More details for the Doom 2 Tournament for Quakecon were just released via the official website

Important things to note:

*(Undoubtedly what everyone was wondering) SOURCEPORT: ODAMEX (0.6.3)

*Tournament Size: 128 players

*Registration: First come, first served. NO online registrations, you must be at Quakecon in the first day and you must be registered as a QuakeCon 2013 General Attendee in order to enter to any of the three tourneys. Register here

*Format: There will be a sixteen-player Free-For-All matches that will qualify 32 players for the single eliminations bracket, each match will be a best of three games format being played in Duel format

*Free For All Settings: Duel gametype, Vanilla (no freelook, no jump), weapons stay, items respawn

The map will be MAP13 - Downtown

*Duel Settings: Duel gametype (hue), Vanilla (no freelook, no jump), weapons stay, no items respawn,10 minute limit, 30 fraglimit

Map pool: Dwango5Map1 - Entryway; Dwango5Map7 – Dead Simple; Judas – Barrels ‘o Fun; King; SSL2

The top 4 of each Free For All stage matches will advance to the Playoff stage. The prize for the winner is going to be $1000

For more specific details go here or download the PDF containing the full details

Let’s show Quakecon and the world that Doom is more alive than ever!

I’ve been trying to gather troops to play some online DOOM deathmatch via facebook and providing some download links to help get setup. If you want to join in search for the group on facebook called “DOOMED TO DEATH” it should hopefully pop up! Come join the the frag party mother fuckers! #doom #deathmatch #odamex

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It’s about damn time someone took the time to actually upload this legendary gem. D5M1 is without a shadow of a doubt THE most prominent symbol of what DWANGO meant back in the 90s for the old gaming community. Up to this day, people keep playing D5M1 and the old DWANGO mapsets every once in a while in Zandronum, and almost everyday on Odamex and ZDaemon. DWANGO has such a big reputation, that it actually got featured in the past Doom II Tournament at Quakecon in what appears to be the most legendary Doom II Duel ever recorded.

(And why did it took so long to get this classic on YouTube, anyway? Was it so hard for the online Doom community to take the .MIDI and record it?)

Anyway, here’s a little snippet of the history of DWANGO (Source)

DWANGO, the Dial Up Wide Area Network Games Operation (originally Doom Wide-Area Network Game Organization), was an early fee-based multiplayer server for Doom, Doom II and Heretic. It was created in early 1994 by Bob Huntley and Kee Kimbrell in Houston, Texas. The first version was released with the shareware release of Heretic.

Since it predated widespread consumer access to the Internet, players had to dial long distance to Houston. Even so, it was wildly popular, and the creators reaped a healthy profit from the subscription fees. By early 1995, ten thousand subscribers were paying $9.95 a month, some calling from as far as Italy and Australia.

With the advent of Quake came multiplayer across the Internet, and DWANGO, which had started to dwindle by late 1995, was all but dead after its release. It was formally shut down in 1998.

DWANGO’s legacy includes the semi-official DWANGO map packs created by various authors. Compiled into collections by Lance “Aikman” Lancaster, an employee of DWANGO’s hosting provider IVS, they are still used today by DM players.