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Emotionally Crippling Movies.
  • The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower
  • The Fault In Our Stars 
  • The Notebook
  • A Walk To Remember
  • Keith
  • The Lakehouse
  • Dear John 
  • The Vow
  • Charlie St Cloud 
  • The Lucky One
  • The Time Travelers Wife 
  • Tuck Everlasting 
  • Remember Me 
  • The Last Song
  • Pride and the Prejudice
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Odd Thomas(Even though its too devastating for this list)

Coming soon

  • If I Stay
  • The Best Of Me

Add your devastating movies to the list. 

  • Me: I love you!
  • Brendon: I love you too!
  • - an actual conversation that took place between myself and Brendon Boyd Urie a week ago (I'm still so happy I literally have no words)

When I am sad and had a rough day : I just draw my fav headcanons.

That being picturing most of my favs as trans dudes.

Here is a list of said headcanons for Cloud that fit just that: 

  • - Nibelheim’s kids rejecting him came from also having the adults talk crap about “ the girl who wanna be a boy” and telling their kid not to approach him.
  • - His mother strongly defending him even in the face of the backlash that resulted.

  • - Tifa being among the only ones to call him by the appropriate pronouns back as kids.

  • - Him trying to enter SOLDIER/wanting to be like Sephiroth was also done in a way to prove he was strong enough and a “real man’’. Proving wrong to everyone saying he couldn’t.

  • - Zack finding out after thinking it odd that Cloud couldn’t go past infantryman event though the dude was CLEARLY really skilled with a sword for his rank.

  • - Zack going into protective mode every time anyone would give Cloud even just a little too long stare. ( also using his rank to help Cloud out of the discrimination the company cause him.)

  • - After the Nibelheim incident and the experiments. Jenova’s cells inside Cloud ( which we all know their effects include body metamorphosis to change it’s appearance to whatever it wants.) changed Cloud’s body to fit his gender identity because of said morphing abilities.

  • - After Tifa reunited with him in Midgar, she clearly noticed the body change and it just added to everything else that was wrong with Cloud at the time. ( When questioned about it , he deny being a trans dude at all and act as he always was a cis-dude.)  She highly doubted that Shinra had the capacity or even just the will to pay for such an extensive set of operations that seemed way too perfect and unnoticeable compared to other trans people she knew. She started doubting her own memory until she learns the truth much later.

  • - One of the many reasons they adopted Denzel beause Cloud couldn’t conceive 

Feel free to add your owns/draw anything about it, seeing more trans-Cloud headcanons always makes me so happy ~

I drew my mage adoptable! I decided to name him Ida and me and my friends have come up with some cool traits for him.

- The first time he tried magic without his ‘wizard companion’ he turned himself into a hermaphrodite and was too lazy to fix it.
- He’s super chill and shy but the second he gets close to other people they realize he might be a little insane.
- He’s on the FBI watchlist for reckless endangerment (he almost took out a floor in an apartment building by accident)

Anyway this is also like my first piece of digital art where I tried to make it look good so any constructive criticism is helpful.

Thanks again for making him!
- ☁️

oh my god he’s BEAUTIFUL :’D

for your first digital art piece, i’d say you’re doing very well! the only nitpick i have is that the legs are angled an awkward way, but otherwise your anatomy is pretty spot-on. keep going at it, cloud friend!

That Night In New Mexico. (Chapter One)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader. (Eventually)

Summary: Y/N Lewis never thought that she would meet a Norse god, much less be the soulmate of one. Nor did she think that her sister would be the soulmate of some agent at equipment stealing FBI type “company” called S.H.I.E.L.D. But hey, who said life was easy?

A/N: I got this idea a while ago while watching Thor, and I’m finally writing it. This part is just a copy of the novelization, besides the added character - Reader - and the whole soulmate concept, but in future chapters it will all be original. Also, this chapter focuses more on Jane.

Sorry for any typos!

Warnings: Hitting people with a car by accident?

Word Count: 4,541. (Ow)

The desert air was dry and still. In the small town of Puente Antiguo, New Mexico, the stores were closed for the night, and the houses were quiet. The local residents were tucked inside, eating dinner or watching television. Parked in the only street that led in and out of town was an old, beat-up Pinzgauer utility vehicle. A young woman sat in the driver’s seat, staring out at the desert just beyond, while next to her, an older gentleman read through various papers on his lap.

The van started up and headed out of town into the dark desert. For a while, there was only the sound of the wind through the open windows and there occasional beep from the computers.

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missingmywing  asked:

For your things to do: Would another Strifesodos dragon AU be okay? I have a deep seated love for fantasy. Assuming you haven't had you list filled up by others, of course!

This turned out to be a bit… of a thing. That is the best way to describe this. Thanks for giving me the prompt!

Cloud stared at the entrance to the labyrinth of mines on the outskirts of the small village, the mines were supposed to be home to some kind of monster that was causing problems for the owners of the large apple orchard.

Cloud had been hired to deal with the monster and though he hadn’t seen any hint of the monster, he was ready to enter the mines. He had enough supplies to at least find the monster and decide if it was something he could deal with on his own.

He took a steadying breath, stepping into the labyrinth and preparing himself for the unknown monster that lay within. He was armed with blade and materia, ready for anything that came at him.

He wasn’t expecting to find a slim young man huddled in what looked like a make shift reading nook deep within the mines.

He didn’t think the young man was expecting him either.

The man flinched harshly at the sight of him, pushing back into the earthen wall behind him. Cloud stared in shock at the slim form trembling against the wall, taking in the dirty skin and the torn pants, the other had been down here a while.

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