I can’t believe it’s over. Taiko has this amazing capacity to draw a certain energy from you, from a wellspring you didn’t even know you had. When every muscle is crying out, so are you with every ounce of ki you can muster to last the next few minutes. I am at my most powerful when I am nearly spent, when all I can do is resign myself to the drum. And it’s this moment of suspension, of self, of all that overthinking, that keeps me coming back. What your muscles have learned is what takes center stage. What your spirit finally reveals about what it has always known.

I am proud of what I have achieved in spite of what so many people have seen as a perpetual uphill battle against my own skeleton. I never believed I would leave the stage feeling proud.

Taiko is about (re)connections: with drum, with yourself, with other players, with your audience. All of which are worth celebrating.


Kodo O-daiko

turn it up until it rattles your teeth.. thats what it sounds like live.


Kami Hikaru, All-Around Odaiko Competition

“Flowing with the Tide" 『行雲流氷』