and is the second largest park in the County’s park system. In the early 1900s, Frederick C. Wulff, the first Superintendent of Horticulture for the park system, developed paths which served as the foundation of the Seven Bridges Trail. As you enter the park, you cross under a covered bridge that bears the inscription, “Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.” Several people through out the parks’s existence have committed suicide by jumping or hanging themselves from the main entrance bridge and by other means. When standing on the main bridge looking down into the ravine, often times it looks  as  though  the air is filled  with sparkles and shimmerd, and has a very  strong  “feel”.  Many  people have reported seeing colorful glowing lights dancing amongst the trees, and have heard voices and footsteps when there was (seemingly) no one around. At night, you can sometimes hear a strange (and not pleasant) scream/screech coming from  deep in the woods. There have been also been reported sightings of odd human-sized creatures that bear a striking resemblance to a praying mantis..    


Trench Clubs, WW1

One distinctive part of trench warfare, made possible by its static nature, was the night raid. These sorties across no-man’s-land to capture enemy soldiers or map out their positions required efficient and silent weapons, prompting the production of many variants of these rather medieval tools behind the frontline by craftsmen or regular soldiers, limited only by the materials available to them.
The simpler designs were barely more than lead-weighted clubs, but there were commonly outfitted with boots’ hobnails, barbed wire, heavy metal cogs, and all sorts of salvaged parts to make them more deadly. Some examples came to resemble flails, either with springs for a main shaft or the usual chains that wouldn’t have been an odd sight five centuries earlier.

The Moment You Changed Me (Single Dad/Adoptive Father AU! Chanyeol)

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Type: Slight Angst Fluff

Request: Can I request a Chanyeol single dad au that’s like 1% angst 99% fluff

~i have no idea how long the adoption process!~

Chanyeol’s life changed completely on a random late night. His life was happy and party filled, he was a free spirit and he loved getting drunk. He would partied so hard sometimes. But he kept it to the weekend. Soon he found himself in a position of responsibility.


“Bye bye Baekhyun” he waved with a drunk smile, he turned away from the bar and took off down an alley. It was a short cut to get closer to home. He was spaced out as he looked up at the sky, staring at the bright stars before sighing. Soon a sound caught his attention, he tripped over his feet sending him to the ground before he looked around. Another sound filled his ears as he quickly registered it as crying. An odd sight caught his eye as a box by the dumpster moved lightly. “How drunk am I?” he asked himself as he stood up and started walking over to it. His eyes widened in shock “what the-?” he asked cutting himself off. “Hey little guy” he whispered as he took off his jacket and bent down. He smiled softly as guilt crossed his face “why would someone just throw you out like garbage?” he whispered as he brought the the diaper clad boy close to him, the little one instantly clung to him as he enjoyed the feeling of warmth. “I probably smell horrible” he joked, he had spilled a whole drink onto himself just 30 minutes ago and most likely reeked. He seemed to instantly fall in love with the infant in his arms. “I got you don’t worry” he promised.

He made his way home and opened the door. “Someone left you alone in the cold. Why?” he asked as he could seem to feel himself sobering up. The little boy looked up looking at Chanyeol in wonder. “Why just a diaper? Its freezing out. Amazing your body wasn’t all blue” he then asked as he smiled at the baby. “You’re pretty handsome” he told him before he received one back. “You know since I don’t know your name, I’ll call you something” he says as he checked his diaper “all clean thats good” he then hummed as he scratched his own head.

He covered the little guy in one of his large shirts as he giggled, his body flopped in the shirt enjoying the material. “I’ll call you Nihoon for tonight” he said softly as he laid him down on his bed. ‘Nihoon’ yawned as his body sunk into the mattress comfortably. “Well sleep and then I’ll take you to the orphanage in the morning I guess” he told ‘Nihoon’ “sleep well” he hummed laying down beside him. His eyes stayed opened for a bit as he watched ‘Nihoon’ sleep soundly. He wondered where he came from and who his parents were. Did they regret throwing him out like trash? Did they understand he was a little human who needed love, warmth, and attention? Was it a sign for him to get his life together?


“I think I should have taken you to the hospital last night” Chanyeol spoke to ‘Nihoon’ who was still sleeping “but my drunk mind didn’t think of that” he then says “should I do that instead? Maybe they can help me out” he says as he carefully gets out of bed and starts getting dressed. Another wave of guilt hit him, he did have a bond with him but he couldn’t just keep him at least not legally. He sighed as he slide a heavy jacket on and slowly picked up the boy. ‘Nihoon’ let out a whimper as he woke up looking up at Chanyeol “I’m sorry I have to take you back. I think you and I could have been a good team” he whispered as a little hand gripped his jacket as Chanyeol rubbed his back lightly to give him comfort as he took him to the hospital.


He was even embarrassed to tell the nurses that he was drunk last night and picked up an abandoned child and took him home but he did. The nurses allowed him to do things for him because ‘Nihoon’ cried so much when he was taken away. So he got to bathe, change him, and clothe him before he was sitting down in the children’s ward of the hospital waiting for the people from the orphanage to pick little ‘Nihoon’ up even if neither of them really knew it. “Where will he go?” Chanyeol asked as he fed little 'Nihoon’ a bottle “an orphanage sadly” a nurse explained as Chanyeol frowned glancing down at him. “I call him Nihoon. Until he’s adopted he can have my last name as well” he says quickly, Park Nihoon was just so cute to him. “He’ll be adopted right? He’s too cute not to be” he says as he smiles down at the boy in his arms. “We can’t really say” she responds sadly. His brows furrowed “that’s not right” he whispered. That’s when he made his decision on what to do with himself. He gave a sweet smile to Nihoon as he rubbed the little mass of hair on top of his head.


Everyday for the next year or so Chanyeol visited the orphanage little Nihoon ended up in. He had changed a lot. Stopped partying and cleaned himself up a bit along with his apartment. He got rid of his game room after he was originally started filling out paperwork for adoption. Got his home set up for a visit before he could even have little Nihoon spend the night as the judgmental woman stared at him for his choice of single parenthood but in the end she improved him. Nihoon got to spend a weekend with his daddy and the two enjoyed it all. He was in love with the little guy and the woman who volunteered there was rather pretty. She was loving and sweet to every child and even taught him the basics of taking care of Nihoon. And lastly he was approved by a judge. He couldn’t wait to have Nihoon for himself.


He rushed into the building nearly bouncing as he was greeted by the woman sitting in a large couch there “he’s waiting for you then” she told him offering a large smile. Chanyeol stood by the staircase as he heard a familiar voice “Nihoonie looks who’s here” as his eyes lit up “daddy” Nihoon says pointing at Chanyeol. He was nearly two now and knew how much Chanyeol loved him.

He took the bag off of Nihoon’s shoulders as it was just a cute little bag Chanyeol had gotten for him as he smiled larger. “You get to stay at my house now. Are you excited?” he cooed as Nihoon nodded. A hand reached up to his cheek as a thumb wiped a tear he didn’t know he had trickling down was laying as he laughed. “Hey Y/N” he spoke as he gripped the hand you had rested to his cheek. “Thank you for caring and loving him for me when I couldn’t be here” he said as you smiled. “Don’t stop visiting now that you have him. The other kids like when you read to them” you say as he nodded. “But um” he said nervously as he took Nihoon from you.

