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The New Neighbors x Dan Howell & Phil Lester

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requested by anon ; Hi :) now that Dan and Phil are moving out of their appartment, could you write something where they become your new neighbours? Thank you

A/N : I know they don’t really moved to an apartment (i think) but let’s go with it for the sake of the storyline c:

The apartment next to [Y/N]’s had been empty for a while, something that was rather odd for a building in London. Not that she didn’t mind to have the floor to herself. [Y/N]’s downstairs neighbors hardly ever were home, so she could turn up the volume of her stereo just a tad more.
But one day [Y/N] got rudely disturbed while she were watching her favorite TV-show. Loud screams and groans were heard from the stairs.
‘For fuck sake, Phil,’ She heard a guy say, followed by another guy laughing – probably Phil.
‘I can’t help it!’ Phil said, still laughing. ‘We’re both way too weak for this, Dan.’
‘Oh, talk about yourself, will you. You’re the one that had to take all this bullshit stuff with you.’
[Y/N] had a hard time to not burst out laughing, since the conversation was pretty hilarious. But at the same time she did want to open up her door and yell at the guys for interrupting her Netflix binge watch.
But she decided to eavesdrop for just a little bit longer. Judging by their voices, they were around her age. But you never could be too sure.
So [Y/N] took out her earbuds, pushed away her laptop from her lap and onto her bed.
‘It’s not bullshit! Those are all memories from my videos.’
‘Whatever, just lift up the box again.’ It seemed to stay quiet for a bit, until she heard them run down the stairs again. That went on for a bit, accompanied with occasional cursing and screams. She did hope they weren’t that loud at night.
And what did the one guy mean with … videos. [Y/N] could only guess what was meant with that.
The cycle of silence, shouting and running down the stairs was repeated for a few times. [Y/N] was still not sure if she should open up the door or stay inside the safe space of her apartment.
But, a loud BENG pushed her over the edge and made her walk towards her front door. When she opened up, she saw two guys standing in on the stairs, a brown box between the two of them.
‘Eh, excuse me, but what the fuck are you two doing?’ [Y/N] asked loudly so they would understand and hear her.
The guy with the brown hair turned his head since his back was facing her, and the one with the black hair looked up.
‘Oh, hi!’ The last one said. ‘We’re, eh, we’re moving in. Sorry to disturb you. We’ll be done soon.’
‘Soon? Ha, wouldn’t count on that since somebody can’t lift for shit.’ The one with the brown hair said.
‘What?! That’s not true! You just don’t have any coordination!’
‘Oh, but –‘
‘I hate to disturb your lovely conversation, but you two know that there’s an elevator, right?’ [Y/N] said, pointing towards the steel door where the elevator was behind.
‘Oh God.’ The one with the brown hair said, softly shaking his head. ‘That’s just great.’ The guy with the black hair just started laughing, making [Y/N] smile too.
‘Welcome to the building.’ She grinned. ‘I’m [Y/N], by the way.’
‘Well, hi, [Y/N], I’m Dan, and that there is Phil.’
‘Nice to meet you,’ [Y/N] grinned again. ‘Need some help getting those boxes up?’
‘If you don’t have anything else important to do,’ Phil smiled. ‘Because then yes, please!’
‘I was just binge watching a show, so it’s fine.’
‘I think we’ll get along just fine,’ Dan laughed. ‘C’mon Philly, let’s get this box up the stairs.’
They got the box up the stairs, and then [Y/N] went downstairs with them to get the last couple of boxes with the elevator. Dan and Phil both couldn’t understand how they’d missed the lift, but [Y/N] found it very entertaining.
When all the boxes were in their apartment, they invited [Y/N] over to thank her by paying her pizza, they all ate together.
At that moment, [Y/N] knew she would get along just fine with her new neighbors.

ISSUES -Part Two

Read part one- HERE 

Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Upcoming chapters will contain a lot of smut, suggestive rape, suggestive drug usage and of course bad language from the start.  

Word count 3,283 

Part Two

My breath sped up as everyone stood frozen in place waiting for what was gong to come next.

He seemed to be thinking deeply and it worried me. I could feel it pouring off of us.     

What was he going to do?

This couldn’t be good.

Rick should never of left.

I bloody told him.

If The Saviors were just going to turn up when ever they wanted he couldn’t keep going out and leaving.  Some of these people stupidly looked up to him and he owed them more than he could ever realise. I wish I could look up to him but  I didn’t agree with a lot of the things that had been happening recently and my trust was gone long before the dead started walking among us. 

Attacking that outpost had been the biggest mistake and Glen and Abraham paid the price for it. Sasha, Maggie and her unborn baby would have to live with that. Have those pictures run through their minds for the rest of their lives. That would never ever leave them.

Our family was fractured and I didn’t see anyway that was going to be fixed. How could it?

This man might of been semi responsible but Rick, the so called and self proclaimed leader was at the centre of it all.

Quickly I moved my eyes to look over our people and noticed Carl wasn’t here. What the fuck?  

Shaking my head slightly I hoped he had done what I told him not too do. As stupid as that sounds I hoped he was on his way to Hilltop.

With any luck Edith caught up with him and Judith was safe with the both of them.

“Okayyyyyy” he tapped the wire covered bat on concrete road beneath us “This is what’s going to happen” he began walking up and down looking every Alexandrian in the eye as he did  “My people are going to go in these homes and take what they want and you’re going to stay out here and behave like the good little boys and girls I know you can be”  he pulls the bat up to eye level in Arron’s face “You can sit, you can stand but you can’t move from out here until I damn well say so” he smiled wickedly and then started to move in your direction again.

I could feel my heart start to beat faster as he moved. Oh shit.

“Now” he pointed the barbwire covered bat right at you “ y/e”

“Oh fuck” I muttered under my breath. However apparently not quiet enough because the arse who was holding my arm chuckled. Oh fuck indeed.

“That’s Rick the pricks house. Right?” He tilted his head to our house that only a few moments ago you had been standing in front of with Edith and Judith. I couldn’t seem to form any words so I simply nodded my head swallowing the extra saliva that was now pooling in my mouth.

“Excellent” he threw his arms in the air “Time for some fun boys!” And just like that most of the saviors scattered forcing their way into our homes once again while the rest stayed with their guns pointed towards us.

Closing my eyes briefly I sighed as the one who had been holding my arm released it. Defiantly going to have a serious bruise from his fingers. Thanks fucker.

“Don’t look so sad little one” you jumped as you felt warm fingers pull your chin upwards.

Opening my eyes I once again came face to face with Negan. I didn’t hear or feel him move this close to me and that was alarming.

“Now I have got a special task for you darling” he stood up straight, releasing my chin as he did.

I started internally freaking out what did he mean by ’special’?

“I am thirsty” thirsty? “So you can follow me into Rick the Pricks house over here and make me some god damn lemonade!” Lemonade? He started walking away from you “Todayyyy!” He called over his shoulder as I starred at his back kind of in shock.

He wants me to make him lemonade? I didn’t know if we even had any in the kitchen. Shit.

This was it. Dad was going to come home and I was going to dead, splattered all over the damn place because we didn’t have any fucking lemonade.

