tribute to digimon adventure and its 15th anniversary today.

happy odaiba day ‘14 guys!!


Tomorrow is Odaiba day, 15 years since Digimon Adventure 01’s cast entered the Digital World!

I saw an idea somewhere on tumblr a while back to post some of your oldest Digimon fanart to celebrate and I thought that would be fun and embarassing.

It’s pretty evident that I am was obsessed with all things Agumon and Garurumon and made a completely Original Not A Ripoff™ Digimon for myself 14 years ago!

Weddingnerves; an Odaiba Memorial Day Digimon Drabble

Pairings: TaichixSora, KoushiroxMimi, DaisukexHikari, KenxYolei, all the other guys are paired up with OC’s (not that they’re all mentioned)

Genre: Friendship/romance (humor/’angst’)

Rating: T (Guess I could also get away with K+, but I like the T-eehee)

Words: 662

Summary: It’s the first of August, a big day for the Digidestined and Taichi is nervous as hell. Question is: is it necessary?

A/N: Forgive me for bad grammar and such. Enjoy!

(Submission from dutchforstrangers)

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