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must watch anime: psycho pass (2012) [action, psychological, sci-fi, police]

“The law doesn’t protect people. People protect the law. People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living. Their feelings, the accumulation of those peoples feelings are the law. They’re neither the provisions, nor the system. They’re the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts.”


└ Jun: a continuity from sakumoto’s “Jun!” 2016. (^_^)

Cr: VS Arashi 19.01.2017

On our walks, Kira snatches up anything remotely reminiscent of food - ancient mouldy beetroot from when Pericles ruled Greece, for example, and I then have to pry her jaws open and let it fall out, because even though she patiently allows me to do so, she’d never willingly drop the turnip that’s been abandoned at the storming of the Bastille


from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco (x) (x)


Get set! Get ready! TODAY IS HOPE ESTHEIM APPRECIATION (not really) IN FF RECORD KEEPER!!! Plus older Hope and Knight Lightning are available for new outfits! So…much…shipping.

Oh and your odds are super slim to get Hope’s Eagletalon, BUT look at that reward. Not worth 50 crystals or $35 you say? I agree (sigh) I’m going to waste all my crystals and like try to get something good….(I’ll get a 3 star knife probably).

Good luck!

Prompt #147 - Long Distance

ANON: FaceTiming Owen and Claire
ANON: “actually … I just miss you”



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Face down on the boardroom’s large table, her phone buzzed. Claire glared at it with the familiar annoyance that came with the sudden reminder that she had forgotten to switch it off. It had to be Owen. Amongst countless other reasons why her phone would be making noises, the fact that she was two weeks into a settlement was enough of a reason that Owen was the only one lighting up her phone in the first thirty minutes of an 8am meeting.

Her phone buzzed a second time, quickly followed by a third several minutes later. When it sounded a fourth time, device rattling against wood obnoxiously, Claire pulled it into her lap. All eyes of the full room were on her as she sank into her chair, offering a quiet apology as she gripped her phone between her hands. Mon mari’ she offered the group with a little shrug half hoping a few would laugh it off. Claire had never known the French for her sense of humour.

She avoided checking her messages for what felt like an eternity, allowing the meeting to get underway before she flipped the device in her hands and pressed softly on the home key. Four messages; all from Owen. The heat rushed to Claire’s cheeks almost immediately, the second she opened the texts. Instinctively she locked the screen, dropping the device to her lap to conceal what she had seen as Claire stared dumbly at the space in front of her. It took a second to recover, opening the message again to check that Owen in fact had sent words on how much he was missing her as he was climbing into bed; along with visual aid.

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On Toothless' speed in the defenders of berk series he can break the speed of sound (1200km/h) but that is non canon. In the film after the first shot on the red death to toothless covers roughly 300m in under a second which yo me is faster than 60mp/h. Otherwise in the books dragons can go in a flight mode just under he speed of sound (book 5 I believe). So imagine something as aerodynamic as toothless flapping and diving. There is no sonic boom so he doesn't reach the speed of sound.

The speeds at which the dragons can fly are certainly impressive! I love thinking about it! They are creatures who have been built for the skies, and that is manifested in ways like how quickly they can fly. It makes the dragons more aweing, knowing these abilities. I feel as though the speed of sound breakage that we could be seeing in Defenders of Berk is meant to be a dramatic artistic effect moreso than something precisely literal. But they still are freakishly fast.

What is cool is that in The Art of How to Train Your Dragon, the animators discuss how quickly they intended the dragons to be flying. I’ve chatted in depth about how fast Toothless can fly in the DreamWorks HTTYD franchise based upon the material given in The Art of How to Train Your Dragon. I’m guessing you could be responding to that old post since you say Toothless seems to fly over 300m in a second - faster than the estimated 60mph speed I mentioned in that analysis. (300 m/s is about 670 mph).

While I know there are simple ways to calculate how fast a character moves on screen, I personally would put the word of the animation studio first. They would have done their own calculations to get Toothless moving at appropriate speeds. They state straight out what they intended with their own animation. If they say that they’re intending to animate Toothless flying over 100mph when he dives, then I believe them. That’s the effect they intended and that’s fact. 

At times they may have exaggerated the effect to make it more clear visually how fast Toothless is going. Visual effect is important in animation to get across certain “feels” - and we know that one wanted feel to show was Toothless’ fastness. And the fact Toothless is often coming out of a dive (which is over 100mph, they said) means that he’ll be going screeching fast in the Red Death fight, even when he’s shooting forward horizontally. Toothless is flying faster than 60mph. His fastest horizontal speed is probably going to be somewhere around 60mph, but upon coming out of a dive - yes, he’ll be faster.

We do know that there are several instances in which factors like speed and size have been exaggerated for effect in HTTYD. For instance, we also know that there are several shots in the final battle with the Red Death where the dragon was made larger than she actually was. If I remember the scene right, when Toothless is flying over the back of the Red Death, they actually scaled the Red Death much larger to make the moment more dramatic.

So I stand where the animation studio themselves stand about Toothless’ speeds! As they say in The Art of How to Train Your Dragon, when he dives, he’s going over 100 mph! That might not be speed of sound breakage, but it’s definitely something incredible - and places Toothless as one of the fastest creatures in the world.