I took a step forward to follow but then froze.  I could see Rosita shaking her head at me telling me not to follow him.

“DO NOT MAKE ME ASK AGAIN Y/E!” Looking at the house I found him standing at the front door pointing that damn bat at me. | didn’t like the thing, I assume thats why he has it. Scare tactic.

Quickly, not allowing myself to look at anyone else I made my way towards him, walking straight through the open door, him following silently behind.

The sound of the door clicking shut made me nervous.

It was just the two of us.

Negan and me.

Me and Negan.

The man who killed for fun.

If Dad was here he would be freaking out right about now.

I couldn’t help but nervously smile at that as I reached the kitchen. He would probably be more concerned that he wasn’t the one alone with Negan. Looking for a weakness he could use against him.

Not knowing if he was following behind me or not I move quickly. He wanted lemonade and that is what I was going to do. With any luck once he had his drink, if we even had any that is. God please let there be enough to make him at least one glass.  

Hopefully he will leave.

I could hear a lot of shouting and banging occurring outside as his men took even more of the stuff from our homes.

This wasn’t going to end well. Fuck sake Dad.

Opening a cupboard I let out a breath I wasn’t aware I’d been holding and pulled out a tub of lemonade. Thank god it doesn’t feel empty.

Olivia must of brought it over when she was looking after Judith yesterday.

Smiling I quickly made his damn drink. Aware the entire time that he was watching me from across the room.

The sound of a thud echoed throughout the room made me jump, my eyes quickly looked towards him. For the first time since being alone.

He was starring right back at me with those hazel eyes and that lop-sided smile.

“You’re very quiet” he noted as I went back to making his drink “Unusual in fact women normally don’t shut the fuck up unless you threaten to knock knock” he chuckled eyeing his weapon of choice.

Finding my voice I replied in a semi sarcastic voice “Yeah, well good for them”

His laugh caught you off guard and you spilt some of the lemonade on your hand and the floor as it poured into a glass.

“I like you” What? “No bullshit…. Itssssss” he waved a hand in the air “Refreshing

I must be hallucinating. Right?

“See your leader, Rick the Prick he..”

“My Dad” I blurted out not thinking. Oh shitting hell I should not of said that. Dad is going to kill me, if Negan doesn’t first.

“Excuse me?” He stood up straight “Ohhhhh so that explains the stink eye He’s your Daddy?”

Staying silent I just placed the glass on the table that separated us and moved backwards so my back was against the work top crossing my arms over my chest.

“So Daddy Rick has been hiding you from me then?” I didn’t answer. To be honest I didn’t dare speak as the man before me picked up the glass and brought it to his lips “Thats very interesting” he added with wide eyes before taking a sip.

“Damn thats good!” I Smiled, relieved.

“You sure are something” he snickered “So Daddy isn’t going to be home anytime soon? Shame I was hoping to see him”


“I miss him” he laughed at some kind of joke he must be thinking off. I sure as hell didn’t see why that was funny.

“So y/e” he said before taking another mouthful of lemonade “Lets talk” he pointed towards the front room before walking over to and sitting down almost gracefully onto one of the sofas, leaving his bat on the table in the kitchen.

“Come on” he patted the space next to him “I don’t bite” at that I raised my brows and walked closer “Well unless you ask ever so nicely anyway” he winked and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Really laugh.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed like this.

You know one of those full on belly laughs that makes you slightly light headed?

“Well that was fucking a beautiful sight and sound sweetheart” Negan speaking stopped me almost instantly and I suddenly remembered where I was and who I was with.


I had let my guard down for a few seconds there and that was dangerous to do in this world now. Dangerous to do with this man.

Ignoring his earlier move for me to sit down next to him I sat in a chair opposite instead.

“Okay” he said placing the now half empty glass down with a clink on the coffee table that we never used “Lets get straight to the point”

I could feel myself breathing harder as I nervously watched the man before me who didn’t fault as he held my gaze.

He both was and wasn’t what I thought he would be like at all.

The way they spoke about him he sounded more like a wild cave man from the prehistoric time than the one who was calmly sat in front of me now.

I knew he was dangerous, I wasn’t stupid, you couldn’t miss that but there was something more about him and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was exactly.

“Now you look like a smart girl y/e”

Did he just compliment me?

There was a odd tension building in the air as I continued to look at the man before me.

What was he going to say?

What was he going to do?

Why was I even here?

With him?

When he had hand-lessley dragged me into the house he hadn’t known I was Rick’s daughter. What was he doing?

“Now I know we fucking surprised you guys but thats the name of the game of this world” I could feel my teeth digging into my bottom lip as he spoke in a deep and commanding voice.

Why did he have to be so, so…..charismatic?

I mean I should feel nothing but hatred towards him… right?

“But I’ll let it slide that you didn’t have your great almighty fucking leader Rick the Prick here and I’ll even let it slide that you didn’t have my shit this one time. We came early, I respect that”

The blood pumping around my body began to get warmer as he leant forwards in his seat.

“But what I won’t deal with being damn disrespected”

“I’m no..not” I stuttered.

“Now now” he laughed and stood up towering over me like a damn tree or something that had been growing for hundreds of years “You have been more than hospitable doll but that Daddy of yours” clicking his tongue “He needs to be more respectful. Im not stupid I know he’s up to something

Nodding my head I didn’t know what to say.

“What else Is he hiding from me?” He asked eyeing me “Apart from your glorious self of course”

“I wouldn’t know” I answered honestly. Because that was the truth. I may be Rick Grimes daughter but I was never involved in his little meetings. The only thing I knew he was hiding was Judith and of course Maggie and I was not going to be the one to tell him about either one of them. I would rather face his bat than be the one to tell him. Judith was too innocent to have to face this and Maggie… well she just had been through enough.

“Don’t lie to me y/e” he raised his voice making me jump.

“I’m not lying to you, honestly all I do is stay here and look after Ju.. everyone elsefuck.



I had almost let her name slip between my lips. He seemed to disarm me being around him. I had to be more careful.

“You don’t leave?” He looked me up and down.

Shaking my head “No, not really Rick doesn’t want me out on runs or anything and we’ve been here for a while”

“So the last time you stepped foot outside of these walls was before you got here? To Alexandria?”

“Pretty much” I nodded my head.

There was of course the times you had snuck out, protected Judith and that time you had been to the quarry with that insanely massive heard of walkers.

Apart from that I hadn’t left here since Arron brought us.

I both hated it and was grateful at the same time. I wasn’t stupid though. I knew the reason why was because my Dad didn’t think I could cope, didn’t want me outside of his control, of his watchful gaze or whoever he had around to watch me. He didn’t want my help unless it was to look after the baby that wasn’t even his.  

“Well fuck me sidewaysssss” he started walking around the room. Running a leather clad finger over every surface as he went.

I bit my lip as I watched him move. He was one of the most graceful men I had seen in a very long time and I could feel it, him, awakening something inside of me that I had buried down so, so long ago.

Wait, what?

Stop it.

We hate him.


“Damn thats no fun huh?” He laughed almost evilly but there was something else there too. Almost glee?

