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“If it wanted to wrap its weird arms around me, I wouldn’t say no” -New England Aquarium advertising


Photos via Big Stuffed Etsy

Big Stuffed

Hello Tumblr verse! It’s Wednesday and I’m back to bring you one of the coolest shops in the fiber art community. Meet Dana Muskat, owner of Big Stuffed - an etsy store that makes the cutest sea-animal plushies ever! Dana is based in Paris at the moment, and by day is a fashion designer. Big Stuffed was inspired by the birth of her niece. Dana wanted to make something special as a “welcome to the world” present, and started Big Stuffed as a personal project. 

The detail in these plushies is amazing. The eyes give the animals a sentimental livelihood, and they are composed of some of the lovliest material, making them a great conversation accent piece in your apartment, or a cuddly best friend for a little one. 

You can check Big Stuffed out in the link above! Until next week!