“Would you like to join me-us for dinner now? My place” he asked as you looked at him in shock. “Oh um-” “she’d love to” the other volunteer came over, she was an older woman who treated you like a daughter so she was always trying to set you up with someone. “But I should help with dinner here” you say as she shoved you towards Chanyeol. “I got it and I can get one of the olders to help” she says “go” she says as you make a sound. “So I guess you’re free then?” he jokes as you nod. “Its only 3 so I guess you get Nihoon settle in” you say as he nodded quickly as he waved you off.

Important Reminder

CLOWNS Should not be trusted past 4 P.M. And if you do see one during daylight approach with caution. They should never be allowed within your household because if they deem your house a place to rest in they will infect your home and you will never be rid of them. And If they do leave your house you wouldn’t even know what they stole, anythings on the map because anything can fit in their clown car.

MIMES should be killed on sight. 

Odds are, you won’t hear them coming.You won’t know what weapons they’re carrying. All mime weapons are invisible, not like clowns where they have to blow up their balloons then make the weaponIf they found your home? Do not approach the windows or doors. They usually work alone but even then do not test it. Lock yourself in your home and bury yourself deep in the closet and limit your breathing Mimes have acute hearing and can hear you breathe. Approach and destroy them only when you know they’re off guard.

are prone to nonlethal japes and jokes BUT if you find one odds are there are more, and killing a Jester will ruin your entire life, if you approach them and proceed in their games of whimsy and riddles please understand that even though they won’t kill you you may be forced to give up things important to you. Yes, they do promise extravagant things but the cost will outweigh it and they will cheat.

Please Remember this as you go about your day, signal boost if you can

Team Captain - Fred Weasley

Prompt: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff students meet up at night to play a friendly game of Quidditch against each other. Y/n Y/l/n, also Fred Weasley’s girlfriend, is chosen as a captain. Fluff

Word Count: 3,308

Warnings: None- fluff. Possible minor swearing. 

It was an odd sight, truthfully; jogging down the slopes of the castle ground. The blowing breeze pushing the cotton material of your pajamas backwards. Your Gryffindor shorts provided as an accurate choice as the humid, nearing summer, air drifted in. The material of your maroon and gold tie dye tshirt, a gift from your boyfriend Fred, stuck snug to the skin of your stomach as your speed increased. 

The sight of the Quidditch pitch neared and you had no intention of being late to the party like last week. At least you would beat Ron and Lee to the game; those two were always the last to show. Ron got tied up chatting up a giddy group of Hufflepuffs- who mistakenly believed he was one of the twins. Their cheeks were smacked by cherries and their unstoppable giggles filled the air.

You had chuckled at the sight while sneaking past. Lee Jordan stuck around to see the final turn out but they weren’t far behind. Neither one wanted to miss the face off which would begin shortly.

“Y/n, where’ve you been? I reckoned you’d beat the lot of us down here.” Greeting you near the entrance was Fred. His hand was extended towards you as he thrusted a sleek wooden broom. The bristles were finely brushed and kept in the best condition.

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Shut up. (Cassian Andor x reader)

anon requested:

I just watched rogue one and I need an 2, 11, and 34 with cassian x fem!reader where he’s recruiting a smuggler (like han solo) so she could be a rebellion pilot and after a few months working together their relationship progresses which leads to some romance pretty please :) thanks!

2. “I’m going to pretend like that never happened.”

11. “Well ‘agent/captain/(title)’ if that’s even your real name”

34. “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness”


Maz’s castle is (Y/n)’s favorite place to be. She offered good advice and there were endless job possibilities. (Y/n) usually smuggled stuff for people and she was popular in the business. She and Han Solo were the best people anyone could get to transport their illegal goods, but the difference is she usually worked alone. It gets the job done easier. (Y/n) never understood why anyone would want a wookie as a co-pilot.

(Y/n) sat on the bar of Maz’s palace and ordered a drink. Today, the castle was not as crowded as usual. She could see Maz in the crowd, enjoying the music performers.

Maz had been running this place for more that a thousand years, and (Y/n) had no doubt that she would run it for a thousand more.

Sipping on her drink, she was greeted by an odd sight. A man in brown leather jacket sitting next to her, accompanied by an imperial droid.


If the empire was here, she must’ve done something to upset them.

“I assume that Corellian ship parked in front is yours,” said the man, and he said these words with a thick accent, but (Y/n) could not make out where in the galaxy did the accent come from, “It’s a nice ship.”

“Thanks,” (Y/n) replied, surprised at how calm her voice sounded, “It’s a modified VCX-100 light freighter.”

The man nodded lightly.

After a few moments of silence, (Y/n) decided to calmly get out of her seat, but that plan backfired the moment she set it in motion.

“The captain said you must not go anywhere,” the imperial droid said, trying to push her back, but she stood her ground.

The man in the brown leather jacket stood up and faced her. He had a grim look on his face. “(Y/n) (L/n), I’m captain Cassian Andor. I’m with the rebellion.”

They know her name. Of course they do, thought (Y/n), They have probably been watching her every move since the last few weeks, if not months.

“Well captain, if that’s even your real name,” (Y/n) teased, trying to get under his skin. “I have a hard time believing that you’re a rebel.” she glanced at the imperial droid, who looked offended, but then she looked back at Cassian.

However, the one who responded was the droid.

“Excuse you, I am not who you think you are. I am Kay-tuesso. I am a reprogrammed imperial droid.”

(Y/n) shrugged wordlessly and looked at Cassian. He was a fairly good-looking man, with dark brown eyes that seems like a void. She crossed her arms at him.

“What do you want?” she asked. Cassian moved closer and said in a low voice, “I hear you’re a smuggler.”

(Y/n) sighed at what he said. “I know what you want. Absolutely not,” she stated. “I am not transporting illegal goods for the rebellion. Han Solo will do it, if you can offer the right price. Me? I am not smuggling anything for the rebellion.”

“No,” he agreed, “You are not.”

(Y/n) furrowed her eyebrows inquisitively. “Why do you want from me then?”

“I came to recruit you,” he said, a smirk playing on his face, “They say you’re a pretty good pilot.”

(Y/n) smiled at the mention of this but the smile disappeared as fast as it had came, “I am not joining the rebellion. Absolutely not.”

Cassian frowned, “Why not?”

“Because I’m wanted by the republic.”

“All your criminal records will be cleared if you accept this offer,” said Kay-tuesso, which had won (Y/n)’s attention, “Which of course includes smuggling illegal substances, the release of bioweapons, unauthorized blaster use-”

“That’s enough, Kaytoo,” Cassian said sternly.

(Y/n) rolled her eyes. She glanced at the droid. “You had me and you lost me.”

Cassian glared at Kaytoo, and the droid responded, “What? I was just listing her records.”

“Don’t you want redemption?” Cassian asked, and his patience wouldn’t last very long.

