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except for moon jellies and sea mushroom jellies, which are harmless.

seriously they can’t do anything, they can’t sting, they don’t have brains, they just mindlessly consume food and look really pretty. You can hold them in the palm of your hand and it’s fine. 






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If Koro-sensei got to be 100% human for one day (that means no Mach 20 sightseeing tours!) would he go anywhere special? Or would he just hang out with the class?

Korosensei: “To my precious students, the Korosensei they know is a giant yellow octopus. My human form is something that belongs in the past – I wouldn’t give up this body for the world.”

(he’d probably just pretend to be a stranger if this happened…)

“part of your world~”

so this happened

now remember when i said i had ALOT of aus well haha… this is one of em.

though i think mine is a bit different from other little mermaid aus, unless someone thought of this too. okay letteh me explain

dipper = Ariel (obviously)

Mabel = Flounder/ all the sisters (technically mushed into 1)

Pacifica = Sebastian (yep pacifica not tad haha!)

Stan = king Triton

Ford = (we’ll call him co-king BUT) Queen Athena

Gideon = Grimsby (the butler)

Bill = Ursula/ AND the prince (YOU WEREN’T SUSPECTING THIS ONE HUH??! okay maybe u did)

Eight ball and teeth = The eels

Tad = scuttle ( but he’s more like the greek siren aka harpie)

okay now for the story

okay dipper is ariel so blah blah blah he wants to go to the surface BUT WHY?! because he found a book where the pages and the ink was made with maaaagic. a book telling about the surface, he got curious and went up and down from the surface and back much to the dismay of stan (he doesn’t want dipper to go up to the surface because ford died in a ship crash (OR DID HE?!))

mabel always loves to follow dipper on his adventures around the sea as he collects “treasures” from the surface, sometimes they even miss they’re shows that pacifica likes to schedule. much to stan’s dismay (cause he gets money from the shows)

one day there was a storm and a ship and boom! the ship sinks Prince Bill cipher drowning in the waters, dipper (who was looking at the ship very very closely while the crew partied) saves the prince (even though he didn’t need saving) when  bill was brought up to shore, he pretends to be unconscious as he hears dipper singing to him and then he peeked one eye open curiously but woe is him, dipper noticed and scrambled back into the sea in a blushing fury.

he was undoubtingly smitten to the mermaid

and so on and so on, bill was in fact not only a prince but he was also a sea demon granting the wishes of the merfolk (FOR A PRICE AHAHAHAHA) but he wanted to find out more of this merman who saved him, so he got his eels eight ball and teeth to search for him. they  find him and they also find out that dipper is in fact a prince.

so the bill plotting intensifies. he wants the kingdom AND dipper in one go. so when dipper goes to his lair, he wears a cloth with a picture of an eye drapped over his head. so dipper doesn’t recognize him so when he found out that dipper was in fact in love with him. he becomes suuuuper hypey.

blah blah blah things happens, bill goes from smitten to being in love and he almost blew his shot at the kingdom by almost kissing dipper in the lagoon. helped by the singing of mabel and pacifica (with the side of tad but he has a bad voice unlike other sirens)

and the blah blah blah tad find out that Bill is the prince when he sings in front the mirror and he sees bill’s octopus form. bill in the end does become king of the sea for like a few minutes before the mystery twins beat him by mabel throwing a spear at bill while dipper distracts him.

but happy ending though as bill in his octopus form is washed out on the sea shore, he wakes up and cries (in a manly way). dipper sees this and continues to look towards bill.

stan looks towards dipper and with a sigh grants him legs which he uses to run towards bill.

none of them knowing that ford was in a dungeon below the castle grounds, chained and shackled.


Fun fact: the plural form of octopus is actually octopodes (oct-op-o-tees) since octopus isn’t an English word nor a Latin word. Octopuses would be the English form if octopus was an English word. Octopi would be the plural form if octopus was a Latin word. However, octopus is a Greek word which means that the grammatically correct plural form of octopus is octopodes.

