odd clouds

I’m sorry but there’s that gifset going around from THOB of Sherlock dismissing Henry’s plot of him suppressing his childhood trauma and turning it into a dog as “Boring!” and people are like “OMG they’re so stupid!!!! XDDDDD They called their own plot stupid years ago!!!1 XDDDDDD What terrible writers!!! We’re so much smarter :3”

Uhhh okay, listen, that’s a really weirdly specific plot to just re-create by accident…..Unless……….UNLESS………..They’re self-aware and it was intentional! :O

I tried so hard for us. I tried to find the needle in the haystack. I tried to find the ray of sunshine breaking through the cloudy sky. I tried my best to make us okay. To make us better. You never tried once. And eventually, I stopped trying, and we stopped working. Funny how they say “try your best,” but even my best wasn’t good enough.
—  11:06pm thoughts// try, try again, but when do you finally stop?

Man… I wish there was an apparel like mists and smokes and stuff. Like I mean the mystical candles do a good job but I want the full on wisps of black smoke with embers floating in them, odd arcane sparks and purple mists, white and cold with tiny sparkles as if there are ice crystals in there…
I want thick steam and floating clouds of pollen, and clouds…
A strange haze with faint spores glowing, the kind that thickens and disorients,
The odd dreamy cloud mist…

More ambient apparel tbh.


More odd light in the clouds over Donat’s Peak and Spitzenberg Hill, and out to Hawk Mountain and the Pinnacle. It stretched for miles to the west as the sun rose behind clouds in the east.

I haven’t seen this supposed “confirmed that Cloti isn’t cannon,” post or article from Square that’s been going around. If anything, I feel like it would stupid since Square has dropped major bombs confirming that Cloud and Tifa do in fact share feelings for one another. I have no idea who started this rumor, but it needs to be stopped.

SIDE NOTE: If you ship Cloud or Tifa, with anyone else, I do not hate said person nor the ship.


MY FAVORITE SONG: March 3rd, 2016

N*E*R*D - “Inside of Clouds (Tyler, The Creator Remix)” (Inside of Clouds)

This is one of my top favorite N*E*R*D songs, ever. I’ll get into talking about the actual song in another post, probably about the actual song itself. But this remix has some significance.

I heard about Odd Future in late-2010. But it wasn’t until early 2011 when they were announced for Coachella that I really decided to dig into their music. I’d like to consider my friends and I as part of the first generation of Odd Future kids. Before there was GOLF, before Earl came back, before Camp Flog Gnaw, back when people chanted “Wolf Gang!” instead of “Golf Wang,” there was just Tyler, Odd Future, and the music.

I can’t recall if this song came out before Coachella. I don’t think it did because I had never heard it until that day.

Our entire group made our way to the stage for OF about two sets early. We sat through Excision and Skrillex, slowly making our way to the front so that we could get a good view. After Skrillex was done, we lost our friends, but Andres and I were dead center for Odd Future, on the gate. The set started, Tyler runs out in his green beanie mask and he gets right in our faces, screaming the lyrics to “Sandwitches” at us. The crowd was too crazy and eventually I made my way out to buy a gatorade.

They started running through a group of Mellowhype, Domo and Mike G songs, while I was out. By the time I made my way back, I was in the center once again, but maybe what would be 15 to 20 rows back, if there was seating. “Inside of Clouds” comes on. I never heard the song, so I assumed it was just a new Tyler song. Then, a figure in a white tee, BBC hat and light blue jeans emerges.

I start freaking out because I know EXACTLY who that is. Pharrell! Not only was I hyped to see Pharrell, but I was excited for Tyler to be on stage with his idol at Coachella, performing a song together. Remember, this was 2011, and I believe the first time they ever shared a stage together. I was alone at this point, but I was freaking out and screaming at the top of my lungs. The people around me were wondering why I was freaking out so much.

That was it. My voice was killed. By the next morning, I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t make a noise. My throat was shredded. I literally had no voice. I lost my voice for an entire week as a result. It was insane.