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Professor Lupin


Odd Pose of this Hyena Cub, Kruger NP, South Africa by cirdantravels
Via Flickr:
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This bit from Midori Ritou’s Baten Kaitos gag doujinshi Owaranai Moe to Ushinawareta Koi takes place just after the Wazn ice statue incident; the other characters are goofing off and striking the poses they’d want if they had their own ice statues. Savyna is doing finger guns, which I think means she wins.

“No, you’ve got to widen your stance a bit. Let me show you…”

a birthday gift for the beautiful and talented @pat-rice-cakes15, who is one of the kindest people i know and is almost as deep in ereri hell as i am. 8) i hope you’re having a lovely day, bby!! \o/

also, Levi pls, the seiunchin stance is very hard and Eren is doing his besy.


Kanda stepped into the room, frozen with the sight he saw. The
 room was lit with candles ( something he was certain was a
part of some satanic Noah summoning ritual ), Rose petals
( probably a part of that ritual ), and Neah was draped in an
odd pose, naked on the bed ( possibly to allow whatever he
summoned into his body ). Door slipped shut behind him as he
stood there and stared, just now realizing there was music
playing too.

What the hell are you doing?

i just realized something tonight, i don’t know how to make a proper structure sketch. ya know, the sketch you make before you draw in order to know where stuff is going. for the longest time ive just been using circles, which is fine, but it’s a nightmare when trying to use it in odd poses or anything anthro.

 i now must relearn the first thing all artist need to learn. structure skeletons…

but first question, can anyone show me how to do proper skeletons please 


Thanks to @sfidressage for her analysis. I would like to add:

Woman talking to Sam IS Denise Pleune and you can make that out from her hair. If you don’t believe look at a photo of Denise.
Woman talking to Sam is not Mackenzie Mauzy as the hair type is completely different. Again look at a photo of Mackenzie.
Woman on the other side of Sam has mid length dark brunette hair and seems to be leaning forward out of the way. Cait?
This photo of Sam and Denise talking looks rather awkward with the way he is holding his fingers up to his mouth and she has her arms folded across her and her chin resting on her fingers. It is an odd pose and screams of two people having a pretend conversation whilst they are aware that someone is taking a photo of them and they are trying to look busy.
Anyway that is my take on it. I must admit that yesterday when I read all the entries about Sam having a date with a blonde, looking intimate, cheating on Cait etc, etc my heart did drop through to my feet, but this photo is not that at all.