odd is our future

The Signs as Austra Songs  from “Future Politics”

Aries: Freepower
Come follow me
Together we are drastic in our voyage to proceed

Taurus: Beyond A Mortal -
I’m in love with your color
Changes my mood when it shines
Keeps me aligned

Gemini: We Were Alive
Doctor, what’s the cure for apathy?
Come and pick me up

Cancer: I’m A Monster -
Just like the morning when you’re gone
I’ve been believing that you’ll carry me away
But I don’t see no horse, and no carriage

Leo: I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
On top of it
Pulling out the nails
In a moment of calm
Still feels good
But it’s been so long

Virgo: I’m A Monster -
Keep me high, keep me thin
Carry on, keep it in
But I don’t feel nothing, anymore

Libra: 43 -
Do you acknowledge what I’m saying?
I love him more, I wish I could protect

Scorpio: Angel in Your Eye
I’m a chemical reaction and my elements are aligned
Baby if I hadn’t known you, then I couldn’t even start the fire
You’re still scaling the walls, looking for a way in

Sagittarius: Gaia -
The physical world
Is the only world
If you kill the ground you walk on
Nobody will take you anyway

Capricorn: We Were Alive -
Got no time to waste
‘Cause I’m poor and
If I get something good
I’m gonna take it

Aquarius: Future Politics -
I don’t want hear
That it’s all my fault
The system won’t help you when
Your money runs out

Pisces: Utopia -
I can picture a place where everybody feels it too
It might be fiction but I see it ahead
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

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Do you think Klayley will get together romantically this season? Or at the end of the show? Haylijah doesn't seem to be over yet and I doubt it will be. They're going to be shoving that romance down our throats this whole season and probably season 5. It made no sense since season 1 mostly because it was simply disgusting. How do you fall for your brother's baby mama or your nieces mom? It disgusts me also to see how everyone looks at the ship like it's normal. The incest dude. 😷

honey…don’t we all feel like this lmao

All i’m thinking and focusing on right now is how amazing and well-developed klayley has becomes to this point. They are without a doubt, the most strongest relationship on TO and I’m way too excited to see where another season might take them. Anything’s possible for them tbh they’ve shown countless times their ability to push boundaries and enact the unexpected so romance is still possible at this point despite haylijah’s current presence. No one can fight the fact that haylijah is unstable at the moment in comparison to klayley thriving on a well-adjusted support system and their withstanding loyalty and trust in each other so the odds are really in our favour. 

I mean, you can’t always compare future situations to the things we’ve witnessed in the past seasons cause the writer’s aren’t dumb. They’re surely aware that things change, people change, dynamics change and ofc characters change along with their association to things. They know things can’t always stay the same when it can’t and I’m just holding on to the hope that nearing the end of the series, they’re now finally able to actively express those changes in the story. Like, we’re talking about endgames here. Things that need time to gradually boil over and plant thoughts in the character’s mind about certain things like starting something new or breaking up or realising things. It’s really a slow process, one we’ve all been on since season 1. 

Just have faith in your ship and know that they’ve already come this far. As far as any other ship could ever come. 




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This… Wasn’t right.

Well, of course it wasn’t right. The first thing Garnet had noticed was that she was in Pearl’s room. Normally she would have been starting the day out by being in the basement, since that typically was her domain. But she wasn’t there. Instead, she had been brought back to conscious thought by the sound of rushing water and the realization that there was something amiss in the universe. The first indication, apart from realizing she was in Pearl’s room, was the lack of a third eye.

For an instant, Garnet thought that perhaps she had unfused during the night and was simply Ruby again. But that raised the questions of how she had wound up in Pearl’s room without any conscious memory of going there and where on Earth Sapphire had gone. Just in case she really was just Ruby, she decided to try calling out to her.

“Sapphire?” Garnet called, but she was met with the sensation that Sapphire was still with her. They were still together, but… Somehow not? How was that possible? She was starting to freak out a little by that point. Not having a third eye was fine, she supposed, but things were starting to get weird for her. She stood up and started to try and leave the room, but and while doing so she found herself plunged into the water and having to resurface near the door.

That… That shouldn’t have happened! Why had that happened? Surely future vision would have told her…

…She didn’t have it.

Her eyes grew wide and she started to worry more. What had happened in the night that had stripped her of her third eye and future vision? It was as she was starting to make sure the rest of her body was still okay that she touched her forehead. There, she felt a singular round, almost oval-shaped gem. That was when she realized it.

She was in Pearl’s body. That explained why she had been in Pearl’s room to start with. But if she was in Pearl’s body, then that meant that Pearl was…

…Going to most definitely be freaking out.