(Y/n) sneered at him. “I don’t want redemption because I have done nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure about that?” Kaytoo asked, “should I repeat your criminal records?”

“No, thank you,” said (Y/n) said shortly.

Cassian crossed his arms across his chest, “The rebellion could use a pilot like you.”

(Y/n) stood on her tip-toes so she could see Cassian eye-to-eye, “How do I know you’re not lying? That you’re not just going to arrest me once we get there?”

“You don’t,” replied Cassian, “you just have to trust us.”

(Y/n) considered making a run for it, but that wouldn’t do her any good. She has got nothing to lose anyway.

“Alright then,” said (Y/n), “When do we start?”


six months later

(Y/n) opened every cabinet in Cassian’s ship, and she just couldn’t find it.

“What are you looking for?” asked a familiar robotic voice from behind her.

“Hydrazine,” replied (Y/n) shortly. Kaytoo reached out to the compartment above (Y/n) and threw her a metal tube filled with explosives.

“I do not think being in a relationship with the captain brings a benefit to either of you,” Kaytoo mentioned, turning its back on (Y/n)

The girl rolled her eyes, “I am not in a relationship with Cassian.”

Kaytoo did not notice her words, if it did, the droid didn’t care.

“I suppose I could tolerate you,” shrugged Kaytoo.

“Wow,” said (Y/n) with exaggerated amazement, “That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me. ever.”  

“Ha ha,” said Kaytoo with a sarcastic tone.

Kay was a weirdly annoying droid, but (Y/n) had gotten used to it by now.

When Kaytoo stepped out of the ship, a certain captain walked in. He leaned against a compartment as he looked at (Y/n) who was packing flammable fuel cells in her backpack.

“Hydrazine, huh?” he asked, “What do you need it for?”

(Y/n) smirked. “To make things go boom.”

Cassian chuckled, kneeling at the same height of (Y/n), helping her pack her bags. (Y/n)  looked into his eyes. She always thought of brown eyes as boring, but Cassian’s were different. The dark tone of his pupils often turn into a warm and comforting shade of gold.

“You know,” started (Y/n), “I’m so glad you seduced me with your charming awkwardness that day,” she teased, smacking his arm playfully.

“So, I’m charming?” he smiled mischievously.

“Shut up.”

For a moment, they maintained eye contact with each other. (Y/n) found herself studying the captain’s facial features. There was a scar below his lower lip. Funny she never noticed it. For a fleeting moment she wondered how he got it.

She noticed that Cassian’s breathing was uneven and that his palms were sweaty. What could he probably be so nervous about?

Without a warning, Cassian crashed his rough lips against (Y/n)’s.


That’s why.

The warmth of his mouth sent a current running through her body. (Y/n)’s eyes closed instinctively. Her once-tense hands made its way to Cassian’s sides, wrapping around it, while Cassian’s hand cupped her cheeks tenderly, glad that (Y/n) melted to the kiss as quickly as he had.

Cassian tasted like fuel, and it was one hell of an addicting taste. (Y/n) found herself wanting more, pushing herself forward so she could explore the taste further.

While (Y/n) preferred tidy yet soft kisses, it was clear Cassian’s style was a little wetter. She gasped when Cassian’ s tongue entered her mouth, but she hummed in satisfaction when their tongues were tangled like vines. 

Countless engines of spaceships roared around them, but they were to astonished to notice anything besides each other. Even the presence of a former imperial droid went unnoticed.

Cassian tilted his head slightly, brushing the tip of his nose on (Y/n)’s rosy cheek, making her chuckle a little.

“I’m going to pretend like that never happened,” said Kaytoo from the entrance of the space ship.

Cassian and (Y/n) yelped in shock as they pulled away.

(Y/n) rolled her eye at the reprogrammed imperial droid, “Shut up.”



disneyland adventures

requested: Hello there! Since Shawn will be having a concert in Paris can u do one where y/n is at the Paris show and after that they went to Disneyland and just super fluffy and went into a romantic dinner or lunch. I love your account 😊 and I’m sending you my love since there’s a lot of chaos happening in this world (sending all my love to all the people as well GROUP HUG) ❤️

requested: Can u please do prompt 38? Coming from a big Disney fan haha😂😂 Love ur writing❤😙

so sorry this is super super short!! i hope y'all enjoy


you were currently joining your boyfriend shawn on the european leg of his tour. today he was in paris and had a day off before the show tomorrow and he insisted that you two go to disneyland paris for the day.

at first you declined, you knew he was exhausted from playing all those shows and doing press and he really needed to take this day off to sleep. he insisted on taking you, he claimed you never got time alone and he wanted to take advantage of it.

you weren’t sure why shawn wanted to take you to disneyland in the first place, he’s told you multiple times that he wasn’t a big fan of disney movies. but here the two of you were, hand in hand, walking down main street of disneyland paris.

you both were tired considering you walked around disney almost all day, the sun was setting but you dragged shawn to the castle one more time. you wanted to see it one more time because you knew you would probably never see it again.

“y/n,” he whined. “you’ve seen it all day! i’m hungry.”

you snapped a few pictures of the castle and uploaded them to your social medias. you and shawn had been pretty active on social media all day, you basically documented the entire day.

“okay, okay, i’m finished now.” you said, intertwining yours and shawn’s hands and quickly kissing his cheek. “where are we going to eat?”

“some castle thing i made reservations for, it’s back on the other side of the park.” he said, “it’s the theme of some movie but i don’t know which one.”

before you could answer, two girls approached you and shawn asking for a quick picture. he happily took the picture with them, answering the few questions they asked.

once shawn was finished taking the picture he and the fans went their separate ways and he returned to you. connecting your hands once again.

“are you taking me to be our guest?” you gasped, knowing exactly which restaurant shawn was talking about. earlier you passed by it, mentioning that one day you’d like to eat there.

“i think so? i don’t know, there was a talking tea pot.” he said, “and the princess who wears yellow. i don’t remember her name. emma watson wore it too.”

“belle, shawn, belle! from the one and only beauty and the beast! do you not remember watching it like three weeks ago?” you laughed. “seriously! i can not believe you don’t like disney movies!”

the rest of the walk to the restaurant, you and shawn argued about how he didn’t like disney movies even though you thought he should.

“i mean, you look like a disney prince already so why not?” you said, pointing out one of the disney princes on the wall of a store.

“y/n that does not look like me, he has black hair.”

“oh you get the point!”

he chuckled, leading you into the restaurant where they quickly lead you to a table at the back, almost separated from everyone else.

“so if i’m the disney prince that makes you my princess, right?” shawn asked, still not dropping the disney movie topic.

you rolled your eyes as the waiter approached your table ready to take drink orders, both of you decided to order water since it was quick and free.

“this place is cute,” shawn commented, taking a bite of bread that was on the table.

“oh please,” you scoffed. “you probably don’t know what this place even is.”

“it’s a fancy restaurant y/n, duh.”

“no” you rolled your eyes, “this is the beast’s castle dining room. you know, where be our guest is sung.”

“what’s that?”

“oh my god.” you sighed, taking a sip of water and ending the conversation right there.

after you ate dinner, you decided to walk around for a little longer, not wanting to leave just yet despite how tired you both were.

