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Wish List

I will only be happy with Season 19 if…

* Someone other than Liv has a character arc
* There is a beard on either Rafael or Sonny
* Fin is a Sargent, for crying out loud, and more screen time
* Ken returns
* and/or Munch guest appears
* Rollins and Carisi build their friendship (because men and women can be JUST friends)
* Carisi actually gets to be a lawyer
* Carisi family drama
* A new squad member who we like
* Dr. Huang (B.D. Wong) returns and/or guest stars
* Can we get some Elliot and Olivia closure before Season 20???
* Let Olivia be happy for more than half a season
* AND the first episode of the season must start with Rafael and Sonny in bed (and they are married by the end of the season)
* OR the first episode starts with Barba getting ready in the morning, picking his tie, getting dressed, making his coffee, etc.

Not the most refined wish list but we all have wants!!

Ok so this popped in my head today as I was contemplating writing horrible smut: Barba decides to handcuff Sonny to the bed so that he can ride him and drive him wild without letting him touch (because Sonny loves to touch Barba, gets off on that almost as much as anything else). Only instead of using the handcuffs they have specifically for this purpose, ones that have a safety release, he accidentally uses Sonny’s real handcuffs.

And Sonny left the keys at the precinct.

Cue a panicked discussion over who to call — Barba wants to call Liv, figuring she won’t ask too many questions, Carisi wants to call Rollins because yeah, she’ll laugh but he’d never be able to look Olivia in the eye again if she came over to uncuff him — and then, after realizing how late it is, they both agree they can’t call their colleagues with kids.

Which leaves them with only one person to call.


“I do not even want to know,” Fin says without preamble, brushing past a very red Barba who had the forethought to get dressed while they waited for Fin to get there. Carisi opens his mouth and Fin glares at him. “I mean it. I do not want to know. As far as I’m concerned, I wasn’t here, this didn’t happen, and I know nothing about my colleagues’ extracurriculars.”

“I can explain,” Barba starts, weakly, because he has to say something.

“Oh yeah?” Fin asks. “You can explain why I’m uncuffing a junior detective from your bed at 2 o'clock in the morning, Counselor?”

Barba just mumbles something incoherent and goes to pour himself a drink.

When Sonny’s finally free, he gives Fin a tentative smile. “Thanks,” he offers, as he rubs his wrists.

“Don’t thank me,” Fin says warningly. “Thanking me means I did something and as we’ve established, I was not here.”

He leaves without a word of goodbye to either of them.

Barba rejoins Sonny in the bedroom a few minutes later, slightly less red than before. Slightly. “So, that was…”

“Yup,” Sonny says.

“We should, uh…”


True to his word, Fin says nothing. Not to Carisi, not to Barba. He acts like nothing happened, even as Sonny tiptoes around him for a week and Barba starts sweating every time he sees him.

Three weeks after the fact, Barba’s on his way back to his office when Carmen stops him. “Sgt. Tutuola dropped this off,” she says, and Barba’s blood runs cold.

“Thanks,” he says, his voice coming out higher pitched than he had any rational explanation for, and he grabs the file from her and disappears inside his office.

Inside is a single sheet of paper, instructions printed from a how-to website: How to pick the lock on handcuffs

Fin’s attached a post-it note with a simple, handwritten command: Next time, Google it first.

You know I thought this would be lame. I thought it would be horrible.

But listen.

  • Kelli and Peter fucking killed it, Mariska butchered it, and i’ll admit we’re gonna have a lot on our hands with that hug but honestly
  • I’m here for platonic Barson.
  • Rafael tried his best in the emotional support category and I support him and hope he’s never sad because he tried so hard and I appreciate it.
  • Sonny gave me some killer Italian mob-boss vibes, it was hot as hell, i’m extremely slightly turned on.
  • Amanda channeled a lot of Stabler vibes (fucking BACKHANDING A BITCH) but i’m not gonna compare them in any way.
  • Olivia trusting Amanda so much??? Demanding she be in charge of it??? Fuck???
  • Noah in general
  • Rafael sitting so fucking close to Sonny? Like so close??? Like really, unnecessarily close????
  • The sweater
  • The flannel
  • Them being a damn family and me sobbing
  • ‘Aunt Amanda’
  • ‘Uncle Sonny’
  • ‘Dick’
  • ‘That’s called jaywalking and it’s illegal’

TRIGGER WARNING: Violence, kidnapping, hostage situation

Request for a lot of you apparently. So many requests for this! So I’m combining several requests in to one.

Imagine being in a hostage situation.

You weren’t the youngest of the team (you and Carisi were the same age) but you were treated as so. Each member of the team had their own special way of looking out for you. Even Barba.

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