Best assistantship ever

Today, I was told that, in order to work off 50% of my tuition for the semester, my job is to sit in front of a computer for at least 10 hours a week and transcribe hours and hours and hours of as-yet-unseen footage of Octopolis (in case you don’t know: here and here).


worthmeltingforelsa asked:

Now I'm really intrigued, what did/are you study/ing? And what was about the exhibit?

I majored in Media Production with an emphasis in political science at Pepperdine University. The exhibit I had at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center was called “Octopolis” it was an interactive multi media exhibit that was about energy conservation. We had to build a cityscape, and create wind powered set pieces. It was a lot of fun, got to work with a lot of cool people and learned a lot about engineering. Here are some pics of it! (I’m the goofy guy with the dreads) What about you, what are you interested in studying/studying/studied? 

octopolis asked:

don't worry about deleting them all, i print screened them already. bye bitchtits

LOL? There is nothing to delete? You have 0 power over me. Ya, I dated you as a fake. Then you turned into a psychotic bitch. Ok. There you have it world!!!! I had feelings for them!!!! /HAD/ 

Move the fuck on. Damn. 

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you know instead of stooping down to your very low, very insecure, and immature, level, i'm just sitting here, smoking a bowl, relaxing and laughing at how much of a fool you have made yourself. but don't worry, i have a box full of asks from you confessing your undying love, as elliot and as yourself. saved conversations on MSN. texts. the like. i could destroy you in a matter of minutes. and i love having that feeling. :) there. now, instead of quoting me in YOUR own words, post this. fuck you

When people can’t let things go and still send messages to my ask about how /I/ am the low, insecure, immature one, when I forgot they even existed. Oh. Ok. A box full of asks about irrelevant feelings now. Saved conversations from msn and texts and all of that? Okay. Usually when a relationship ends people need to let go. Yet I am the low one? Right then. You can’t destroy a damn thing about me. Okay what would you do? Post all that shit. Oh dear god!!!!! OH NO!!! PLZ DONT DO DAT!!! PLZZ PLZ!! A WHOLE BUNCH OF OLD THINGS I SAID TO YOU BEFORE YOU TURNED INTO A PSYCHO!!! PLZ DONT TELL THE WORLD!!! PLZZZ!!!! 

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hey fatdogbitch, check my tumblr out!!! ;) oh and let all your friends know too. including your fatdog girlfriend. lmfaooo

Okay? This was from the 17th from the time stamp but is there any particular reason why? Because I still don’t care. I had you blocked and I didn’t even see this til I checked my email. LOL. 

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abcdefg & z

a: I’m not sure

b: At the moment, I’d say Mumford and Sons

c: I don’t like someone, I’m in lo0o0oove 

d: The past year

e: Courtney 

f: Grease

g: pansexual