“shawn, just one more time! please please please?” you begged, trying to pull him in the direction of your favourite ride. the little mermaid ride.

“y/n, i have had enough of under the sea if i have to hear that song one more time i think i’m going to lose it.” he sighed, walking the opposite direction.

to people walking past, this was an odd sight. a 5'5 girl wearing minnie mouse ears trying to pull her 6'2 boyfriend into a disneyland ride while he’s walking the opposite direction. you received a few stares from people, but in this moment you didn’t mind. all you wanted was to go on the ride just one more time, and you would stop at nothing.

“come on shawn, who knows when we’re going to be here again!”

“y/n, you forced me on that ride 5 times today just for the song! i think that’s enough.” he exclaimed. “but we can go on the star wars one again.”

the star wars ride was right across from the little mermaid one and you absolutely hated it. shawn dragged you on it earlier, and at first you had an open mind about it but after a few minutes you hated it with all your heart. you never liked star wars in the first place but you went on to make him happy.

“no we are not going on that again.”

“well we aren’t going on the stupid mermaid one again either.”

you sighed, the two of you had moved to the sidewalk right in front of the entrance to the ride so you weren’t right in the middle of the street anymore.

“shawn,” you tried just one more time, a new idea popping into your head.

“no, i’m not giving in.” he crossed his arms, keeping his gaze fixed on the star wars ride ahead.

“oh yeah?”

“try me.”

“i’ll do whatever you want,” you smirked. “at the hotel. if you know what i’m saying.”

he turned to face you, narrowing his eyes.

“you’re lying.”

“try me,” you mimicked him from earlier. “i’m dead serious.”

he scanned your face, looking for any possible signs of lying. after making sure you were really serious, he grabbed your hand pulling you into the entrance.

“well in that case, what are we waiting for?”

Female Korean-American Teenager

Hi, I’m Caroline, and as the title states, I’m a female Korean-American teen currently living in a town that’s 80% white. The majority of East Asians living here are Japanese, and over the years, there have been a few sprinklings of new Korean or Chinese families moving in. For the most part, however, my family was the only Korean family in town when we first came here. This heavily impacted my childhood - made me ashamed of my culture and ethnicity - and of course, the racism that I constantly faced from classmates, parents, teachers, and sometimes even friends, was exhausting. 

It means so much to me to see Korean-American characters - or any person of color, really - be represented in today’s books, TV shows, movies, etc. For once, I’d like to see fully-fleshed out, complex characters who are people of color - not just the 2D stereotypes that too many forms of media put them out to be. So if a few more writers out there become less ignorant due to this post, I’ll be forever grateful. 

So. Let’s do this thing!

Beauty Standards 

Most East Asians represented in today’s media have extremely straight, practically black hair. And while it’s true that straight, black hair is the most common trait regarding hair amongst Koreans, there are (*gasp*) a few of us with curly hair, too. (Moi.) To the Koreans I knew, anyways, my hair was always an object of envy. I’d frequently be asked if I got the perm, and whenever I said I had naturally curly hair, there’d be a lot of “oh, how lucky"s going around. That made me feel pretty special, only it’d last for a short while before the reality of living in a mostly-white neighborhood kicked in, where my curly hair was usually made fun of. (Usually saying that Asians don’t have curly hair. Whatever. On the whole scale of racist comments I’ve been sent, the one about my hair is the least bothersome. When I was a kid, it bothered me a lot, though, and I think to some extent, it still bothers me at least a teeny bit - I actually started to straighten my hair when I went into eighth grade. Yup, give me the Hypocrite of the Year Award. I still need some adjustments.) 

Amongst Koreans, there’s also a lot of emphasis on having a small face, long and skinny legs, a fairly short torso…essentially, Koreans thrive for the typical European figure. Koreans, however, have pretty round faces, short and stalky legs, and long torsos for the most part. (With the exception of a few - and of course, the option for plastic surgery is always out there. I shit you not, almost every Korean woman I know have at least either (a) known someone who went through plastic surgery or (b) have been in plastic surgery myself. It’s a big deal in South Korea. My grandma had surgery done to her eyes twice, my mom’s friend had surgery done to her nose and her eyes, and my aunt’s brother is actually a plastic surgeon who does operations a number of times a day.) 


Growing up, I wore the typical American clothing - except for on special occasions, like my first birthday or New Year’s. On those days, I’d wear a hanbok, which is a traditional Korean gown with lots of colors and embroidery. The men would wear traditional clothing as well, and it’s customary for Koreans to wear these especially on New Year’s. Now, since my brothers and I have outgrown our hanboks, we just stick to American clothes on New Year’s. 

Daily Struggles 

Though I tell all my white friends and classmates that my first language is English, my first language was actually Korean. I don’t say that my first language is Korean anymore because firstly, I don’t want people to think of me as someone who only speaks Korean and secondly, I don’t know how to speak Korean anymore. It’s sad, really, because I can understand Korean much better than my siblings and my cousins, and there are moments when I can almost remember a phrase, but as of now, speaking the language is an extreme difficulty and embarrassment to me, especially when I’m surrounded by elders. (And usually, the only things I can say to them are ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’.) It’s frustrating to speak to older Koreans and know exactly what they’re saying but only being able to respond in English. 

That being said, growing up, I often had to translate - more specifically, re-translate - for my mother, who didn’t know English at all when I was a child. She used to feel incredibly lonely for it, and often times, she’d feel frustrated and cry about how all of the white mothers acted like she was an idiot for not knowing English. As an extreme social butterfly, this really hurt my mother, and it hurt her even more when her own children were starting to distance themselves because of the language barrier. I remember having to sit with my mother on the couch and help her learn English - and it was, to be honest, one of the saddest experiences I’ve ever had to go through. She’d grow frustrated with herself, and she’d hate every bit of it, I could tell, but she kept going because she wanted to be there for her kids. (She eventually got her American citizenship, too, but by doing so, she had to give up her Korean citizenship. Most East Asian countries don’t allow dual citizenships.) And though I don’t speak Korean anymore, I actually continue to re-translate things for my mother - in other words, I just have to simplify the English a little bit to get her to understand what someone else is saying. (This method works for anyone else who is struggling with English. Simplify the words, that’s all - but don’t treat the person with disrespect.) 

And, of course, there’s the very exhausting series of questions that come with being Korean. The most annoying and frustrating are (but not limited to) - 

  • “Oh, so are you South Korean or North Korean?” (Bruh. If I was North Korean, there’s a VERY slim chance I’d be in America right now. I’d still be stuck in North Korea, wouldn’t I?) 
  • “But what’s your nationality?” (American.) “No, I mean your REAL nationality.“ 
  • “What are you? Japanese? Chinese? Vietnamese?” (For some reason, NO ONE GUESSES KOREAN.) 
  • “Wow, your English is great!” (???) 
  • “English is your best subject? Wait, then what about math?” (…) 
  • “I bet you’re super smart!” (…I study hard, yeah, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m Korean.) 
  • “Oh, my God, Koreans are SO hot.” (Ew. Times a thousand.) 

