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Reader’s Choice

So I have a pretty long request list!! If you want to help me choose, just send the number of the request to my Inbox! Just let me know that the number is a “Reader’s Choice”

If you have more than one you’d like to see, put the numbers in the order you’d prefer!!!

If anyone wants to use one of these prompts, please ask first!! Thank you!

Rules: Please only choose a MAX of 3. I will be updating this monthly, and will only accept your choices for 2 day each month. Please only send in your choice numbers during those 2 days! Thank you!!

Send your three votes to my inbox! If you post them as a comment they will not be counted!!!

If I forget to update this, don’t hesitate to remind me on the 1st of every month, but only on the 1st.

Currently Accepting Requests From This List!!

1.    Hi, A! Can you make a Conner x Abused!witch reader please? Where reader is abused by her whole family, because while she is a good person her family aren’t? Can you also make the reader fall in love with Conner and the feeling is mutual? By the way, love your imagines.

2.    Can you write something where batsis has a stalker and it starts off cute but gets more dangerous?

3.    Can you write something where Tim gets really hurt while patrolling with Jason and he has to save him. Can you write it with some angst please.

4.    could you please write about Atlantean Batmom, who’s maybe Arthur’s sister, and meets Bruce through him? Batmom prefers to not interfere with the league or Atlantis and the kids don’t know about her heritage out of fear for their safety until she uses her abilities to prevent a catastrophe or something like that.

5.    Could you do and imagine of Catwoman’s accomplish/niece being best friends with Damian and Damian leaves with the teen titans making her sad and jealous. I really love your writing and this would make my week

6.    batsis possessed by the Enchantress

7.    would you do a batsis imagine where she assaulted by one of her close guy friends and couldn’t stop it, so she starts withdrawing from her family and friends. she feels weak and doesn’t want them to judge her until jason finally gets her to tell him what happened after she tries to kill herself?

8.       Red Hood get thrown through the window of your local Book store and list three good reads for you before he’s up on his feet again guns blazing.

9.   Love your oldest batsis character! Could you do maybe one where is a good singer/musician and she sings them lullaby’s when they are hurt and around the house and in the shower?

10.   May I request a oneshot please, where Jon and Dami befriend a shapeshifter/reader, who’s either their age or a year younger, and none of the Justice League (including Bats and Super) know about them. So it’s either the Justice League finding out about them or stupid pranks (like identical Damian’s) that they pull on the Justice League?

11.   Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe do a second post to the bat mom killing the joker fic? I would love to see Bruce’s and the rest of the family’s reaction to that. That would be awesome!

12.   Can I request where Batsis/reader has terrible insomnia, so she only gets probably an hour a sleep every day or something, and she is always up walking around the manor at odd hours of the night. She hides it from the Batfam with makeup and such. And it’s basically the Batfam finding out about Batsis’s terrible insomnia. Thank you!

13.   hello! i still hope your requests are still open as i wanted to send in something! could you do a Jason Todd imagine where he and the reader have a meet-cute in the library and he develops a huge crush? he talks about her constantly to Roy to the point he gets frustrated and drags him to her, only to find out it’s his younger sister (or if you prefer close friend)

14.   Could you do a little sister au where bat!sis wants to join her brothers and father on patrol and follows them around all day in attempt to get them to agree to let her go and eventually Bruce agrees to take her for a few minutes in her own adorable little suit and it’s just super fluffy? Sorry this is long and if that’s confusing. I love you’re writing and thank you so much

15.   Lil Sis Au. w/ reader watches and imitates older sibling when they spar/fight??

16.   I saw requests were open and I was wondering if you could write being a single mom and falling in love with single dad Roy please and thank you

17.   I wish you would write a fic where sick jay is cared for by his loving fam and reader

18.   Hello! Could you possibly do a Batmom! Reader who’s like really short. Like shorter than Damian and she has trouble having some of the batboys take her seriously?

19.   So I had a shitty day, maybe a thing where batsis had an anxiety attack, then her biological dad (who is an asshole to her) make her depressed and the batfamily helps her through it

20.   Could you write a wing au with the wings mimicking emotions with Tim Drake please?

21.   For the fantasy au thing with winged people, could I please request Older Damian’s SO’s feathers falling out from stress and him trying to help her?

22.   I’m sorry if this is a bad request, you can change the aspects of it if you want to: I am a dragon AU (with any fandom or even not fandom related) but reader is a dragon and a knight has to slay the dragon but the knight can’t do it… Thus the knight sneaks out every night because become really good friends in the end of it. Anyway before I end this request I would like to say your writing is amazing and I can’t wait to read more from you!! Thanks for reading and keep up the fantastic writing!!

23.   Could you please do something with Bruce helping a batdaughter deal with a bad hit of fear toxin? It could be as sweet or angsty as you like, whatever you feel like doing!

24.   Hi!! Can I request an imagine Dick and batsis (reader) are in the same school event/gym class and it’s a sparring section and they laugh it all off, and have to deal with elementary level self defense class, maybe fording themselves to lose to dummies and then when they can finally spar each other they go all out? And the class goes crazy loving it? Also:: can you tag @batty4dc

25.   Hiiii I would like to request a fiction with jason, something like the reader can control the four elements and those are represented by the bat-boys (dick-water/ jason-fire / Tim-air / Damian- earth). The reader is obviously more interested in the fire element so jason. I really like something with some fluff but also passionate (like light smut if you do that). U don’t know if the request is clear but thank you.

