ocular problem

Goodnight, Irene


( cont. from here )

Wren had been out of the house, everything already packed for her trip. Lord knows that the Green Heron has already made the necessary needs. They work fast. But she’s been restless, what with a recent bridge being burned down to the ground. Wren couldn’t help but reach for her hair again, tugging at the silver hairs that stood out like a sore thumb before she sighed. The witch felt like crap. Felt tossed. After everything…

She looked down at her phone, seeing the recent messages of George. Lord if he’s messaging her, it’s late. She shouldn’t be out walking through town, she should be in bed. She sighed, then sent a text back to George, happy to see his messages either way.

[ Hey you. Not gone yet but that will be tomorrow. ]

Wren frowned for a moment. Well, she means what she said to Ocular in the end…

[ Also… Don’t worry about Ocular. He’s not our problem now. ]

Text was sent, Wren sighing heavily before she went over to the nearest 24/7 coffee joint. She just needed a white mocha or something.