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|Imagine scolding Sam because he stayed up all night researching|

You walk into the library and you see Sam sat his head rested awkwardly against the table as you walked over he stirred slightly. “Sammy!” You shout and place you hand softly on his back, he groans in his sleep and you look at the laptop that lay open in front of him. “Sammy.” You shout again this time louder and he gums away his hand reaching to where his gun would usually be and he now pointed a pencil at you in a very odd manor.
“What! RAR!” He groans as he blinks the sleep out of his eyes I laugh as he grunts his perfect hair messed up.
“Sam, did you not go to bed last night.” You shout as you walk off he follows like a little lost puppy behind you.
“no sorry but I needed to…” He begins to say.
“Sammy, you didn’t need to do anything your health is more important that a stupid monster.” You bellow at him and you begin to sort the small coffee machine dean had bought filling it with the boys favourite brand of coffee and you begin to mix batter. “Sam you need to get sleep you need to eat right and both of you boys need to TAKE A BREAK!” You bark as you viscously mix the batter in the large mixing bowl. “You know what and for one week you boys would chill and not be bothered by blood thirsty demons, angels on a mission and everything going wrong.”
“Y/N, calm down please. The pancake batter did nothing to you, now about after this hunt Is over, all three of us head to Vegas, or Mexico maybe even Canada.” Sam said and it calmed you down.
“Yes, but for now go lie in bed and I will  bring you coffee and pancakes through or do I have to use my mom voice.” You laugh knowing that soon you would see the little one running round disturbing everything.
“But your mom voice is sexy.” He laughed as you kicked his arse playfully, he smiled and left.