“Well I’ll tell you what y/e” he stalked towards me causing me to sit as far back as I could in the chair. “If you ever and I do mean fucking ever want to get outside of these walls and have a little adventure I would be more than fucking happy. Jesus it would make my fucking week to have you at the Sanctuary” Sanctuary? Where was that?

“What?” I asked as he placed a hand on either side of the chairs arms, caging me in.

“Our own little paradise doll” he licked his bottom lip “All you have to do is say yes and you can come” widening his eyes he added “And if you say so in more ways than one” he added with a wink that almost made me openly drool.

My eyes widened and dilated as I processed what he said. Did he just? No?

Shaking my head I simply said “Thanks for the offer but no” Idiot.

“No?” He sighed before standing back up “Offers there anytime y/e. Any fucking time for you. Yes it fucking is. You can have anything you want anytime, get some air in those magnificent lungs” Did he just checkout my boobs?

“Thank you” Why did I just say thank you? The man just said he wanted to make me cum. Only if you said so My subconscious reminded me.

“And if you were to become one of my wives.. then damn sweetheart you just might make my fucking year” his eyes were twinkling and the room was now thick with sexual tension causing the two of us to both breath a little heavier.

“Wives?” As in plural? Fucking hell.

“Perk of the new world” he stroad away towards his bat, picking it up in his gloved hand “Me and Lucille here will leave you all alone sexy y/e before……just don’t forget the offer alright?”  He added the last part as he shook his head. As if if he was trying to remove what he was about to say from his brain.

His bat had a name?  

Was he a former asylum patient or something before the apocalypse?  

Wait a second did he just call me sexy?

Shakily I mumbled out a sort of ‘ok’ as I followed him as he moved.

Something inside me wanted him to stay.

Maybe I was the one in need of a phycologist. Jesus.

Loosing my damned mind.

Just around him. Fuck.

He whistled loudly “We are out of here!!!!!” Turning to you he added “Thanks for the lemonade” with a wink and waved goodbye before they all began to retreat towards the gate “We’ll be back in TWO DAYS” he shouted reminding everyone he was coming back for the stuff he was ‘owed’.

In less than a minute they were gone and Gabriel was pulling the gate shut behind them, leaving us almost stunned. It was like they had never even been here.

No one moved for a moment. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt like several minutes.

For some stupid reason I had a smile on my face.

That man was nothing like what they had said about him.

Yes he had killed two of our family but we were responsible for over forty of his being killed in that outpost. Maybe he wasn’t so bad?

“What happened?” Rosita came over to you when everyone felt safe to move once again.

Shaking my head I had to gather my thoughts making sure to loose the smile.

“Doesn’t matter” you told her but not taking your eyes off of the closed gates. There was no way I was going to tell them Negan knew I was Rick’s daughter and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell them about his offer.

To take me to the Sanctuary.

And the whole wives thing?

That was kind of fucked up.

“Y/e” she repeated sounding angry and went to grab my arm.

“I already fucking told you it doesn’t matter” I bit out angrily.

She looked a little shocked at my outburst.

I barley bothered saying anything these days. No one ever listened unless it was about fighting or gathering stuff so what was the point?

Looking at everyone as they looked back at me with confused and shocked expressions I realised I had to say something. He could not find out Negan met me. If he knew what would he do?

“Rick can’t find out about that” I told them pointing towards the house.

“And why the hell not”

“If you want to be the one to tell him that Negan spoke to me when I was meant to be out of here before he ever had the chance then fucking go for it but I think we all know that is not a great idea. You know what he is like he’ll do something stupid. Look what happened last time he did that we lost Glen and Abraham!”

It was his fault we were in this position in the first place.

Spencer was nodding in agreement. He was one of the only other ones who openly didn’t agree with going into that outpost. He said we should make a deal and looking at what had happened today he was right.

No one got hurt.

No one lost their life.

Hell he even thanked you for making him a lemonade.

You didn’t leave it for any further discussion before turning around and walking back into the house.

“Where are you going?” Arron spoke up.

“To have some lemonade” I shouted not bothering to look back as I slammed the front door shut.


I have to say a massive thank you I have been blown away by the response to part one! I never expected it and especially seeing as this is the first walking dead piece I have written too!

If you would like to be tagged in future parts please let me know. 

Apologise if I have missed anyone out- send me a message and let me know :)

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Once a Frat Boy, Always a Frat Boy. | Calum Hood.

Summary: In which a new student, (Y/N), finds herself becoming the toy to popular frat boy Calum Hood. The only problem is that (Y/N) was warned about Calum her first day on campus, and Calum just so happens to be dating (Y/N)’s best friend, Callie Mitchell. She hates him. She hates him more than she’s hated anyone ever before; however, she can’t help the growing feeling inside of her stomach after she finds out some very interesting things about Calum that no one had ever known before.

Rating: PG for this chapter - rated R later on.

Requested?: No, I just really wanted to try to write a Calum series based off of my frat boy preferences. Which, if you haven’t read them, they are here, here, and here!

Pairing: Callie/Calum, Reader/Luke

Keep reading

So originally this was written for the Fairytale Event last month, but I never finished it and now apparently I have because I’m on some sort of shapeshifter kick involving Nigel as a wolf. Hope you enjoy. 


There are a certain number of blocks between Adam’s apartment and his grandmother’s house. Thirteen last time he counted, holding his father’s hand as they headed there on a warm Sunday afternoon when he was twelve. 

His father stopped walking him there when Adam was older saying cars were more efficient, though they both knew his bones too worn and sore, so now that Dad was gone the idea of going alone was odd. 

But it was Grandmother’s eighty third birthday and she had called four times this morning reminding him, “I’m an old woman, Addie. Do not leave me alone on my day.”

So Adam started his journey after having his regular breakfast, putting on his red hooded jacket as the sun shined big and bright above him. He counted blocks as he went, eyeing the familiar bars and stores as he went past them.

Five blocks in he got confused, stopping at an odd building he’d never seen before. 

Big Bad Bar, the sign read. He remembered driving past with his father once just last a few months before, seeing the motorcycles and the leather clad bikers who owned them. 

Now the bikes were parked outside and he could smell cigarette smoke and beer that made him pause. 

The emblem on the sign was indicative of it being a wolf bar, and though Adam was human he was certain they’d be nice enough about helping him with directions. 

Though he’d never met a wolf before. 

He took some steps forward, reaching out with one hand to pull the door just as it opened and someone came barreling into him. 

Adam had no time to stop himself from falling and was bracing for impact with the sidewalk but instead found himself in someone’s embrace. 

The wolf that held him wasn’t horribly large but he was imposing, warm and smelling of cigarettes more than beer. 

“My, my,” the wolf purred, fangs showing, “What big eyes you have little one.”

Adam entangled from the wolf, dizzy as he righted himself. “My eyes aren't any bigger than yours.”

Continued here: 

What Big Eyes You Have by nightliferogue (click for ao3)

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Seventeen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES: Some swearing in this chapter and according to my research, Valaskialf is the name of the Aesir palace. 

