octopus dancer

zera-ora  asked:

Now Im like 90% sure that the reason they havent really given us almost any info on FE x SMT is because they plan to add stuff from FE14 and dont want to spoil too much until FE14 is actualy out, hopefuly? I guess what Im trying to say is LOBSTER LORD AND OCTOPUS LUCINA IN FULL HD CONFIRMED



Jan 2014
Canson watercolor paper/watercolors
Octopus doodles. 

There’s a girl at work who is the best dancer in the entire club. And when she crawls across the stage, she moves so smoothly that she practically glides. I stood watching her and was reminded suddenly of an octopus. I will never tell her this because she won’t think of it as a compliment (though I would mean it as one). I also liked the idea that an octopus-stripper would ink a guy in the face if he was being an asshole.


That’s how my random watercolor exercise metamorphosed into octopus dancers. More to come.