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Tudor House with a twist, or a kink

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Do you think naboo doesn't really understand consent because she was a senator and he was her body guard?

I mean that’s part of it - within that situation as well you have to also consider how OBVIOUS the age-gap is still. Like not just in actual age gap (which, at the time is a more pronounced then it was when, say the twins were conceived - he’s what? 18/19? She’s 22/23? - that sounds a bit weirder then 21/22 and 25/26 (which I mean also sounds a bit weird TBH)), but also in position in life - Anakin is still very much a student. He is clearly dependent on Obi Wan/the Council and most of his actions denying them is more like teen rebellion then actual adulthood (this is not a strike against Anakin). Padme ran a country since she was 13/14 (might be slightly off) and is now a Senator - living alone and very much responsible for herself and her staff. It’s like if a highschooler who still lives at home started dating who moved out and got a job when they were 15 (actually it’s like a highschooler dating someone who was running a company since they were 15). Sure you’re close in age but maturity level? No. No there is a big difference. She would look at him and consider him a child compared to her. Anakin’s mature for his age in a lot of areas but Padme is more mature. 

Then you have the fact that he was basically given to her as a body guard / do what you want with. Like sure it wasn’t said in so many words but it would be very easy for her to pressure him into something (or for him to feel pressured into something) based on him feeling obligated to do as she says. Or, possibly worse, the idea that she could, very easily, cause problems for him (with the Jedi, with the Senate, etc. etc.). She has the power in that situation. Hell they prove it in the fact that the way they get them to Geonosis is basically her going “well I’m going and it’s your job to protect me so I guess you have to follow” - that line of thinking can be used to at least put Anakin in positions that he might not be comfortable with. 

Oh also, the puppy!love from when he was a kid means she could also very easily play on that (he’s clearly confused how he feels about her). As well as the fact she had (somewhat of) a hand in freeing him from slavery - again, there is the ability for the idea of him having to ‘repay’ her for that coming up (either explicitly, implicitly or just in his own mind). 

Like it’s not rape rape, and I think if Anakin said ‘no’ Padme would back the fuck off. However there are enough factors in play that might prevent him from saying no even if he wanted to, and a lot of which are things that might be effecting his consent without her consciously pushing them to. 

Then you have the complete lack of reaction to “oh yeah I freed Shmi from slavery then married her (or maybe the other way around - did they ever state? I can’t remember)” as well as some of the things she does/lets Anakin do later in the relationship. 

I’m going to say that Padme as a whole is a fairly moral person. So I’m not going to say “oh she knows about all those things she just doesn’t care.” So instead there has to be another reason for all those factors to just completely… not phase her. The most obvious answer? It’s a cultural thing. And I’m going to fight tooth and nail to have at least a decent portion of the galaxy to understand consent in a full way (because fuck it give me the benefit of the doubt), so I’m not going to make it to the smallest area I can and for that it’s Naboo. 

Plus this is (probably) the birth place of Palpatine so… extra points for it being slightly culturally not great. 



It had been a long day, consisting primarily of beheading vampires and cleaning up dead bodies. Now, Dean, Sam, Castiel and you were spending your evening in the bar around the corner from your motel- a foul-smelling building with odd stains in places they shouldn’t be.

Leaving the three boys at the booth, you headed off to the bar in search of four pints. Catching the bartender’s attention, you ordered as such and he nodded as he produced the order.

“Thanks,” you muttered, about to leave- precariously carrying all four pints- you felt a hand on your forearm and turned to see a man of twenty-something with an attractive face and muscular physique. He had fair hair and a purposefully shaven stubble. And an air of arrogance that already physically repulsed you.

“Yes?” you challenged, already cautious.

One of his eyebrows arched and a cocky grin spread across his face. “The name’s Rick; you need a hand with those, princess?”

“I’m OK, thanks,” you told him firmly. Adding, “Rick.”

“Oh, I insist,” he smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your name?”

Warming to the man slightly, you replied less hostilely, “Y/N.”

He smiled again and the pair of you soon delved into a deep conversation. It seemed he was actually less of an arrogant twat than you originally suspected and it wasn’t until Cas popped up at your elbow did your realise that you’d forgotten all about the four pints of beer you still held in your hands.

“Y/N,” he addressed you, concern in his eyes. “Where’ve you been?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Cas,” you apologised to him, handing him two of the beers. “I started to talking to Rick and I must’ve lost track of time.”

You caught the angel eyeing Rick warily and coughed pointedly, to which his reply was, “Yes, I can see that. Rick, is it?”

Rick nodded, his eyes narrowed. “Yeah, it is.”

