odd dolls

@sixpenceee asked for creepy dolls and I deliver with the doll my grandmother made for me as a child. I believe I’ve shared on my personal the story behind these… lovely dolls, but to sum it up, my grandmother was a packrat and when we went through her things after she passed there were. Hundreds. Of these doll heads and hands. The only plastic parts of the doll you see before you now.

It’s somewhat cute but in the same breath it’s just… why. Why. 

P.S. if someone can tell me where she could’ve gotten the heads/hands for these dolls, I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it.

Hannibal Lecter found the child laying unconscious, covered in blood, scrapes and bruises, in the middle of the forest where he usually disposes his murder evidences. The area where the boy sprawled were covered with signs of a major struggle. Evidences of blood spatters and deep gouge marks on the dirt that looked like nail (or claw?) marks scattered around the general vicinity. A small humanoid-like doll, black as ink, antlers sprouting on top of its head, with creepy blank eyes, sat unassumingly, next to the boy as if guarding him from any predators. He could have left the boy alone (it’s not polite to poke into other people’s business) but curiosity got the best of him, so he took the small boy and the odd doll home with him.

Once home, Hannibal immediately tended to the young child’s wounds and cleaned the blood and dirt off of him as best as he could. Hannibal noticed that the boy looked underfed and sickly but he still appears to be pleasing to the eyes, petite and fae-like even (”Like Mischa”, whispered his inner subconscious), with a mop of warm chocolate curls and fair skin tinged pink. Hannibal assumed that the boy may be approximately around the age of four or five years old. He discovered that the young boy’s name is Will Graham based from the name tag that was stitched in the inside of the boy’s shirt collar. Hannibal left the boy to rest in his guest room and went down to the kitchen to prepare lunch for himself (with extras for Will, just in case he woke up).

It was not until late into the evening that Will finally gained consciousness. Hannibal was sitting in the living room near the fireplace with a book in hand when he heard the noise of soft footsteps coming down from the stairs. The light pitter patter stopped right in front of the living room door, going no further. Hannibal did not bother to acknowledge the boy’s presence and instead continued his reading unperturbed. He wanted the child to come to him, not the other way around. However, after forty minutes of undisturbed reading (and waiting), Hannibal decided to sneak a glance at the resolute child. Beautiful limpid-wet blue eyes greeted -stunned!- him immediately. The boy quickly averts his eyes downwards, brown curls flopping down to shield his eyes protectively, when he caught hold of Hannibal’s sneaking glances. Hannibal felt his resolve crumbled and got up to greet the child properly.

Hannibal walked up to the young ‘fae’ and crouched down to his eye level (in hopes to be able to look at those arresting blue eyes once again) and finally addressed him, “Hello, Will.”. The boy stayed silent, eyes still glued to the floor. Hannibal introduced himself to the boy, “My name is Hannibal Lecter. I am a medical intern at a nearby hospital. I tended to your injuries. How are you feeling?”. Silence. He patiently tried to engage with the small child again, “I found you in the forest this morning. You were alone and injured. Do you want to tell me what happened, Will?”. Another long stretch of silence. “Where is your mother and father? Do you know how to contact them, Will?” asked Hannibal. Again, Will remained quiet. There was a high possibility that the child might be traumatized thought Hannibal. “I can help you. Let me help you. Please trust me, Will” Hannibal all but plead. The only answer Will gave was a tiny sniffle and the tightening of his hold on the doll.

Hannibal finally noticed the doll that Will was tightly clinging on to. It was odd how he had failed to notice the presence of the doll while talking to Will all this while. He dismissed the random thought quickly and decided to change his tactics. “That is a very interesting doll you have there Will.” Will gave a tiny fidget. “What is it suppose to be by the way?”, prompted Hannibal. Nothing came out of Will for quite sometime and Hannibal was on the verge of giving up until, “Wendigo.”, whispered Will.

“Pardon?” said Hannibal in an even tone while expertly masking his surprise at the sound of Will’s small voice (how melodic).

The doll was clutched even tighter by the child (a form of self-comfort or…?). Suddenly, Will raised his head, face white as if leeched of all blood, staring at Hannibal straight on, pinning him on the spot with his wide teary eyes full of barely contained fear and stuttered, “W-wendigo. He eats people.”

Shocked at the display of sudden boldness and eerie statement, Hannibal remained rooted to the spot staring at doll in Will’s hands. Everything went deadly quiet and darkness seemed to creep into every corner of the room. The sun had gone down a long time ago, leaving the room with little light except from the fire burning from the fireplace. Hannibal kept his gaze on the white eyes of the little humanoid-doll which seems to glimmer and shine in an uncanny way, as if it was sentient. The occupants in the room stayed still for a long time until Hannibal broke the uncomfortable silence.

“Well, you don’t have to worry my dear child. We shall be best friends, your Wendigo and I.” said Hannibal, eyes glinting with secret malicious glee.



I dunno what happened man?! It started with a cute drawing of kid!Will with youngmedicalintern!Hannibal but then my brain went all “Dude! Write some fluffy shit down!” and I was like “Okie dokie artichokie!” and somehow the fluff turned into something with a young-Hannibal-is-still-a-cannibal, a spoopy wendigo doll and an innocent-traumatized-but also creepy-kid-Will! Someone please take my keyboard away from me! I am not a writer! Someone also take over this weird af fanfic! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!