Who Should You Fight: SITS edition

YOU WANTED IT. YOU GOT IT. *smashes soda can on head* LETS MCFREAKING DO THIS.

Kyohei Rikudoh: Okay, maybe you do want to fight him. I totally get it. But c’mon. He pulls the tragic backstory card and you can’t help but feel bad afterward. It’s totally up to you whether you give two fucks or not.

Iori Enjo: Shove an entire orange up his ass. 

Kota Igarashi: Meh. It’s like fighting a cat. He’ll either “scratch” you or just ignore your existence entirely.

Nagito Aoshima: Guys. You’re fighting an actual puppy for fucks sake. Sit in a corner and think about what you’ve done. Monsters.

Takashi Ninagawa: dID YOU FINISH THOSE FUCKING LYRICS? NO? Then good fucking luck trying to fight him, since that’s all he fucking cares about, even if you do managed to get a hit in. 

Ryo Chi“banana”: Considering this fucker was the one who got you all wrapped up in being a ghostwriter nearly against your own will, yeah go ahead and fight him. Plus I’m pretty sure he a weak ass boi.

Ritsuto Ena: YES.

Fumito Ena: ???? idefk maybe ????