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I think a lot of people don’t know how the world works, so let me demonstrate why guns need to be accessible with the wholesome, comprehensible power of stick figures.

That guy on the left is Philip, and he’s pissed. It may be for money, boredom, disregard for human life, or maybe even supernatural possession, but he wants to walk into Building and murder everyone.

In this scenario, guns are accessible to the public.

Oh shit. Everyone’s gonna die. But that may not be the case. For you see, EVERYONE can go through the process to get a gun. Ergo…

Look at that. The odds are even. That guy has the ability to carry a gun. The odds are even.

These guys can get guns too. Suddenly, the odds are stacked for everyone surviving Philip’s rage.

Now, let’s look what happens if nobody can access guns.

Everything loo-


Wait, why does Philip have a gun? Those are illegal! Let me extrapolate. Philip is planning mass murder. So he’s not worried about breaking the law to get a gun unlawfully. And unless anyone here is also a frequenter of the Black Market, it looks like this Building is about to become a Morgue.

Is it obvious why guns should be accessible now?

One time I saw a post here on tumblr where someone said that every bisexual they’ve ever met does finger-guns and as I truly contemplated that statement, reflecting on myself, I thought “I don’t do finger guns…” then, yesterday, I was washing my hands in the bathroom, thinking about I don’t even know what and I realized that I do the noise that goes with finger guns.  I froze, looked up at myself in the mirror and realized I do use finger guns except I only do one and I felt oddly validated in my sexuality. the end.

OTs-20 Gnom -  12.5x40mm STs-110

A rather odd gun, the Gnom serves as one of the few revolvers to come out of Russia. Intended originally to replace the older Makarov PM with street police, it was to be a very large caliber 5 shot revolver. 

The Gnom is also interesting in it’s ammo, 12.5x40mm. Derived from the 32 Gauge shotgun shell, this was intended to maximize stopping power as well as allow more different loading than other revolver cartridges. This included a number of less-lethal ammo consisting of rubber baton rounds or tear gas. Even more so, the guns are smoothbore so these custom rounds can work.

Due to this, the guns are fairly inaccurate at anything past close range, and this left them a bit unliked in the hands of Russian police. So far only 200 guns have been made since the program began in 1993, mostly used by the MVD who need a large caliber option.

Rules: Use the prompt to write a scene or short story. 

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Prompt: “I’ll shoot. I mean, you thought I actually loved you?”


“I’ll shoot.” 

Kay froze in place, stiff as a statue but for the locks of dark hair that slipped out from behind her over-sized ears. Her outstretched arm trembled, but she did not dare pull it back. “Ya woul’na. Ya - ya took me in! Ya gave me clothes and foods an’ - an’ –” She stumbled over the words until they collapsed in her mouth.

“You… you thought I loved you?” Tia scoffed. The tip of her long barreled gun lifted the fell the slightest bit. “You? A slimy little, filthy-fingered thief! I took you as an experiment, to see which of my prized treasures you would decide to filch. And now – now I know.” Her finger tightened around the trigger. “Step away from the cookie jar.”

This was it. Now or never.

Kay drew in a sharp breath. “Ya gotsa kill me for you’ll take my chocola’e chip!” She shoved her hand into the jar.

The marshmallow gun whirled to life, put-put-put’s sounding as the extra large white balls of sugar smacked into Kay’s body. She shrieked with glee, shielding her face with a plate-sized chocolate chip cookie. 

Tia laughed malevolently. Tossing the gun on the counter, she scooped up Kay and wiggled her fingers into the girl’s stomach, distracting her just long enough to snatch the cookie away and set it off to the side. “I love you, but those are for after diner.” 

Kay grumbled. “Wha’ bou’ Marshmallows?” 

“… You can have two.”


FN FS2000

Bullpup rifle composed almost entirely of polymer, the FS2000 is chambered in 5.56x45mm/.223. Although it’s select-fire model, the F2000, has been adopted by some military forces in several countries, the civilian model was discontinued. This has caused their price to rise quite a bit, making them an odd collectable. (GRH)

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Why do you think coldwave is super canon plausible? Sorry if you answered this a long time ago.

The fact that they’re interpersonally compatible is a given by them being friends since Len was 14, and having worked closely together off and on likely for the majority of their adult lives, even if it wasn’t all them working together for years straight or anything.

They love each other, we know that. Len in Legends S1 (I’m ignoring that Aruba bullshit) would lay down his life for Mick, and in fact did at the end of S1. Mick followed Len on this journey in the first place and I personally believe part of why he came back around after Len died was to honor Len’s memory and sacrifice, and because he was inspired by Len.

And though they’re often at odds, pulling their guns on each other, they have a natural ebb and flow. They understand each other. They have secret codes and a very deep shared understanding and intuition for one another on a job and in almost any space. They literally move in sync in the first few episodes of Legends. They communicate a lot without words and trust each other pretty implicitly, which is why betrayals outside their norm feel so heavy to each of them when they occur. 

And then there’s this:

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They’re partners. That’s love. And I’m not against reading it as platonic love, but I can see quite easily how it could be them in love, in their own way.

