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You are a really good Cecil!!! I tried to pull of Carlos at one time but it really wasn't a role for a feminine face like mine. So I kind of gave up... But you are a really good cosplayer!!!

Thank you! <3

If you want to do a Night Vale cosplay, you could always try Cecil, since he can look like basically anything.

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1. What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to mostly happy or relaxing music! My first love is Owl City, but recently I’ve been loving Scott and Brendo, who make super fun, catchy songs like Kitten Air. 

2. Do you have any phobias?

Heights! (Even though I’m tall?)

3. What’s your current obsession/ obsessions?

Nightvale, Dangan Ronpa, and Free! (I’m such a crowd follower haha)

4. What color is your hair?  Are you happy with your hair? If you answered “yes” to the previous question, what would you like your hair to look like?

My hair is brown, but I would love to go more ‘dirty brown' 

5. Are you a procrastinator or a workaholic?

PROCRASTINATOR. Currently I’m procrastinating eating?? 

6. Is there one item you just can’t live without?

My phone. ^^; 

7. Have you started school yet?  If you have, how’s it going?

I’m out of school for the moment. I do work at a preschool though, which starts back Wednesday

8. Favorite thing to do when you have free time?

(Tumblr!) Sew! 

9. Do you cosplay?

I do! I’m currently working on Tamaki Suoh’s police uniform, and finishing Karina Lyle’s casual outfit. (And considering adding Maizono Sayaka from Dangan Ronpa to my line up?)

10. What color are your eyes?


11. Who are your three favorite fictional characters?




Tally Youngblood


1. Do you like winter or summer? 

2. Pastel colors or neon? 

3. If your hair could be any color, what would you choose? 

4. Apple or Windows? 

5. (If you go to conventions) Big or small attendance numbers?

6. Group bands or solo artists? 

7. Edward or Alphonse Elric? 

8. Quiet evening or party night? 

9. PIZZA? 

10. Old music or new music? 

11. Do you like being with big groups of friends or smaller groups of friends? 

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I want to do a mini craft and letter exchange! If you send me anything in the mail not matter if it’s a blank piece of paper and a string, I’ll write you a letter back with a mini clay octopus or another craft! (This will go on from now until the first of January 2014)

My address is:

(Put Octoplanet for the name)
2835 Creekbed Ln.
Charlotte, NC, 28210

If you don’t have any way of sending me a letter or mail me anything, please just drop a note in my ask box and I will happily send you a little something anyways. I love you all and you deserve the best!

This is not just a Christmas event if you celebrate any other winter holidays I encourage you to still participate!



Greetings from Octoplanet

Some of you may know me as Ella or Lala, I am an artist who lives in North Carolina. I have always had a sweet spot in my heart for putting on a costume and acting like a different person, little did I know that a lot of other people do that as well and made conventions for that sort of thing. I have been a furry for about five years now and I have dreamed of being able to go to a convention like FWA (Furry Weekend Atlanta) or Anthrocon. This year is the first time I have ever had the chance to actually go. My best friend told me about going to FWA and mentioned needing a room mate. You all can probably guess but my eyes grew huge when she mentioned that. This was my chance to make a dream happen and go to this amazing convention and meet such amazing people. I am currently in school and it is difficult for me to get a job since the hours would not work out quite so well with a high schooler’a schedule. Then a lightbulb came on. I’m an artist, so why can’t I ask for some help and give people some art in exchange for their donations? This is why I set up this fundraiser to pay for my first ever furry convention in Atlanta.

What will you help me with?

Gas to get to Atlanta and back home.
Hotel fees, our room is already booked and if we can’t go them we still have to pay the 400 dollars to the room so every bit helps.
Sponsorship badge to FWA, the sponsor badge helps keep cons like these going so we have opportunities like these to keep meeting furries like us.
Food for me and the others I am sharing a room with.
Materials to finish my dream fursuit Melty Pup.

What are you buying?

You will be buying from an array of items including prints, custom artwork, custom badges, and even your own fursuit tail and paws. Each piece is a one of a kind and I hope that each one can bring a smile to the person’s face. Below are some examples of works I have down for Melty Pup.

Thank you all so much!


I don’t get to show off my eyes that often so I though maybe I could today! I really think they are the most attractive feature on my body and I have identical eyes to my grandmother, making it more special. ❤️