Review 1: Imperial Class Star Destroyer

History and facts

One of the most recognizable starships in the Imperial fleet, the Imperial class star destroyer or ISD was created after the moderate success of the nine hundred meter long Victory class star destroyer or VSD.  

Like the Victory, the Imperial class came in two different classes during its service in the Empire; however both remained at the same length of sixteen hundred meters and same crew size of thirty-seven thousand. The ISD-1 was armed with multiple types and calibers of turbolasers ranging from the sixty XX-9 heavy turbolasers to three triple barrel turbolasers and two quad barrel turbolasers. Sixty ion cannons and ten tractor beam projectors rounds off the offense and defensive capabilities of the destroyer itself, but the ISD-2 was more uniformed in its weaponry.

The heavy turbolaser and ion cannon turrets on the port and starboard sides were replaced with four sets of octuple barbette turbolasers. The sixty XX-9 turbolasers and sixty ion cannons stayed in place, along with the tractor beam projectors. Both destroyer types contain seventy-two fighters/bombers from the TIE series and have fifteen troop transports and eight Lambda class shuttles.  

These mighty warships are not just battleships but also troop transports, carriers and command ships. A single ISD is capable of carrying nine thousand seven hundred stormtroopers, twenty AT-ATs, thirty AT-STs or AT-DPs. These battleships are able to carry also three mobile bases that can be deployed onto the surface of planets that are the center of operations or recently conquered. Imperial class destroyers have enough supplies to last it for two years of operations before the need to refit with supplies.

Famous names of several Imperial class star destroyers: Chimaera, Relentless, Avenger, Nemesis, Tyrant, Devastator, Sovereign, Adjudicator and Inflictor  

While the Imperial class is superior to the Victory in many regards, the Victory does have a few features that make it a decent and useful ship still. An example of this is the Victory’s ability to fly better when inside an atmosphere and offer close in air support with its quad-turbolaser batteries and concussion missile launchers. Another feature is the fact that the Victory has a class one hyperdrive, while the Imperial only has a class two, thus the Victory is able to move faster in hyperspace than an ISD. However, the Imperial class is faster in sub-space flight, for the Victory class was plagued by inferior engines that were unable to catch newer and faster ships used by pirates, smugglers and Rebels.

Armada Ship Review

Living up to its name, this star destroyer is a ship killer in both its configurations (ISD-1 and ISD-2), with a forward arc of eight dice. The ISD-1 version contains three black dice, two blue and three red while the ISD-2 has only four red and four blue. While the ISD-1 and ISD-2 have four attack dice on the sides, the ISD-1 has two black and two red, while ISD-2 is two blue and two red dice.  Both vessels have a good amount of shielding in the front with four shields and three shields on the port and starboards.  But like their movie counterparts, the stern of the ISD is vulnerable with only two shields and three attack dice. Maximum speed for an ISD is 3 with minor turn capability

Eleven hull points, three command dials, four points in engineering and able to control four squadrons; these warships very capable and able to take a lot of punishment before they are destroyed.  

All good Imperial commanders or admirals should have at least one Imperial class star destroyer in their fleet. While these ships cost between 110 to 120 points bare bones, they can become very expensive very fast if you are not careful and give them a ton of upgrades. But make sure that you support your ISD with flanking units so it will not be easily destroyed.

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The scene at Woolloomooloo, Australia, 19 Nov. 1945, as the British Pacific Fleet lay in harbour at Sydney following the Japanese surrender. In the distance, the stern of HMS King George V is clearly visible with her unique quadruple turrets, which had four years earlier fired upon the Bismarck. The photograph is believed to have been taken from the Fleet aircraft carrier HMS Indefatigable, whose dual-purpose 4.5 inch guns can be seen elevated just beyond an octuple 2-pdr (1.6″) anti-aircraft gun, itself next to another, the barrels of which just peer into the image. The heavy anti-aircraft battery is testimony to the ferocity of attack pushed by Japanese pilots even in the wars final throws. In the centre of the image is an interesting character, an officer, stood atop the bridge canopy of the destroyer HMS Wessex (R78).



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RP: Mara, éntrale a lo del meme del mini fic para que te pida FlarexHaqen, octuples AU XDDDDD

La pesada puerta se abrió intempestivamente dando paso al orgulloso padre, que sin esperar a escuchar completo el tan ansiado aviso, se apresuró a encontrarse con su mujer y su… ¡¿SUS CUÁNTOS HIJOS?!

—Hemos sido gratamente bendecidos, amado mío— susurró la rubia, exhausta tras la colosal labor y sosteniendo apenas a cuatro de sus pequeños príncipes, siendo los otros cuatro atendidos por la servidumbre—No una, sino ocho veces.

Ajá, y ocho veces se dijo a sí mismo “No es cierto” mientras luchaba inútilmente por desvanecer aquella mueca congelada de estupefacción.

Two scenes from #JOCO2016 that speak to the state of our union

SERBIAN BARTENDER: you are joco person?
ME: yeah. I’m a writer.
SERBIAN BARTENDER: Let me ask you something. (Long pause) How could batman beat superman? Is stupid.

Pre-Jean Grey show: kel and I meet a 14 y/o singer songwriter named Zoe Grey (Gray? Zoe I’m sorry it was late and I am old and I was at a hip hop show on a boat). She wrote a song called FUCK THE PATRIARCHY and posted it last week. Some Garbage Man of course found it and summoned his Garbage Squad who did what Garbage Men do - threaten, insult, menace, and otherwise anonymously throw real touch he-man shit at the child while like octupling her hits. Kel and I were both in awe of her poise and courage in the face of that nonsense, how straight-from-the-jump remarkable and resilient was this young woman, how cool it was to get to meet her.

Later at the show Jean pulled Zoe up on stage entirely at random and they dance together. A room full of people scream and go nuts as we throw middle fingers in the air at Jean’s command and this girl dances her ass off. And I wanted to say to her: this is what matters. Not the garbage men. Look at this magical, random confluence of events, look at what has transpired: on a boat surrounded by your people, Queen Jeanie pulls you up on stage and the patriarchy gets well and truly fucked.

Zoe I can’t wait to find your song and post it here when I don’t have boat Internet and I was so happy to have met you and witnessed this moment in your ascendancy. If literally nothing else happens to me on this boat, that I had a front row seat to witness that moment would absolutely be enough.

[whats got two thumbs and went to a hip hop show on a boat? This guy]

[also: the swaying of the boat made the audience like 11% funkier. Boats are like natural sway-modifiers for white people. Fallon should shoot his show on a boat]

[also also: this is pretty much how I end up married to a Serbian bartender]