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you’re playing an angel on supernatural. what has that been like in terms of public perception of you just on the streets in los angeles or where you shoot? it’s a little weird. I play an angel on supernatural so everybody comes up to me and they meet me and they think i’m going to be amazing and awesome and obviously that’s true. I am.


World’s longest-surviving castaway sued for $1 million after being accused of ‘eating his colleague

Jose Salvador Alvarenga — who famously survived after being lost at sea for 438 days — is accused of eating his colleague’s remains in order to survive, according to a $1 million lawsuit filed by the man’s relatives.
Alvarenga has long denied cannibalism claims, and his attorney believes the lawsuit was financially motivated.

When he set sail from the coast of Mexico in November 2012, he thought he was setting out on a two-day fishing trip, having paid 22-year-old Ezequiel Cordoba $50 to accompany him.
But a vicious storm with 10ft waves knocked out the 25ft boat’s communication systems, and washed their supplies overboard.

As their boat drifted, the castaways ate raw fish, uncooked birds and turtles, and drank their own urine, Alvarenga said later.
Cordoba wasn’t as skilled of a survivalist and fell ill after eating a bird. The partners later found a venomous sea snake in the bird’s gut.

Mr Alvarenga befriended the corpse, keeping it on the boat for six days and chatting to it, until he realised his own insanity and threw it overboard. “I could see my death was going to be very, very slow,” he said.

But against all odds, he survived. Mr Alvarenga washed up in the Marshall Islands, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in January 2014. Dazed and emaciated, he was found by a couple living on the island who took him in.
His story was initially greeted with incredulity, but accepted as truth once experts confirmed that his experience as a fisherman and physical strength would just about make survival possible.

15 Reasons to Watch Odd Squad

1. Diverse cast
2. Smashing gender stereotypes
3. The Squad is run by a little black girl
4. The best agent on The Squad is also a girl
5. It’s a kids show so the drama is fairly low
6. It is really funny
7. It’s kind of like watching a detective show but with odd problems instead of murders
9. There are episodes with the minor characters having storylines
10. Oren crossdresses
11. Olaf loves potatoes
12. Otto loves Soundcheck
13. Olive loves sports
14. Ms. O loves juice (*winks* juice)
15. Season 1 is on Netflix

—Sun’s Dusk, 9th, 4E 201—

The tavern’s ceiling is low and slanted to the left somewhat. I had to bend a little to fit beneath it, not a sensation I am used to. Here and there, a few horker-fat rushlights spit and smoke, throwing more soot than light. A single oil-lamp burns before a makeshift household shrine, casting odd shadows over us. The air is warm and thick with cooksmoke, an oddly comforting smell that I don’t mind breathing, though it stings the eyes somewhat. There are no chairs as such. I imagine they’ve been smashed into kindling long ago, but the room is too cramped to fit both people and chairs with any measure of comfort anyway.

An old Dunmeri woman, face all of spiderwebs and withered roses and arms like anchor-cable, stood behind the bedside table that served as her tavern counter. She did not offer welcome or small talk. She had the kind of eyes that dared you to ask for anything but what you’d be given. She held her palm out to me for payment, looked my robes over for a moment, then wordlessly disappeared behind a sackcloth curtain for several clashing, noise-gashed minutes. She returned with clay bowls steaming with delicious promises, pushing them into our hands with a satisfied nod.

And so I am here, breathing the steam of the soup she has made for us, warming my hands on the bowl. We kneel on the floor, the three of us, a patch-bald goatskin each to spare our bones from the hard floorboards and dry rushes. The old woman pours tea into empty bowls, an alchemist’s clayware; as I bow my head to take it from her, there is a faint, lingering scent of their previous contents. Old bittergreen petals, fire salts long spent, beneath the soil-dark scent of the juniper and nettle-leaf tea. It tastes of medicine, of something meant to purify rather than please, curling fire-hot down into my hollow belly. I like it.

None of us speak, huddled over our pigeon soup, drinking the thin broth slowly to make it last. She has made each bowl unique for us. An egg is cracked and poached in my guide’s soup, to take the place of greenery. A little dried trama is crumbled into mine, for spice enough to warm me.

Lords, it is good; I did not realise I had groaned for it until I heard it echo from the walls, almost embarrassingly sensual, the naked pleasure of the starving. The flavors complement each other well, deep and comforting, velvet-slick on the teeth with nurturing marrow. There is frost mirriam, a little salt, chopped leek leaves for colour, breadcrumbs for texture. The little pigeon bones are delicate and crack between my teeth, stewed long until the meat has fallen from them in rich, tender ribbons. A larger bone is unexplained, and I do not ask. I suspect dog, or something like it, just enough to stretch the lean birdflesh without fighting it.