Now, regarding canon XD …

I personally believe the television series should be called canon because it is an official production by DreamWorks released publicly to audiences. “Canon” to me is a term that denotes any official materials released, distinguishing it from fan-made materials. I understand that for several reasons people are critical about what is and is not “considered canon,” but for me that line is easily met simply by determining whether an official studio created the material or a fan unofficially did. Defenders of Berk was created and released by DreamWorks. I will always analyze every bit of material within Defenders of Berk as full canon and my analyses reflect that perspective. I look at all material within officially released DreamWorks material and use all of it together to glean meaning from one of my favorite franchises.

Personally, I believe whether or not canon materials are perfectly consistent with one another or if they’re written by different authors is unimportant and overthought by fans. Canon doesn’t need to be perfectly synchronous - fiction is about having fun, not having a perfectly developed world that is 105% consistent with itself (all fiction has some holes anyway). Canon doesn’t even need to be consistent at simple levels to still be canon, in truth. If it wildly contradicts, whatever, it’s still canon. It still exists. There are at least a dozen different origin stories for Wonder Woman within DC Comics - all of which are equally canonical. There are many notable “contradictions” that occur between different comic books, easy to see for instance by looking at materials before and after The New 52 reboot (just to give one example). There are many, many, many different authors who have written for Superman, and as is such, there are different personas that can seen - his personality will change a little (or a lot) based on who writes him. But he’s still always Superman, the fact someone else wrote Superman doesn’t make this any less a canon story about Superman, and the fact that there are contradictions between how other people wrote Superman still doesn’t make this any less a canon story about Superman. And if we want to look at human mythology, last I checked, all the different conflicting myths were are still equal “canon” real myths!

So the fact that Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, and Race to the Edge weren’t written straight from Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders doesn’t matter. If we went by an author = canon argument, then technically we can’t call the HTTYD movies themselves canon. They weren’t written by the creator of HTTYD, Cressida Cowell!

Even with a single maker in a single movie, we get contradictions (Cressida Cowell is full of contradictions in the HTTYD series, actually). We as fans can choose how we handle the contradictions, but that’s just us making sense of the world we’ve been given from canonical materials. It doesn’t mean those materials aren’t canon.

Sure, consistency can be nice. Fans like consistency because it can help us make sense of the fiction world in which we are enveloped. Consistency isn’t necessary for canon. Consistency is something that I think fans want so badly, that they’ll “take and leave” materials based on how “accurate” it is to their standard. If something doesn’t meet their standard of consistent accuracy, then they often decide it’s not canon.

I’m not someone who’s going to pick and choose. You can if you want, no worries, but I won’t myself. Movies aren’t more canon than television shows or books. I’ll acknowledge inconsistencies where they are, but for the purpose of analyzing in-universe, what I like to do is just take all information and try to make a good consistent account best I can! XD

u kno if u wanna unfollow me the best way to do it is silently cuz odds are i will not care up until the moment you comment. the moment you comment on it, odds are high you’re gonna sound like an asshole, and i likely do not have the patience in that moment to hear it.

I really hope I have a feminine day tomorrow, I want to try out a Pansy Parkinson RP, but don’t want to feel the dysphoria I have this last week. Would y'all want to see that at some point?



basically the scenario is  that Len accidentally got really good OWL scores in arithmancy and transfiguration and was pretty much forced by the teachers to take the NEWTs for them and he’s in 7th year and does not want to study.

 The profs know about his and lisa’s precarious home situation and want him to do well in school.

Lisa and team Flash are 3rd years and the professors asked Lisa to encourage her big brother who is very bright, he just needs to care more.

so obviously Lisa enlists the help of all her friends. Barry is easy to convince because he has a boy crush on the tall and handsome “Captain Cold”. Iris will tease him nonstop about this. Caitlin is probably the only one that is really making the effort to force Len to study instead of bothering him.

 Cisco tags along because he likes Lisa and also her brother is kinda cool no i don’t have a crush what are you talking about. and len always has a candy stash.

Mick is not sympathetic.

House headcanons:

Snakies: Lisa, Len

Ravenclaw: Caitlin, Cisco

Gryffin: Barry, Iris

Huffle: Mick

this is so self indulgent, i’m gonna draw more of this shit

Okay is it just me or is literally every post suddenly getting less notes? Like idk usually there are edits and/or text posts that get like a thousand notes in a single night and circle Tumblr for a week or two just getting to like 3k notes but that I haven’t seen that happening lately??? unless it’s just me????? or is Tumblr suddenly quieter??

imagine tim getting so bothered by people’s technology choices like “CONNER WHAT IS THAT THING IN YOUR HAND YOU’RE PRETENDING IS A PHONE” and “dick you know you can take that machine and just *fill in with two-hour long technobabble*” to which dick is just like “yeah sure timmy you’ll have to do that for me someday” but the worst one is


Just a notice that I am still working on Cloture (and by extension the rest of the series). In case anyone started thinking that the lack of translation updates meant I had stopped (although I have had to slow down again for other obligations).

Right now, because of how things elsewhere are going, I find it best to stick to that which is easy and quick to translate rather than having to look up a lot of unfamiliar kanji and bog down my energy. As a consequence, though I often get a lot translated in one sitting, none of it is a complete, post-worthy continuous scene.

I realize this way of doing things is probably frustrating for those of you who want to read it. I apologize.