octopus reproduction

Decided to spread some octopod knowledge because I think some people were confused. 

So… Right here, doodled a lady octopus with her eggs she’s taking very good care of. After the male and female mate, they both die soon after the eggs hatch. The male doesn’t seem to stick around but the female finds a cave or den like place to lay her eggs, somewhere safe from predators. She then spends the remainder of her life caring for the eggs. She won’t leave the den, constantly cleaning and aerating the eggs till they successfully hatch. Due to her forceful starvation in caring for her offspring, she then dies, leaving the young to fend for themselves in the big ole ocean. 

It’s the females as far as I’ve studied that stay and care for the eggs. I’m more than sure and certain of these facts but if anyone wants to shed some light on this that would be grand!