octus newton

Rounding out my picks!

Octus (aka Newton) and Kimmy from Sym Bionic Titan! Completely adorable in all facets of their relationship which came around very unexpectedly. Octus is smart, polite, yet awkward. While Kimberly started out as the very stereotypically popular catty girl of the school. Even being generally rude and dismissive of Octus in the beginning, to whom she thought of as just an uncool dork. But it was soon revealed that her spiteful attitude came less from a place of genuine malice, but more from a broad feeling of self depreciation regarding her own intelligence.Yet, it was Octus who taught her that she didn’t need to rely on what others thought and instead believe that she was just as intelligent as she allowed herself. From there, their relationship blossomed into Octus an Kimmy discovering how to be kinder people. It was a-freakin-dorable >v<.

Oh, and Octus is a robot…and can turn into a giant fighting robot…and is from another planet.

It’s a complicated relationship :)