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When Orihime finishes helping with Ichigo's studies at his home
  • Ichigo: Would you like to stay for dinner?
  • Isshin behind Ichigo's door: WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER?


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Resilient and vast a heart
you possess
Not once, never did the novelty fade
You’re true blue and capable
of marvels and wonders –
You just don’t know,
you just don’t know
what a grand miracle you are
standing there in my shadows
glowing in the incandescent light
your own North Star
emanating from a sternum of steel
guiding all hopeless travelers
ashore in sure safety –
this is your calling
guardienne of the tallest tower
mould from the very sturdiness of earth
blessed with the very fortitude of the ground –
you are the foundation
we are fortunate to embrace

Twenty One Pilots Asks
  • 1: What was the first Twenty One Pilots song that you heard?
  • 2: How did you first hear about Twenty One Pilots?
  • 3: What is your favorite Blurryface theory so far?
  • 4: Tyler Joseph or Josh Dun?
  • 5: Which song are you most looking forward to hearing on Blurryface?
  • 6: What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots vine?
  • 7: Pick one; Fairly Local music video or Tear In My Heart music video?
  • 8: Reply with a link to the best Twenty One Pilots cover you have heard?
  • 9: Do you have/want any Twenty One Pilots tattoos?
  • 10: Which album is your favorite so far?
  • 11: Which lyric(s) has the most meaning to you?
  • 12: Have you ever seen Twenty One Pilots live? If so, where?
  • 13: Can you rap the second verse of Ode To Sleep?
  • 14: What’s the largest amount of money that you have spent on Twenty One Pilots merch?
  • 15: If you met Josh & Tyler, hug, handshake or fist bump?
  • 16: What is your favorite tweet from either Josh or Tyler or the band account?
  • 17: Which of Josh’s hair colours do you like the most?
  • 18: Which song would you sing to serenade someone?
  • 19: What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots mash-up?
  • 20: Which of Tyler’s tattoos is your favorite?
  • 21: Self-titled album or Regional at Best?
  • 22: What was the first Twenty One Pilots song that you learned all the lyrics to?
  • 23: Have you made any good friends through the skeleton clique?
  • 24: Do you have either the self-titled album or Regional at Best on CD?
  • 25: Have you ever been recognized in public for wearing Twenty One Pilots merch?
  • 26: How many of their albums do you have on CD or vinyl?
  • 27: Would you rather see Twenty One Pilots in a small venue, a big venue or at a festival?
  • 28: Have you ever been recognized by Twenty One Pilots on social media?
  • 29: What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots song?
  • 30: Have you introduced Twenty One Pilots to any of your friends?
  • 31: What is your favorite quote from Josh or Tyler?
  • 32: Can you rap Zack’s verse of Kitchen Sink?
  • 33: Who is your favorite Twenty One Pilots Tumblr blog?
  • 34: Ukulele or piano?
  • 35: How many Twenty One Pilots shirts do you own?
  • 36: Which song do you want to see a music video for?
  • 37: Goner or Truce?
  • 38: Are you seeing Twenty One Pilots live this year?
  • 39: On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Jenna Joseph?
  • 40: What is your favorite thing about Josh Dun?

MESSAGE ME @ sutaitastars@gmail.com!

Now, you all must be wondering, “Gosh/OD, what ever could it be that could make you do semi-urgent commissions?” Well, to put it simply: I’m in need of a new laptop! Yep, you heard me, a new laptop. This one that I have has been slowly dying, and it’s about time for me to put it to rest, so I’m doing sketch/lineart commissions! Sketches prices range from $10 - $20 (max. two characters, +$5 for extra characters), and lineart is:
$10 for busts, $15 for waist-up, and $20 for full body! (if you want me to slap on some simple colors or draw in an extra character, its +$10!)
I’m hopin’ to get to at least $200, since that’s how much the laptop I’m looking at costs, but yeah! Slots are open! (Ask me about NSFW stuff!)
10. OPEN

btw, some examples of my work/what you’ll be paying for:

I have to submit a topic I want to write about for my research paper in my English class and one of the subjects we can choose from is “Art and Literature.” Am I really about to submit Osamu Tezuka’s influence on Japanese animation and comics as my topic– LMAO I looked to see if there were academic articles and books of him in my university’s database and library and there is– sO THERE’S NOTHING STOPPING ME. Hopefully my professor doesn’t judge me, I mean, I AM going to that university exclusively for the animation program, so I might as well have fun with what I’m going to write about.

Ode to Molly Hooper

What ever happens today, let it be known that I love Molly Hooper.

I fell in love with her slowly, once she changed from Funny Side Character with a Humorous Crush into Quietly Strong Character who Made Sherlock Apologize, and I watched with delight as she blossomed into Beautifully Devoted Friend with a Steadfast Heart and Little Wry Surprises.

I’ve loved watching her for these four seasons, this lovely girl who was never supposed to be important and ended up being The One Person that Mattered Most. I don’t love her because I like to imagine myself in her place and imagine myself kissing Sherlock. I find that insinuation insulting because it implies that there’s obviously no other reason why anyone would like this character as much as they do. I love her because she is a contradiction, this person with a grim job, perhaps the grimmest job at all, this Queen of the Dead, who is sweet and cheerful and wears bright mis-matched colours and flower prints. I love her because she has a quieter, less-obvious kind of strength. She’s not a flashy, seductive adventuress like Irene Adler or River Song or so many other female characters who we are told over and over are the proper kind of girl for the hero to fall in love with. She’s not River Song, she is Rory Williams, gentle and kind but taking no shit, and with the stamina to keep going and fighting and LOVING after all those flashy heroes would have long since given up.

It’s been a delight to watch her, and it’s been a delight to talk about her with other fans who love her, and find out that, surprise surprise, the beautiful character who is a good friend has fans who are also beautiful and good friends. The support I’ve found online simply through *talking to other people about the fictional characters we liked* has literally changed the course of my life.

Whatever happens today, we will always have that.

I love Molly Hooper and I love you all for loving her, too.