“That was, without question, the most horrific thing I have ever experienced.” Wilson groaned as he righted himself after the Bifrost.

“That is a tad dramatic.” Loki sighed boredly as he assisted in steadying Alexia. “Not bad.” He commended her.

Keep reading

Re-Educating Bucky PART 1

Bucky x Reader

A neighbour helps Bucky adjust to life in Romania

Originally posted by stanxstan

Her new neighbour was strange.

He lived alone and he only seemed to come out at night, a cap always obscured his face and all she knew was that he was a tall man who seemed overly neurotic. She had watched him on the stairwell, always checking over his shoulder, glancing around corners and she knew he knew she was there – he would freeze and his head would turn in her direction but he never let her see his face. Her neighbour didn’t sleep well, she could hear him walking around, pacing, she thought that perhaps he was working out. At four every morning she heard his door creek open and close, one morning she poked her head out and watched him pull on the stair rails, testing their strength and then he would take off running like he was being chased, up or down the stairs and when she’d followed him he had simply vanished. He returned through the front door and she had stared long and hard… the only way he could have left was to jump out of a window and that just wasn’t possible.

He was living on protein bars and water, it was all that was in his trash, not that she was going through it but he didn’t tie his trash bags and she happened to notice. She also noticed that he wore the same clothes most of the time but they were always clean, he hung them over the balcony to dry from what she had seen. After three months of listening to the mystery man through the wall she finally had enough, she had made extra stew that night and knocked timidly on the stranger’s door.
She waited quietly before knocking again, ‘Hello?’ still no answer, 'I’m from next door, I made too much food and I don’t have a freezer so… well, I’ll leave it out here.’

She had left it outside his door and gone back to her own little apartment, sitting quietly she listened for his door to open and smiled when it did. The next morning she found the dish she had left him clean and dry in front of her own door. Strangely he’d left a ripe plum in it for her and it soon became a habit for her to provide him a hot fresh meal at least once a week and he would leave her a plum.
Finally she had grown bored of the little exchange and the next time she knocked on his door she had a secret weapon, 'I have a pie – it’s a plum pie and it’s warm. You have to open this door to get it and I’m not leaving.’ It was like trying to tempt a stray cat, offering him food and being patient was her only plan, 'Please…’

Minutes passed, the only sounds were the echoes from other people’s apartments and then she heard his footsteps followed by the locks on his door. She expected to be invited in but instead he slipped out of the smallest gap of the door and stood in front of her, tall and awkward. His shoulders were hunched in like he was trying to be as small as possible and his eyes – steely blue – scanned about nervously, his brunette hair was tied back and she was rather surprised at how handsome he was. Her neighbour was actually quite skinny in just a long sleeved top and jeans, she found it odd that he was wearing gloves but this was Romania and men were always a little odd in this building, 'Most guys would invite me in, I’m Y/N.’

He licked his lips and she found herself mesmerised by them, pink and plump and so perfect that immediately she wanted to kiss him. Luckily he didn’t notice as he was still looking around and then finally he settled his eyes on hers, 'It’s untidy…’ his voice was quiet and low, 'I’m…Bucky.’

Y/N smiled at him and held up the plate, 'Well, now that I know you’re real and not a ghost I’ll let you have this.’ She tilted her head toward her door, 'I made some sauce to go with it if you want to come in… I got some coffee – American style.’
Blue eyes looked back at his own door and then to hers, she could see him thinking it through and he looked to be struggling before nodding minutely. He followed her cautiously and she tried to ignore how he checked around her apartment for danger, 'It’s only me here,’ her reassurance fell on deaf ears and she gestured to the little dining table, 'Make yourself comfortable.’ She sat opposite him with her own plate and put the sauce down, 'As much as you like. Bucky’s an odd name, you from the country?’

'New York…’ He shoved the pie into his mouth as if she would take it away from him, eating quickly and looking like he wanted to run away as soon as he could.

'America?!’ Y/N exclaimed, putting more food on his plate out of habit, 'You’re American? Which part of New York? Have you seen the White House? Are there cowboys? Does everyone really own a gun?’ He must get asked these questions all the time she thought, she knew it was probably annoying for him but she had always wanted to visit America or anywhere but Romania really, 'Why are you living here?’

Bucky’s fork paused at her questions, his eyebrows creasing together as he debated on whether to answer or to leave… some of the questions he didn’t even know how to answer because he didn’t honestly know. She looked at him with such curiously bright eyes though and licking his lips he tried his best – something in him just couldn’t refuse a girl anything. 'I don’t know.’

'You don’t know what?’ Her head tilted slightly in question.

'Anything…I forgot.’

Nothing was said for a long moment and Bucky began to fidget and Y/N knew that he was about to bolt. 'I made you coffee!’ She got up quickly and put the mug down in front of him, he seemed the kind of guy who had manners and wouldn’t leave a plate or cup full – she played on that to keep him just a little longer. Sitting back down she was a little gentler this time, 'Do you have that thing where you forget things over time or did you maybe have a head trauma?’

He glared at the coffee, he wanted to leave but she’d made it for him especially, he was stuck a little longer it seemed, 'Head trauma. I was a soldier and it happened during a war.’ He knew that much was true, he’d let her assume it was some sort of accident and not that he was experimented on, 'I forgot a lot of things… I remember all the bad stuff but…some of the memories filter in from before…’

'Before the war?’ Bucky nodded, 'That’s good then!’ She smiled at him and his lips twitched up at the corners for the briefest of seconds, 'You should keep a diary of stuff you remember or maybe things that look familiar – pamphlets, news articles or things he heard a stranger say. My aunt had Alzheimers, not the same thing you have but I get it a little, so if you need anything just knock on the door.’ She’d begun to view him almost like a lost or abandoned pet, he had had a home and now he didn’t seem to have anything, it was sad that his own country didn’t seem to want to help someone who had fought for it and now he was discarded so far away – with seemingly little of anything. 'Even if it’s late at night… I can hear you walking around into the early hours mo-’

'I’m sorry.’ His apology was quick and his eyes were regretful as he looked at her, 'I don’t sleep well. I didn’t mean to keep you awake too… Sorry.’

He looked like he spent a lot of time saying he was sorry, something about his expression made her chest ache and all she wanted was to comfort him, 'It’s alright. I’m awake studying anyway…Why don’t you sleep?’

Part of Bucky wanted to ask her what she was studying, wanted to learn a little of her but in the back of his mind he knew not to ask questions, not to learn anything he didn’t need for the mission – this wasn’t a mission though and despite knowing that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


Realising he had been silent the brunette muttered a quiet sorry and cleared his throat a little, 'I feel kinda nauseous at night… wakes me up.’ Along with the nightmares. ’…I… I need to go…’ He could see too many places for people to get in and not enough for him to escape, it made him nervous and he could feel his knee begin to bounce in agitation, 'Can I…come back? Here? Maybe tomorrow?’

'Dinner’s at six,’ She positively beamed at him, 'I hope you like sarmale.’


