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Spider-Man Unlimited #3

No but don’t you see how clever this is?

Doc Ock basically became a bad guy because he had a warped version of Aunt May.

Aunt May molly coddled Peter but Mary Octavius downright smothered her son.

Aunt May gave Peter love and encouragement but Mary instilled within Otto that he was honestly better than everybody else because of his intelligence.

Aunt May was sickly but selfless woman who didn’t want to be a burden on Peter, and tried to ensure her son’s happiness but setting him up with a potential future partner. Mary Octavius was selfish and hypocritical who demanded her son give up his chance of a future filled with romantic/emotional fulfillment for her sake. 

And the biggest irony is that Peter lived his life terrified he’d kill Aunt May by a heart attack and accidentally this is exactly what Otto did to his mother.

This is Tom DeFalco scoring slam dunks and further developing the dark reinfections between Peter and Otto.

And he does it a shitton better than Superior did.

In the same vein as the "Liz Allan's dad is the Vulture" plot twist:
  • Peter: May, I know that you haven't tried going back on the dating scene ever since Uncle Ben's death but...I'm just saying that it's been a few years now. Maybe you can try finding love again?
  • Aunt May: Oh, I don't know Pete...maybe. I'll think about it.
  • *a few scenes later*
  • Aunt May: Peter! I listened to your advice and I...well, I met this fine gentleman at the Starbucks down the street, we talked a bit, and now we're going on a date tomorrow! Oh, and he's a NUCLEAR PHYSICIST! How exciting is that?!
  • Peter: He sounds great, Aunt May. When can I meet him?
  • Aunt May: Tomorrow! Don't embarrass me, alright.
  • *next scene, we're at the Parker apartment and the doorbell rings*
  • Aunt May (getting dressed): Oh, that's him! Wow, he's early. Can you get the door, Pete, I'm not ready.
  • *Pete answers the door*
  • Dr. Octopus: Hi...you must be Pete right? Is May here?
  • Peter: ...
  • Dr. Octopus: Oh, where are my manners? I'm Doctor Otto Octavius, I'm the guy that May's been talking about.
  • Peter: ...

There is of course this weird ass dichotomy with Dan Slott.

In that the mass opinion of him as a writer is that he is both talented and a pretty upbeat nice guy. And then the opinion of the minority who actually you know, pay attention to what he says, what he does and bothers to think about how he totally made Doc Ock was a creepy rapist, know that he is neither of those things.

But you know what floors me? It’s when people who like his work but obviously don’t look too deeply into it (let alone his conduct off the page as it were) honestly don’t get why he is an asshole.

And to that I suggest you sum it up to them like this:

Dan Slott is the guy he will wag and point the finger of accusation at anyone who doesn’t use their real name online or who reads comic books online illegally.

Dan Slott is also a guy who got his foot in the door at Marvel and consequently rose through the ranks to prominence because he literally committed fraud and lied about his age to get an internship position. 

And the only reason he wasn’t fired and consequently blacklisted was because he was let off the hook with a stern warning from the Editor-in-Chief who’s contributions to Spider-Man he would in later life tarnish in his run on the character and would publicly criticize.

ok so me and my boyfriend made up an AU… where Edd is a shark, Tord is a merman, Matt is on octopus and Tom is fisherman. (I think they’re called like that?)

The reasons are the following:
- Matt as an octopus: the more hands he has to hold mirrors, the happier he is.
- Tord as a merman: I really don’t have any idea.
- Edd as a shark: He’s beautiful. Shut up and pay attention.
- Tom as a fisherman: HARPOONS.

HONESLTY I love how this came out I nut.,,,

What if the next Spider-Man movie was Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends?

Okay, so I haven’t fully thought this through, but hear me out.

So Spider-Man: Homecoming had a stellar cast that I feel contributed a lot to the success of the film. More so than any previous Spider-Man movie I would say. Well, when a sequel rolls around, we have to go bigger. How do we do that? Add more characters? Nope. Just add new characterization. Have MJ become Firestar and have Flash become Iceman.