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What if he stores semen/sperm differently than humans? Like, the way that human females store their eggs internally, maybe he does the same with sperm. Or maybe it's like oviposition and he doesn't have sperm but pushes eggs out of the tentacles, that's a thing. OR MAYBE they aren't all dicks. Like there's some forms of octopus have tentacles but one is longer, and that one is the penis, so maybe it's like that!

THE OVIPOSITION ONE IS NIGHTMARE FUEL but yeah I like those theories
I actually thought that every octopus has the “longest tentacle = dick” thing? Are there other types of octopuses? this is getting interesting
I wonder how could he store semen inside of his body.

I have no idea how and why we are discussing this but keep theorizing I’m not going to be a chicken and get grossed out by Dark’s reproductive system after all I’ve said

things that keep me excited in 2017

evangelical neoliberalism
dialectical materialism
the extraterrestrial left: are ufos coming from an alien socialist planet?
duga radar conspiracy theory: was chernobyl an experiment of soviet mind control?
nuclear war is revolutionary?
is octopus an alien life form?
are aliens contacting us through dmt trips?
why is the salamandra so weird and why is it found only in the waters of former yugoslavia?

Beyond the wavering red lights of spy satellites, watching, and the steady blues of unidentified spacecraft, watching, and the white light of what we mistakenly assume is the moon, watching, and beyond that void, and void after that, void on and on, with the scattered vanishing of non-void mixed in.

I just finished reading the novel (finally) and felt inspired to draw a little piece from the last scene. you go, Josh. you go.

These Octarian fighters were discovered a while ago, but we’ve just now learned their real name: Octolings! Like Inklings and their squid powers, these tricksters can switch between octopus and humanoid form at will. They apparently make up an elite corps of the Octarian forces. We’ve seen footage of them heavily armed with bombs and ink guns, so don’t go messing around with these suckers unless you have to!

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#146: Zaheer v. Tenzin (and Kya v. Ming Hua, and Bumi v. Ghazan) in “The Ultimatum.”

“The Ultimatum” has one of the best action sequences in the entire series. It is tension-packed, amazingly choreographed, fluidly animated, and just simply incredible.  I’m referring, of course, to the major action set piece at the episode’s end, when Zaheer and the Red Lotus attack the airbenders at the Northern Air Temple, and Tenzin, Bumi, and Kya face off against Zaheer, Ghazan, and Ming Hua. 

It starts with an incredible moment from Tenzin, who refuses to be used as bait for Korra – at least without a fight: 

Tenzin: I will never let you get to Korra.
Zaheer: Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice.
Tenzin: Yes, I do.

I love the determination in Tenzin’s face here as he says, “Yes, I do.”

And then BOOM: he surprises the three Red Lotus members with a huge air blast that knocks them all back against the wall: 

The duel that follows between Tenzin and Zaheer is nothing short of magnificent. It’s the only true airbender vs. airbender fight that we get in the entire series, and Tenzin puts on a masterful display of what it means to be an airbending master:

Although Zaheer is able to hold his own on account of his extensive martial arts background, it’s clear from the battle that Tenzin is the natural, the one that has grown up an airbender, the one who learned from Aang:

Meanwhile, Kya is slightly overpowered in her fight against Ming Hua.  Ming Hua shows us new innovative waterbending techniques, using her arms as giant scythes:

And then taking the octopus arm form to chilling new levels: 

Kya is no pushover – recall how she held her own against Zaheer on Air Temple Island.  But Ming Hua’s lack of arms – her supposed disability – means that she has truly used waterbending as an extension of herself, so it’s not surprising that she’s more adept and more creative than Kya in manipulating the element.  

