octopus jar



Minoan Octopus Jar.

These kind of stirrup jars, designed not to spill and easy to carry, transported oil and wine throughout the Mediterranean during Mycenaean period.  The shape of this stirrup jar and its octopus decoration show the importance of the sea as a way of communication and as a source of food and wealth. This terracotta jar can be admired at Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Master List of Jercy Fic Recs

Because everyone needs a list of smutty Jercy fanfiction.

No Homo by ItsaboutPJO

- Jason proposes an interesting deal with Percy, resulting in rather lustful antics.

Jane in all but Name by Razielim

-Basically Jercy in a Tarzan AU

Party in the Aphrodite Cabin by ItsaboutPJO

- Jason joins a drinking game with Percy at a party in the Aphrodite Cabin. They may or may not get slipped something.

Uncomfortable Truths by Queenie_Mab

-Jason and Percy have to share a bed.

Merman Managed by Razielim

-Percy is a merman and Jason is his trainer

What Happened Last Night by  octopus-in-a-jar-ver2.0

-Jason and Percy wake up in the same bed, both very confused.

Baking by  iAmtheRebel16

-Jason and Percy bake some cookies.

Just putting it out there that I take 0% credit for any of these stories, they belong to the authors. 

Minoan Octopus Jar

Minoan art is my favorite pre-historic art because it still shows the primitive side of man, but also the artistic, imaginative, joyous side of man. There are no depictions of war or violence. Minoan art was pretty much art for art’s sake. It just comes to show that our primitive roots weren’t always savage and barbaric. 

Octopus Jar – Palaikastro, 1500 – 1450 BC

11” tall, marine style – marine subject matter – octopus and coral/sea urchins; dark figure on light background (earlier was dark with light decoration). Pilgrim flask/stirrup jar shape, used to hold liquid – wine, water, oil. Narrow neck, stirrup handles – wouldn’t spill, could be tied from stirrups, useful for longer journeys.