Bucky visited her every other day for two weeks, he’d spend a few hours with her, answering her questions and slowly he began to relax a little in her presence. He opened up to her just the tiniest bit, something as simple as tell her what he liked to eat, what his favourite drink was and that he thought he might be allergic to violets. It was a start.
He had even started to ask her a few questions, he didn’t talk much but he was a good listener and she was pleased that he kept coming back.

One evening she could hear him pacing the floor of his apartment, Y/N had been trying to sleep and just as she was drifting off Bucky had gotten up. For twenty minutes he was moving and then there was a rush of his feet followed by the undeniable sound of the man throwing up. The last week he hadn’t seemed well, she had noticed his face had been pale and almost gaunt, he had seemed weak, shaky on his feet and just the night before his hands were noticeably trembling. She got out of bed and threw on a cardigan before walking across the room to put her ear to the wall. He was still being sick, it sounded awful and when it seemed to stop he would start again, Y/N sighed and padded out of her apartment to knock on his door. 'Bucky… Bucky!’
She could hear him stumble inside and again she knocked, 'You need to let me in, please, Bucky. Do you need a doctor? I’m going to call an ambulance!’

A muffled shout came from within and she paused, waiting as she heard him come toward the door and as usual he came out into the hallway rather than let her in. 'Y-you can’t…call anyone…I’m…’

'You’re really ill.’ His hold on the door slipped and Bucky lurched forward, she caught him with a surprised yelp and stumbled with him in her arms – she thought he would have been heavier. 'Oh god… You’re burning, Bucky.’ Y/N struggled with him but managed to get him inside her apartment and onto her sofa, 'I’m going to get you some water…’ Whilst filling the glass she was startled by him rushing toward the bathroom to begin vomiting once more. Following him Y/N placed her hand on the centre of his back, 'Bucky, this isn’t right – you need a doctor!’

'No!’ His reaction was violent, he threw himself away from her and the impact of his body with the wall shook the shelves above them. He was panting hard, shaking and sweating as if he were simply too terrified to do anything else, his expression was a mixture of pain and fear. Y/N gave him space, a little frightened of the wildness he was displaying and he shook his head lightly at her, tried to convey that he wasn’t going to hurt her, 'I-it’s withdrawal… I used to get a-alot of treatment,’ he spat into the toilet to rid the taste of bile from his mouth before continuing almost breathlessly, 'N-nothing for months… I can’t see a doctor – no one. T-they’ll take me back… I can’t…’

Y/N was stuck to the spot, unsure of what to do but try and help him, 'Take you back?’ Take him where? She had thought that he was just lost in the big, wide world but this sounded a little more serious. The way he always looked over his shoulder and his wariness of every, little thing began to make more sense – was he being chased? She knew she should get out of there, call the police or something but looking at him, seeing how small he was trying to make himself as if to simply vanish… He needed help so badly.
Balling her fists she steeled herself against her own fears and asked him, 'Are you dangerous, Bucky?’

'I don’t want to be.’

His confession hurt her like a physical blow and without thinking Y/N rushed forward and wrapped her arms around him. Bucky practically yelped and his hands flattened against the wall behind him – fighting the instinct to defend himself. He stopped breathing entirely, eyes squeezed shut and body frozen as he waited for pain, something he now associated with any physical touch.

None came though.

Y/N was simply holding him, arms around his shoulders and her head tucked against his neck – didn’t she know he could crush her? All he had to do was wrap his arms around her middle and squeeze all of the air out of her…
She pulled back the smallest bit and her hands cupped his fever flushed cheeks, her thumbs stroking his clammy skin as she looked him over seriously, 'Then you don’t have to be dangerous. It’s your choice.’


He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been allowed to choose anything for himself. Bucky could feel the hot sting of tears behind his eyes and he closed them, fought against the surge of emotion he didn’t want or know how to deal with. She pulled him close again, wrapping her arms around him and combing one hand through his hair, encouraging him to rest his head on her shoulder so that she could just hold him. Y/N held him tight as he shook and sobbed against her, cooing gently that he was safe, that she was going to look after him and never once did she tell him it was okay or that he didn’t have to cry – she told him again and again to let it out. He didn’t fight the sorrow or fear or guilt in his heart, Bucky wept until he had nothing left, until he could only tremble weakly against her and finally he fell asleep.


He woke up the next day in her bed, vaguely aware that she’d helped him stumble to it and he remembered she had wanted to get his shirt off but he’d told her no. Inhaling deeply he was hit by the barely there scent of her perfume in the soft pillows and the mattress was softer than his own, Bucky sat himself up with a groan, confused at first that the bed was so far from the floor – she had a real bed rather than a mattress on the floor. A door opened behind him and he jumped, scrambling further along the bed until he realised it was just Y/N coming out of the bathroom, she froze too but very slowly she continued to dry her hair with the towel, 'Good morning. How are you feeling?’

’…Kinda rough…’ Everything hurt, his chest, his stomach, muscles, his head – everything. 'I’m sorry for last night.’ He made to leave and she rushed toward him, once more causing him to reel backwards in an almost panic.

'Please don’t run!’ If he left then she just knew he would never come back, 'I’ll make you some breakfast, you can use my shower if you want and then we can talk or not. I’m worried about you, Bucky.’ Her hands were screwing up and twisting the towel nervously, 'Please don’t leave.’

Bucky bit his lip, his body only half turned to her and he was the picture of someone too broken to think they’d ever be fixed. 'I need to wash and get changed… Maybe I’ll come back later…’

'You don’t own any other clothes.’ She told him bluntly and he looked away, ashamed to be caught in his own lie, 'I’ve got clothes that will fit you, I’ll wash the ones you have but just stay.’ Heading to the dresser’s bottom drawer she pulled out a pair of lounge pants and a long sleeved top, 'These are clean and you can keep them.’

She was holding them out to him and Bucky hesitantly took them, 'Whose were they?’

'My husband’s.’ Y/N smiled when his eyes darted to her left hand and his frown deepened, 'He wasn’t a very nice man and I threw him out months ago – not seen him since.’ She was long over it, she’d cried over him and now she was content to live her own life, 'I married way too young but at least now I can do what I want to do.’ Her hand reached for a loose strand of his hair, he flinched but he let her tuck it behind his ear, 'I want to be a carer and even though you’re not ninety something, you can be good practice.’

'Ninety something…’ He murmured with a ghost of a smile, 'You don’t know the half of it, doll…’ He headed into her bathroom and shut the door.

The first thing she noticed when he came out was how much smaller he looked and that he still wore a glove on his left hand, he looked a little better than the night before but he was definitely gaunt. She had a feeling that the only meals he was eating were the ones she made for him. 'I made you some peppermint tea in case your stomach doesn’t feel too good and I made some toast because I didn’t know what you could handle.’ They sat at the table like they’d done so many times before only this time he seemed too defeated to have his guard up – it was like he was waiting for a deserved punishment as he nibbled on the edge of the toast with downcast eyes. 'Let me make this clear. I don’t care about your past, where you’re from or even why you’re here. If you want to tell me then you can but you don’t need to – I just want to help you. You don’t seem to know what to do with yourself or even how to look after yourself, I could feel your spine through your clothes last night…you’re not eating properly. I know your head’s all over the place and you’re on your own but you don’t have to be.’

