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The Lost Memories - Prologue

I wake up next to Jungkook, the one that I hated wholeheartedly and let’s not forget that he claims that he’s my husband

◇ genre : angst & romance
◇ summary : Your life turned upside down, the moment you wake up next to a guy claiming you are his wife. The worse things is he is Jeon Jungkook, the guy that you dislike since you are in the middle school.
◇ words : 2.5k
◇ author’s note : I managed to type all of this in one day! I hope that I can update the next chapter soon if the following week is not too hectic. Thanks for reading, love you guys, xoxo. 


The silence lingering in the classroom was broke by the noises of the students in the class, signaling that the class is over and it is currently recess time. The main door of the class is crowded with the students tried to squish themselves out from the class room. Your eyes shifted around the class seeking for something that would inspire your blank mind at this moment. The sudden movement beside you snaps your mind back as your eyes traced down to meet a pairs of hands that tugging the right sleeve of your uniform.

“Rose.” Your voice trailed off as you gazed into her eyes with a sign of despair, hoping that she would see it. Eventually, she saw it as she stopped tugging to your sleeve and started to straighten her back against the chair. She took a deep breath, gathering all the words that might helped her to convince you to join this school trip. She knew that you want to join them, but the main problem is your mother. She acknowledged that even she offered your mother a million dollars would not change her mind even slightly.

“Come on. This is our last trip before graduating. You once promised to me that you would join this trip. Besides, everyone in our batch is going except you.” The white lie that came out from Rose making you let out a chuckle from your scarlet lips.

“We both know that my mother already warned me about joining school trip. I bet you still remembered the incident that happened to me during our middle school before.” You saw how your best friend’s face fell to a look of disappointment. Rose began to fidget her slender fingers as she bit her lower lips.

She asked. “It’s been a while since that incident happened. Does your mother still traumatized about it?” Her question left you hanging and all you do was shrugged as a reply to her question. You turned your gaze towards the outside of the windows and your mind began to recall the incident that happened on your last school trip that you have joined, exactly when you are 14 years old.

Your sudden loss during the trip totally frightens everyone including your teachers and the students there when the moment they found you unconscious in the forest. The things got worse when you are not even flinched at all when they tried to wake you up. The teachers had done so many things including pouring a glass of water onto your face and even slapping your cheeks continuously, resulting to your cheeks become slightly swollen. At the end, you have been brought to the hospital for intensive care and the doctors declared that you are in comatose state.

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Rose Petals

Originally posted by nochuie

Member: Mark Tuan

Genre: angst, scenes of fluff, one shot

Word Count: 1,851

Author’s Note: hope you enjoy this angsty oneshot of my got7 bias!

- the italics signal flashbacks

You are wearing a crimson red dress. Two champagne glasses and a wine bottle stand tall on your dinner table. Your hair is in curls and pinned up in an elegant fashion. Diamond earrings reflect brightly in the candle light. Mark had really outdone himself this time.

Picture perfect anniversary dinner to anyone’s eyes.

Upon further inspection, three things are wrong with the picture. The mascara streaking down your face. The pile of fallen rose petals at your feet. And no Mark Tuan.

You are pulling rose petals off the bouquet he bought you, thinking about everything that transpired between the two of you. Rose by rose. Petal by petal.

