odd but funny

Looks like he is already there and then she
reaches him. Both look at the view, both look at each other in synch and then look aWaY in synch too (what was that tho? can’t tell until I see the actual situation). Now Idc what’s happening (jk I care more about this than my actual life) but it seems they’re getting closer in this form and this is what I freakin beg for because let’s face it:

the love square needs huge development,
this odd dynamic of theirs is funny (and frustrating as hell too) but it can’t stay forever like this, in my opinion a reveal where he realizes she’s more than a fucking good friend and she gets he’s more than her cat partner only AFTER they discover who they are is quite hypocrital and doesn’t lead to an healthy/happy relationship if you ask me. Right now we have Marinette trying to impress Adrien while he sees her as a very good friend (you can tell I’m still triggered asf right? Good.) While he tries (hard) to impress ladybug who doesn’t even take him seriously because of Adrien and because she thinks he flirts in general like when he shows off to her civilian form (boy is in deep denial) and she ofc thinks that ( even tho it’s not correct I can’t blame her tbh XD) . Marichat is the perfect match to solve (or at least adjust a bit) this mess. Marinette and Chat noir having an heart to heart talk and start to know each without stutters/unsuccessful flirts/ constant blushes, just THEM knowing each other, Marinette seeing how sweet and actually fond the guy is and Adrien seeing how Marinette’s feelings are pure and just know her without mask and embarrassment. They would start to fall for their alter egos too but they would be in denial asf and NOW is where the fun begins:


Marinette getting close to Luka and Adrien brothered by it without a reason (lol there are reasons bud), and Kagami would make him notice with stuff like “oh look at your friend, she and that boy look so close”, “oh look at your face, you like her” (she understood everything in riposte omg), while mari is sad because she sees Adrien is close to kagami and luka cheers her up (my brain is burning) And also Ladybug getting jealous of a friendship/partnership with Chat and Queen B (I’d like see her jealous of chat too but the kitty got no suitors poor thing). This would lead to the point where both would be like “who tf do I love?” And BAM confusion/angst and more jealousy till the reveal where they realize how stupid they are bye

I have an headache now good


she had the world || panic! at the disco

Who needs “mental stability” and “contentment with yourself and your life” when you have Pretty Odd, the second studio album by American rock band Panic at the Disco. Recorded at the Studio at the Palms in Paradise, Nevada with additional production at Abbey Road Studios in London with producer Rob Mathes, the album was released March 25, 2008 on Decaydance and Fueled by Ramen. Inspired by baroque pop and the works of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, the psychedelic-styled rock album differs greatly from the techno-influenced pop punk of A Fever You Can’t Swea


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