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Syd Barrett - If You Go #2

This is one of 11 tracks Barrett attempted over 4 days in his abortive 1974 sessions. It is probably the one that has had the most effort put into it, with guitar and bass overdubs by Barrett to flesh out the basic melody. 
Syd refused to show his lyrics to anybody over the course of the sessions, and it became obvious that this was because he hadn’t written any. 

        - numlash

    Asking parents what they would do if god asked them to kill their children

    tl;dr A person from reddit asked his parents what they’d do. They said yes.

    This is truly unbelievable. I wonder how many people would do that if they dreamed about some batshit crazy thing. It’s a good idea to ask someone this (especially your parents), but i don’t know how i’d take a positive response. I’d be really disappointed and mad, i guess, and i wouldn’t want to see them again. This is really sad. 

    And a good comeback line from a reddit comment : 

    “I only asked because, well, last night god told me to kill YOU. Now I know you’re cool with it.”

    However, last week my grandma and mom were talking about a woman that killed her kid cause god told her to do it. They said she was insane and that they don’t understand how someone can do something like that. I guess this is a good thing, right?