“Hmph,” Castiel scoffed. “Well, Rick, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Castiel.”

They shook hands briefly when, before you could aptly process it, Cas had his hand against Rick’s forehead and a flickering orange light was gleaming out of the- wait, demon?-’s eyes.

Your hands flew to cup your mouth and you gasped- though, apparently no one else in the bar had seen what had happened, presumably the three of you were cloaked by Cas’ angel magic somehow.

“Cas?!” you exclaimed when the demon had dropped dead on the floor. “What the hell?! Your grace has been failing for months, h-how could you have known?”

For a moment the angel stammered. “I-I took…a guess?”

You raised an eyebrow.

Behind you, you heard Dean mutter to Sam, “Word to the wise: don’t piss of the nerd angels.”

at my high school leaver ball my class danced salsa to Represent Cuba by Orishas. today i heard the song again and remembered that the only way i could survive those awfully awkward dance classes was to imagine Pritchard dancing salsa and shocking everyone because he was actually amazing at it

this further developed into a stupid idea about Sarif forcing Pritchard, Jensen and Malik to participate in a salsa dance class because of a reason i don’t even remember now (odd therapy? team building? who knows) but point is Malik somehow forced Pritchard to pair up with Adam and help him with the moves because obviously poor Adam still sucked at dancing. they had no choice but to bond yay


Which looks better design wise? The stones above the windows are different. The top or bottom.
Note that I have not compile the lighting (because it takes like 1 ½ hours to compile) so the textures and shadows looks a bit odd. 
Also does this building look like something you’d find in any American town?

Goodge Street.

Thoughts - I stopped off at Planet Organic to get some breakfast, I got a fruit smoothy and some sushi. This was taken while I was sat on a ledge outside of this building with odd windows, I didn’t think anything of it at first, but while eating my sushi I looked round to see a fella appear. He was cleaning the windows, he then drew my eye all the way down this tunnel like window layout and inspired a photograph. It’s funny how in certain situations we turn a blind eye but with the slightest difference we can become obsessed.

Tg:re 57 spoilers

Some peeps don’t know if the spoilers are real but if they are, word is that Kaneki threw Tsukiyama off the building in front of Ui. Ofc we all know why he really did it. He DID NOT do it because he wanted Tsukiyama dead (THOUGH THIS GUY IS REALLY ABOUT TO DIE IF KANEKI KEEPS TRYING TO SAVE HIM BY HURTING HIM). He did it to protect him because if the investigators saw Tsukiyama, their Target, weakened and defenseless, they would immediately capture/kill him, and with kaneki seeing that, he chooses to throw him of the roof OH GOD I CANT STOP LAUGHING

The last time the Avengers saw Thor, he said he had very important business to attend to on Asgard and made his usual dramatic exit. But he was really headed to New York for some much needed down time. Who is Thor when he isn’t the god of thunder? He wanders the city to find out. He gets a desk job at a paranormal investigation startup. He makes new friends. He learns to appreciate customer service and well organized record keeping. He makes the coffee. He is not easily intimidated by specters of death wandering the building at odd hours. He’s learned how to answer and transfer calls using the terribly primitive equipment at hand. He’s picked up a lot of new Earth slang to use the next time he sees Tony. Loki sends a few roaming vapors to mess with the team every now and then. Just to say hello, brother. I see you.

Memento || Thomas & Marissa

It wasn’t much later than the last of the texts had been sent that Thomas pulled up alongside the building located at the address on Marissa’s business card. In fact, it was almost as if he’d been driving while texting, but that would have been illegal!

The building was an odd yellowish-colored brick building that looked to be two stories high, in a style that didn’t quite match the aesthetics on the rest of the block. Several different types of offices were advertised on the windows.

He left the car parked along the curb in what looked like it more or less resembled an appropriate parking space and made his way cheerfully to the front entrance, his reflection gazing back at him in the glass of the door with the poor lighting behind it. He was dressed in the usual attire consisting of tight leather pants and a fitted shirt. His phone was clasped in his hand. He figured that he could probably take a look at the necklace and send Kai a few texts about it, and maybe get Butters to show a picture of it to Bob or something, but in both cases he suspected they’d need to look at it personally.

Still, it couldn’t hurt to find out in advance whether he’d just be wasting his time.

The front door was open, and he strolled inside, looking around. A few doors lined the corridor, and he glanced at the names printed on each, but Marissa’s was nowhere in sight. With a shrug, he trotted up the stairs to the second floor, and there was her office. The building seemed silent, and his knock against the wooden door sounded far too loud in his ears.

“Marissa?” he called out, reaching for the doorknob to open the door and let himself in.