Wishes - October Tale

If I had more (free) time I would have loved to do an illustration for each of Neil Gaiman’s ‘A Calendar of Tales’.  I imagined them as a vignette at the start of each story. In the end I only had the time to tackle two of the stories - March and October because they both seemed to me to be about dramatically different possibilities and finding contentment.

 Watercolor and micron pen on 300gsm paper, finished in Photoshop


My submission for Neil Gaiman’s Keep Moving Blackberry Project.

October’s Tale had one phrase that was repeated.  When the Djinn asked what the woman wanted, she kept replying:

“It’s okay.  I’m good.”

Originally I was going to do a typographic piece instead of the people, but just couldn’t seem to illustrate the words without adding in the final scene of the story.

I kind of wish I had taken the words out of the illustration.  I had originally planned to work on it more tomorrow and hand write the words so they fit with the illustration, but unfortunately I found out too late that I have work tomorrow.  As it is, I’m going to be dead tired because I’ve stayed up too late inking the lines.  Ah well, at least the major part of the illustration is done.  

Perhaps I can submit another file of just the ink without the words?

Neil Gaiman, A Calendar of Tales

My favorites of Neil Gaiman’s 12 tales are probably

  • May Tale: This one seems like one of the most Gaiman-y. It manages to be amusing and intriguing and maybe a tad heartbreaking at the same time.
  • September Tale: because who wouldn’t want a magic ring? Oh wait? You don’t? Well, thats unfortunate.
  • October Tale: TWIST. And very sweet. And you know you just wish that you’d be Hazel.