After ridding herself of water as best she could, Garnet took action and started to try and make her way to the basement. It was simple enough, since she knew the layout of the temple just as well as the rest of them, but she still didn’t know for sure if Pearl would even be there. She had to call her and hope for the best.

“Pearl!” Garnet called out. While she did have a vague idea of where Pearl would be, she couldn’t say it with certainty. Future vision would have told her under any normal circumstances, but now she didn’t have it. She was going to have to hope that she could find her where she thought she might be.

When Pearl found herself in Garnet’s room, she was immediately confused. No one went there except Garnet. What’s going on? she asked herself silently.

She very quickly came to regret that question – or would, if she knew what was going on. The next thing to happen was innocuous, but it suddenly retraced, and again and again, each time becoming more and more distressing, and her alarm only seemed to make things worse. By the time the spell was broken by someone calling her name, she was shaking, crying as she watched the Earth inexplicably start to shatter from the inside as some bizarre Gem monster “hatched,” knowing their deaths were inevitable.

It took a moment for her to come back to her present senses. She really hoped it was Garnet who had come in; Garnet was always so good at reassuring her. And at knowing what was going on. What she didn’t expect, of course, was to turn and see… herself.

With a startled yelp, Pearl fell backwards, landing on her butt. Which was surprisingly… sturdier than normal. She reached to wipe at her eyes and touched… a visor? She took it off and stared at it, feeling something strange on her forehead as she blinked in surprise. She reached up to rub at it when she flinched, having nearly poked herself in the eye.

The eye?

On her forehead?

She looked down at her body, finally, then back up at herself – how she was supposed to look, at least. “G-Garnet?!” she squeaked, face flushing.


No, Earth Is Not Overdue For A Massive Asteroid Strike

“The odds of a massive asteroid strike are lower than they’ve ever been at any point in Earth’s history. Small asteroids will still hit us and we should still invest in the study and exploration of our Solar System and beyond, but we shouldn’t be afraid. The “quietness” of the past few millennia doesn’t mean we’re overdue for a city-killer asteroid; if anything, it means we’re living in a period of relatively low risk. Don’t let the catastrophic consequences in the game of “what if” blind you to the realities that of all the natural and human-caused disasters facing Earth, asteroids aren’t the one that should be topping our priority lists.”

Between recent statements from NASA, the American Geophysical Union and Los Alamos National Laboratory, you might think that humanity is overdue for a catastrophic impact from outer space. Indeed, it’s been a long time since we’ve had one that was very destructive, and other than the 1908 Tunguska blast, we haven’t had one that even registered on the Torino Scale in millennia. But the lack of recent events doesn’t mean that our odds of having one are increased in the near future. Quite to the contrary: they are likely a symptom of the fact that we’re living in an epoch where the odds of an impact are among the lowest they’ve ever been in human history. While the probability is still non-zero in any given year, and while space exploration and studying our Universe is of great importance, it isn’t to save our world from a killer rock from outer space.

It’s possible to be aware of an appreciate space without being terrified of it. Find out what the science actually says!

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to.

Hit shuffle on your iPod, Phone, iTunes, Media Player etc and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.

One rule: No skipping.

  1. Omissions - The Mothership
  2. Live-In Skin - Foo Fighters
  3. Clap Your Hands - A Tribe Called Quest
  4. Time Jazz - Biffy Clyro
  5. Unforgiven - Beck
  6. World of Lines - Coheed & Cambria
  7. Shine - Black Gold
  8. Aurora - Foo Fighters
  9. Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
  10. Lions - The Features
  11. Wanna Know - Obie Trice
  12. Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight
  13. Home - Foo Fighters
  14. Blue Randy - Beck
  15. Unbelievers - Vampire Weekend
  16. Cocoa Butter Kisses - Chance the Rapper
  17. Ill Vibe - Busta Rhymes
  18. Attention - The Raconteurs
  19. Always There In Our Hearts - The Flaming Lips
  20. Snow White - Odd Future
SMA Sneak Peek || Chapter Seven: Flow Resonant


There was a light nudge.

Then a less light one.

Mrmph,” came the sleepy groan, and after a moment, a heavy-lidded green eye cracked open to a shadow-draped Stefan staring back in the darkness, outlined only by the faint light spilling in from the hallway. “Jesus, serial killer much?”

“We have a problem.”

“Keep waking me up like this and we’re going to.” Her brow furrowed suddenly, hand slipping up to rub her eyes. “Weren’t you heading out like super early today?”



And,” he echoed, heading over to her window and pulling the curtains open with a flat, unceremonious flourish, “we have a problem.”

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