Bumi, of course, is an airbending neophyte, and he’s really only using it to get away from Ghazan’s lava blasts.  At this point, Bumi is clearly out of his league from a skill perspective.  But I love that Bumi steps up to the plate by creatively using his body to wrestle and bite Ghazan, and even to yank his hair: 

I love love love that Tenzin seems completely at ease in his fight against Zaheer, and that he echoes his father Aang’s move in the opening credits of LoK and shows us what that move is all about:

But with Bumi and Kya having lost their fights, the tide turns against Tenzin when it becomes a three-on-one.  Still, he doesn’t give up, launching this air blast into Ghazan’s face: 

Given what Zaheer had just done to the Earth Queen in “Long Live the Queen,” I nearly fell off my chair with Tenzin’s closing line of the episode: 

Zaheer: Give up. It’s over.
Tenzin: As long as I’m breathing, it’s not over.

I seriously thought Tenzin was going to die, and I was SO UPSET but SO RIVETED.  Thankfully, he survived, but I love how much tension the show had been ratcheting up.  With now multiple deaths shown on screen (in a kids’ show!), anything seemed possible.  

I love the closing shot of Tenzin, as well, which focuses on his face – mimicking the “Yes, I do” scene that began this incredible action sequences – except that now his face is bruised and battered, and his shoulders are hunched over in agony.  This has been the result of Tenzin’s choice not to let Zaheer use him as bait for Korra – at least not without a fight.  And boy, did we get a fight:

Gee golly, I love Tenzin.  And boy did I fear for his life at the end of “The Ultimatum.”


So Bechno got me into Assassination Classroom like….a month ago? She watched the anime with me. I want moooore

But yeah, spoilers warning but Korosensei’s human form is super hella boring…..so I made one that’s more like his cheerful octopus self. Thus resulting in this weirdo haaa. And then things turned Splatoon

Irina is a anemone and Karasuma is a sea urchin (but he slicks his spines back)

Korosensei is obvious and the students are inklings with maybe a couple being other species.




Drabble: Penguin Sledding

He was leaving and there was nothing Katara could do to make him stay.

As she sat by their bedside, where Aang lay so comfortably in her spot, he wore a peaceful expression.

Though his brow furrowed with each silent tear that streamed down her lined cheeks.

“Hey,” he whispered, “Come closer.”

Aang’s low request broke Katara from the hypnotizing tapestry each slow blink, each one closing heavier and heavier over his eyes, had weaved, and she hunched above him, laying her elbows on the bed to have their clasped hands against her face.

Aang smiled and made his knuckles rub small circles on her laugh lines, their laugh lines, “One day, let’s go penguin sledding again.”

Katara sobbed, the air scratching her throat, “Oh Aang…”

She hugged his neck, and he wrapped his arms tight around her back.

“Sure. Let’s.”

- -

Master Katara was a nice, quiet old woman.

At least that’s how she came off to Korra who, to the best of her memory, remembered Master Katara as a busybody with a kind smile.

And someone who occasionally played with her, when the other kids wouldn’t.

Until Korra, twelve years old, was told the Master was ready to begin training her.

They had been walking so far out Korra was sure her teacher would tire but no, Master Katara kept her focus straight ahead and her hands folded in her puffy white cuffs.

Out of boredom, Korra prattled during the journey, which turned into information fishing.

“So what are you gonna teach me first? I’ve studied a lot of moves to prepare!” She skipped in front of the Master and walked backwards, “The octopus form?”


“Waterbending slice?”


“…Water Smack?”

“No Korra.”

Abruptly, only seeing a mischievous upturn of Master Katara’s lips, Korra’s feet were firmly bunched in snow and she was forced to a halt and turn.

Yelping, Korra waved her arms out in front of her for balance.

Then noticed the penguins.

Families of them, offering sporadic noises to their otherwise quiet surroundings.

Korra raised a skeptical brow at the women next to her.

“What are we doing here?”

Finally, Master Katara moved her arms around her sleeves and pulled out two small, wrapped fish parcels, “Our first lesson.” She answered.

