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Ginny weasley headcanons

Okay a lot of these are about her quidditch career and I don’t know I why but hey here you go.

1. During her most boring classes, Ginny makes constellations out of her freckles on her arms. Then proudly shows them off to Harry and Ron, who both shows off their expertise in Divination by making up ridiculous predictions.

2. Ginny is f*cking fantastic at muggle water polo

3. After every match she wins, she sends out a patronous to Harry, her family, Hermione and others if they were not able to make a game. Usually it’s a sound bite of the final score.

4. After her 1st year, she changed her signature from the one she signed so many times on Riddle’s diary

5. Sleepovers with the rest of the Harpies at the Burrow is what she lives for.

6. Which consisted of listening to not only wizard music but the Spice Girls and watching cheesy horror movies

7. How she told her mom about being pregnant with James: “I think you’re going to need to knit an extra sweater this year…” To which Mrs, Weasley practically collapsed.

8. She told Harry by tossing him a whistle, “Catch!”
“What is this?”
“A whistle.”
“I can see that. Why?”
“I found it, for when you start coaching little-league quidditch.”
Harry laughs,”Yeah, when we have a kid to coach.”
“Right then, you better start dusting off you’re broomstick, Potter,” And once again she relishes the look of disbelief on Harry’s face.

9. Ginny is also fond of pumpkin spice lattes, as introduced to her by Hermione.

10. George jokingly mentioned releasing a line of joke products based on Ginny after making it on the Holyhead Harpies. However, she found his early drafts and after threatening to send a few bat bogey hexes his way, that matter was not spoken of again.

Sorry I took so long to respond! But they were fun, thanks!

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just found this blog today, and i love it, keep up the good work!!!!!!! just a sidenote, even before i knew the sexist/homophobic etcetc problematic nature of these shows/fandoms, i found superwholock to be a really UGLY WORD. is that just me???!? isn't there a better way to smash the shows together please

it’s a really ugly word. 

it sounds like you’re going to throw up. 

sUPer…ah, fuck…wHO…shit get the bucket–lOCK!!!!! (trips all over myself and vomits on my shoes) 

xoxo madi

Important (sorta) Notice

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