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hello! i would like to request Oda asking for the children if they "approved "of s/o? like how it would be? i am pretty much sure he would ask their opnion before going forward with the relationship! thank you and have a good day!

Hello! Thanks! Have a good day, too!!

A part of Odasaku was glad to see that you were so excited to meet the kids; another part of him, though, was worried. He knew that if the kids wouldn’t accept you into their lives it’ll be hard for him to do the same. While he was quite sure the children would welcome you with open arms, he still had a little bit of doubt.

“Odasaku?” You suddenly piped up from behind him as he drove, “their names are Kousuke, Katsumi, Yuu, Shinji and Sakura, right?”

“Yes they are,” he replied as he looked at your smiling reflection in the rear view mirror. Seeing you so happy made most of his worries fade away.
Once the two of you had reached the curry shop, he handed some money over to the curry shop owner before bringing you to where the kids were. He led you towards your destination by linking hands, his grip was firmer than usual.

“Oda-san!” A high pitched voice came from nowhere before your boyfriend was tackled by a small girl, followed by four boys. You smiled from a short distance away as he rubbed their heads and greeted all of them joyfully.

“Who is that?” One of the children asked, his hand tugging on Odasaku’s jacket. Instantly, all attention was on you and it was then you realised how much pressure was on you at the moment. How your future with Odasaku would play out depends on this. Panicking internally too much to speak, you smiled sheepishly.

“She’s (L/N) (Y/N),” he replied, looking at you and smiling reassuringly, “my partner.”

“Like at work?” One of the boys asked, his expression of confusion turned to annoyance when another boy bopped him on the head.

“No, stupid, she’s his girlfriend!”

All of the children breathed a collective gasp as they spent the next ten seconds just staring at you. “You’re so pretty!” Sakura, the only girl in the group, exclaimed, breaking the slightly awkward silence.

She broke free from Odasaku and bounded towards you, jumping into your arms. The sudden weight bestowed upon you caused you to lose your balance slightly but you tried your hardest not to fall. Laughing at your own struggle to stand up straight, Sakura giggled in response, hugging you gently.

A moment later, she turned her head around to look at Odasaku, “she smells nice, too!” Sakura said before proceeding to hug you again and take longer sniffs. Your pleasantly surprised expression made Oda struggle to hold back a laugh.

“Really?!” And before you knew it, all the children were hugging you like you were their mother.

“Cmon guys,” Odasaku finally said after a few minutes of you just interacting with the kids, “(Y/N) and I have to go eat lunch, we’ll see you later, okay?”
After ordering his usual for the both of you, Oda said he needed to run a quick errand and asked you to start without him.

As he walked to the kids’ room, he wasn’t as worried as before. He knew they liked you a lot for someone they’d just met but still, he had to ask properly. They were basically his own children, after all, he’d want to know what they really feel about you.

“Kousuke, Katsumi, Yuu, Shinji, Sakura?” He said after opening their bedroom door, immediately he was greeted by familiar faces once more.

“I thought you had to eat lunch?”

“Where’s (Y/N)?”

“Come in and play with us!”

The kids instantly began chattering away, bursting with happiness. “Before I go have lunch, I need to ask you guys something.”

“What is it?” Shinji replied, his eyes like the others, wide and curious.

Before Odasaku could respond, though, Sakura chirped excitedly, “are you going to ask (Y/N) to marry you? Do you want us to ask her for you?”

“I want to ask!”

“No, me!”

“Oda-san, let me ask her for you, I’m the oldest!”

“Not fair!”

Knowing he’d already gotten his answer, he rubbed their heads affectionately, effectively quietening them down. “I will ask her to marry me someday, would you guys like that?”