As far as plot goes, I only have a few vague ideas. I’m thinking that maybe as a result of some Infinity Stone shenanigans during Infinity Wars or perhaps something else entirely, (probably not Terrigen mists, which is what I would’ve used, but the Inhumans train isn’t doing too hot, so…) two of Peter’s classmates get superpowers: Flash and MJ. Peter discovers this and realizes that he’s probably the most qualified person to help them out. He’s also a smart kid who got powers in a way that probably aren’t super important in the long run. So he approaches them not as Pete but as Spider-Man. He keeps his identity a secret because it’s Flash, and he’d never accept help from Penis Parker, and also, while they are his friends more or less, he’s not ready to go sharing his identity with just anyone. They’ll earn it by the end of the film, but for now, ixnay on the evealray. So he tries to help them get control of their powers, they form a super team, and he has to grow into a leader sort of but MJ is leader of the science bowl team so maybe she also has a big hand in it but Flash also has a really strong personality and it’d be great to see how they all interact in a heroic setting.  Ned is probably a little jealous but I don’t want him to be too jealous because we’ve seen the “You’ve got cooler friends now that your old best friend is jealous of and you need to stay loyal to your old friends” story, and I don’t want to deal with that as a subplot. At first, Flash would be super respectful of Spider-Man, maybe too much so, but after he realizes that it’s Pete he goes the opposite way, but later when there’s a regular level of respect, Pete and Flash can have that fun banter that Spidey & Iceman had in the 80′s but better written this time. Cool ice powers, which we haven’t seen in a live action film since 2006. A large part of this pitch is I want to see Zendaya with fire powers. That’d be rad and you know it. Also, it’d preemptively limit any possibilities of the “Spider-Man’s love interest has been kidnapped or otherwise endangered by the villain and must be saved” trope. There could be a moment where they’ve beaten the bad guy (I’m thinking Sandman, but also Doc Ock maybe?) and then Peter and MJ just hold hands and it’d be super sweet and then Flash does something loud and obnoxious but ultimately fun and lovable to interrupt their moment. Lot of room for character development.

 All in all, I think this could potentially happen. This iteration of Spider-Man has been all about showing us things we haven’t seen in any Spider-Man movie before. And this would definitely meet that criteria. 

What do you think?

A Defence of Spider-Girl

Spider-Girl by Tom Defalco. It irritates me how the people who worship this book just assumed that it was continuously on the brink of cancellation either because people weren’t giving it a chance, or the word hadn’t gotten out enough, or that Marvel wasn’t doing enough to promote it. Actually, I think the sales numbers showed that people were giving it a chance and were dropping it, I don’t think there was a problem with people being unaware that the book existed (I knew about it before I even started reading comics), and Marvel gave this book way more second chances than any sensible company would give to such a proven financial failure.

For me, the problem is that Tom Defalco has not evolved his writing style since the 1980s. There are plenty of writers from that era, like Peter David, who have managed to keep up with modernizing their voice. When I read X-Factor, the characters act and sound like they could be real people, so I can get attached to them. But when I read something by Defalco, it’s all stilted 80s dialogue and tedious captions. It makes me want to claw my eyes out. I don’t mind dated styles when they appear in comics that were actually produced back in the day, but a book in the 2000s should seem like a book from the 2000s. 


Let’s talk about how imbecilic and ignorant this is shall we?

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Spider-Girl #40

Was re-reading this issue for something and it struck me. 

Lets put aside any social/political debates we could have, and even put aside whether you like Mary Jane, the marriage, Spider-Girl, or if you even like Peter Parker being Spider-Man.

Let’s put that aside and just appreciate that in literally these 2 alternate universe pages from 10 years ago (which don’t even use dialogue in every panel) you literally have something better written than…well pretty much anything in 616 Spider-Man from the last five years at least.

Literally, not only is everyone in character, but it’s just more weighty, ballsy, emotionally engaging and down to Earth than anything in Spider-Man from recent memory. This isn’t Marla Madison dying, or Doc Ock doing a body swap or Morlun murdering every Spider-Man ever, or anything bombastic like that. 

This is something most writers would either steer clear of due to controversy or just use for crass shock value. But here it’s a normal and very serious thing which happens in real life and the characters have to deal with it, having a regular conversation like two rationale human beings.

Which frankly hits much closer to what Lee and Ditko were trying to do back in the day than superficially having Spider-Man fight criminals with super powers and lose his underwear while he’s at it before later on having ‘awkward’ romantic entanglements.