octopi are cool

The google search history of a new Marine Bio major

-do whales have nicknames for each other
-do jellyfish make noises
-would jelly fish noises be more bloop or more sploosh
-why do some sea turtles look angry/annoyed
-can starfish dance
-why are dolphins mean
-why are dolphins horny
-what is wrong with dolphins
-cute shark video
-funny shark video
-sting ray smiling
-how long are eels
-can an eel tie itself in a knot of it wanted to
-are axolotls okay?
-is it possible for one person to singlehandedly save a coral reef
-cute squids
-tiny squids
-how big is the biggest squid
-could a giant squid eat a person
-would people taste good to a squid
-do octopi know that they are awesome
-are octopi mean or are they cool, like nice and stuff
-pregnant seahorses
-seahorse dads
-tiny seahorse babies
-do whales have cliques
-like could there be a mean girls: whale edition
-do whales have whale gender stereotypes

anonymous asked:

octopuses are cool as shit

DUDE octopi are so fucking cool and they’re smart as SHIT

like have you seen this video of one opening a jar

or this

i 100% believe they will inherit the earth

nekodorei-mod  asked:


N is for neko, that’s you!!!
E is for eggplant which is delicious
K is for king-sized beds, of which i got to sleep on exactly once
O is for octopi, who are really cool and weird

Weekly Round-Up!

On Monday we turned burps into currency…

(x) (tragica)

Then Rhett was a construction worker that almost flew away.

(x) (graveyard-whistler)

Link made this face

(x) (tragica)

Rhett lost his cool. Our apologies to that table… we’ll send it a gift basket.

(x) (graveyard-whistler)

Last but not least we ate an octoPIE… because the name was cool. We never thought it would taste good.

(x) (yourmythicalbest)