As we savor our meal, I look again and again towards the shrine in the corner. The shadows breathe and dance, drawing the eye back to it always, or perhaps they only dance for me. The scratch-carved iconograph is unfamiliar to me: a blindfolded mer bearing forth a lantern, her form ladder-ribbed, her heart exposed and vivid. The angular familiarity of Temple iconography comforts me, though I do not know for whom this shrine is set out; newborn saint or beloved ancestor, minor hero or departed kin. The silence of our meal brings to mind ill-defined worship, an ambient prayer in the grateful hush.

The meat is soft between my teeth. I feel almost like a live thing again.

Imagine Lex taking you out on his motorcycle to help calm you down when you’re stressed and can’t sleep...

A/N: This is my first imagine and it’s a shameless self-insert because I’M ALWAYS STRESSED AF and I haven’t seen any motorcycle!Lex imagines. Also, I love cities at night. I probably also took liberties with Metropolis… oh well. Feedback is welcome- hope you enjoy! This certainly made me feel better writing it. 

Warnings: Language (?); there also isn’t a ton of dialogue, sorry :( 

Word Count: ~930

You stared at the ceiling of your bedroom, watching the fan spin. The light coming in from the city through your blinds made it cast odd shadows as it spun and you grabbed your phone from the nightstand next to you.

12:48. Goddammit.

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There was something stirring within the ribs of the young prince. It felt like hope,like freedom, something intangible yet exciting. Brushing through the throngs of people that crowded the streets of Magix City, Sky allowed himself to wonder aimlessly with his beloved pet, Lady, following obediently at his side. Truthfully, Sky was just enjoying the weightlessness of his current reality: freedom from royal burdens, freedom from his parents suffocation, freedom from just about everything else. Before he could pause to look into one of the cafe’s, he felt a tug on the leash he had lightly gripped in his hand. However, when he looked down, instead of finding his loyal companion he found an empty collar. Immediately a panic began settling in chest as he swiveled around to find her and he began pushing past the crowds. “Lady!” He called, ignorant to the odd looks people cast him. As he turned a corner, he found her seated at the legs of another person with her tail wagging uncontrollably. “There she is. I was worried I had lost her.” He told the other person as he kneeled down to stroke Lady’s head.

So I have this thought

The character development of Janja is slight, but still noticeable. In the movie and the beginning of the series, he is very confident and is not afraid of Kion and the Guard. 

Return of the Roar

Never Judge a Hyena by It’s Spots

However, over the course of this season. Janja gets more and more terrified of the presence of the Guard…

The Call of the Drongo

…to a point where he doesn’t even fight back anymore. Him and his hyenas just run away.

Now, it makes sense that Janja would be angry or aggressive at the Guard, but he literally has become afraid of them. This is odd for a cast of Team Rocket-style villains who keep coming back ep after ep with a new scheme for the heroes to foil. His plans stop being what him and his hyenas can do to kill the Lion Guard, and become what they can do to get food and run back to the Outlands without getting caught.

The question is why. Why would Janja be scared of the Lion Guard, similar to how the original hyena trio was scared of Mufasa. We haven’t seen Kion do anything to him on-screen that would merit fear, they just chase him. I highly doubt we would either, considering this show is a Disney Junior show, but I think there are at least some clues here.

(Then) Return of the Roar

Never Judge a Hyena by It’s Spots

Just Can’t Wait to Be Queen

(Now) Paintings and Predictions

Notice that the number of hyenas in Janja’s clan used to be 6 (including him), but the most recent episodes just show him with Cheezi and Chungu. It is very possible that Kion and the Guard are actually killing off hyenas as they do battle in the Pridelands. Either that, or the lack of food is slowly causing the hyenas in Janja’s pack to starve to death. The threat of death is much more terrifying than the threat of just being chased into the Outlands if they get caught. 

The more likely possibility is that it is annoying and expensive to continuously animate the unnamed hyenas, but it would be interesting if the writers delved into a real moral choice the Guard has to make at some point during the show’s life. 

voice of a god // a playlist of songs that showcase some of the best modern male vocalists. (female version)

Hole In My Heart Christian Caldeira / Where I’m Gonna Be Artist Vs Poet / Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off Panic! At the Disco / When I Was Your Man (cover) Sam Tsui / Chocolate The 1975 / Take Me To Church Hozier / Royals (cover) Taylor John Williams / Broadway, Here I Come! Jeremy Jordan / Impossible (cover) James Arthur / Turn Off The Lights Panic! At the Disco / Lovesick Fool The Cab / Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran / The Best That You Can Be Artist Vs Poet / Necessity Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls / Against All Odds (cover) Glee Cast (Darren Criss) / Oblivion Bastille

I still don’t get where Beth’s body is. It’s been a year with still no CANON confirmation on screen. It would’ve literally been easy to show like a few second clip of a grave marker for her, it’s not like it’d be a waste of screen time with all the walking around they do. So I don’t buy that “they didn’t have time to show it” bullshit at all.