He didn’t answer her, he was certainly listening and he felt grateful for her kind words, they were so sincere. When had he ever been treated with such care or concern?
'I guess I need a little guidance.’ Bucky admitted, 'I’m used to being given an order and just following it… everything else was done for me.’


It turned out that Bucky was too paranoid to do any real shopping, he avoided anywhere with CCTV and never went far from the apartments. He had plenty of money, American money that she had exchanged in order to stock his fridge properly, she spent one of her days off cooking food that he would be able to freeze and simply heat up later. He came to her every night for dinner and they had the unfortunate discovery that Bucky was unable to take any sort of medicine without becoming violently sick. She had pretended to be ill from work so she could stay in her home with him and tend to him through his withdrawal, he wouldn’t let her into his apartment still but it was easier to care for him in her own.

She had almost called an ambulance on his worst day, when his body had convulsed and she had honestly thought he was going to die in her bed. He had pulled through and she had admired his strength to struggle up onto his feet – he always got up again.
His health improved after that, he was stronger, his mind more focussed and though she still heard him walking around at night it was because he was so absorbed in writing in his notebooks and not feeling ill. It took a few more months but he would go with her to shop, still looking over his shoulder but a little more open to go places – to actually live his life.

'Bucky!’ His head turned toward her voice, searching over the racks of clothing until he found her waving from across the store by the changing room. He made his way over to her and a small smile appeared on his lips as he saw the simple navy blue dress she was trying on, 'What do you think?’ She gave him a little turn and he nodded, 'With these shoes though?’

Bucky looked at the flat shoes and shook his head, 'Nah, you need heels, you got good legs and it’s a shame not to use them to your advantage.’

'He hates when I wear heels.’

'You’re not his wife anymore – who cares what he likes.’ Y/N still talked about things her husband liked and disliked, like the man was still haunting her and trying to influence her decisions. She would always nag at him for his bad habits so he would nag her about this. 'Do you like wearing heels?’

She looked down at her feet with a little smile, 'I do…’

'Then let’s go,’ His right elbow jutted out, his hands in his jacket pockets, she took his arm and they walked the few feet to the shoes, she was a little nervous leaving her things in the changing room but Bucky had a strange sense for things like that – she thought he was a secret ninja. 'Try those,’ Y/N reached for the heels he pointed out and keeping hold of his arm with one hand she slipped them on . Standing up straight she grinned at how much taller she was now, Bucky only now half a head taller than a whole head, 'Can you walk in them?’ He walked a little with her, chuckling lowly when she sort of waddled beside him, 'Heel, toe…heel, toe. You can almost walk in them, I guess. Can you dance in them?’

This time Bucky turned and pulled her to him as if to dance and she almost squealed, 'Nobody goes dancing anymore!’ He would say the oddest things at times and it was almost as if he were in the wrong era, she didn’t mind so much as she was pressed to him, Bucky always felt so warm and he had gained so much weight she could no longer feel the bones under his skin. She had always found him handsome but now that he was no longer gaunt and had a healthy glow about him – he was almost irresistible. He still seemed wary of his own shadow and it was both parts funny and heartbreaking. 'Your abs are so hard I’m starting to think you’re made of metal!’

'Not all of me,’ her head tilted in question and he shook his head with a strained smile, 'Don’t worry about it. You got everything you need?’

Giving a nod Y/N headed toward the changing room, she could tell he was getting antsy and she was proud of him for making more of an effort to come out with her. She finished up and met him at the front of the store, the walk wasn’t far and he reminded her that her date was at six, 'I know…I’m nervous though. We should look at getting you a girlfriend!’

’…I don’t think so.’ He gave her her shopping bags and unlocked his door, 'Tap on my door when you get back – so I know you’re okay.’ They went their separate ways, Bucky pulled out one of the meals she still insisted on preparing for him and threw it in the oven, he made sure his apartment was secure before pulling his hoodie and long sleeved top off. It was the middle of summer and yet he dressed as if it were autumn, hiding his arm and identity under all of the material. His neighbour didn’t know about his arm, about his scars or what he had truly been through, so many times he wanted to tell her but he was terrified she’d see what he really was – she’d realise that the thing she gave so much kindness to was a monster.
Bucky spent the evening writing before fitting in a workout, he had so much energy these days it was hard to expend it all, he waited for Y/N to leave her apartment and stopped his light exercise for shadow boxing against the wall of their homes. He avoided sleeping for as long as he could, nightmares plagued him still but he found that wearing himself out kept them at bay for an hour or two.

Hours later he heard her walking up the stairs, a man’s voice mingling with hers and Bucky found a bitterness invading his mind. He turned onto his side on the bed, ignoring the odd feeling whilst trying to get his mind to rest, Y/N seemed to be saying goodnight to her date, a moment of silence and then her voice muffled through the wall with a stern tone – her date wanted to come in. She said no and then his ears picked up a gasp, he was up in an instant, a top pulled over his half naked form and then he was pulling open his door to glare at the stranger. 'Y/N?’ He called her quietly, making sure she wanted him there.

'Bucky,’ Her eyes were wide as she looked back at him, wondering how she must look with the other man caging her against the wall, 'I want him to go.’

'Oh, come on, we were having a good time!’ The man had had a little too much to drink, 'You’re a guy – don’t you think she’s being a prude? I’ve been nice all night and now I can’t even get a leg over… you get it right?’

Bucky advanced on his like a predator, stalking toward the man in six steps and grabbing his shirt collar, 'Shut up.’ The brunette yanked him across the hallway and shoved him toward the stairs, fixing him with a glare that promised violence Bucky lowered his voice to a whisper, 'You ever go near her again and it will be the last thing you do on this earth.’ The man turned white as a sheet and nearly fell down the stairwell in his desperation to get away.
Bucky’s cold eyes followed him until he was out of the building, he let out a breath to release the malice and rage in his chest, 'You alright?’ He turned to face her, walking to Y/N’s side and rubbing her shoulder in what he hoped was a comforting manner, 'I heard you through the wall…I didn’t…I mean…’ How did he explain he was worried about her without having to explain the tight, uncomfortable feeling in his chest when he realised she might kiss the man or even allow him into her apartment.

'Thank you, Buck,’ she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his right shoulder, 'He was really nice up to that point.’ He returned her hug weakly, still not used to affectionate touch even though she had never once harmed him, 'Why do I keep picking up all the jerks?’ Bucky shrugged and she parted from him with a half smile, 'I’m just lucky I guess. I’m turning in, sorry I made you get out of bed…’ As she spoke she had been patting his shoulders and when something felt odd her voice trailed off. Her gaze began to turn toward his left side, a glint of metal catching her eye from a gap in his top, she had never realised the lack of warmth or the hardness of his left arm before. With her eyebrows furrowing she opened her mouth to ask, 'Bucky, wha-?’

'Good night, Y/N.’ He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, a recent development, and quickly vanished into the safety of his apartment. She was left confused and unsure – perhaps she had had more to drink than she thought?

She walked to his door and rested her ear against the word, listening inside for him but hearing nothing she put her hand to the door and smiled, 'Good night, Bucky.’