Dating and Relationships 

My parents are pretty strict about my nonexistent love life. If my dad had it his way, I wouldn’t be allowed to date until I’m out of college. But for real talk, my mom’s actually the one who’s much pickier on who I date. She told me since I was a kid that it’d be best for me to date (and marry) another Korean-American. She means this out of the goodness of her heart - mostly that she wants me to marry someone who I can connect with culturally. (“Regular Koreans will be too grounded into Korea. You need someone with similar experiences.”) My dad just doesn’t want me to date anyone Japanese - and while I find this wrong, it’s mostly due to the bad blood between Korea and Japan. (World War II, the Korean War, comfort women, etc.) 

And because of this prejudice against Japanese people, my dad always found it difficult to accept that I had a few Japanese friends. He often wanted me to stray away from other Eastern-Asians in general, American or not. (Unless, of course, it was for dating/marrying.) This was because he didn’t want me to become a part of “THAT Asian group”, which, let me just say, is pretty sad, because when there’s a group of white kids hanging around, no one finds it strange. When there’s a big group of x friends of x race, it’s suddenly SUCH an odd sight. 


This is where I try to restrain myself for real. 

The most common foods you’ll find at a Korean dinner table are rice, kimchi (which is basically spicy pickled cabbage - lots of Koreans eat it, but I personally never did. And I still don’t. Oops), kim (pronounced keem - basically roasted and dried, slightly salted seaweed strips. Which are really good), along with a number of side-dishes and maybe one big, main dish. (Mostly meat.) 

Favorite Korean dishes include

  • seolleongtang, a lightly salted broth with oxtail meat, or sometimes some other kind of meat. There’s usually a sprinkling of scallions, and rice or noodles can be served inside. 
  • kalbi, the famous Korean BBQ. Just imagine meat being prepared directly in front of you served with veggies. Delicious, but be warned - your burps will stink - and I mean stink - afterwards. Its variant, kalbi jim, are slow-cooked short ribs served often with Korean-style steamed potatoes and carrots. Just as good. 
  • tangsuyuk, sweet and sour (mostly sweet, I think, anyways,) pork. The pork is covered with a batter that is fried and then typically dunked in sweet sauce. Some people like to have the sauce on the side so they can dip it in - and still save the crunch. It’s a personal preference. 
  • buchimgae, otherwise known as Kimchi Pancakes. Korean pancakes are not your typical breakfast pancakes. They’re made in a pan, like regular breakfast pancakes, but inside, there’s an assortment of seafood, veggies, and in this version, kimchi. (There are spicy and non-spicy versions). 
  • tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes. Very chewy and again, pretty spicy. 

Favorite Korean sweets/desserts/snacks include 

  • tteok, sweet rice cakes. There are many different kinds of rice cake, usually with flavors of classical red bean or green tea. The favorite of many children is the classical rainbow tteok, where the rice cakes are dyed with strips of green, pink, and yellow. The flavor of plain tteok is actually not too sweet, but it’s still a very classic, very traditional and cultural Korean dessert that cannot be skipped over. 
  • yakbap, a very special type of sweet rice cake all on its own. This is a favorite amongst many, and the rice is prepared in a way that it’s sticky and brown. Pine nuts, chestnuts, and jujubes as well as raisins are mixed in. 
  • patbingsu, a frozen dessert. Think of an evolved form of shave ice with toppings like red bean paste, nuts, and fruit. Extremely popular in South Korea, not to mention one of its most iconic desserts. 
  • saeoosnek, shrimp-flavored crackers. Again, a very popular snack that’s exactly what it sounds like. Crackers. With. Shrimp. Flavoring. 
  • choco pie, a popular chocolate-marshmallow cake that looks similar to America’s moon pie. Extremely popular amongst children. 


In my family, we never celebrated the direct Korean celebrations, but we always celebrated the Korean New Year the traditional way. Again, usually dressed in hanbok, children (and parents) would bow down to the oldest members of the family and pay their respects with a traditional phrase. They also have to perform a special bow three times while saying this phrase. (There are two different bows - one for men, one for women.) Once doing so, the elder usually gives a blessing to the family members and presents them with an envelope of money, very similar to the traditional Chinese red envelope they receive on their New Year’s celebration. 

Another traditional Korean celebration my family - and many other Korean families, I’m sure - celebrate is the 100 Days birthday. 

A brief history lesson - back when Korea was suffering due to the economy failing, it was a rare occurrence to ever see a child live past one hundred days. Once one hundred days had passed, then the family would rejoice and throw a large celebration, inviting friends, extended family members. There’d be lots of food and laughter and different rituals all dedicated to the child. Now, of course, Korea’s economic situation is not the same as it was back then, but we still hold these celebrations for tradition and cultural reasons. 

One of the most important rituals in the 100 Days birthday is sitting the baby down in front of a variety of items - usually a coin, a pen, a length of twine, a book, food, and sometimes other variants of those items. If the child picks up a coin, then it is to be predicted that this child will live a wealthy life. If the child picks up a pen or a book, then it is to be predicted that this child will grow to become a scholar. If the child picks up food, then it is to be predicted that this child will never go hungry. If the child picks up the length of twine (or sometimes string or a spool of thread), then it is to be predicted that this child will live a long life. Some families believe in this, others don’t, but either way, this ritual is performed because hey, tradition! (And besides, it makes for pretty cute pictures.) 

Home/Family Life 

Korean families and Korean home-life, I feel, will always have a different atmosphere from white families. Most Korean parents are very reserved when it comes to public displays of affection for their children, though like all families, this can vary. Independence and learning how to grow an outer shell is very important to the Korean lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that Korean parents don’t love their children - of course they do, and again, all Korean families work differently. However, this pattern and discipline is a common thing to find in most Korean families. 

There’s a certain emphasis on studying - and no, not all Korean parents are super strict about grades and threaten to beat their children if they get a B on a report card. (At least, my parents didn’t.) However, education is still considered a top priority. Studying is encouraged, and most Korean parents want to see their children secure a good job (ie doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc). Most of the time, Korean parents just want to see their children live a secured life. That’s it. At least, with my parents, everything they ever taught me or told me had something to do with me learning to survive when I become older. I used to resent this when I was a kid, but now that I’ve grown more mature, I actually find myself appreciating everything my parents have ever taught me. 

Another note - when a Korean woman marries, she is cut off from her birth family and is considered to only be a part of her husband’s family. This limits her visits to her own birth family - and though this was a common thing before, I believe many Korean families don’t operate the same way anymore. (Some traditions last longer than others.) 

Elders are respected. Period. Even if s/he’s getting on your nerves, you ALWAYS RESPECT THE ELDERS. 

Shoes are taken off before entering a house. No exceptions to this rule. If you wanna impress your Korean friend, take off your damn shoes. This will be appreciated. 

Things I’d like to see less of. 

