One of the most photographed, and arguably one of the most believable, stories of UFO’s is that which was spotted on 30 March, 1990, in Belgium. The Control Reporting Center (CRC) confirmed that there were unidentified triangular objects flying in the sky. There were a number of reported sightings of the unusual object which was spotted with lights that were allegedly as bright as stars and changed colour. After a second radar confirmation, two F-16 jets were sent to intercept the UFO; they obtained radar lock on three occasions but each time they locked, the UFO would drastically change their position and then accelerate exceedingly. When the F-16′s locked for the first time, the UFO accelerated from 150mph to more that 1100mph and changed altitude from 9000ft to 5000ft and then up to 11000ft in less than two seconds. These changes in altitude at the speeds that were reported would be life threatening to any human pilot. Over 13,000 people reported witnessing this spectacle. After an hour, the UFO disappeared from the radars.