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Located beside an open pasture in Lincoln, Massachusetts, sits this bizarre “ponyhenge.” Since 2010, a number of plastic, wooden, and metal horses have been mysteriously appearing along this country road. It’s unknown who leaves these little trinkets or why, but the family who owns the land has said that they find it “lovely.” Sometimes the horses will be arranged in an obscure fashion, whether all standing in a circle or even sitting around a table having a tea party. It seems as though the mystical collection is expanding almost daily.

Your OC wakes up in an odd location with a dull pulsing pain in their head. They’re not really sure why they are where they are and can’t remember much of the events that lead them there. They get up and make their way around looking for anyone familiar. But there’s no one. They move outside. No one there either. Soon they’ll find that the whole town is empty. They return to their house to find a note.

Where did they wake up? What does the note say?

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Has anyone ever come across you while you were filming something odd/filming outside and you had to give an explanation? Or if not, what would you tell them if they asked why you were dressed up weirdly, filming in an odd location?!

(( OOC: That was the first and only time I’ve ventured out of the house in cosplay, although I’ve had to pick Molly up from work in a beard once or twice…

Luckily we didn’t run into too many people that day. There were a few dog walkers, but of course both parties stuck to painfully British mannerisms with a simple nod and “good morning”. In these sorts of situations it is custom to furiously pretend there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to save everyone any potential embarrassment.

Welcome to England. ))


The flaming wreckage of a wrecked car was found in a ditch 4 miles from Highway 618 at 6 a.m. Monday morning. The cut brakes and odd location of the car suggest that this was no accident. Says a rookie cop, “Mighty suspicious. Mighty suspicious.”

In other news, leg warmers are all the rage this week and we predict this style will last forever.

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Oc w sleep edition Random ocs and lizsona 4, 6, 10, 13, 21 and 24!

4) which oc sleeps with stuffed animals?

6) which oc would be an absolute nightmare to sleep with (stealing blankets, cold feet, etc)?

plus while my feet are cold, the rest of my body is like an oven

10) how long does it take for your oc to fall asleep?

13) is your oc more likely to have a good dream or a nightmare?

21) what odd locations have your oc been found sleeping in?

24) what is your oc like immediately after waking up?

deadoffrogs  asked:

14 21 and 23 for random froggos :3

14 does your oc require certain conditions in order to fall asleep?

21 what odd locations have your oc been found sleepin in?

Well once Kimama got stuck in a vending machine trying to stel something out of it, she was there so long she fell asleep.

23 where is your oc’s typical napping spot?

well, Xero will sleep anywhere because he doesn’t care at all. Sometimes he even sleeps with his eyes open.

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pls blab abt her kagune & dad & mom & childhood ❤︎

    THIS IS SUPER LATE , but i actually have the will to write things so here we go ! 

* it is important to note that seiji and her siblings are half siblings.  her brothers are connected by the marriage of kyu chae’s mother and jaesoo’s father.  their connection post falling-out is through seiji and their mutual distaste for the ANTI-GHOUL establishment.    keep that in mind in regards to later understanding for the GHOUL GANG.

her mother.  eunha , was a ghoul female living in 9th district of seoul and was formerly married to sangkil. this union produced one child : the ghoul boy known as KYU CHAE.   of course , ghoul unions can never exist ( or end ) in peace ; so when the marriage is dissolved by death, eunha is not pleased.  the city sees a spike in GHOUL- RELATED terrors and deaths that were not solely confined to the 9th ward.  strange times, odd locations but a familiar means of devouring the human as well as returning the remainders of the corpse.    she was strange and her kills got attention.

attention is unwanted. SEOUL CCG picked up on it.  initially believed to be multiple ghouls, it quickly became evident that it was ONE ghoul.   a ghoul eating in the mutilation patterns of another ghoul.  perplexing. intentional.   there is a power chain within the organisation and currently, the head of it has deigned a mission. FIND A GHOUL.   love her  and create the most powerful weapon we can control.  there’s a man who smirks for his accomplishments, knowing he’s pulled MAMA GHOUL, the mother of grendel , from her lair.    jiwan is proud of his accomplishments.  he pushes his glasses up his nose and smiles.  he has his briefcase today ————— an actual briefcase. his work  is in the labs for now.  

meeting the ghouless.  seducing the ghouless.  this is no problem.  he plays the part of a human trapped in the HUMAN - GHOUL DICHOTOMY.  he is the tragic man , the one she can heal.    the marriage is easy.  the boys , kyu chae and jaesoo , are obviously different. their species. their hobbies. their sense of humor.   jaesoo returns to his biological mother often ———— HUMANS OUGHT TO BE RAISED AROUND OTHER HUMANS.   however the children are not the goal ; they are not what he’s here for.

it was all easy.  so easy so easy.   until he attempts to impregnate her.   her body rejects him.  first no conception, then a pre-development miscarriage.  three miscarriages.   so many tears , jiwan just wanted her to stop sobbing.  just to cease her bawling.   GIVE HER A BABY. GIVE HER A BABY , please.     he doesn’t know if he’s asking this for the sake of this mission or for the sake of his sanity.  shut this woman UP.   he prays , he prays ———– filthy man looks at the divine god and begs.  his prayers are answered.   eunha is pregnant and it survives.  she begs him to throw out those bottles of fetal blood.    he laughs.