26.   Older Batsis coming home from a rough night on patrol to find one of her brothers sitting on her couch? Whichever brother you prefer!

27.   Can I request Terry McGinnis w/ a telepathic/telekinetic s/o and they flirt a lot during patrol so Bruce always scolds them

28.   Is there any way you can do a part 2 to the Damian Wayne x reader My Mate?

29.   Can request jason flirting with a telepathic/telekinetic reader

30.   Hi! I was wondering if you could do this request for me? I want a Damian x Reader, Please! I was thinking that the plot could be that Damian used the bully the reader because maybe she was deaf or something like that. The bullying gets so bad that the reader switches school, and Damian feels so guilty. Years later, Damian sees the reader once more, and he tries to make amends. Angst at first then maybe something sweet? Thank you! Love your writing!

31.   Batboy of your choice dating a single mom

32.   Can you write an hc were Batmom has a daughter that’s in her teens that clings to Batmom and the boys think she’s an attention hog they wind up in a fit and she starts crying and Batmom comes in and stops them and they find out she has awake terrors and that’s why she’s clingy to mom because she’s scares so they start helping with her and now she’s clingy with all of them. Thank you for your time, bye.

33.   oh hi how about when reader died or get hurt really bad maybe after she get married to jason/Dami *boi you can chose* and she was pregnant if you chose to her to stay alive the baby died if you chose to her to die than both of them is dead :‘c sorry but I really need to read something sad #rosegurl🌹

34.   Can you do an imagine on being 16 and being the youngest member of the suicide squad and there all really protective of you and you start to date or something

35.   Ok, how about this. Damian with a neko reader. He would definitely go crazy and want to pet her ears. Please and thank you

36.   How would the JL and Batfam react if they found out that Batmom outsmarted the Joker on her own. Like he kidnaps her because hey Bruce, you’re rich af, and instead of crying and praying for rescue she scolds Joker and he’s like, wow ok, I see your point. He doesn’t immediately become a grade A citizen or something but, you get the gist. Thx love!

37.   “i didn’t mean to hurt your feelings” with Tim and jason please?

38.   hey can i get an older! Damián x reader imagine based on fools by lauren aquilina??

39.   Can I request a Tim X Reader? Where Tim meets the reader at a bookshop and they hit it off. Fluffyness please. Bonus if the rest of the Batfam teases Tim about her.

40.   Yes yes do a fix with Ariel and Damian I’m begging you ❤ and I love the prince of the sea, it’s so cute to think of Jay as innocent merman

41.   So I was going through your work and found this thing about batsis, and how villains loved her. And now all I can think is batsis having some recital or fucking graduation or something, and half the fucking crowd is there for her. There’s villains, anti-hero’s, super-heroes. Their all there for her omg.

42.   Oh oh oh can you write Jason being in love with reader who’s close friends with all the batboys and she’s especially close to dick and Jason gets jealous and upset and super insecure because he thinks she likes dick when in reality she’s in love with Jason (you can do the ending anyway you want)

43.  For face the music, how about some cute Connor x reader moments. Like he hears her laugh for the first time(really hard at that) then she’s about to walk out her her pajamas (I sleep with an over-sized shirt and my underwear cuz it’s hella comfy) And then some bonding time with Conner, Reader, and Talia?

44.  Hey! Can you please do another Nsfw to dick speaking Romanian? I just read the first one and I really really liked it

45.  Hey, could you pleaassee do something with a sick reader?? I’ve been trying to find one everywhere and can’t.

46. Part 2 for New Sons!

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|Imagine scolding Sam because he stayed up all night researching|

You walk into the library and you see Sam sat his head rested awkwardly against the table as you walked over he stirred slightly. “Sammy!” You shout and place you hand softly on his back, he groans in his sleep and you look at the laptop that lay open in front of him. “Sammy.” You shout again this time louder and he gums away his hand reaching to where his gun would usually be and he now pointed a pencil at you in a very odd manor.
“What! RAR!” He groans as he blinks the sleep out of his eyes I laugh as he grunts his perfect hair messed up.
“Sam, did you not go to bed last night.” You shout as you walk off he follows like a little lost puppy behind you.
“no sorry but I needed to…” He begins to say.
“Sammy, you didn’t need to do anything your health is more important that a stupid monster.” You bellow at him and you begin to sort the small coffee machine dean had bought filling it with the boys favourite brand of coffee and you begin to mix batter. “Sam you need to get sleep you need to eat right and both of you boys need to TAKE A BREAK!” You bark as you viscously mix the batter in the large mixing bowl. “You know what and for one week you boys would chill and not be bothered by blood thirsty demons, angels on a mission and everything going wrong.”
“Y/N, calm down please. The pancake batter did nothing to you, now about after this hunt Is over, all three of us head to Vegas, or Mexico maybe even Canada.” Sam said and it calmed you down.
“Yes, but for now go lie in bed and I will  bring you coffee and pancakes through or do I have to use my mom voice.” You laugh knowing that soon you would see the little one running round disturbing everything.
“But your mom voice is sexy.” He laughed as you kicked his arse playfully, he smiled and left.