  • people thinking that “all Koreans get hot when they’re older”. (FETISHIZATION IS A BIG NO-NO.)
  • Koreans being seen as submissive and docile creatures. (Note how I said creatures and not humans. Because that’s how some people treat Koreans and other East Asians. Like we’re creatures, rather than actual human beings.) 
  • Koreans being seen as kickass ninjas. (It’s either docile creatures or kickass ninjas. There’s never a line between the two, and it’s exhausting.) 
  • “Koreans are so romantic!” (Sorry, that’s the K-drama binge talking. If anything, Koreans are pretty reserved when it comes to PDA and again, affection in general. Of course, I can’t speak for all Koreans, but at least with my family, PDA was always kept to a minimum. Usually a quick peck on the lips, kisses on the cheek, hand-holding, etc. Never an actual full kiss in public. Forget about make-out sessions.) 
  • Stone-cold Koreans. (Again, there’s either the romantic Korean or the Terminator Korean. Never an in-between. Yes, keep in mind that due to cultural reasons, Koreans don’t typically display affection. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE DON’T DISPLAY EMOTIONS.) 
  • Straight-A Koreans. Typically good at math and science. (While yes, many East Asian countries and families put emphasis on these subjects, not all Koreans happen to be extreme nerds who cry at a B on a report card. Example A - I happen to stink at math. And I know many other Asian-Americans who also stink at math. So.) 
  • Assuming Korean parents are abusive. (While there are many abusive Korean parents out there, people need to stop assuming that right off the bat. Stop. It’s extremely disrespectful, not to mention just wrong?!) 

Things i’d like to see more of. 

  • complex, well-rounded Korean characters. (Give me a Korean character who hates math but still tries to do well in class. Give me a Korean character who’s bisexual and surrounded by loving family members. Give me a Korean character who likes roller-skating and getting high in the bathroom stalls and sings Jackson 5 all day. Give me a Korean character who goes out to be homecoming queen and buffs her nails while fighting demons. Give me a Korean character who cries, laughs, talks, breathes, LIVES like an actual human being, and you’ll get the respect of hundreds - maybe thousands - of readers and viewers who’ve been waiting for so long to be properly represented.) 
I Will Not Lose!

Words: 6290

Genre: Fluff (maybe a bit too much haha), Magic!Au

Summary: A single bet - use every means to make Jeon Jungkook fall in love with you.  

Originally posted by bangts

Jeon Jungkook…

Sitting in the center of an intricate alchemy circle drawn with chalk - on the floor of Jungkook’s living room, you can only begin to question - how did this even happen?  

The mess had started with some sort of argument you had with him weeks ago. It was vague in your memory, only certain fragments were still intact.

“Y/N…She’s really beautiful isn’t she?” You overhear Jimin’s voice.

“Meh.” Jungkook answers with a shrug.

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Ninth [Chapter 1]


Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: Seven supernatural beings are captured and imprisoned in the governments’ most secure and secretive department. The eighth is on the loose and agents are hot on his tail. What they don’t know is that there’s a ninth member that has never appeared in any records, and you are in charge of finding him.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3

A man sits on the roof of an old building, looking down on the large city below him. A small hum escapes, calm and slow and lighthearted.

He dangles his feet as a small breeze blows past, rustling his soft dark hair.

“You look awfully calm.”

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s/o plays electric guitar


Jin knew you loved some louder bands, so when he heard the drums and electric guitar going,he paid no mind. Then again, that was a few hours ago and he was getting tired of it. He knocked on your door and opened it up, amazed to see that the guitar was you playing.

He waited until a break between songs and went over to you. “Wow. You’re really good.” You blushed at his words and shrugged. 

“I could be better.” Jin nodded and thought for a moment.

“You can always be better at everything you do, same with me. Regardless, you’re still one of the best I’ve seen.”

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Suga was use to you blaring music and it wasn’t odd to hear some of his music. Yet, when he heard an unfamiliar guitar part for Agust D, he went to investigate.

He open the door to your room and smiled, seeing you with your eyes closed as you played. He debated interrupting you,but decided to just watch. He must have been there for 20 minutes or so before you noticed him. 

You blushed as you saw him staring and he gave you a small smile. “Nice job. Maybe I’ll have to let you start writing with me.”

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J-hope already knew you’d play, but when he saw you and your friends preforming in a small jazz club one day,he realized how good you were.

You didn’t know he was there watching, so of course you did your favorite song, a cover of MAMA. He loved how you fit your instrument and voice into the song.

After you got off stage he went up to you and hugged you from behind. “We should do a duet of that song some day.”

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Rap Monster

Like Hobi, he already knew you played and you had played covers for him before. When he saw you practicing your own song though, he realized jutst how talented you were.

He came into your room and sat by you, the two of you exchanging a smile before you went back to work. He looked at some of the stuff you had wrote and pointed something out. 

“What if you out these lyrics here and write some different ones for that spot.” You thought for a moment before nodding. 

“That’d make it flow better to. Thanks.”

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It was along day and Jimin was tired. When he came home to hear your music on full blast, he was kinda annoyed. He walked over to your room and stood in the door way.

“Jagi, can you please ke-” He watched as you danced around your room, playing your guitar as you did so. He shrugged as you motioned for him to join and began to dance around as well.

Sure, it was an odd sight, but the two of you didn’t care. It was fun and something entirely for you guys, and that’s all that mattered.

Originally posted by nnochu


When V heard you playing, he wasn’t no time investigating. He went into your room and flopped right onto the bed by you as you ran through scales and warm-ups. 

“I din’t know you could play.” he said, watching you intensely. You nodded your head and held the instrument out to him.

“Want to try? I can teach you some.”V nodded his head and took the guitar. He smiled as you showed him how to hold your fingers and by that evening, he could play basic scales.

Originally posted by sugaa


Jungkook sighed as you beat him in guitar hero yet again. “How are you so good?” he asked in a whining tone.

You shrugged and sat down by him.”Maybe it’s cause I actually play?” you though out loud. Jungkook looked at you with an interested look. 

“You play guitar?” You nodded and he pulled you into your room, towards the guitar itself.”I though it was for decoration. Play me something.”

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anonymous asked:

Gendrya reunion please!

Jon was back, and that’s all that mattered. Arya didn’t care whether they were going to bend the knee to the mother of dragons, as long as it wasnt Cersei. She trusted Jon and his decisions, and she counted on those that trusted him as well. Did she suspect the Targaryen’s beauty to play the role in swaying Jon to bend the knee? Yes. By now, she knew the lengths men would go to for a woman, but there was something different there. 

The boy she knew grew into a man, as she, herself had changed. As Sansa had changed; He was chosen to be the King in the North, but as long as he didn’t sit on the Iron Throne, it did not matter who they joined sides with. As long as it wasn’t Cersei Lannister or her brother; Everyone knew by now that to play the game, you had to win, or you’d die. She’d be damned if she allowed another brother to die all because of the Iron Throne. Arya despised it, more than anything because it was the root of all problems, was it not?

It wasn’t politics that kept her interest, but her family; She had killed for them and she would continue to do so if anyone harmed a hair on their heads. Even if it were the queen herself. Perhaps suspicion was natural to her, but in this world, who could you trust? Jon had promised her time to catch up, while he continued to tend to those around him. Questions were being asked–but there was something else. Something he refused to tell them at the moment, something big; 

               ‘Oy, I loved that hammer!”