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Your Eldritch Horoscope
  • Aries: The demoniac piping of the whip-poor-wills is said to increase in rhythm to match a dying human's breaths. They chase down the soul escaping the body. They chase it for prey. If it escapes, they fall silent. If they catch it, you can hear them laughing and shrieking in ecstasy for the remainder of the night, stirring the vast, nameless things that shift below the earth. You can see more of them gathering every day. What sound will they make when you die, I wonder?
  • Taurus: When your friends try to persuade you against a course of action, they are probably thinking of your best interest. Keep this in mind when you go past the beginning of mankind, past the beginning of the world, past the beginning of reality, to where time stops its curve in an abrupt acute angle. The Hounds are coming. And they WILL find you.
  • Gemini: One day, you will hear your mother's son screaming his father's name from the top of Sentinel Hill. He is gelatinous. He is a spider, a centipede, an octopus made of wriggling ropes, but he has your face. He looks more like your father than you do.
  • Cancer: Your tears may soak the soil unheeded, but there will always be a place for you here, beneath the tattered banner of The Yellow King, amongst the gravestones in the abandoned necropolis under the twin suns and black stars of lost Carcosa
  • Leo: It would be good for you to remind yourself, from time to time, we are all but the unseen, unheard, dead dreams of the blind idiot God Azathoth, the after-tremors of Its cosmic seizures, entire galaxies nothing but nerves misfiring for a split second in time, swirling forever in the endless abyss of eternity. You are less than nothing.
  • Virgo: Don't look in the well. Don't drink the water. Your family is gone. They're not coming back. Get out now, before it takes you too. That amorphous visual phenomenon dancing on the edges of your peripheral vision that you can't describe isn't you going crazy. It's alive. It's hungry.
  • Libra: It's not anyone's fault. Fault implies control. Everything happens completely at random, for no reason at all. Or is it simply a pattern of order so advanced it just seems random? A pattern beyond human comprehension. A pattern that repeats ad nauseam back to the beginning. Back to Them.
  • Scorpio: You are a puppet on a string. Dancing madly for the Faceless God Nyarlathotep. He waits for you in the darkness, laughing. The rats know what you did.
  • Sagittarius: You alone will be their witness. You alone will carry the burden. You will see the half-beast abominations marching in endless procession in the tombs under the sand, to make vile sacrifice to the five-headed extremity of the Old Gods. Take this secret to your grave.
  • Capricorn: What you fear will come to pass has already happened. In fact, it's happening right now. Everywhere, all at once, behind and underneath and in between all the spaces you can see, It's biding Its time. Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate.
  • Aquarius: The atmosphere of this lonely place you live. You thought maybe it was the Old Gods, or Nature Spirits. I'm warning you, it is neither. Those at least have some relationship to mankind. It is Them. You have intruded where the veil is thinnest. You are a trespasser. They know you're there. They're searching. Getting closer. A sacrifice must be made.
  • Pisces: How can you be sure you're who you think you are? Every day when you look in the mirror, isn't it a little different? Have you not had dreams of great, cyclopean underwater cities with impossible architecture? Of the fish-god Father Dagon? Of swimming free beneath the surface, of engaging in blasphemous midnight rites with your true kin? Maybe you're not quite as human as you thought you were.

beckyhop  asked:

Legend of the Titanic. Dog-face octopus. Your thoughts?

“Tentacles” always looked like something outta a weird Adult Swim cartoon to me. Like he’s an overly affectionate “cutesy” octopus that accidentally strangles people with his gigantic offputtingly muscular tentacles.

I will give them credit that it’s the  first giant monstrous cephalopod design I’ve ever found scary.

This episode of Munchies features Michael White, a New York City chef renowned for his handiwork at Marea, a seafood-focused Italian restaurant on Columbus Circle. Michael assembled a crew of culinary heavyweights for his eating excursion: writer Josh Ozersky, the self-described “Donnie Brasco” of the local food landscape and mastermind behind Meatopia, an annual gastronomical free-for-all rivaling the one documented in this week’s episode; Josh Capon, chef/owner of Burger and Barrel and Lure Fishbar, decorated hamburger champion, and newly minted pudding enthusiast; and Olivia Young, the PR rep for Michael’s restaurant group (and the only person in attendance who declined to pre-game with a full serving of pasta). Michael’s itinerary took us to SriPraPhai, a Thai restaurant in Queens considered to be the best in the five boroughs. Then it was off to Puddin’, an East Village dessert hut with a 23-year-old chef. Our last stop of the evening was Osteria Morini in Soho, where Michael made us a fennel sausage pizza that will be on the menu at Nicoletta–his seventh restaurant–this coming fall.

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