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The google search history of a new Marine Bio major

-do whales have nicknames for each other
-do jellyfish make noises
-would jelly fish noises be more bloop or more sploosh
-why do some sea turtles look angry/annoyed
-can starfish dance
-why are dolphins mean
-why are dolphins horny
-what is wrong with dolphins
-cute shark video
-funny shark video
-sting ray smiling
-how long are eels
-can an eel tie itself in a knot of it wanted to
-are axolotls okay?
-is it possible for one person to singlehandedly save a coral reef
-cute squids
-tiny squids
-how big is the biggest squid
-could a giant squid eat a person
-would people taste good to a squid
-do octopi know that they are awesome
-are octopi mean or are they cool, like nice and stuff
-pregnant seahorses
-seahorse dads
-tiny seahorse babies
-do whales have cliques
-like could there be a mean girls: whale edition
-do whales have whale gender stereotypes

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Oh my God, please PLEASE write that spite date fic for bellarke. 'Twould be PERFECTION!!

yeah this was obviously happening every time I post a long fic I have to follow it up with some goofy fluff sooooo

also on AO3!

For Clarke, the third Saturday of the month is sacred.

It started about six months into her and Lincoln launching their gallery, when she was at the end of her rope pretty much constantly and snapping at everyone, even Lincoln, who is really hard to get mad at, because he is always calm and reasonable and helpful. Which, at that point in Clarke’s life, just made it worse.

Finally, he asks, “Have you considered taking a break?”

“Have you considered that I don’t have time?”

“Make time,” he said. “I’m worried about you. I know this is important to you. It’s important to me too. But you’re going to burn yourself out, and I need you.”

The next day had been a Saturday, so Clarke took the day and did absolutely nothing work related. In the morning, she got some of her own painting done. When she got hungry, she took herself out to lunch, and since it was a nice day, she went to the park and sat on a bench in the sun for a while. She got takeout and watched Netflix, and the next day she told Lincoln she would never fight with him again.

“That is a complete and total lie,” he said.

“It is. But I’ll remember to take days off.”

“That’s much more realistic.”

Now the gallery’s been open for a year, and it’s doing pretty well, so she’s in an overall better headspace, but she’s still busy, and she still doesn’t take enough time for herself, so she’s maintained the tradition. She doesn’t so much as think about work on the third Saturday of the month, and she takes the time to do things for herself.

Today, she woke up late, took a long shower, caught up with Supergirl, and now she’s going to the aquarium. She’s an adult; if she wants to go look at fish by herself, she can. That’s what being an adult means.

It all falls apart before she even makes it into the building.

She’s texting Raven about Wells’ birthday next week when she bumps into someone else getting in line, and she flashes them a smile and a “sorry” without really thinking about it.

And then she looks back up, and Bellamy Blake cocks his head at her.

Clarke sees Bellamy a couple times a month, because Lincoln is engaged to Bellamy’s sister, and Bellamy’s sister is very close to her brother. So he’ll come out with them for drinks sometimes and spend the whole time winding Clarke up about anything and everything. He makes getting on her nerves into some kind of sport, and he is the world champion of it.

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Weekly Round-Up!

On Monday we turned burps into currency…

(x) (tragica)

Then Rhett was a construction worker that almost flew away.

(x) (graveyard-whistler)

Link made this face

(x) (tragica)

Rhett lost his cool. Our apologies to that table… we’ll send it a gift basket.

(x) (graveyard-whistler)

Last but not least we ate an octoPIE… because the name was cool. We never thought it would taste good.

(x) (yourmythicalbest)