eunha is sorrowful.  her daughter is born and immediately she was confiscated.  her young  brothers , the ghoul and the human , look upon her with curiosity..  her father looks at her with a distance.  a cold enthusiasm grips him when she hands over her daughter and her stomach sinks.  a name is given. no one remembers.  by the time the girl is three, she responds to her father’s cold call  ‘ SEIJI.’.    she is told to take the girl into the districts. teach her to hunt now.  it’s demanded.  he wants her to know what she is as a youth.  there is no childlike innocence.  

her daughter speaks slowly and infrequently.   her brothers have all left by the time she is 12.    she trips. she is thin, she is bruised and she loves her father, but sweet angel can’t you see : he cares NOTHING for you.    he is the man that cannot be fixed , the investigator not redeemed.  he is the one that has driven needles into your flesh and ripped your soul to sell to his god for the sake of MAN’S ‘protection’.      your mother let him into your home.   your mother died at his hands.   pleading for him to stay from you .    your mother was no longer needed.   love was no longer needed.   blood was needed and it was given and there was more and more and more ;  do not wonder why the WRETCHED EGG was born out of the blood. 

but do not mistake , unlike the other investigators the EGG has killed , her father allowed her to live.  his greatest creation could not be slain by his own hand.  he needs a test to see the extent of her love    to watch that monstrous KAGUNE rip form her spine and tear apart pesky ghouls at his demand.  

she has been battered and bruised. she has had her soul tested but left open for god.  she has been strangled. she has been abandoned and murdered and she has KILLED.     there was no ‘childhood’ , only faint memories of her mother’s arms as they cried.  the few letters from kyu chae ,   jaesoo’s hands coming to shove his sister only to gently pick her up.  

her life is a mess.    she remembers none of her past. : )

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21, 11 & 16 for spite!

21) what odd locations have your ocs been found sleeping in?
he fell asleep in a tree once, while stalking another villain. he falls asleep at the table in the bakery all the time too, and at the dinner table….he doesnt get a lot of sleep :/

11) does your oc remember their dreams?
unfortunately, yes. he does his best to not think about it, but sometimes little things will remind him of it, and he has a hard time dealing.

16) which oc sleep talks?
spite? no. he grinds his teeth sometimes, but mostly hes silent. if he did talk in his sleep, considering he has a lot of nightmares, itd be soft, quiet cries for help
or mumbles about the bakery downtown and its workers….

A remote controlled wheeled traffic cone. Cones are something of an inside joke to people who play URU. We would move them around in various ways. Make art out of them, surround someone with them, use code to put them in very odd locations, etc. I made this for a Mysterium in 2006. The motor I scavenged for this was woefully underpowered and by this picture it was on it’s last legs. I did get a pic ‘chasing’ Rand Miller (Atrus) with a cone though. Mission Accomplished. :)


of course.

Here we have a view toward the mostly stealthy constellation Lynx. The two brightest (the spiky ones) are nearby stars. The third is the remote globular star cluster NGC 2419, at distance of nearly 300,000 light-years. NGC 2419 is sometimes called “the Intergalactic Wanderer” due to its odd orbit and location in relation to the Milky Way. Roughly similar to other large globular star clusters like Omega Centauri, NGC 2419 is itself intrinsically bright, but appears faint because it is so far away. NGC 2419 may really have an extragalactic origin as, for example, the remains of a small galaxy captured and disrupted by the Milky Way. But its extreme distance makes it difficult to study and compare its properties with other globular clusters that roam the halo of our Milky Way galaxy.

Image Credit & Copyright: Bob Franke

Laura Carmichael: 'Downton was a miracle'
Robert, Earl of Grantham: “Poor old Edith, we never seem to talk about her.” Cora, Countess of Grantham: “I’m afraid Edith will be the one to take care of us in our old age”. Robert, Earl of Grantham: “Oh, what a ghastly prospect!”

More than that, Fellowes entrusted the final piece of filming of the entire Downton Abbey project to Carmichael, an unusually long two-hander between Lady Edith and someone she will intriguingly only identify as “a character who is not in it very long”. Could it be the prodigal Gregson, played by Charles Edwards? Carmichael remains sphinx-like and pours herself a cup of tea.

 “It was at one of these odd locations where you can’t film in the day”, she will say of this final scene. “And being a night shoot it just made it so much harder. Everyone had got dressed up, all of the crew were in period dress, so they’re having a jolly time, it’s four o’clock in the morning … and saying goodbye to something that’s been six years in the making. Julian was at the monitors. Michelle [Dockery] was doing the clapper-loader, and I was just, ‘Get the lines right…’ So it was quite a lot of pressure, and after [my lines] everyone’s going, ‘Are we saying cut? Are we saying cut? That’s a wrap.’ We’d got into this weird tradition of when an actor wraps they give a half-speech; I think I just cried.”

Theorizing: What’s the deal with the Lighthouse Gem?

In the episode ‘Horror Club’, Steven manages to find and bubble a Gem all on his own. As far as episodes go, it has several main purposes. It let’s Steven show some of his skills away from the rest of the Gem’s, demonstrating how his combat abilities, magic and empathy have grown. It fleshes out some backstory for Lars and Ronaldo, and let’s some different characters interact. And it’s also just a really fun Halloween-ish romp.

But in true SU style, I think that the episode also is subtly setting up for future plot. Because there’s a lot of stuff about the lighthouse Gem which seems very odd.

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