“Korra,” Releasing her feet, Master Katara faced the young student, “Would you like to go penguin sledding with me?”

Korra’s blinked in amazement before a genuine, bright smile lit up her chubby cheeks.

She had a feeling Master Katara would be her favorite.


Kataang Week Part 3.

It had been an odd day in Republic City. Aang hadn’t been needed at the council or at any grand openings for new buildings. No fans needed to be chased off of Air Temple Island for trying to see Aang , Katara, or even Bumi. The couple didn’t even need to ward off any questions or concerns from the Air Acolytes sharing the island with them. All in all, it was an uncharacteristically peaceful day. Aang was finally able to spend some uninterrupted time with his young family. The day would have been perfect if not for the sudden downpour late in the afternoon, which was also strange in of itself. Republic City was a paradise in many ways, it’s weather rather mild and uneventful.

“Mama, can’t you make the rain stop?” Katara was lounging on the couch in the den, her feet in Aang’s lap as he massaged them and her calves. She turned to look at the toddler playing in the floor, a smile on her lips.

“I wish I could, Bumi.”

“But you’re a wa-erbender!”

“No one can control the weather, honey.” The young boy pouted, throwing his wooden bison toy.

“But I want to go outside!” The chubby three year old crossed his arms. Even whilst angry, his parents couldn’t deny that he was downright adorable.

“Sweetie, we-.” Katara’s face twisted into a perplexed expression as she looked at Aang. The Avatar paused his ministrations on his wife’s feet, his features soon mirroring her own. They communicated silently for a bit before Aang finally spoke, still looking at Katara.

“I don’t see why we can’t go outside, Bumi.”

“Really?!” The boy jumped up, his face cracking into a beautiful grin. Katara swung herself off of Aang and the couch.

“Really. There’s no reason why we can’t go outside.” Katara smiled at Aang, taking his hand as they followed their eager son into the courtyard. Not one drop of rain hit Bumi as he dashed outside. With their hands still clasped, the couple bended the rain together to keep their son dry.

It took him a few seconds to realize that he wasn’t getting wet but when he finally noticed, he skid to a stop, watching the rain fall around him. His blue eyes were as large as saucers, his mouth hanging open as he turned in a circle, watching the rain. Aang and Katara chuckled a few feet behind him, smiling at each other. They broke apart to approach their son, taking turns bending the water around him in different shapes and keeping the rain at bay.

“More! More!” Bumi jumped up and down, delighted with the water animals around him. He’d reach out and touch one, giggling as it retained its shape or splashed onto his hand, depending on which of his parents was controlling it. “Make Appa!” Aang and Katara laughed, working together to form their son’s favorite animal friend. A watery tongue even reached out to lick the boy’s head, sending him into another fit of giggles.

Though they were doing their best to keep him relatively dry, the couple were not quick enough to keep their son from splashing in a giant puddle, where the courtyard sloped into grass. Though they were not pleased, they couldn’t help but to grin and laugh at Bumi because as he splashed he kept yelling.

“Look! Look! I’m a wa-erbender! I’m just like you, Mama!” Though Aang and Katara had their suspicions about Bumi’s abilities, they didn’t discourage him, allowing the boy to keep splashing and even bending water around him as he attempted to imitate his mother and father.

Even Aang and Katara couldn’t help but to play around as well, launching water at each other in between shapes and light sprays at their son. After a particularly vicious wave of water splashed over Aang, he scooped Bumi up and set him on his shoulders, taking a stance as he faced his wife. Katara narrowed her eyes at the Avatar, but her grin remained intact as she mirrored him, the water all around them appearing to halt.

“Think we can take her, Bumi?” The toddler pumped his fist in the air, his other hand clutching the back of his father’s robes, his legs locked tightly around his neck.