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115. Diana Prince x fem!reader

Originally posted by wonders-woman

Request: Can u do a diana prince one where reader(female) is having a bad day so diana just does everything she can to cheer her up?

When you woke up that morning you just knew it was going to be a bad day. You dismissed the thought to be nothing more than your anxiety messing with you and where determined to have a good day. That was until you realized your phone hadn’t been charging so your alarm didn’t go off making you late to work.

You had rushed to get your clothes on and bolted out the door heading straight to your car. Which unfortunately was blocked of by your neighbor’s, rather large, white pick-up truck. You only had a couple minutes to get to work so instead of asking your neighbor Tom to move his truck you decided to take the bus. Which was probably the worst mistake you could’ve made.

You managed to get to the bus stop just before the bus took off which was the only good stoke of luck you had managed to have that morning when a woman spilt her coffee all over you. Luck was slightly on your side as it wasn’t extremely over heated but the coffee still stung a little.

She had apologized profusely which you ignored hurrying to get onto the bus. The rest of the ride to were you worked was alright except for the fact that the bus driver somehow crammed your entire city into the very small vehicle. You were shoved, pushed, and pulled more then you had ever been you finally arrived at work. To top it off when you did walk into the building your boss chastised you for being late and was basically a total jerk to you the rest of the day.

After all that you had to walk home as the bus had gotten a flat tire. When you arrived at your house you were pleasantly surprised at the sight at your door. A very frazzled Diana Prince stood with her phone in hand attempting to call someone.

Diana was worried, you hadn’t answered any of her phone calls and that was very unlike you. She hadn’t wanted to seem overbearing so she waited until you where out of work to call her back. You didn’t and suddenly she was reminded of all the times a villain had threatened you when she had captured them. So she called one more time and when you didn’t answer she flew to your house and saw that your car was their but you weren’t home.

She was just about to call out a search party when she heard footsteps approaching her. Diana looked upwards and was met with a very tired looking coffee covered you, but you none the less. She sighed in relief and walked towards you when she noticed the look on your face, you didn’t look tired you looked exhausted and her worry meter filled up again.

You looked at Diana who was looking at you with an anxious expression, and smiled. For some odd reason the sight of the amazon warrior made your very bad day turn just the slightest bit brighter.

“Hey Diana,” you said cheerfully, “how was your day?” She raised one perfect eyebrow. Diana looked you up and down making sure that you weren’t hurt in any way and then brought you into much needed hug. You sighed contently as you wrapped your arms around her breathing her in.

“Well,” she paused leaning back to face you giving you a sympathetic look, “better than yours apparently.” You grinned and giggled a bit before moving to open the door.

“Pft you have no idea how right you are.” You said easily making light of the situation. Diana frowned, she knew you were holding back when it came to how your day had gone and she knew that nothing good would come out if it if you bottled it up. She swore then and there that she would always cheer you up if your were down and followed you into your house.

You took a breath in when you walked into the living room and smiled by the looks of things Diana had been worried about you and that cheered you up immensely. You hummed to yourself as you set your bag down and turned to face the woman behind you. “You want anything to drink?” you asked politely.

Diana smiled fondly and declined while you shrugged and hummed into the kitchen. When you had served yourself some water you quickly headed to the living room so you wouldn’t leave Diana alone. You where very surprised when you found her holding your favorite movies in one hand and your favorite dessert in the other.

“Aw what’s this?” And how did she get that stuff so fast? You asked. She beamed at you and set your favorite things on the coffee table.

“Well I know that you had a bad day at work, and you don’t have to tell me about it, but I read that when someone is having a bad day there favorite things make people feel better,” she explained as you beamed. The truth was Diana didn’t have to do all this stuff she was making you feel better by just staying and talking to you. But the fact that she did made you feel even better than before.

You plopped down on the couch and smiled softly up at Diana as she started the movie. The both of you watched the movie making small talk occasionally before you opened up about your day. You started off explaining about how your phone was dead preventing your alarm from going off before apologizing to her if she made any calls.

“Don’t worry about it (Y/n),” Diana said dismissing it easily feeling oddly relieved. You gave her a guilty smile before continuing your story.

“She spilt coffee on you?” she asked eyed wide as you told her about the run in with the woman at the bus stop.

You nodded continuing your story, “Yeah I know she apologized though which didn’t really help, but I appreciated the thought.” Diana smiled as you explained the ways your boss was, “being a total dick.” and laughed quietly. She loved how you were opening up to her.

“Hey Diana?” you asked as she looked up to meet your eyes.

“Yes (Y/n)?” She questioned softly as you grinned.

“Thanks for all this,” you paused looking for the right words, “I mean you didn’t have to do this and it really made me feel better to spend time with my three favorite things in the world.” You scratched the back of your neck shyly hoping you said the right thing.

Diana blushed slightly realizing that the third thing besides movies and snacks was her. She let out a dopey grin and gave you a big hug. You smiled and realized that you could get used to this indeed.

inimitable soul

[ levi ackerman x reader ]

a/n : based on the song, jfk, by lana del rey. the lyrics really resonated with me, so it was my inspiration for my piece. also, a big thanks to @t-serpillum-9 for the original request and idea!

very nsfw, proceed with caution

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The past five years had definitely been stressful. Not only had you graduated university and gained a fantastic job, but two of your closest friends had gone missing. At first you had tried to be there for your other friends, comforting them when ever their grief got too much, but after giving and giving, you felt desperate for some time for yourself.

At first the break had been wonderful, working wherever your bosses sent you and simply immersing yourself in anything and everything the world threw your way. But over the past few months that had changed. Oliver was alive and back in Starling City and the only communications you were able to have with him were over emails.

But that wasn’t enough. No, it was obvious that Oliver was holding back in his emails, that there was something truly bothering him and now, for the first time since his return, you were able to find out what was going on.

Your communications with Thea had thinned somewhat over the past five years, but you were still in good sted with one another, so it was easy to get her in on your little plan, and as you sat back in your seat, taking a heavy breath as you pulled up to Queen manor, you couldn’t have been happier.

An odd sight greeted you as you exited the cab. You were aware that Oliver had planned something of a celebration, like those you remembered growing up with. While the decorations were more than evident, that was where the similarities ended.

The crowd you had expected was no where to be seen. In fact, as you carried your bag up the stairs, the only person you could see was your taxi driver making his way down the driveway.

With a determined nod, you make your way into the house, preparing yourself for whatever reaction may greet you.

The second you entered the house a brunette figure was rushing towards you, quickly wrapping their arms around you an an incomprehensibly high squeal escapes their lips.

“Y/N!” Thea cheers, taking your bags from your grip only to place them carelessly at your side. “I can’t say how happy I am to see you. Come on, you need to see Ollie.”

She was right, in fact, you could barely contain yourself from simply running in and throwing your arms around your long lost friend, but it wasn’t that simple. Your surroundings were off, and you needed something of an explanation.

“Um, Thea?” you paused, looking around the foyer. “Where is everyone?”

With something of a grimace, Thea spins around to face you, no longer attempting to simply drag you into the house. “Not here?” she offered, before sighing in resignation. “Look, it’s not… It’s not like it used to be. Christmas just reminds everyone of what we’ve lost.”

