I miss Symbionic Titan. I would trade Young Justice for Symbionic Titan in a heartbeat. (I think when I saw the first episode of YJ  after I knew SBT was getting cancelled, I referred to YJ as over-hyped trite schlock… my bad?)

But this episode - E19, “A Steel Foe” - has the best first half of any animated series I’ve ever seen, and as an ATLA/FMAB/Timmverse fan, I will stand by that statement. It has absolutely beautiful background art and a very strong sense of pacing and atmospherics. Every shot is an art shot, but it doesn’t detract from the story. The first 10 minutes or so are Lance and Ilana on the run, hitch-hiking across the country from seedy motel to seedy motel, trying to find a way to fix Octus. The episode took its time in establishing that these two characters are grasping at hope that’s really more like smoke at this point, and they’re getting more and more desperate. It’s also nice that despite their despair, the characters actually grow closer together because of it - they argue with each other and then laugh with each other. They sleep on each other’s shoulders. Ilana makes sure Lance gets fed. They are comfortable with each other not because they’re forced to be (Ilana being the only person Lance has left, and vice versa) but because by this point in the series, it’s natural for them. 

God bless your soul, Genndy Tartakovsky, you brilliant genius animation god of a man you

and Cartoon Network’s marketing division can go [CENSORED]. 


Sym-Bionic Titan
  • GWAAAAAH I HATE when a great show, with phenomenal plot, characters and setting gets canceled....on a cliff hanger....NOT because the ratings were bad, OH NO, the ratings were actually pretty darn good....but its because CARTOON NETWORK WOULDN'T MAKE TOOOOOOOOOOOOYS out of them....
  • Once again, money just destroys art....
  • I jumped on the band wagon a little late, only just realized this show existed about 3 days ago. I finished the whole 20 episode series to date and was crying at episode 19 (Yeah, you know the one)
  • Good news is, Adult Swim is re-airing it, so hopefully the continued rating success will renew it for at least a mini event conclusion...I NEED A CONCLUSION DAMMIT!!!!
  • Maybe I shall write my own and post it on Tumblr...just for my own sanity....