“Let’s get her, Daddy!” Aang grinned at Katara before lowering his stance. “ATTACK!” The Avatar obeyed his young son, launching a wall of water at his wife. Though she was also facing Bumi, Katara had no mercy, knowing Aang would never allow anything to actually hurt Bumi. She retaliated with shards of ice, which Aang melted, allowing him and Bumi to be soaked. “Mama cheated!” Aang nearly doubled over laughing at the look on Katara’s face.

“Really, Aang?” The now miffed waterbender shifted her stance, several tendrils of water shooting out from behind her.

“What? He said it, not me!” The Avatar started running as Katara’s octopus form whipped out after him. Though aided by airbending and naturally light on his feet, Aang still struggled to outmaneuver his wife.

“He gets it from you!’ Aang had the grace to look sheepish, even as he slid under a particularly vicious whip, also keeping Bumi out of harm’s way. The toddler had never had so much fun in his life as his father raced away and around his mother, dodging water and ice. Aang did his fair share of attacking though, sending waves and even landing a water whip at Katara’s hip while on the run. During a lull in the combat, the airbender glanced up at his son, whose huge smile had yet to fall from his face.

“Ready to finish her off, Bumi?” The boy nodded vigorously, not questioning his father’s view of the match in the least. Of course he and his father were winning! Father and son shared a serious nod before commencing their attack. Aang rushed Katara, throwing wave after wave of water. He removed Bumi from his shoulders and tossed him forward, rapidly creating a slide of ice and cushion his son’s landing with airbending. The toddler slid right between his mother’s legs, landing a kick to her shin on his way. Grinning briefly at Aang and winking, Katara collapsed to the ground for Bumi’s benefit, holding her leg.

“You got me, Bumi!” The toddler walked over and belly flopped onto his mother, giggling.

“We win!” Katara smiled at her son, running a hand through his thick hair. She flashed a look at Aang before sending a blast of water at the back of his knees, sending him to the ground. Bumi’s mouth made a perfect “o” as he realized his mother had tricked him. She grinned before tickling him furiously, sending him into loud giggles. “Mama! Stop!” He attempted to twist away but was unsuccessful, helpless to her quick fingers. “Daddy, help!” Aang shook his head sadly at his son, now kneeling after recovering from Katara’s attack.

“You’re on your own, son. I can’t help you now.”

“Fine! Fine! You win, Mama! You win!” Katara stopped her attack immediately, dropping a kiss onto the boy’s forehead. The family simply rested on the ground, the rain still pouring. Aang and Katara had long ago lost their control on the rain around them, all three now soaked to the bone, but yet not cold. Movement only returned at Bumi’s yawn. Aang stood, offering a hand to his wife, helping her stand with their son in her arms.

“Looks like it’s bedtime.” The couple were shocked to find that it was indeed bedtime. The sun had fallen behind the horizon and night was settling in. The electric lights lining the island had kept their games lit. Though usually in fierce opposition of sleeping, Bumi didn’t say a word as he was carried back inside, dried off, and changed into his pajamas. He was asleep almost as soon as Aang set him on his bed.

The couple also found themselves exhausted, not even bothering to eat before drying and changing themselves. They settled into bed still grinning from their day in the rain. It had been a perfect day, even if it had been rather odd.

“Looks like we’ll have no reason to keep Bumi out of the rain now.” Aang chuckled at his wife as he wrapped his arms around her, the waterbender settling into his chest.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way. And…Aang?” Katara looked up at her husband, his eyes already closed.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“We’ll have another one to keep out of the rain soon.”

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Hey so i was playing splatoon when i noticed the octolings have snorkels when they hide in their ink. Does that mean they can't breathe in it? Does tetrox wear a snorkel or is she just good at holding her breath?

I think you mean these guys

Octotroopers seem to wear snorkels when hiding in ink. Octolings can transform into octopus form thus they have no problems breathing in ink.

Tho I swear to god… How do inklings and octolings work? They seem to breath air but they can also be submerged in ink as long as they want.