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Kryptonite is Overrated (Hollstein AO3)

“This entire college used to be a women’s psychiatric prison back in the twenties. The top floor of our dorm was used for human scientific experiments.”

“Huh.” Laura studied the odd looking grey building, noting the bars on the windows and the general sense of despair. “They didn’t mention that during orientation.”

Do you like the show Carmilla, but struggle to find a good Hollstein AU fic? Never fear, a superhero fic is here! Chapter 3 is up and running, and ya’ll should check it out!

A Warrior's Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life


AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think. 

RATING: Mature. 

NOTES/WARNINGS: This fic is generally based on real Vikings and in this, Loki and Thor are human, not Gods. Asgard is the Scandinavian countries that make up the Viking lands, Vanaheim is Britain, and Midgard is Ireland. This story will contain death, sex and in the next chapter, a brief moment of rape to a minor character. As this is based on actual Vikings, some instances may be seen as disturbing to some readers. Also, some Christianity bashing, because the Vikings would not have had time for Christianity, nothing more. 

Loki was getting sick of being at sea; not seasick, just sick of looking at it, several sunrises ago he felt as though all he would never crave anything again as much as he craved the soft grass and earth beneath his feet. The only solace he had was that if nothing else, they were going to a new land, west of Vanaheim, one not yet pillaged.

It too had begun to embrace the odd idea called Christianity, the “One God” nonsense, but Loki did not care for their precious God, all he cared for was their ‘churches’ as they called the place of worship for their God, as they were usually filled with treasures of gold and jewels along with usually unarmed and easily overpowered monks and priests.

The sea was rough, the storm god Thor was angry. Loki’s brother, named after said God, was beside him, and his mood was no better. “Do you think my namesake is angry with our quest?” Thor asked as he rowed.

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It had been a long day, consisting primarily of beheading vampires and cleaning up dead bodies. Now, Dean, Sam, Castiel and you were spending your evening in the bar around the corner from your motel- a foul-smelling building with odd stains in places they shouldn’t be.

Leaving the three boys at the booth, you headed off to the bar in search of four pints. Catching the bartender’s attention, you ordered as such and he nodded as he produced the order.

“Thanks,” you muttered, about to leave- precariously carrying all four pints- you felt a hand on your forearm and turned to see a man of twenty-something with an attractive face and muscular physique. He had fair hair and a purposefully shaven stubble. And an air of arrogance that already physically repulsed you.

“Yes?” you challenged, already cautious.

One of his eyebrows arched and a cocky grin spread across his face. “The name’s Rick; you need a hand with those, princess?”

“I’m OK, thanks,” you told him firmly. Adding, “Rick.”

“Oh, I insist,” he smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

Warming to the man slightly, you replied less hostilely, “Y/N.”

He smiled again and the pair of you soon delved into a deep conversation. It seemed he was actually less of an arrogant twat than you originally suspected and it wasn’t until Cas popped up at your elbow did your realise that you’d forgotten all about the four pints of beer you still held in your hands.

“Y/N,” he addressed you, concern in his eyes. “Where’ve you been?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Cas,” you apologised to him, handing him two of the beers. “I started to talking to Rick and I must’ve lost track of time.”

You caught the angel eyeing Rick warily and coughed pointedly, to which his reply was, “Yes, I can see that. Rick, is it?”

Rick nodded, his eyes narrowed. “Yeah, it is.”

“Hmph,” Castiel scoffed. “Well, Rick, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Castiel.”

They shook hands briefly when, before you could aptly process it, Cas had his hand against Rick’s forehead and a flickering orange light was gleaming out of the- wait, demon?-’s eyes.

Your hands flew to cup your mouth and you gasped- though, apparently no one else in the bar had seen what had happened, presumably the three of you were cloaked by Cas’ angel magic somehow.

“Cas?!” you exclaimed when the demon had dropped dead on the floor. “What the hell?! Your grace has been failing for months, h-how could you have known?”

For a moment the angel stammered. “I-I took…a guess?”

You raised an eyebrow.

Behind you, you heard Dean mutter to Sam, “Word to the wise: don’t piss of the nerd angels.”

The Seer of Possibilities

Posted on January 26th

Sometimes, otherworldly beings find interesting ways to try and contact you. They might use a Ouija Board, or maybe come to you in a dream, or sometimes they speak through another person. They each have their own style and preference that’s particular to them. The one who contacted Jack spoke to him through his computer, or, I guess you could say the communication was through onscreen text. The first time it happened, Jack had been sitting at his computer playing Solitaire. A blinking red light from the router indicated that his internet connection was down again. This was at least a weekly occurrence, and Jack was getting used to this spotty internet service. As he moved his cards, the game faded into a solid black screen and the red text appeared.

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Gotta Catch ‘em All

Derek works in a smaller neighborhood branch of his town’s public library system. Author events, book signings, lectures: they’re nearly always at Central, which means Derek’s days tend to pass pretty quietly. He likes it that way. He likes being off the radar, able to slip in hours of reading on the slowest days. 

There’s enough to keep him busy, of course, and to keep his branch open. The neighborhood’s mostly made up of older folks - there’s a big senior living center a couple blocks away, and an assortment of small businesses that make it feel like a miniature town all to itself. Derek loves it. 

He can walk to work - it’s a longish walk, true, but it’s Northern California, so the weather’s nearly always pleasant - and swing by the grocery store on the way home. Pick up a Redbox, if he’s feeling drawn to any of the posters on the side of the kiosk. Choose some fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market pop-up shop, and a nice bottle of Chardonnay from the wine shop; drinking alone isn’t sad if you take the time to cook a nice dinner to go with it, he thinks. He’d argue the point if he had anyone to argue it with. 

He’s gotten to know a lot of people in the neighborhood, to the extent that he wants to. The library has a steady stream of seniors browsing through the books and bringing stacks of DVDs to the counter. There are a lot of BBC series and Criterion Collections stocked on his shelves, but he’s particularly fond of Marta, who loves superhero movies and always stops by the desk to debate with Derek when she returns her latest; and Chuck, who’s at least 80 years old and picks out every musical he can find, humming bits of the choruses on his way out the door. 

Derek frequently helps both of them put in hold requests for movies to be transferred over from the other, larger branches. He does a lot of that: helping his patrons find what they’re looking for. Even guiding them through their technology woes, sometimes, although many of the elderly women who cycle through the library text more often, and more rapidly, than he does - his phone’s always on silent at work, but the screen usually remains dark, anyway.

There’s a large enough population of grandkids to keep the children’s section fairly large and well-stocked, and Derek spends a decent amount of time reshelving scattered piles of picture books and maintaining order in the chaos that erupts each time a crowd of children storms through. The kids call him Mister Hale, have their own library cards that they proudly produce, and insist on carrying their own books and putting them up on the counter themselves

Derek installed a sturdy step stool early on, so he could see more than tufts of hair and bright little eyes staring over the counter, little arms stretched overhead to hand over their books to be scanned.