Nodding in sympathetic understanding, you wrapped an arm around the teenager. “Well, we will have to change that.”

“You sound like Oliver,” Thea replied, rolling her eyes at your words, a small smile playing on her lips nonetheless.

“You can hold an intervention for me tomorrow,” you laugh.

“Who’s holding an intervention?” a deep voice calls, pulling you from your conversation as you and Thea spin around in surprise.

“Oliver,” you sigh, an ecstatic grin taking residence on your lips, grateful beyond belief to see his face, for once in real life.

“Y/N,” Oliver practically exhales your name, as if not entirely sure he can believe the sight in front of him. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in Tokyo for Christmas.”

“Surprise!” you cheer, unable to suppress the giddy grin that was taking over your features. “Couldn’t let my best friend have his first Christmas back without me, could I?”

Emergency Room

Member: Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

Synopsis: A late-night mishap lands you and an unexpected guest a visit to the emergency room. 

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Namjoon pregnancy text scenario

Based off the pregnancy texts linked here

As you bent down to put your shoes on you heard the familiar jingle of a set of keys as they were ruthlessly pushed into your front door keyhole, accompanied by a loud slam and a huffing, disheveled Namjoon.

“Oh, hello.” His eyes widened momentarily, before he grunted in response and made his way past you, grabbing a few pillows from your shared sofa and a blanket that was  previously thrown to the side. A mountain of comfort was layered in his arms and once satisfied, he turned to you with a strained smile, his dimple just barely showing.

“God damn, why do you take so long! Your water has broken hasn’t it?! Woman get your ass in the car now.”

You had already begun making your way out but upon hearing this you turned almost too abruptly, hands on hips and eyebrows raised.

“Woman? Kim Namjoon I don’t know who you thi-”

Cut off by his fruitless attempts to pick you up and carry you to the car, you tried your best to yell at him as quietly as possible so your nosy neighbours wouldn’t stick their heads out their windows like last time.

Seeing Namjoon washing the car in nothing but his underwear at 4 in the morning was not something they had anticipated nor enjoyed. This was evident in the concerning phone call you received 5 minutes later, waking you from your sleep. What was worse was the odd sight of Namjoon swivelling his hips and singing along to ‘Excuse Me’ by ‘AOA’.

Once Namjoon had stopped his pathetic attempts to be some sort of knight in shining armour, you walked over to the car and got in the passenger seat. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t in an incredibly uncomfortable and painful state right now but you were too exhausted to care. That and you were excited to get the painful part over and meet the child you’d be spending a majority of your life on. Namjoon walked up to your side of the car with an exasperated look on his face and knocked on the window. Rolling it down you let out a simple 'What?’ to which he replied with an armful of pillows and a blanket.

Getting into the drivers seat he let out a small sigh before starting the car and reversing out of your driveway. The first few seconds were in silence and you were relishing in the breeze that came through the open window but Namjoon’s loud and deep voice made you jump.

“Ah, sorry haha”

You smiled at him and he mirrored the smile with a dimpled one. For the first time since he walked through that front door you actually noticed how tired he was.

“You look tired! Are you taking care of yourself Namjoon? How did I never notice…”

He scoffed before answering “I was nice and well rested until I received a scarily calm text that stated 'my water broke’. When Jungkook saw that message the colour from his face drained. In other words, all my energy left the moment I sprinted to the front door.”

Another smile crept to your lips and you couldn’t help but laugh softly. And then it was a little louder, then a snort came and you were in hysterics. Namjoon was smiling once you had started but after you had burst out laughing his face dropped and he playfully scowled.

“Are you laughing at my misfortune? That’s one thing I don’t need right now.”

“No, no! It’s jus- AH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!”

Namjoon’s head snapped to the side as he looked at his arm horrified to find you clutching at in an Iron like grip.



You let go of his arm and instead went for his denim clothed thigh that immediately tensed the moment you gripped the large chunk of meat.

“OW, OW, OW, OW, OW!” He unceremoniously chanted as he kept his eyes on the road, they began to tear up in relief once the hospital came into view.

“L-look were almost there! Just please let go of my leg, I need it!”

You released his leg and he let out a satisfied sigh as the blood rushed back into it, before pulling up to the parking lot and jumping out. He ran around to your door and just as you thought he was going to help you out, he pulled you into his arms and made a break for the hospital. Somewhat speed walking into the reception he decided to announce your arrival.


The next minute you were surrounded by a large group of nurses and doctors who ushered Namjoon toward a stretcher in which you were placed on. They then scootered you away, which you thoroughly enjoyed since you didn’t have to do a single damn thing, while everyone fretted over you and Namjoon practically tore his dyed hair out.

A crying, naked, slimy baby was being held in front of you and never had you seen a more beautiful thing, or at least you chose to believe. You were eager to hold your child but you were yet to even find out the gender. Namjoon was staring wide eyed at it as if he had just seen the answers to the world.

“It’s a girl!!!”

“It is?!”

“No, I’m just kidding.”

Namjoon turned with a closed eye smile to you but once he saw the glare on your face he jumped a little and turned back around to the nurse that had just finished cleaning and wrapping your son. He looked like a burrito, which you could definitely go for right about now but you were also thoroughly convinced that wouldn’t be the safest option after giving birth. Turning to you Namjoon held in his arms a small human, that had just stopped crying once it was left in its fathers arms.

“I can’t believe it! I’m a dad! y/n I’m a dad!”

“Really?! That’s amazing Kim Namjoon! Who’s the mother?”

He looked down at you with a unamused look and you wiggled your eyebrows back at him. Your little exchange was cut off by the doctor.

“Have you thought of any names for your son?”

You smiled at Namjoon, who was rocking your son and smiling back at you.

You both nodded.


Everyone in the room turned to Namjoon who showed a meek smile before rephrasing.

“I’m joking! s/n!”

The soft sound of tiny bare feet came pitter pattering into the kitchen as you prepared lunch for both Namjoon and s/n.


“He did not?!”

You looked down at your three and half year old son who gave you a firm nod, lips pursed and saying 'mmhmm’. He pointed toward the corridor where Namjoon emerged from the bathroom that he was originally meant to bathing s/n in. As soon as he came out s/n latched onto your leg and sent him a glare, puffed out cheeks, pouty mouth and all.

Namjoon walked over to you giving you a light smack on the butt, subtle enough for s/n not to notice and kissed your head before crouching down to his level.

“Hey, what did I say happens if you don’t bathe?”

s/n huffed before answering “Uncle Seokjin will come here and tell me off again…”

“That’s right, now don’t you want to wash yourself now?”

“NO! I want mum to wash me!” and with that he picked his nose and rubbed it on Namjoon’s sweatshirt. Namjoon let out a gasp as his face contorted into one of horror. Then he grabbed s/n and tucked him under his arm pit before turning and marching out of the kitchen, tiny legs and arms kicking and wiggling about in an attempt to escape. You could hear the retreating voice of your husband as he lectured your son on mucus, bacteria and where it is produced from.

Rubbing your belly lovingly, one thought crossed your mind.

'Damn I am hungry…’