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what are the paladins favorite colors of lipstick for their s/o to wear? gotta leave cute kiss marks for them to notice in the mirror later! <3


  • he loves any shade of pink, especially more pastel tones!
  • Some shades of pink don’t show up well on his skin when you kiss him or leave hickies, but he thinks the color looks really cute on you


  • He prefers super bright red lipstick so everyone can see all the places you’ve kissed him ;)


  • prefers darker shades of red and black lipstick, he thinks they bring out your eyes!
  • although he’s not super into PDA and letting everyone know you two have been doing things, he secretly likes black the best because it stays on him the longest


  • They love it when you wear odd/uncommon colors of lipstick, like blue or purple!!!
  • bonus: Pidge knows how to do a bit of makeup, and likes to steal your crazy green lipstick and wear it so they can cover your face in it when they give you lil smooches <3


  • He thinks you look great with any lipstick color but he reallllllllllllly likes hot pink on you ;)
  • He always ends up kissing you a bunch and messing it up himself before you have the chance to leave marks all over his face and neck
July 29, 2016


Lipstick is an entirely foreign concept to me. I have no knowledge of its modern applications, only observational study of its application. Even with that I do not know a lot of concerning the matter. It is an instrument meant to be applied to the lips, the intention of which usually results in some sort of romantic gesture or simply beauty. But does it not feel odd?

Lipstick has never been something commonly found with the Winchesters or on a hunt, but Dean has sported their remains on more than one occasion. He thus, by extension, became the only one that could give me an answer as to just how and why.

Logically, it is understandable he spit out his coffee that day when I asked him how to apply lipstick and how to remove it if he knew. It is not a question he would be used to answering when surprised. At the time he sported one of the red marks I know was not as a result from blood, therefore he had to wipe it off anyway.

Dean never answered that question. He brushed off all potential moments on the matter as well. Lipstick and it’s similar products are still primarily unknown. The only thing that did result from the entire initial conversation was the fact that Dean made sure to never come back sporting any such marks again.



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the signs as inevitable but cute cosmetic things

aries: you are the excess glitter from the eyeshadow that falls under your eyes

taurus: you are the loose strings off of sweaters

gemini: you are a strikingly odd shade of lipstick

cancer: you are the mascara dots on the top of your eyelids

leo: you are foundation on a white shirt

virgo: you are crooked eyeliner wings

libra: you are the lipstick stains on the end of the straw in your drink

scorpio: you are the mascara stains on pillows when you forgot to take your makeup off the night before

sagittarius: you are the the lost bobby pins in the bottom of your purse

capricorn: you are the dark circles that concealer can’t quite catch

aquarius: you are the eyeliner tests on the back of your hand

pisces: you are the different colored nail polish on different fingers that have been tested in the store


My makeup for today. Gonna be try and test out all the new lipsticks I got for christmas last year. For today, I really wanted to wear out on of my new nyx wicked lippies and I based the look I did around that color. I used urban decay vice 2 and a tiny bit of sugarpill for the eyes, sonia kashuk for the cheeks, and nyx wicked lippie in the shade trickery for the lips

Inktober day 7! The Queen Bee! 🐝 I wanted to add yellow but I really like the black and white feel.

I’ve wanted to draw Chloe but wanted to wait until it was confirmed. Lots of spoilers! 😌 I really like the outfit with the angled lines.

Excited for some character development because something has to change with her attitude

pref #22: boyfriend does my makeup video (requested)

Can you please do a preference where you’re a YouTuber and do a boyfriend does your makeup video?

luke: “Okay, are you ready?” You asked your boyfriend, who sat cross legged on your bed next to you. He nodded his head yes as you hit record. “Hi, guys. I’m here with my boyfriend and he’s going to do my makeup today.” You said, poking his cheek. 

“Where do I start?” He asked you. 

“I can’t tell you that.” You giggled as he raised the eyeliner pencil to your face. 

He held your face still with one hand while he held the eyeliner in the other hand, “Alright, well I think this goes here.” He said, forcefully running it over your eyelid. “Stop moving!” He laughed. He put down the eyeliner and grabbed mascara, “Okay I swear I’ve seen you put this on your eyebrows before so I’m going to assume that’s where this goes." 

"That’s not what I u-” You said, but you stopped and let him keep going.

You felt him brush it against your eyebrows and then look horrified, “What did I just do? Oh God, babe I’m sorry.” He said, taking a wet cloth and scrubbing your eyebrows.

You swatted his hands away, “No, stop! You can’t wipe it off!”

He looked at you, black mascara now smudged down your face, “I suck at this.” He said, laughing.

michael: You sat down in front of the camera next to Michael, fixing your hair and pressing record. “Hi everyone!” Michael beamed.

“So it was requested a lot that Michael does my makeup, so that’s what we’re going to do that today.” You smiled and Michael laughed.

He squirted foundation into his hand and looked up at you, “Is this right?" 

"I don’t know.” You laughed. 

He smeared it all over your face, you tried to hold in your laughter as he spread it everywhere, even over your eyebrows. “Okay, so now I’m gonna use this thing.” He said, holding up a concealer stick, “It’s an odd color for lipstick.” He said, smearing it onto your lips. He looked confused when he looked at the result. “I know this goes on your eyelashes.” He said, pulling the mascara wand out. He ended up completely missing your eyelashes, causing a big black line under one of your eyes. “And that’s all I’m gonna do. I want you to go for the natural look.” He laughed.

calum: You looked at your face on the screen, your face was orange and you had lipstick outside the lines of your lips. You and Calum were bored during a livestream and you two decided that Calum should do your makeup. “Okay, now for the finishing touch.” He said, pulling out eyeliner. “Look at me.” He tilted your chin so your eyes met. You started to laugh as he concentrated on dragging it across your eyelid. His mouth trembled and he burst into laughter, dragging it across your face. 

“Calum!” You laughed, looking in the camera. There was a black line from the corner of your eye all the way down your cheek. “You suck.”

“You look perfect. You should wear that look to our next red carpet.” He laughed.

ashton: “Okay, I’m gonna put this on your cheeks.” He said, holding up a brush with way too much bronzer on it. He covered the entire right side of your face and then dipped it into the bronzer again, repeating it on the left side. You looked into the mirror, your face was about 3 shades darker than your foundation. 

“Oh my God. What did you do to me?” You laughed.

“Wait until it’s done, it’s gonna look great. Now stop moving.” He said, holding up the eyeliner pencil. He drew a crooked line above your eyelid, and then attempted to put on blush. He began to fill in your lips with bright red lipstick, but he started to laugh, “Babe, this looks terrible. I don’t know how you do this.”