The teen section is the smallest. He keeps some graphic novels and bestsellers on hand, but there’s little point in curating a full collection, when the high school’s downtown, and that population spends all its time at Central or the branch on Maple - on the east side of town, near the Walmart and the movie theater and the bowling alley.

He’s happy, most days. He’s finally stopped looking over his shoulder, or flinching when people speak to him. The ladies he sees on his walks smile at him and call him Derek, or dear (which he doesn’t mind), or sweetie (which he does, but he tries not to let it show), but they only pass the time, as they would with any of their other friends. They don’t brazenly check him out, or try to pinch his ass, or stroke sharp fingers over his biceps, or make him feel dirty and used and wrong.

It took time to get past that. But he’s there now, he thinks. He feels safe. A little anonymous, in a nice way. Settled into a life that’s got enough variety to keep it interesting, and enough routine to give him stability.

Until the day a guy in a ratty old hoodie stops outside the library, taking pictures through the windows.

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Wherever Touka was, she didn’t know how she had gotten here. First she was chasing her prey and then she seemed to be in a dark and damp location in the depths of the city. Unbelievable. She has lost her prey and she was lost herself. Letting out a low growl of annoyance, the woman yanked the gas mask from her face. With her mask now dangling from her neck, she was able to attempt to find her location by scent.

Taking a sniff of the air around her, she clicked her tongue as it just smelled sort of off. Like something wasn’t right around here. And there was that odd strong scent that was both alluring and repulsive. So, she followed that as she had no other leads or ideas.

A couple minutes past and Touka had walked deeper into the unknowns of this part of the city, disguised by the night, until she stumbled across something… different. Walking up to the dark building that seemed to be half submerged in the ground, she was annoyed to find that all the doors were sealed tightly. So, she came into the odd building through a window and continued to follow her nose. That was until she heard sounds that she had never heard for such an innocent young adult. Following both sound and smell at this point, she found herself staring at a scene that would be branded into her brain. It seemed to be a male ghoul… and he was going down on some unknown human.

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June 18th - Another fine, high summer day and this time I headed out to North Warwickshire, going from Stonnall to Bassets Pole, on to Middleton, body moor Heath, Hurley, Baxterley, Grendon and up the canal back to Tamworth with a speedy run down the old A5 home.

It was a lovely ride on a gorgeous day and the scenery showed itself well. Merevale Hall still sits imperiously over the plains beyond the Watling Street, and over the former mining communities on the ridge, which apart from the memorials and odd preserved building, you’d never guess had ever existed at all.

It was also a day of languid animals, from the ambling rabbits who unusually didn’t have a rush in them, to lounging cats hunting shadow, rather than sun. 

Bernie the boater Birman was going for a walk with his dad at Polesworth, on a lead as he normally lives at home. He was perfectly content and a lovely cat.

A word of caution, though: if you’re planning to ride the Coventry Canal between Grendon and Polesworth, choose something agricultural to ride. The towpath is non-existent and was seriously challenging to ride.

Have some christmas fluff

Okay guys Peony has been angst galore but it’s frikkin’ Christmas guys and I don’t wanna be sad even though our whole family is kinda sad;; Sunflower’s here to brighten the day guys. Sunflower’s here

Also guys be proud of me I finally got Mystic Messenger to work on my phone!

Anyways, here’s Christmas time with the RFA

  • Let’s say for the holidays the RFA all got together to celebrate together
  • So you planned a trip a little before Christmas
  • Jumin wanted to go somewhere warm but the vote on where to go was overridden. Cold and snowy won over warm tropical
  • What’s Christmas without snow??
  • You all end up going to a cabin that Seven had somewhere up north
  • why do you have a cabin up north??
  • You plan to stay only for a few days, but a giant snowstorm that rages on for two days straight makes a few days into a couple weeks
  • Although Seven was somehow prepared for this. Lots of hot cocoa, coffee, pillows, and blankets were stocked up at the cabin, and a chimney warmed the house at all hours along with the furnace and heating system
  • You made the best of your time. This includes barely managing to plow out the front door with Yoosung and Seven and giving up to go inside and enjoy cocoa and coffee with Jaehee
  • and then watching Zen drag the two back out to finish making a path outside
  • Time outside was spent building an odd two-headed five armed snow man who wore a scarf bikini and had a cucumber for a nose and Honey Buddha chip crumbles for eyes
  • You even managed to find sleds somewhere. Seven dragged you on many times and called out points whenever you hit someone on the way down
  • “SEVEN NO”
  • Yoosung was deeply torn about leaving his games behind when you guys left on the trip, but he found out he can play a mean game of monopoly you’re all wondering how???
  • But so can Jumin
  • This game lasted long after you and everyone else lost. Ridiculously long. An impatient Seven cheered on by you and Zen eventually flipped the board
  • Baking cookies was an interesting time though
  • You and Jaehee thought it would be easy but everyone kept sneaking in trying to steal cookie dough
  • *glare at Seven and Yoosung*
  • There would be no cookies if they kept stealing it
  • And so you started to hit them with spoons to shoo them away
  • …the flour war started when you didn’t notice one of the spoons was holding flour and you went to hit Seven. It catapulted onto Seven’s jacket in a splattered puff of fluffy smoke
  • The kitchen went from a quaint little thing to a powdery flour wonderland in a matter of minutes
  • It was all ended when a flour bomb was chucked at Jumin’s fancy tux
  • Decorating cookies was fun, but frosting and sprinkles got everywhere too 
  • how did those dinosaur sprinkles get in your hair
  • where did they even come from???
  • The storm still had you snowed in til Christmas, and you all realized that your presents were left at home since you didn’t plan to stay over Christmas
  • But that didn’t mean you wouldn’t have a tree
  • You were determined and no one wanted to let you down
  • So yes they went out to find a tree for you
  • It was perfect! Tall and green and very full
  • and then they couldn’t figure out how to cut it down and get it back to the cabin
  • They had to settle for a scrawny little thing. Although you had to admit, their effort was precious and the scrawny little tree had some charm in it’s own way
  • Even though it kinda resembled a glorified Charlie Brown tree
  • Seven found lights somewhere in storage, normal white lights, but good enough to light up the tree
  • You, Zen and Yoosung worked on making paper ornaments of sorts
  • Mostly it was cutting out snowflakes and stars and coating them in glitter ‘cause paperfolding seemed to fail horribly
  • Jaehee strung up microwave buttery popcorn on string to decorate the tree with
  • Jumin actually knew some weird paper technique to make paper folded stars that were really cute. He even made a big one to put at the top of the tree
  • When the tree was decorated and set up, it was late late
  • Everyone dragged out pillows and blankets, and you all slept around the fireplace and the tree
  • The fire cackled and popped and the lights on the Christmas tree let off a gentle glow
  • Even with not being home
  • You realized unexpectedly spending Christmas with the RFA turned out to be just as wonderful and amazing as you would have expected it to be

Merry Christmas everyone!! And to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, happy holidays/holiday season! Stay safe and warm, your admins all love you and want you to be happy during this season.

I’m hopefully gonna be back and gonna start working on some actual asks instead of posting random unasked for stuff, hehe

Much love guys!!  <3

~Sunflower (: