stealing heathenism

I’m confused by all these posts about “saying no to racist paganism” - How is it racist to recognize that germanic historical beliefs belong to a specific ethnic group - germanics? If you aren’t germanic, you have your own ethnicity, and with it a history and a paganism native to YOUR ethnicity. You will find your beliefs and abilities to be much stronger when your religion resonates directly with your ancestral blood. There’s no need and no sense for you to practice the religion of another tribe, you’re robbing yourself of your own heritage, and us of ours.


   I’ve always had an interest in the roots of European traditions and the revival of ancient paganism. But lately I’ve been especially interested in the reconstruction of pagan traditions and rituals in the Third Reich. Last year, for the first time, I tried to move on from all those shiny and tacky ornaments that nowadays Christmas trees are usually decorated with. Instead, I tried to recreate the traditional Yule tree decoration that was common among families of SS members in the Third Reich.
   I decorated my evergreen tree of life with baked gingerbread-runes, traditional German straw ornaments and real candles. Initially, I intended to hang real apples in the tree, but unfortunately I had to replace them with red ball ornaments – an imperfection that I’ll be fixing this year. At the base of the tree I put a straw woven Wheel of the Year – a Hagal Rune in a circle.
   I want our major annual festivals to be celebrated with more awareness for their original meaning and symbolism. And I think the responsibility for that lies in women’s hands.