octopus and starfish

I needed to relax so I took an hour to myself to draw a bunch of ocean friends. 


The octopus invasion continues! (But seriously, I think that this is really the last one I’ve got). She was also modified using an earlier character that I made, and I think that she *might* be my favorite yet. For reasons that will probably be immediately obvious, her name is Starr (which could have a clever double meaning if you wanna think in terms of an homage to “Octopus’s Garden”).

anonymous asked:

prompt: how about Nook introduces to Alice to Hook n Hope ?

While Seattle had been known for its coffee, Killian had to admit that Granny’s gave even the best cafe in Hyperion Heights a run for its money. He sat in a back booth, leaning over a shared sheet of paper he and Alice were busy scribbling all over. It had started as a strangely complicated game of tic-tac-toe while they waited for their grilled cheese sandwiches, and had since descended into silly nautical illustrations that included an octopus hugging a starfish while juggling with its free arms.

The front door bell jingled and Alice looked up, a momentary jolt of surprise on her face before she relaxed once more.

“You alright, Starfish?”

“Yeah, sorry. Still just takes me by surprise sometimes.”

“What does?” he asked, furrowing his brow, though once he caught sight of the new patrons he had his answer. “Ah, you mean my twin.”

“He’s you, Papa. You if you hadn’t—”

“If I hadn’t been lucky enough to have had you, yes. Though, it is nice to know he, too, has the opportunity to feel the joy of fatherhood like I have.”

At that moment, the other Killian caught sight of them and they gave a shared nod. The former detective could see the dark circles under his “twin’s” eyes, recognizing the telltale signs of early fatherhood.

“Joy and exhaustion, it seems.” With that, as his Storybrooke counterpart finished ordering, balancing a sleeping baby in his arms, he gestured for them to come join them.

After a brief thought, the new father wandered over, making small bounces to the infant in his arms. “Looks like we both had the idea of a day out with our girls.”

“Great minds,” he chuckled. “I wanted to introduce you to my Alice. Al, love, he and Emma helped keep me on the right path to get back to you. I believe I told you the story.”

Alice leveled him with a look. “The story where you were going to try to kiss someone you didn’t know?”

Both Killians flushed at the memory, Rogers taking on more of a crimson tone that starkly contrasted with his pale complexion. “I had heard on great authority true love’s kiss could get me back to you. I just hoped Emma’s love for him was strong enough that a quick peck to me would work. Apologies again, for that, by the way. And, especially, to Emma,” he finished to the other man.

Killian waved it off with his free hook, now blessedly uncorked, continuing to give tiny bounces with his other arm. “We know now you meant no harm by it. And, after having Hope, here, I can’t imagine the things I’d try to get back to her. I knew it would change my life, but I clearly underestimated how much.”

“If I may make an attempt to repay the favor you gave me? Can I offer you a few words of advice, one father to another?”

A tired laugh escaped his twin. “I feel like I’ve heard nothing but advice these last few months. Almost three hundred years of experience but these are uncharted waters.”

“Not as uncharted as you might think,” he said, giving a glance to his beaming daughter. “Trust yourself. That’s all. Like you said, you’re almost three hundred years old. You’re more prepared than you think. Especially with the amount of things we’ve seen our crew get up to…. Or the messes they’ve made.”

They both chuckled at the sneer on Alice’s face before it was replaced by a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous smile. “What sorts of messes?”

With another gesture, her father slid over and let the other man in, and together they recounted the many ways in which their crew had prepared them for all the struggles of having a gurgling baby to care for, alternating stories that had made them roll their eyes back in the day but now had them descending into laughter.