Timeline of the 41st Millennium: 959-961.M41

* The Pandorax Campaign - The Battle for Pandorax.

Lord-Admiral Kranswar knew that he was in a dangerous position. Although the number of escort vessels under his command roughly matched those in the combined Chaos fleets, he was heavily outgunned and outnumbered in terms of capital ships. The only real advantage he held lay in the number of fast attack craft he had; the launch bays on the Revenge and Stalwart gave him a two-to-one advantage over those carried by the Chaos ships. In order to maximize this strength, Kranswar decided to hold the Revenge and Stalwart back, while the rest of his ships advanced to engage the Chaos fleet. While the bulk of his ships tried to keep the Chaos fleet at arm’s length, his two carriers would launch successive waves of attack craft, tasked with overwhelming the squadrons defending the Chaos ships, and inflicting as much damage as possible. Hopefully, by the time the two fleets came to grips properly, the attack craft would have wreaked enough destruction to even the odds in the ensuing gun battle.

Unfortunately for Kranswar, while his plan was strategically sound, it lacked guile. Although Abaddon was still on Pythos commanding the ground campaign, his chosen lieutenant, Chaos Warlord Malgar Irongrasp, was a veteran of hundreds of space battles and had guessed what Kranswar’s strategy was likely to be even before his sensors picked up the positions of the ships in the Imperial battlefleet. Irongrasp’s ships tore forth from the Adamantium Fields like a battering ram, striking straight towards the heart of Kranswar’s leading flotillas. Smashing through the screen of Imperial attack craft, they gave Kranswar’s ships no time to carry out the dainty maneuvers that he had transmitted to his command.

A furious close range battle erupted, as the Chaos fleet ploughed in amongst the ships of the Imperial advance guard, their immense, rippling broadsides illuminating their flanks. Hundreds of attack craft swirled and battled around the miles-long capital ships, while squadrons of escort vessels engaged in deadly close range gunnery battles. Kranswar desperately ordered his ships to disengage. Although they had suffered heavy damage, they had given as good as they’d gotten, and if he could just buy enough time to rearm and refuel his now depleted attack craft, the battle could still be won. The Imperial ships executed Kranswar’s orders with a stoicism bought through many long hours of careful training. The Imperial capital ships, screened by their escorts, broke away from the Chaos fleet, while the surviving attack craft headed back to the Revenge and Stalwart to re-arm.

However, Irongrasp had foreseen this reaction too. Unnoticed at the back of the Chaos warfleet, the Might of Huron, a Slaughter class cruiser, fired up the huge thruster arrays which define ships of that infamous class, and powered full speed ahead towards the Imperial carrier ships to the rear of the Imperial formation. Mysteriously, its tractors dragged a huge asteroid along behind it. The purpose of the asteroid was revealed as the Might of Huron closed with the Revenge and Stalwart: the interior of the massive rock was hollow, and inside were hidden scores of Black Legion and Red Corsairs boarding parties, supported by Dreadclaw assault pods and short-ranged orbital flyers. As it neared the Revenge, the Might of Huron released the asteroid, which drifted directly towards the Imperial craft. As soon as it was close enough, tractor beams inside the asteroid grappled the Imperial battleship, and chanting covens of Chaos Sorcerers loosed a barrage of psychic attacks that tore down the Imperial ship’s defensive shields and blinded its short-range batteries. As soon as the Revenge’s energy shields went down, hundreds of assault pods were launched at the now defenceless craft, and a massive boarding action erupted amidst the launch bays and corridors of the ship. The Chaos Space Marines in the boarding parties were quickly reinforced by hosts of horrifying Daemons, which poured from Warp portals that began appearing all across the ship. Within moments, the Revenge was engulfed in a furious battle.

Leaving the boarding parties to deal with the Revenge, the Might of Huron went after the Stalwart, which was ill-suited to a close-range gun battle with the heavily armed Chaos craft. At a stroke, Warlord Irongrasp had turned the tables on the Imperial fleet, negating any advantage the Imperial attack craft might have given them, and leaving them fatally split. Meanwhile, the rest of the Chaos fleet was able to concentrate on crushing the ships of Kranswar’s advance guard. Once these ships were destroyed, Irongrasp could finish off the Revenge and Stalwart, if anything remained after the brutal pummeling each was sustaining. As Admiral Kranswar took personal command of one of the security battalions, he knew that his command was almost certainly doomed to destruction. He offered his soul to the immortal Emperor, for it would take a miracle to save his fleet.

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If you're still taking requests, could we get a shot of Lúcio saving Akande from an attack and getting hurt? Maybe Symmetra is the one that hurts him while trying to kill Akande. Lúcio just doesn't want anyone dying and is a reckless like shit.

Your request is served.

Le notes: To be as close to your request possible in this, Lucio isn’t with Overwatch yet and Sym is still with Vishkar.

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catch me having a full & total Emotional Breakdown about the fact that however far in the future iw happens, bucky’s back n ready to fight with the exact same fuckin m249 light machine gun he used at the end of cacw