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Set of Tyler the Creator themed stickers in honor of the release of Scum Fuck / Flower Boy. Follow me on instagram to purchase a pack. 

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Tyler the creator has been my biggest inspiration in life since 6th grade and I just graduated. Tyler influenced a whole generation to “fuck age live dreams and have fun” he taught us to be ourselves at all times no matter how weird of stares we may get, no matter what people think, he taught us to be leaders and to stand up for what we believe in. Tyler the Creator will always be my biggest inspiration in life and I’m so proud to see how far he’s come and his improvement from the Bastard days to now.

S U M M E R 1 7 P L A Y L I S T

Swim good- Frank Ocean
Don’t touch my hair- Solange
Baby boy- Childish Gambino
Self Control- Frank Ocean
Electric Relaxation- ATCQ
Sunday Candy- Donnie trumpet & the social experiment
Woman- Harry Styles
Pink matter- Frank Ocean
Biking- Frank Ocean
Don’t- Bryson Tiller
The Louvre- Lorde
Supermodel- SZA
Wild Thoughts- Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
Mabidda Riddim- Drake
Redemption- Drake
Writer in the dark- Lorde
Drew Barrymore- SZA
Shining- Beyoncé, jay z
Blem- Drake
Party Monster- The Weeknd
No Makeup (her vice) - Kendrick Lamar
She - Tyler the Creator
Forest Green- Odd Future
High by the Beach- Lana del Rey
This is what makes us girls- Lana del Rey
Good to Love- FKA twigs
Bad at Love- Halsey
Location- Khalid
Father Stretch my hands- Kanye West
Super Rich Kids- frank ocean
Pink + White- Frank Ocean
Blue Velvet- Lana del Rey
The space program- ATCQ
White teeth teens- Lorde
A world alone- Lorde
Bad Liar- Selena Gomez
Baby Blue- Action Bronson, Chance the rapper


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