SVU Questions

Objection: Least favorite Ada

Precinct: Favorite Character and why

Officer Down: Least Favorite Character

Case File: Favorite SVU Fanfiction

Handcuffs: ALL of your SVU ships

Captain: Cragen, Harris, Murphy, or Benson?

Benson: Favorite Olivia Benson hairstyle based off season

Shield: SVU 1.0 or SVU 2.0?

Arrest: Which perp do you hate the most?

Battery: Favorite SVU quote

Overruled: Best Dressed SVU character

Suspect: Best SVU guest star

Undercover: Best Undercover Moment

IA: Do you like Tucker?

Feds: Favorite FBI Agent

Court: Most Awkward SVU Moment

CSU: Favorite SVU Tech


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Imagine your father, John, naming Fin your godfather.

——— Request for anon ———

“Godfather?” Fin asks, grin blossoming as he teases, “Man, I’ve got my own kid to worry about.”

“At the very least, be there in title not in spirit,” Munch replies with his own dry humor, getting a soft chuckle from Fin in return.

“Of course I’ll be the godfather. What are ya’ worrying about?”

Munch smirks, “With you? There’s always something to worry about.”