kabedonjin  asked:

hello, hello!! i don't know if the request box is open, so feel free to delete this if it is^^ anyway, after seeing that scenario involving a bucket list, can you write about some entries (i imagined 2-5, but no need to push yourself!!) the wanna one boys would put in their bucket list? it doesn't need to be related to a relationship like the jihoon bucket list, just some wishes that the boys would personally want to do! thank you <3

jisung: successfully sing his s/o to sleep, act in a drama, volunteer at an animal shelter

sungwoon: go on the masked singer, play soccer with his future kids, go to london/travel

minhyun: win a music show with nu’est, compose a full song for his s/o and family, speak Japanese fluently

seongwoo: go to the movies with his s/o, go on hit the stage, cook a full meal for his family and s/o

jaehwan: teach guitar to his kids, become a vocal trainer, go hiking, go karaoke with his s/o

daniel: successfully name a cat without mistakening its gender, take his s/o to watch the stars on the rooftop with blankets, drink a $1000 champagne probably

jihoon: get the lead role in a school-based movie, take his s/o to paris for honeymoon, get abs LMAO

woojin: go on hit the stage, watch the olympics at the place, erase all evidence of his dark past

jinyoung: learn knitting, have a solo song, get kyulkyung’s autograph, confess to his crush through a song

daehwi: learn Spanish, compose an original song + choreography, play a birthday prank on his s/o

guanlin: RELEASE MIXTAPE, learn how to play guitar