/Shows up 15 minutes late with an AU.

Happy Birthday Ravenno! I hope it was a good one! uwu You mentioned to me that you liked Alice in Wonderland so for your Birthday I illustrated an SPN Alice in Wonderland Au where Dean falls asleep reading to his little brother, Sam. By the time Dean wakes up, Sam is gone but he spots a rabbit who might have seen him. The rabbit hesitates but finally points him to the woods where he meets Crowley who’s rather vague and no help at all, he then stumbles upon Gabriel’s and Balthazar’s unbirthday party and they seem very nice and are willing to help. Now the last panel we see Sam but he’s all grown up, the thing is Sam fell down a different rabbit hole than Dean did, and time went much faster for him, he lived his life in Wonderland  and as Crowley told Dean earlier, they’re all mad there.