odd future wolf gang kill em all

passive aggressive anon to my mutual: lol so just a question…. but you haven’t addressed the fact that you follow computwerworm and theyre rlly problematic??? (:

my mutual, who listens to odd future wolf gang kill em all: Alright, um, Wolf Haley, Odd Future, Wolf Gang nigga
You know what, you know fuck it
I don’t even wanna go
I’m gonna let my little brother Earl Sweatshirt get on you niggas
Hey Earl, hit em

me, someone that listens to odd future wolf gang kill em all, in the replies:  So I’m guessin’ there’s questions that need addressing, huh?
Like how we fresh in our adolescence and wrecking ‘em
Hand'em tracks, he destined to make a mess of 'em
Snapping necks and records in matter of seconds check 'em son


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hanbeabara  asked:

fuck j cole

Fuck 2 Dope Boyz! Odd future wolf gang we kill em ALL golf wang sticker on that trash wang loiter squad flog gnaw O F W G K T A YEAH you know its 7 letters long GOLF WANG up in this bitch LITTER LIFE up in this bitch.