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- Name: jordan
- Date and time: March 31, 2015 / 6:53pm
- Average hours of sleep a night: I have no idea I variate to like sleeping all day to only getting a few hours
- Last thing I googled: probably how to spell a word omg
- Nick name: octopus/octo and orange (only by samson cause she’s special)
- Birthday: 31st of may
- Gender: agender
- Sexual orientation: demisexual but only toward females, I can be romantically attracted to anybody
- Height: 5’8”
- Favorite color: purple
- One place that makes me happy: I don’t have a specific place
- How many blankets do I sleep under: a sheet, a comforter, and a shadow the hedgehog blanket lol
- Favorite movie: spirited away or pan’s labyrinth
- What I’m wearing right now: a black t-shirt that’s like six year sold and covered in holes and black pj bottoms with pink panther heads on them omg
- Last book you read: howl’s moving castle
- Most used phrase: “oh my god”
- First word that comes to mind: fish ???
- What I last said to a family member: "ah okay”
- What is family: people who love and care about each other and all forms of love whether platonic or romantic
- Favorite beverage: vanilla frappuccino
- Favorite food: ice cream
- Last movie I watched in theaters: how to train your dragon 2
- Dream wedding: just filing the papers and be done with it
- Dream pet: a loving cuddly cat, that’s all I want
Dream job: I wanted to be a film director for animation, like make movies or tv series of my stories but yeah that’s not ever going to happen… so I’m gonna work on improving my art to at least draw them as comics, probably a webcomic

I tag no one! you can do it if you want tho