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from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

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This was beautiful.


Here it is! This is my first oneshot and longest piece yet – please be kind. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Happy reading! xxh

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getting in a fight with harry and you almost break up and you have emotional sex where you’re both crying and stealing kisses and it’s raw and you’re both just so in love and i don’t know meaningful sex is so much better than just getting in each other’s pants when you feel like it – anon

Word count: 4.5k 

Genre: Angst/smut

Pairing: y/n & Harry

It was quite odd how you could feel so alone in a room so full of people.

Music jumping off of the walls, a steady bass thumping in your chest; laughter cutting through the air, cheers every so often as another round was poured out. The energy was addictive, yet you felt as if you were secluded in your own little bubble, away from everyone else and invisible to the party guests.

Harry stood beside you, happily buzzing with a glass of whiskey in hand. His laughs bellowed out from his chest and were much louder than normal – amplified by the alcohol pulsing through his body. He wasn’t drunk, but the extra confidence given to him by the glass he held was very obvious.

He’d turn to you, mouth parted and about to ask a question, but was swiftly pulled away by an eager acquaintance to congratulate him on ‘his big debut in Hollywood!’ or ‘his incredible new music!’. Harry was too kind to just brush off the compliment with a simple “thank you,” and was quickly taken up in another conversation, leaving you alone.

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Rodimus: Drift who do you think Megatron was a secret Conjux with Starscream or Optimus?

Drift: Rodimus you are being silly. Before I left a majority of the Decepticon army was positive it was Soundwave.

Rodimus:  That makes so much sense and I should have thought of it sooner.


Deathly God Parents! Opening Theme - DEATH NOTE (NETLFIX) PARODY

Reasons why the Sonic 1996 OVA is a masterpiece:

- Cute, with hilarious visual gags
- Wonderful and clean animation and character design
- Detailed and colorful backgrounds
- Metal Sonic
- Sonic and Tails live inside of a crashed jet airplane
- Old Man Owl wearing Sonic’s favorite clothes
- The fact Knuckles yells about people not letting him get his work done
- The fact Knuckles knows how to do mechanical work at all
- Metal Sonic and Sonic being synchronized so they can feel what the other feels and hear each other’s thoughts
- Eggman’s English dub voice
- Knuckles calling Sonic his best friend
- That one ridiculous kick Metal doles out to Sonic. You know the one.
- Metal mimicking Sonic’s nose rubbing
- The beeping noises Metal makes when he “talks” to Sonic 
- Overall ridiculousness. It’s 50 odd minutes of innocent lightness and fun.
- The subtle characterization of Knuckles flinching away from sunlight and being a treasure hunter
- “Turtle bomb ex machina”
- Knuckles’ hat on fire
- Knuckles’ hat in general
- Fitting soundtrack
- The fact that the Land of the Sky is resting on a SERIES OF GLACIERS ARE YOU KIDDING ME
- Eggman’s muscly helper ‘bots
- Metal and Sonic’s fighting
- Everyone falling asleep during Eggman’s Exposition Speech
- “There is only one Sonic”

☿ mind
  • Aries mercury: explosively comical, reactive, pioneering mind
  • Taurus mercury: flowery, artistic, serenely-meloncholic mind
  • Gemini mercury: fluttering, breathless, child-like wisdom mind
  • Cancer mercury: nocturnal, receptive, nostalgic mind
  • Leo mercury: passionate, idealistic, vividly-theatrical mind
  • Virgo mercury: synthesizing, intricate, cleverly-detailed mind
  • Libra mercury: dreamy-idealism, aesthetic, impartial mind
  • Scorpio mercury: psychologist, sixth-sense, investigative mind
  • Sagittarius mercury: dreamy-pilgrimage, cosmic, moralistic mind
  • Capricorn mercury: dignified, heavenly-like wisdom, methodical mind
  • Aquarius mercury: odd, universally-orientated, lighting-bolt mind
  • Pisces mercury: surreal, poetical, psychic-visionary mind